Blood On The CD Player…


The SlaughterHouse project hit the web this weekend and I have been listening to the album on a loop. The album is everything I wanted it to be. It’s four emcees trading the microphone in a verbal sparring competition. From the outset you had to feel this was going to be a sick album. The opening track ‘Sound Off’ cuts your ears like a razor that was tucked inside someone’s cheek.

Sound Off

SlaughterHouse re-introduced Joe Budden, Royce and Crooked I to me. These were rappers that I never listened to for extended periods but with Joell Ortiz alongside of them I see what have been missing. Royce has been the biggest revelation to me while Crooked I is simply a lyrical monster. Joe Budden is simply insane. Why isn’t he called Joe Bananas?

Budden’s line on ‘Microphone’ basically sums up the rap music game currently. “Too many blueprints and not enough architects”. That is a mean fucking line. I don’t feel like it is a shot at Jay-Z as much as it is a shot at the Jigga copycats in the business. And yeah, maybe a slight shot at Jay for making the 10th Blueprint album.

When you look at the runtimes for my favorite tracks on the album you see something that most rap songs today don’t have. A nearly 5 minute length [ll]. Those aren’t going to be songs that accommodate terrestrial radio formats. That means that the SlaughterHouse project is going to fly on the strength of the fans and their word of mouth.

With albums like Rick Ro$$ ‘Deeper Than Rap’ selling better than 100K units in its first week I have predicted the same results for the SlaughterHouse debut. The Ro$$ album had the benefit of radio to promote its sales. The SlaughterHouse project has the internets. That didn’t work too well for Asher Roth’s debut. Let’s see what happens in the case of four master lyricists.


I’m rating this album 3.5/4 Baywatch Pam Andersons.

We all knew there would be rhymes for days on this disk. The beats are as triumphant as the words from these emcees who were left for dead by the music industry. I wish all the previously leaked singles were on the album too so I could have a disk with them all on one place. I’m also a little disappointed that the M.O.P. x SlaughterHouse joint isn’t on the album.

I’m gonna run a little contest for my peoples here on the internets. I’m giving away an official SlaughterHouse x FLUD watch to the reader that comes the closest to predicting the SlaughterHouse first week sales. Just leave your prediction on the comments thread. I’ll keep the contest open until August 11th so get in where you fit in.

SlaughterHouse self-titled debut drops 08.11.09.



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  • Silly Willy


    That Sound-Off is tha bomb, Dallas!

    • Pierzy

      What up Willy?

      When I saw this leaked yesterday, I DL’d it immediately but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. I’m going to set aside a few hours of nothing so I can just take it all in [II] like back in the day when major albums used to drop.

      And, make no mistake, I’m still copping at least 2 in the store.

      • Pierzy

        73,400 discs sold

        • Silly Willy

          Whatido, P?

          I don’t know about buying 2 copies….anyway, every dope cd on heavy rotation in the Silly household end up missing….Been buying the Blueprint twice since………

        • Pierzy

          $yk, that’s whats up. I was wondering how they would work it out.

          I’m not into Damien like that, but NaS can get cash for a show any day of the week from me.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          P the chicks came out for Damian! Like all over the U.S.!

          I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone coming up to make a reggae cut.

          Peeps were into “Made You Look”, “One Love”, “Hate me Now”, but even I agree, you don’t get a lot of chances to see a Marley perform.

          Yes it was cloudy. No Kelis darts.

      • $ykotic

        Ha! Heard more than 2 songs….


        Because most people don’t buy CD’s.

        @ P

        NaS & Damian was cool. The crowd was the flyest part of the show. They did 1 collabo song. NaS did his hits, Damian did his hits.

        The people made me enjoy my $44 bucks.

        • latino heat

          @ Sykotic
          $44 bucks? were you sitting on the lawn? my tickets cost about $100 bucks each.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I copped early brah.

          Should have hollered @ me. I was in the cut.

      • Hanch

        Yo P you will defintely enjoy!! At least I have!!! Im saying 100,000 first week and then around 350,000 total!! Album is dope everything we have been asking for so PPL SUPPORT your local Slaughterhouse Chapter LOL ya know kinda like the AOA support your local Outlaws Association..just a little biker humor lol

  • SbuJah

    55 000 first week

  • Grand Master

    69,901 (playin the gameshow numbers…)

    but of course if skills sold, they’d pra’li be, financially jay-z.

