I’m starting to think that Joe Budden is an accessory to his webcam’s computer instead of the more commonplace variation. Kinda like how the suit really owns Chopper and drives the rented Lamborghini by itself.

This weekend Joe Budden and The Neverending Story (his perpetually webcasted home life) took the turn anyone could have seen coming. After consistent self-etherization for promotion’s sake yielded little tangible return—i.e., like 17 Slaughterhouse albums sold—Budden and his bartender/booty model long-term jumpoff are no more.

Some who follow Joe Budden’s life and online career as if it were their own have said the video is from an old break up. In which case, why put it out now? Why ever use something like that as a promotional tool? Do musicians and recording artists really believe such things translate to increased sales and fan base?

I watch a lot of online niggardry and iCoonery. The shit never makes me want to investigate a nigga’s music farther. In fact, it often unfairly does the opposite, as my entertainment starts and ends with me laughing at buffoonish behavior.

A live web stream into something relevant to a nigga’s music career like a studio session, performance, public appearance or moment of inspiration would be beneficial to your music fans. Unless Budden is trying to get himself cast on a reality show, this shit he’s been doing isn’t helpful.

But still, it must be done.

Besides, whether this video is old or new isn’t as much of interest to me as determining whether or not it’s genuine. How the fuck is Joe Budden going to be filming and editing his own breakup? He got Tahiry on this fucking video lookin like Carla from Scrubs goin off on Turk about going to the strip club with J.D. instead of speaking at the High Yeller Surgreons conference or some shit.

Long story short: I don’t know what the fuck I’m looking at when I watch rapper UStreams. Well, that’s not true. I see the innocence, ignorance and quiet internal defiance of a young Mr. Bojangles when I watch Soulja Boy’s shit. But other than that, I can’t call it.

The scary part is, I don’t think Joe can anymore either.

If Budden is as sad as he looks in the video where he’s listening to what sounds like a Tahiry breakup song, hopefully it’s because he understands the part digital fame-whoring has played in the creation of such a rough few months.

Either that or Budden just looks as such when he’s writing the sketches for his live-action improvised spitcom.

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Seriously. Someone not named Panasonic should be keeping an eye on this man for a while.