You Can’t Spell Thugs Without Hugs…

fisty gayme

It seems like a lifetime ago when Fisty Scent and Gayme were trying to patch up their relationship. It had to be a bitter pill for Game to be kicked to the curb by Dre. Wasn’t Dre the dude that found Game in that strip club and took him down off the pole? Ever since his disconnection from the Aftermath umbrella Gayme has been like a rudderless ship in the middle of the ocean.

I watched Gayme’s tirade against Ghey-Z and thought to myself that what Game really wants more than anything is the hug from an elder rap statesman. If Jay would just invite Game on one of his yachts for a cruise through the Caribbean how happy do you think Game would be? Game doesn’t hate older rappers because they are old, he hates them because they ignore him.

Sure, this is a retarded way of getting attention from the people that you love, but why should rap music be any less dysfunctional than the rest of the world? At least Game isn’t forcing us to put out an Amber Alert on his ass by disappearing off the map. He is standing directly in front of us calling out for help. Jay-Z just has to give homeboy a hug. And maybe a kiss [ll].

This could be problematic though if Bleek feels ignored.

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  • Pierzy

    I know exactly how Game feels, because Ness never shows me attention or responds to me and it makes me feel unloved and underappreciated

  • Pierzy

    What up Dallas…

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s obvious from his name-dropping that Game is a huge fan of the music (unless DMX or Beanie) and he wants to be accepted, embraced and welcomed into the inner circle. He’s the kid that acts out to get attention because he’s being ignored…

    …kinda like someone posting comments under other peoples’ screen names.

    • Pierzy

      TYPO: Should’ve been “unlike” DMX or Beanie.

    • Jamal7Mile

      I agree with everything Pierzy says. Nobody can write comments like Pierzy nor can they be the first to comment on everything like him. I don’t understand why Pierzy and the Commission aren’t the ones writing all the blogs on XXL. It is all I look forward to reading everyday.

      • Jamal7Mile

        Good Morning, 3rd Testicle!! Still sucking dick, I see…

        The REAL J7

        • Jamal7Mile

          You get it 3rd testicle??? I am an effin genius. My parents said I would never amount to anything, but I showed them wrong. I can make up better names to ether people than anyone.

          The REAL J7

        • Jamal7Mile

          You named YOURSELF 3rd Testicle, idiot!! LMAO!!!!

          Remember? Ah never mind… *chuckles*

        • Jamal7Mile

          Wow the nerve of some idiots. I remember when I was hangin with Obie and Proof at the HipHopShop and they both asked if they could borrow my rhyme book cuz neither one of them was very nice on the mic. So I told them they could have a look in it real quick, but they grabbed it and ran off. Next thing I know they both signed to Interscope with this other dude named Marshall that I used to hang out with all the time too. I don’t knwo why but everytime I would call them they would laugh and say “whats up 3rd Testicle” and hang up. Damn

        • Tony Grand$

          Hey Jamal

          You knew Proof, Em and Obie. That is unbelievable. I know how it is when people steal your great ideas.

          Did you see that I wrote Drake a letter on my blog? I bet he read it and cried. I so ended his career with my clever writing ability and massive internet following. I doubt his debut CD will ever come out now. Plus Mex read it and left me a comment so now I know that I am going to be a huge star on the internet.

        • EReal

          Pic is Gay,
          Blog is Gay,
          People commenting with other peoples names is Gay,
          all of it Gay.

      • beaver

        yea u right..pierzy should be blogger now..
        xxlmag..ya should hire him..quick ha



    We talkin’ about real shit or we talkin’ about rhymes
    Y’all talkin’ about millions or y’all just talkin’ about mines
    What we talkin’ about? ‘Cause I ain’t got time
    For what people be talkin’ about all the time
    What we talkin’ about fiction or we talkin’ about fact?
    We talkin’ about fiction, hold up, pardon my back
    We talkin’ about life and all I hear is, “Oh yeah he keeps talkin’ about crack.”
    I ain’t talkin’ about profit
    I’m talkin’ about pain
    I’m talkin’ about despair
    I’m talkin’ about shame
    I ain’t talkin’ about gossip
    I ain’t talkin’ about Game
    I ain’t talkin’ about Jimmy
    I ain’t talkin’ about Dame

