Leak Wars: 10 Bricks > Off That…


Rap music in 2009 is all about projects that artists have worked on for considerable time being leaked into the public discourse and debated over the course of a day then no longer discussed ever again. We experienced just that with the Asher Roth album which had a massive, yet primarily uncalculated debut and then an incredible and strangely precipitous dropoff. I have to remind myself that his album even came out. It was in stores right?

Sunday’s buzz started off with the leak of a new Jay-Z single featuring the rap messiah/anti-christ of the hour – Drake. The single isn’t too bad either. Brooklyn Go Hard is the best thing that Jay-Z has produced in the last year since the upcoming Blueprint 3 was announced but this song is the second best joint released. The internets went crazy in their judgements and affectations. I avoided downloading the song at first because the noise was too deafening.

The biggest problem that I get as a fan of music with all the leaks that are issued is that I don’t process an album any longer in the state it was went to be heard. I have a head filled with singles and one offs that have no consistency or cohesiveness. The Blueprint 3 might very well be the album that we have been waiting to hear from Jay-Z for the past 4 years but its effect will be muted from all of the music being dribbled forth individually.

Later on in the evening I got the e-mail that there was another Raekwon song from OB4CL2 hitting the webs. I opened it up with a slight hesitation. Just for the same reasons I mentioned previously I didn’t want the Raekwon project to be something that I had previewed in a disjointed manner. The stakes are high for both Jay-Z and Raekwon. Not that either of them are going to fix the broken down record industry but they are both bellwethers for rap music.

The Raekwon song certainly didn’t disappoint me. I have been a little nervous about the prospect of him and Ghostface looking to team up again and craft an album that is as omnipotent as the OG OB4CL. It seems like Raekwon has been totally mindful of the expectations of his fans for the level of this album. This disk is a decade in the making and will prA’li make us lose the memory of Immobilarity.

For those of you that don’t mind these leaks I am posting both tracks for you to preview. Jay’s song is leagues better than ‘Run This Town’ and I’m sure it was recorded more recently. Raekwon’s track features Ghostface and Cappadonna and is superior in music and verses. Both joints are dope tho’.


Jay-Z featuring Drake – ‘Off That’ (produced by Timbaland)

Raekwon featuring Cappadonna and Ghostface Killah – ’10 Bricks’ (produced by J.Dilla)

Dallas Penn gets to sit down with the Chef and discuss everything. And I mean everything.

StreetLevel.com presents: On The Level Ep. 1 feat. Raekwon the Chef

StreetLevel.com presents: On The Level Ep. 2 feat. Raekwon the Chef

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  • SbuJah

    Timbo + Jigga > Kanye + Jigga

    • latino heat

      @ Sbujah

      no disrespect but you must have lost your mind if you really believe that. if you want proof that Jay-Z + Kanye > Jay-Z + Timbo just check the Blueprint. that album is flawless except for that wack ass song Tim did on there.

      fuck Timbalalnd and hid hip pop bullshit. most overrated producer ever.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Dallas Penn, what up!

    Man, it’s so many downloads leaked by everyone, including their track listings (pointless!), nowadays I just put together my own play-list albums. The accessibility of the music is crazy. I guess it’s safe to say that latest leak>new single.

    Maybe the record companies are seeing the power of the ‘Net, finally. Then again, how important is a “record company” if we can get everything online anyway. As much as I believe folk want to buy physical copies, they’re getting fazed out.

    Hell, if you ask me, I already have Rebirth, & unless BISD is phenomenal, War Angel will be my last 50 Cent album. Didn’t buy a CD for either, so what’s that really saying about the artist, the company & the consumer.

    • Capital G

      Good lookin on the Commission clarification from yesterday. *testicle-festival refugees* made me damn near wet my pants. Be easy fam.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      This reminds me of a drop a saw a couple of days ago!


  • Teddy

    i agree i try to hold of till a whole album is out then jus download that shit (for free) and listen to it all as it should be thats the best way but its too hard with this fucking site nah right n rap radar n others always putting up anything leaked the temptation is to strong to listen to the song its like waving a fresh bag of crack infront of a fiend imma take that shit.
    but for example eminems relapse when i heard 3am and the first single i wasnt overly impressed but upon hearing it all in context of the album that first single actually sounds good n fits in same thign happened with t.i’s paper trail i heard whatever u want first n swing rags n thought meh then i heard the whole album n and whatever u want n shit sounded good n the whole album was brilliant hopefully same thing will be the case for bp3 cos them first singles is wak as a mother fucker and off that is good but not legendary them timbo beats is played

  • P. Harris

    Man… why did Dilla have to go? That shits dope…

    • SbuJah

      I am with you on that… Dilla was ahead of his time and he mos def knew how to tailor beats for different MC’s… RIP Dilla

      • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

        yes, dilla was ahead of his time; yes, he was and remains one of the best. but i disagree that he was a producer that tailor-made beats for mc’s, with the exception of perhaps slum village and the atcq “beats, rhymes, and life” album. while the SV records are dope, there is a very good argument to be made that since he tried to (unsuccessfully) reproduce tribe’s aesthetic, he didnt do what he does best – his own shit. in other words, his best work has always come from him creating his own vision, not tailoring beats to other mc’s.

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    All that singles leaking before the drop don’t move me anymore is, starting to get very predictable; is no different than a formal single release the only difference is that they really testing the waters so they give it a “oops” aura about it knowing damn well is out there on purpose, if it works they either put it on rotation and the album does well(if is not pushed back fiftyleven times) or they pull it back, the other crap the do *cough*slaughterhouse*cough* is ommit the hot shit not that the rest of the album ain’t hot you just look forward to some things that get left out so choose not to buy as intended. But IMO those leaks are on purpose but the strategy sucks.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Leakin’ off one/two good singles b4 tha actual album drops creates a good buzz especially 4 a new artist tryna get noticed i.e. Drizzy

    Or say a veteran in the game tryna makin’ a cumback i.e Rae,Jay etc…

    Howeva’ it can b’ a sucidial career choice if none of them leaks catch a buzz,ya dig?