    • hippa>>hoppa

      haha….ima bite you on that one 81,001 jus on the strength that they could possibly be confused 4 a hardcore rock group by people that dont fuck twith the internet.. and the rest of the numbers is due to us the people who know wats up..

  • Silly Willy

    I only hope that after OB4CL2, the Wu drops another album. I liked 8 Diagrams, really. But this has me yearning for a powerful group opus again.

  • Dallas Penn

    Silly Willy,
    Between fuxing with Rae & Ghost last week to this album being leaked over the weekend I am also fiending for more supergroup tracks.

    Sound Off is THAT knock.

    • Silly Willy

      Damn, Dallas!!!

      Usually, I download the album, give it a listen, then go buy the cd that I think deserves the money. You know when people brag about having their mind on their money and money and their mind, and don’t even bother pretending they’re in it for the love of the art, I’m a little sceptical…

      But fuck a leak, this one is an official shopping project the day it drops!!!Those guys don’t bring New-York back, or hip hop back, or any of that senseless bullshit. They just bring hiphop raw, uncut, bloody and ferocious. The aspect I’ve been waiting to hear for a minute now.

  • matt

    113,000 first week

  • Curtis75Black

    I heard the snippets, that’s cool for me. I refuse to download the music of Slaughterhouse and play myself into not buying their cd !! I’ll wait till the 11th.

    • Curtis75Black

      I want to see them do better than Jadakiss last numbers !! I want to see them in the Top 10 !! Anything less is a failure on the fans because you can’t say ‘We didn’t Know it was Dropping’.

  • k


  • PMG

    85,237 sold 1st week

  • AZ40

    If you combine there individual fanbases together than of course over 100000 easily but I’ll say 60000 b/c of no other promo besides internets

  • Jame

    I. Cannot. Wait. I’m still smiling from listening to Sound Off four times in a row. On Killaz now – I’m not DLin it though. I have to let the anticipation build till next week. Next week kicks off what should be the best few months run of beautiful music in recent years. Thank God.

  • Kabelo

    150 K

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


    And I dunno or care what you fucks think but that nigga joell is doin these niggas in on these beats dawg! I’m upset wit’ joey a lil’ bit…it’s like he lost the fire but the rest of the squad is dumbin fa’ real. Slaughter House all day!!

    • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

      oh yeah, 66,200 first week.

  • Dart_Adams

    I’ll play, too. I see this album selling approximately 25,000 units opening week with a ceiling of 30,000. I see it moving between 100,000-125,000 total units before the year is up. That’s equivalent to going Gold considering it’s essentially an underground release that most consumer won’t release even dropped until September…



    IMA GO WIT 88,300

  • Vinsaneeeeeeeeee


  • GO-Getta’

    I quitely dissapointed by the rating 3.5/4 Baywatch Pam Andersons. Though she looks good as f***.

    Extremely happy with the giveaway prize 4 a correct guese 1st week album sales predictions.
    We must do this often,DP..!

    80,350 (80 k).
    What d’ya fruits predicts?

  • ace


  • C-EYE

    Slaughterhouse does 46,700 units 1st weeek

  • giantstepp

    I predict that DP will continue to stay on there Tip for the rest of the year along with the Roots!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Just to get my name/vote out there:

    I predict 115k.

    I started listening to “Sound Off,” but I had to fall back because I don’t want to spoil it. I need that CD-quality knock through 2 12″ subs in the back of the truck. I needs that, see?

    Trust, though, that in due time, I’ll give them their shine. Nice drop, even though I’m unfamiliar with the Pam Anderson Baywatch rating scale.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Den Deniro

    This album is gonna be A monster! I predict 88,888.

  • Al Einstein

    Al says 20k.

  • A


  • General

    I’m def gonna cop that CD when it drops no Download…

    I wish I could say that this CD is going to do Ross or Jada numbers, but they were both on Def Jam and Slaughterhouse doesn’t have that machine behind them…

    While it will be the best CD released thus far this year I am predicting that it will do closer to Cam and Jim numbers-42500 sold first week…

    • General

      BTW…Sound Off and Killaz are both that heat that I’ve been waitin on from these cats…

      CD is gonna be ridiculous

  • og bobby j

    sawit…thought about it…but nah…fuck that. i am not even going to disrespect the time i have been waiting for this by downloading it. I will be copping on tuesday and spending that day with a quarter of banana kush and 2 six’s of the purple haze brew….

    oh yea…77568K in week 1


    87,400 First week.