    I’m talkin’ about real shit, them people playin’
    What is you talkin’ about? I don’t know what y’all sayin’
    People keep talkin about Hov take it back
    I’m doin’ better than before, why would I do that?
    Ain’t nothin’ cool about carryin’ a strap, about worryin’ your moms and buryin’ your best cat
    Talkin’ about revenge, while you carryin’ his casket, all teary-eyed about to take it to a mattress.
    I’m talkin’ about music, I ain’t talkin’ about rap
    Y’all talkin’ about who’s hot, I ain’t talkin’ about that
    The conversation has changed, let’s yap about that
    I don’t run rap no more, I run the map
    A small part of the reason the President is Black
    I told him I got him when he hit me on the jack
    I’m talkin’ about progress, I ain’t lookin’ back
    You know I run track, try not to get lapped
    People keep talkin’ about Hov left ‘em flat
    Trying to rewrite history, let’s talk about facts
    Dame made millions, even Jaz made some scraps
    He coulda made more but he ain’t sign his contract
    And as far as street guys, I mean we was dealin’ crack.
    That’s how the game goes, I don’t owe nobody jack
    Grown men, want me to sit ‘em on my lap
    But I don’t have a beard and Santa Claus ain’t Black

    • FLOSS

      @HIP HOP

      Thanks for the blessing my dude , niggas is crazy for hating on Hov, im a fan whether or not he is old enough to be my pops LOL !!!!

  • Tony Grand$

    I got a cousin, who’s ADD official, with a touch of schizophrenia.

    Man, this dude bugs me to no end. Stays calling me (which I ignore @ all costs), always wants to come around & sit, along with all the other crazy The Game-esque things that go between (crying, arguing, etc).

    One day, my wife said “just hang out with him. That’s all he wants.

    Took her advice & I’ll be damned if this dude didn’t calm down & start acting like a normal person. For the most part, anyway.

    I agree, DP. Even crazy motherfuxers want to feel like people care about them.


  • General

    I think we can all agree that Game seems to want a battle with Hov in the worst way…

    I know that Hov has been throwin little subliminals at Game for a few years and I know that Game has stayed talkin about Hov since day one, but this really isn’t a good look for Game…

    I really do think the best thing Hov can do is just to ignore him at this point though, because if he did make the mistake of dissin Game he needs to realize that Game is relentless with this beef shit…

    Just offer him a guest spot on your CD already Hov so we can all move on

    • Curtis75Black

      seems to me you are afraid for Jigga. Like The Game might embaress him lyrically. What happened to the challenge of victory ? One thing I’m so sick of and I’m not directing this at you personally, is when fans call Jay,Nas or whomever is their personal favorite The G.O.A.T., saying how no one can touch them or they’re the best to ever do it but once a emcee of quailty steps to them, fans become guardians – ‘Nah, he ain’t worthy or he’s just trying to get his name out there or fame up’ . Basically that’s been going on from the begiinning so stop the Bullshit !!! That’s how Rocky got his ass whipped in the 3rd installment !! Kepping him underwraps sparring with the Jim Jones’s of the industry. If you feel Buddens can wax INS, let homie prove it ! Let’s hear it. You feel Jay will kill The Game, tell Hova to set it off, The right way.

      • General

        I feel exactly what your sayin. I don’t think I got my point across quite right. I don’t think Jay wants a lyrical battle with Game. I got respect for Jay, but as I said Game is relentless with the beef shit…

        Game would drop a 400 bar diss track on Jay and then follow it up with 500 2 days later…

        I just think for Game, Jay is trying to bait him into getting the reaction out of people like Game is jealous or desperate, but people don’t realize that they have sent shit back and forth on the low for years…

        I honestly feel like for Game he should just step back and wait for Jay to come at him harder or atleast try before he goes in too far on him…

        And as I said, I think Hov should probably not say anything because I don’t see anything good coming out of it for Jay. I honestly feel like the Game would embarrass him in the end. What people forget is Game don’t give a shit what you say about him he just gonna keep comin at you

    • Tony Grand$


      You can just hear The Game respond to that, all excited but trying to “keep it gangsta”.

      Word? For real my nigga? Okay, okay, that’s what’s up! Aight, so, like, when? You gotta track already? Who doin the beat, Hov?

      Hov is probably just ticked off right now, especially after this last tirade.