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Commission!!! E7 up @ 2pm.

    @ Grand$

    latest leak>new single… could a nigga ever be more right… a joint that gets leaked and downloaded heavy or played the shit out of will more than likely make the album (if it isn’t already on it) and get it’s video, further buzzing up the album/project it’s a part of otherwise it’ll go as quick as it comes.

    @ Tico

    Co-sign… The TI’s underestimated their listeners. While a majority of them are brainless, loaded (see: have parents) followers of anything who can be easily fooled at will and on the regular… they still need to change up the way they do shit. If something leaks and the netheads get their hands on it and they next thing you know it’s gone, these dummies WILL start asking questions and eventually (SLOOOOOWLY) put the pieces together that the product wasn’t worth shit to them.

    Solid post, DP. I’ll take a listen to both tracks after this shit is done.

    E7 – 2pm EST Commission!!!

    • latino heat

      co-sign Fed Ranga.

      if you want proof of this just check out Kid Cudi’s, I Poke Her Face. that started out as a mixtape joint in the Bangers section like 5 months ago. then the song built a buzz and now the video is in heavy rotation on VH1 Soul.

  • Enlightened

    Now to me – that Raekwon song is a perfect example of why a lot of East Coast music doesn’t translate to the rest of the country

    I’m from the Midwest so we grew up bumpin some of everything, but the same thing that would make a person with a certain ear LIKE that beat is the same thing that would make a lot more people HATE it

    I love how Rae came in flowing, but I can’t even finish the song because that guitar sample sounds retarded to me – not retarded in the good way – but in a “what the fuck is that supposed to be” kind of way

    Love the flow, but the sample in that track makes the shit irritating.

  • Y.O.

    co-sign to the maxxxx sbujah

    kanye and jigga are nice
    but timbo makes classic

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I understand what you’re getting at with this drop, DP. I do. Most of y’all couldn’t fathom how wholly paranoid I am that OB4CL2 will be a shit sandwich. I’m completely and utterly piss-pants afraid that I’m going to hear this CD on the day of its release and NOT be blown away. I fear the reality of listening to the most anticipated and respected brand of rap music and feeling let down.

    I fear that my right hand will liberate itself from my control soon thereafter and grab the nearest Uniball ink pen and stab me in the gut until I bleed to death…

    That’s why I CAN’T listen to any of these drops. These releases aren’t in sync with the proper effusion of a fixed track sequence. You can’t just bump “Criminology” by itself. You can’t decide at what time and place “Ice Cream” will begin. These are events that can only be decided by the fate of the hour in which you press play on track 1, “Striving For Perfection.” The rest should be left up to God and The RZA.

    I’m in control of my own destiny, DP. I’m not clicking on no links you post, homey. When it comes to Cuban Linx sequels, my patience is cold solid…like glaciers of ice.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • SbuJah

      When it comes to Cuban Linx sequels, my patience is cold solid…

      My sentiments exactly. i am a headphone critic… i have to listen to an album as a fresh offering and knowing/being familiar to 3-4 songs will eff the overall flow for me cos i will tend to skip a familiar meh song

  • geico lizard

    “Brooklyn Go Hard is the best thing that Jay-Z has produced in the last year”



  • Worley

    This is not a new phenomenon. For those of us that listened to Stretch and Bobbito we always had tracks from an album before it dropped. No doubt I would skip the joints I already heard but to me the best part was always hearing the rest. Many albums didn’t disappoint. If Rae and Ghost got the goods again then the leaked joints will be mediocre compared to the unheard joints.

    “I lit a booger up…I just chill like Aaron Hall writin’ raw rhymes.”

    Ghost murdered this joint.

  • AZ40

    “off that” is okay the last two verses were hot and it’s pretty good concept but timbo coulda came w/ a better beat, it is undoubtly better than run this town…Rae be on some other shit wit the kung-fu chinese influence that most niggas don’t get unless you into that to…ghost killed it i’ma cop that

  • capcobra

    both of them joints is weak…i didn’t like jay song cause it ain’t for me..it’s for techno pop clubs and teeny boppers…didn’t like rae song cause it’s an old dilla beat..and it ain’t even one of his best…rae milking dilla memory and jay milking drake buzz.

  • Da

    i cant believe someone called “Hola Hovito” “Some wack ass song”. that really puts your whole train of thought in question. seriously.


    that rae song is on point dilla killed the beat r.i.p.

  • Dallas Penn

    Dilla > Timbaland

  • daz_oc

    the beat for the rae track is on the JayLib album. its called the red

  • jonjon23

    Both these songs hurt my ears! This is the main reason why East Coast rap will never be relevant again: those guys are too arrogant and delusional. Also, despite in many cases never graduating high school and never even sniffing college–they try to potray the role of professors. The only reason East Coast rap came back around ’94 is because they copied West Coast rap, which was centered on heavy bass lines, smooth melodies, and talking about pimp shit. That’s basically what early southern rap was (and is today), but New York was not accepting of the south at all and tried to block them from the game. Hate me, but its true. Biggie was a great rapper and he was exceptional at talking about pimp shit—Jay Z got a golden opportunity with the sad and untimely demise of Biggie. New York rappers have talked about all the ignorant niggerish topics that the south talks about now–only with a different accent and maybe a few more metaphors: smoking weed, popping pills, banging females, selling drugs, going to jail, and the list goes on. This ‘aint hate–just being honest.