Sometimes it makes me bananas trying to explain how powerful hip-hop would be if we all understood the part we play. DJ, artist, journalist, photographer, director and let us not ever forget the fan; the lover of hip-hop music. Really when it comes down to it, we all have so much power, but in the end it is not just the lover of hip-hop music, but the actual consumer of the genre that has the power to propel the art in to any direction they wish.

Now you may ask, “What the hell is she talking about?” I’m speaking of the all-mighty dollar. That dollar speaks a million words and more to the manufacturer of the so-called product. PRODUCT meaning something that can be sold and put to good use. GOOD meaning able to be used. If one produces a product and people purchase it that is a sign to the creator of the project that they have done a good thing. If one creates a product that does not sell, then the creator either gives up, or goes back to the drawing board and comes up with a better product to get better results. CUT TO THE CHASE…as long as people with money buy things that are unable to be used (in other words…not good…bad…suckie) they will send a message to the creator of those works they should continue to make that thing. CUTTING TO THE CHASE EVEN MORE…Don’t buy garbage!!!!!

And for some of us it may not be buying garbage that leaves us powerless, but listening to BS on the radio, with the mentality, “This song will soon be over." Unfortunately, not changing the station sends a message to radio they are playing what we want to hear. Which then sends a message to advertisers that they should spend their money with that station that plays that BS that those people like to hear.

And if I’ve hit a nerve because you feel as though I’m speaking directly to you, I probably am. But what the hell we all do it. I was singing “Superman that Hoe” through no fault of my own. I had heard the damn song on the radio so many times a part of my brain had been abducted without me even knowing. Not to say by any means that song is garbage, but I’m a grown-ass-woman of 37-years and “Superman That Hoe” should not be coming out of my mouth. My goddaughter would think I was crazy if she caught me singing that…lol.

As of now, in hip-hop, we stand united but separate. We are without a doubt the most powerless powerful people I know. It’s really time to use our power. Show them what we want from hip-hop by supporting the groups and individuals that are really trying to give us something different and innovative. Please do not separate yourself from the artist, as if you as a fan are on one side of the line and the artist on another. Demand the best from hip-hop and watch the results it brings. I must admit, you showed these labels it’s only become a single selling market because you all as consumers said, “the album ain’t hot enough.” Now get busy and make hip-hop the genre YOU want it to be. After all hip-hop belongs to those who are strong, determined and unwilling to let go. Because it is more than a thing; hip-hop cannot be owned by anyone, however “ENTYONE” (yes I meant to spell it like that) can be a part of hip-hop!!!! Do not separate yourself from the artist, as if you, as a fan are on one side of the line and the artist on another. Demand the best from hip-hop and watch the results it brings. ---MC Lyte