  • Ja$e

    I say they do 96,582

  • Detroit P


    …..on their own they’d probly do 15 thou a piece…but they’re all in the same lane artistically so they’re probly sharing a good amount of fans…but there is also more of a buzz around this project because it is a combined effort so that messes with the numbers.


    I heard the cd and it was everything I expected it to be i.e. the lyrical stans wet dream. Boasting taken to new heights and supposed personal songs that sound like boasting taken to new heights. The production was solid it wasn’t stellar but it was better than a lot of other indie stuff. Also I think they missed an oppurtunity on the song The one. A little subject matter would have went a long way there. Now to play the stupid numbers game this site loves. I think they will sell about 10,000 to 15,000 the frist week and limp to the 100,000 in maybe half a years time if they are lucky with touring. Their greatest hope is if the 25,000 or so fans that buys each of their solo efforts purchase this one becuase they probably wont pick up many new ones.

  • Abriss

    33,000 copies scanned

  • Avenger XL

    Also I would like to point out. There wasn’t a single character type on the whole disk. It just sounded like a group of battle rappers decided to do a album after an intense freestyle session recognizing each other skills. I want artist like this to win but they tend to not understand the entertainment aspect of the business. Hope this isn’t the last album

    • Detroit P

      *laughterhouse*…Avenger XL for Prez

  • Balogun

    33,000. I wish they would sell more, but I know the reality.

  • EmCDL

    I’m copping! I won’t be copping it on the day it comes out (I get paid on the 15th) but I will get it nonetheless! I’m not even gonna listen to any of the leaked tracks, I’m just gonna wait till I get the album…I’m confident that the album is that dope!

  • Incilin

    Dude, having the internets behind you is the worst thing ever. It means no one will actually buy your album, they’ll just download it. Like you did, and I probably will.

    My guess, SH will do 32,000. There’s no way in hell they can do 100K. They lucky if they final tally will be 100K.

  • Joe


  • Joe

    Oh wow…that Sound Off..wooo *pulls metaphoric gucci bucket over face*

    Only thing w/ these guys

    All 4 members shouldnt be on every song.
    Switch it up and limit the repetitiveness. This song is hard, but after 4+ minutes its like…uhhh, okay im at punchline overload. I imagine this album ‘should’ be a lyric lovers dream, but they really havent talked about a specific topic in any song…just punchlines.

  • Tony Grand$

    I’ll say 26,501.

    Thats in no way a knock on their collective skill set, it’s just a realistic number. Their fans (us) seem to be the only ones excited.

    & nah, downloading that would make me less apt to purchase a physical copy. So, I’ll listen to y’all rave & buy my copy when it drops……

  • Colin


    That is first week sales, I think they will hit a solid 100k+ by the end of the first month, but even their “radio friendly” single still isn’t enough to draw in the general public. This album is for true hip-hop heads.



  • capcobra

    i’m bout to go download this shit right now…lol.

  • Chris Cash


  • Sam K

    Guessing 29,000

  • geico lizard

    That first picture of meat hanging would have made a better cd cover than the shot of four heads with fitted caps on.

    • DetroitDraper

      Lmao thats what I said. The Brady bunch in fitteds isnt the best idea

  • red1DER

    heard da album over da weekend. im def coppin like 5 cds and dlin on itunes…… i would say 55,800

  • El Tico Loco

    Downloading it to satisfy my impatience but I’m coppin too, and how much is a Pam Anderson rating worth in Tahiris? 4 which is actually 8 broken down by buttcheeks.

  • murK

    your about to see there’s no such thing as internet fans buying real albums. 40,000 tops.

    • Curtis75Black


      I hope that’s not the case. I hope with all these cats bitchin’ about autotune, cd’s with just a couple of tracks, too much guest appearences, hating on the major label, crying about fans not supporting their faves and Soulja Boy’s non rappin’ ass we can get those that talk the talk also walk it into a Best Buy and pick up The SlaughterHouse Debut.

      • $ykotic

        I was talking about that last week. They had the Joell song posted mid Thursday and no one payed attention. Friday no one really payed attention to the Wu stuff.

        But the Em “drama” was major.


    77,145 UNITS

    A.Dd+ Mixtape “Power of the Tongue”

  • tha_Face

    92k first week

  • enzo


  • netlock


  • KingPoetic


  • RonTucker

    23500 units. The internets are not a profitable fanbase.



  • stonyman

    The subs are banging this one for awhile.

  • dtmac


  • DC


  • Ace Hood

    20 k

    First week like Me!!!


