Lightsaber Rap For The Win…


I finally figured out what Jay-Z was up to with the concept of the Blueprint 3.

Lightsaber rap.

When I first heard the leaked song ‘Ghetto Techno’ I thought that Jay-Z was coming out with Sprockets Rap which is also futuristic just not as lightspeed traveling as lightsaber rap.


Sure Sprockets Rap is accompanied with a laser light show and we know that Jay-Z loves lasers, but he also fux with Natalie Portman who we all know is Queen Amidala who was smitten by the charismatic, talented and agressive Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker could have been the greatest Jedi ever, but he wanted it all no matter what the cost to others. Kind of like who you become when you sell crack cocaine to the people that you live with.


Wanting rewards with no consideration of the consequences to others is surely the path to the dark side (natch).

So when the Imperial Grand Moffs, more popularly known as the t.I.’s who run Live Nation, contracted Jay-Z with that handsome $150 million bounty I think he fully embraced the idea of being the Bossk of this rap shit.


That is where the H8rZ track comes in. Can’t you hear the lasers and lightsabers in the background dueling one another? I hear that shit, but I am also from the future.

When Jay-Z spits his verse on that fast rap shit he becomes one of the bast rappers in the galaxy. The force is powerful in this dude.

Too bad he turned on Jaz-O like Anakin did on Obi-Wan.


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  • these posts are racist

    Jay-Z is amazing. He’s talented beyond words. He changed the Rap game on so many levels…lyrically he is unmatched. From the business end, he showed people how to take control of their destiny. It’s amazing the disrespect you haters dish out to those who keep progressing and creating. Had he stopped at Reasonable Doubt and got killed, we would be hailing him as the GOAT. But because he is still living and continues to make music/growing as an artist, we hate him.

    He turns 40 in December and has been putting out great music for over a decade and a half. He is worth several hundred million dollars. He represents urban youth and Hip Hop on tv stations/shows that other rappers couldnt get a ticket to be an audience member on…and a guy like you feels he has the position to mock him?

    Arrogance is a muther’fr.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Too true, my dude… Too true. But none of those accolades can save the “Haters” song. It is, without a doubt, the worst fucking Jay-Z song AND the worst Kanye beat I’ve ever heard in my life.

      I know that if Jay came with the same format rehashed for the 10th time, nobody’d check for his new shit, but I’ve only taken a liking to “Run This Town.” the rest of the “leaks” might as well have leaked from his asshole. They’re cold booty.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Silly Willy

    Interesting drop, Dallas !

    So does that makes Drake Bobafett ?

    • EmCDL

      Hell naw Jar Jar Binks all day

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine



    OJ bloggin’, Jigga’s disheartening CD, Budden’s about to cry. What a week so far…

    DP FTW.

  • Dallas Penn

    At this point Drake is more like Asajj Ventress as opposed to Boba Fett

    • Silly Willy

      That would make Wayne Dooku…..I’m hard-pressed to believe the Cash Money Confederacy will actually lead a Clone Wars against HipHop Republic…I mean, at this point Cash Money is pretty much established, and get every cosign possible, instead of being defeated.

      A Boba will get paid big money as a bounty hunter (Drake swore he got a hitlist on Forever and remember his contract ?) and is a clone of Jango Kanye Fett, but could become even better.

      But I digress, the Haterz joint is tight.

  • Dallas Penn

    I can’t believe that is the actual tpar because that comment is too long but the hyperbolic generalizations do match the profile.

    Yeah, Jay-Z is a mega-talented rapper. No one will ever say anything to the contrary.

    Does he really represent urban youth? Did he really change rap? On so many levels?!?

    He showed people how to take control of their destiny? By glorifying the destruction of others? Is that some shit you aspire to be?

    Humanity could use a lot less of get rich by any means necessary prophets for profit.

    I like Jay-Z on the H8rZ track. I’m not a fan of the American Gangster drug pusher. Call me a h8r if your mind can’t process discernment.

    • these posts are racist

      It’s me…I agree with you. To the extent he’s profited off the misfortunes of others…or actually caused harm to our communities, via his direct/alleged drug dealing pre-rap game, he deserves no credit.

      But music and life are complicated…and when I say he changed rap, i mean his tracks actually tell stories, they are not simply words that rhyme. Indeed, for those who actually listen to music and do not just skim through it, often times, his message told of the high likelyhood and high probability that the game will eat you alive…two sides…heaven and hell.

      As far as the business end…he revolutionized cross brand marketing, etc. and in my opinion has shown the type of growth we should commend and respect. He doesnt deny his past as wrong and encourages others to do better.

      Re: get rich quick…again, in relation to his drug dealing days, he warns against the d’evils…and anyone who really listens will see that. As far as being a rapper, he admitted, recently on Bill Maher, that he has a talent. And young brothers need to realize they all can’t be ballers and rappers…but to mock a man for doing something different and for continously putting out music is not the approach in dealing with the legitimate issues u raise in your response to me.

      • these posts are racist

        …i mean, he admits his rapping ability is a God given talent and that he doesn’t have to work at it…unlike me and most humans, we have to use a combo of hard work/repetition and confidence to get good something – he is one of those rarities where his talent is natural. You cannot aspire to have natural talent so you’re right…people need to realize this when they “DREAM” of being Jay-Z.

  • tonyblunt

    i find it just a tad hypocritical for getting at jay for all the crack rap stuff but LOVING reakwon’s music specifically hyping up the relese of obfcl2…

  • Dallas Penn

    tpar since you watched the Bil Maher joint you must have heard him say how hard he works at the craft. He admits to talent but also admitted to spending retarded time developing it.

    • these posts are racist

      I did. My point was…I feel you about your comment re: get rich by any means and the idea that one can get rich quick. People see Jay Z and think they can be him…and they can’t. Even if they work hard…they can’t be him, they lack the talent and don’t realize the amount of hard work and attention to detail he puts in to his craft. I think were on the same page on this, honestly.

  • Grand Prixx

    i was bout 2 say “where the fux is DP at?”…glad 2 see u came through 4 da kid(need my daily dosage of commentary from DP)..nice post by the way,he is on some electro techno bullshit as of late..n the general public seem 2 b eating it far im not impressed with BP3(or am i a hater..naah! lol) i been telling my peeps that OB4CL 2 is the better buy but them 19-23 year old niggas mouths are permanately attatched to jay’s nutsack..spt 8th here we come!

  • Grand Prixx

    oh yeah “fux yo meeting!” that held u up from posting earlier lmao

  • Technique

    good drop.

    Sorry to interrupt the discussion in progress but that picture of him and that lizard or whatever that is is MAD FUNNY!

  • Dallas Penn

    LMFAO Silly Willy

    $yk what up? Grand Prixx what up?

    Technique, that is Bossk man. The second most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy and the outer rim.

    [ll] to the outer rim

  • these posts are racist

    Oh and DP…fuck the Commission.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      This ain’t TPAR. Regardless of whom or what, dude don’t drop like that.

  • El Tico Loco

    I woulda never compared Jay Z to Darth Vader, I’m sure you heard about Jar jar binks put that pic next to Jay and say I’m wrong! Other than that I’m ffwd Ghetto Techno but bumping Haterz.

  • DBlock



    “Too bad he turned on Jaz-O like Anakin did on Obi-Wan.”
    hahahhahahahahaa good one dp