      • General



        I m sure Hov ain’t happy, but in the end I will say that Hov don’t want it with Game on some beef shit…

        We all know Game ain’t the most stable dude in hiphop, but he ain’t a slouch on the mic either and he is a veteran of diss records…

        I don’t see an upside for Hov and I really question his thinking in mentioning Game’s name in the first place…

        • Tony Grand$

          YOUR AN IDIOT

  • Master CHeef

    No shit, I saw game on a show on vh1, and him and snoop was having lunch. Snoop was blunted out of his gordita shell and just nodding his head to all the rambling game was doing, and then he proceeded to tell the game that he, himself, big snooop dogg, thought he was putting it down proper for the west coast.

    Game shed tears on his shrimp po-boy. Sat there and cried and talked at the same time, talking bout how much that meant to him and shit.

    Do you hear what i’m saying? A grown ass man sat there and cried in snoop dog’s face at a luncheon with no shame whatsoever.


    “Game doesn’t hate older rappers because they are old, he hates them because they ignore him.”

    ^^^true as hell. lol.

    well, ya’ll said everything before i got a chance to so. co-sign & thanx.

  • capcobra

    jay would superugly the game…just off punchlines….i’m just waiting on joe buddens to respond to deck.


    & I almost 4got. THAT PICTURE!!! dats was the most foul & funny shit I ever seen. LMAO!!!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    The more niggaz that Jay endorses lowers his stock. Once you’ve reached Jay’s level, you ignore everybody. Too big to respond is the answer.

    When you think about Game and Jay’s first little quarrel, it was over some dumb shit–a misunderstanding, but then you got that (stripper) pole hugger Game acting like he wants war with Jay-Z. Nigga, please. What you gonna rap about? “Shootin at Jay, bumping Dre is a Six-Tre” That’d be the worst fucking song ever.

    Now that Game has had a chance to establish himself and he STILL isn’t respected lyrically, Jay can drop his name all he wants, knowing that nothing will come of it. He’s toying with Game. And who wouldn’t?

    All these little bitch rappers with their squeaky voices talking about they need respect. Game murked himself by going at The Bank (50). Budden lost fans with the Method Man comment and now just got murked by the Inspectah. Anyone else that wants to talk shit don’t even have a solo album coming out. J-Hood? Are you for real, mang?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • FLOSS

      90 % -CO SIGN The Big Homey OG Matt Herbz

      aside from the Joe Buddens thing (Thats My Nigga Sorry OG) But Game is a good rapper and if he just concentrated on being better rather being a insecure ass man then he would be on a much better blog subject. And Jay is not gonna respond to this boy full on and open he plays chess not checkers homes!

      Floss Daily !!

      • OG Matt Herbz

        That’s cool that you ride with Joey. I was undecided on dude for a long time. His verses on Slaughterhouse were nice, but nothing spectacular, if you ask me.

        Yeah, he can rap, but going on record saying ANYTHING grimy about Method Man was a mistake. Meth has an inoffensive vibe that I can fuck with. He’s not too heavy, but never comes light on a song. (I did shit on “The Prequel” though) The awkward part is that Joey knows that he CAN’T apologize (even if he really wants to )because that’d kill his reputation, making him look like a softy. That’s the last thing any rapper wants to come off as.

        I didn’t buy his “I’m Crazy” interview, either. We’re all a little off our rocker–some more than others, but words coming from a rapper don’t put fear in a man’s heart like actually stepping to someone outside their crib in the morning. You don’t get points for saying some insubstantiated bullshit about someone else like you gonna “Cut his head off his shoulders.”

        Meth has gold plaques on the wall. Fans worldwide. He, like myself, is ESTABLISHED in the game. It’s too late to put a dent in his cred if you ask me. Same with Jay-Z. Jay’s already won his fans, made his dough, and now can afford to just shit on who he pleases.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

        • FLOSS

          I feel you big homey but im sayin the Joe thing is different he didtn just plain ole diss the nigga Meth and while he did say some bogus shit its still aint as lethal as what game is spittin at Jay. And i still dont know why Joe is gettin the hate cuz of what he said shit if Mike said he was better then Magic and Bird but we all knew it was true would we defend Bird and Magic just cuz they were legends and had a big fan base.

          Im fighting this whole arguement about Joe being on some bullshit as far as im concerned the nigga was being real but no he shouldnt of said it like he said it but fuck it oh well.

          And yes Jay can shit on whoever and i feel like Jay is capable of handling Game if he wanted to but either way i dont think he will respond.
          When niggas dissed MJ and he came back on the Wizards i remember him gloving that nigga shit on the glass with two hands and looking at em like what bitch!!

