fisty gayme

It seems like a lifetime ago when Fisty Scent and Gayme were trying to patch up their relationship. It had to be a bitter pill for Game to be kicked to the curb by Dre. Wasn't Dre the dude that found Game in that strip club and took him down off the pole? Ever since his disconnection from the Aftermath umbrella Gayme has been like a rudderless ship in the middle of the ocean.

I watched Gayme's tirade against Ghey-Z and thought to myself that what Game really wants more than anything is the hug from an elder rap statesman. If Jay would just invite Game on one of his yachts for a cruise through the Caribbean how happy do you think Game would be? Game doesn't hate older rappers because they are old, he hates them because they ignore him.

Sure, this is a retarded way of getting attention from the people that you love, but why should rap music be any less dysfunctional than the rest of the world? At least Game isn't forcing us to put out an Amber Alert on his ass by disappearing off the map. He is standing directly in front of us calling out for help. Jay-Z just has to give homeboy a hug. And maybe a kiss [ll].

This could be problematic though if Bleek feels ignored.