    Damn, that Sound Off is NUTS! they all came with it. that was the first slaughterhouse track i ever heard. & i’m a go with 61,249 first week.

  • Dallas Penn

    giantstepp FTW! add Cudi to that list too.

    Pierzy, $yk, General, Curtis75, OGs Matt and Bobby J…

    Fux it, what up internets?!?

    The album is a complete project. Whoever said they don’t rhyme about a theme hasn’t listened to ‘Cuckoo’ and prA’li won’t get it when they hear the other thematic sons on the disk.

    True story is that less than half of you dudes that say you are going to copp will buy it. Internets are broke dudes when it comes to buying something they can steal.

    Get this album if you love Hip-Hop. Stay away if you are into that poppy shit.

    • $ykotic

      “Internets are broke dudes when it comes to buying something they can steal.”

      You ain’t lying with that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      You had me on a expedition for them Steve Nash Nike’s this weekend. No Dice.


      p.s. I post so much they won’t let me drop my new moniker!!!


  • Jeff


  • brand-new


  • EmCDL

    Damn I forgot to put my two cents in! I’d say 80,000 the first week but I hope its higher than that

  • FaIR

    I dont buy albums and im buyin this i think its gunna be a shocker 132,000

  • DJ Postman

    I predict 35,670 units in the first week.

  • king blair

    same as i picked on ur site 18k bootleg already out

  • eyetel

    Imma say, 23,500 1st week sales and about 200,000 total at the end of the day. They are all dope mc’s but albums just don’t sale like they used to.

  • latino heat

    i just finished listening all the way through and this shit is fire! i’ve been waiting a looong time for some shit like this.
    everybody has valid points though. the bootleg is out. people ain’t paying for free shit. not everybody saying there gonna buy it actually will. were the only ones actually waiting for this. so with that being said, only around 46,532 copies sold first week. sad but true.


    i already posted my guess on your site dp the opening to the slaughter house cd is something else joell went in

  • Roblynn

    I’ve been doing my best to avoid listening to any of the leaked tracks for the simpe fact that I want the first time I hear this album to be right after I’ve ripped open the cd packaging (I haven’t bought a cd since July 2008 with that untitled by Nas) but the beat alone to Sound Off is too crazy!

    I think if Slaughterhouse fans are serious about supporting a movement that could gain even more momemetum with increased CD sales then I could see them selling a quarter mil eventually. Unfortunately I’m not sure if they can really count on the internet fans to leave the download screen alone and head to their nearest best buy/musical outlet. I hope I’m wrong but I see 1st week sales topping out at 23,000

  • Jung


    You gotta crop them Pamela’s in a more horizontal fashion, lest a guy get crazy missin them titties in the last shot.

    65k first week

  • bfears

    77k i want my watch!

  • breezy


  • demondecon

    42,300 for first week sales

  • Omar



    28,982 first week. I’ve decided not to download it. I’ll buy the shit when it drops.

  • serenitynow


  • matt

    my first post is gone, wtf.


  • mazemayhim

    They may shock some. But, there’s only gonna be 21,999 fans plus mazemayhim who will buy this album next week.





  • Nygel


  • andrew

    im definitely buying it…

    17,898 sold

  • A. Sizzle

    The disc will sell…..


    You may as well give me that watch now

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    This is like fucking Price Is Right………………………….22,103

  • Jay Enertia

    I already listened to it, its fucking classic shit.

  • hate

    i’m in upstate ny right now an nobody in my hood even knows about slaughterhouse.
    i mean everybody know each individual mc (except crooked, lots a cats up here never heard him)but nobody knows they formed a group. and that its called slaughterhouse.
    the kids up here is still on weezy nutsack. shit is sad.
    my point is, i dont think they’ll sell shit. if your entire fanbase consist of internet soldiers, you know they downloadin that shit for free

  • Warren

    37,000 first week and im one of them.

  • Boe Judden

    54,321 copies sold

  • chillin mayne

    76,000…tho i feel they should go platinum

  • illnoyz


  • trackleaker


    First week prediction. Believe dat


    Im going to say they will sell 55,000

  • Chill Moody

    I’m predicting 56,215 in album sales.

    im listening to the album now…i wish you could go platinum offa internet fans alone because they deserve to say they put out a platinum debut….but this album is amazing no matter album sales


  • JBiddy


    Slaughterhouse is nasty..I’ve been bumpin’ their shit for a minute now. Together the 4 of them are a super-group – “Sound Off” is retarded!