          I cant go against Jay or Joe for any of these two situations my Blackness will not permit me too- a’ la’ Dave Chappelle

          OG i can agree to disagree my nigga.

    • Curtis75Black


      Sorry but I don’t agree !! Jay-z is 13 yrs in the game right now !! Less if you take off the 3 yrs in betwen Black and Kingdom !! But for arguments sake, let’s keep it 13. The same place LL Cool J was when he had his verbal spar with a crazy, damaging, lyrical monster in Canibus !! None of ya’ll was holding Uncle L’s hand. You felt homie was scared shitlless thinking he wouldn’t respond especially with his tv shows, movies as well as wife and children. But the thrill of it gave us a crazy verse off ‘Zoom Zoom and a nice response to the nice 2nd Round KO. KRS answered Nelly ya’ll – Nelly !! You mean to tell me Jay is too big to handle or as you say waste his time with The Game, who’s going overseas making the crowd say ‘Fuck Jay-Z, Old Ass Nigga’!! You want Jay to ignore that because he’s too big? You are never too big to rep Hip Hop or your name.

      • YaBoy$yk

        DP’s on point with this one!

        Jayceon just wants the inner circle love. No different than that dude at the 9-5 who wants the promotion after 5 years of hard work, or the kid that shows the parents the gold star from school.

        People want to be recognized when they succeed. Especially when they do hard labor for that goal.

        @ FLOSS

        You remember than Jordan game, huh? Yeah he shut down the naysayers!

        Until Iverson broke his ankles that game with that move then the “old” talk came back.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Herbz you are exactly why white people have a bad name in hip-hop. Nobody likes you

      • OG Matt Herbz

        See, I’m too big to respond to that impostor bullshit. Anybody knows: I’ll wipe you off the blog like I wipe your bitch’s fur off my dick.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Postin under someone else’s screen name has got to be the lamest, gayest shit of all. Be original. Good thing I can tell the real ones from the impostors ’cause the fake ones have very limited intellectual capacity.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    game need a fuckin daddy fa real. (*pause*,*no homo*, *nullus* and no Twista single).This nigga is a little kid lookin for his pops in all the wrong places and since Jay won’t pat him on the head and say I’m proud of you it’s makin the nigga all nuts.somebody take this nigga moms on maury or sumin’.

  • latino heat

    “you niggas gonna learn to respect the king.” Jay-Z from Takeover.

  • Max Profit

    The Game is a great rapper but he got all kinds of personal issues!!

    Every time he says somthing in an interveiw it always sounds stupid!

    That fake picture is very disturbing!

  • Incilin

    Good post (minus the photo on the top).

    “Game doesn’t hate older rappers because they are old, he hates them because they ignore him.”

    ^^^ True story.

  • Justice4All

    Pierzy is XXL-He’s the matrix of this whole rap blog crap-a machine I tell you, a machine.

    • Pierzy


      • Pierzy

        I can’t argue with that. Its about time someone recoginized my extreme talents

  • Federal Ranga

    Ok… I am upset now. I posted a LONG ass comment about an hour ago and it aint here… WTF?



      Thats cuz nobody wants to hear your gay ass post anyway. We all know its gonna be some Jay Z ass kissin nonsense that none of us want to read anyway

    • El Tico Loco

      If you were postin something that makes sense, don’t count on it postin, you gotta get on payroll for that and that means get your own blog on xxl, trust me I know that’s I only get posted when I’m jokin.

      • El Tico Loco

        or missing words in between sentences like ” I know that’s the only WAY to get posted, when I’m jokin”.

        • $ykotic

          I just tried using a different name and it didn’t drop either.

          They’re checking for the impostor. It’ll probably pop up later.

  • Federal Ranga

    Then it’s official… this impostor is becoming a pain in XXL’s ass and now it’s getting on my fuckin nerves… well, XXL should know who the real Commission is… I mean, come on… we all got working links.

  • Federal Ranga

    My post, too.

    Ok… now that’s some bullshit… they’ll post up my complaining, but my LONG ASS COMMENT which was actually ABOUT the blog still didn’t make that cut?

    So I’ll keep it short… Game’s being a hypocrite. He gets respect from a lot of rappers, but shows them niggaz no love [||]. He chooses niggaz he feels he SHOULD get respected by and when they shun him he gets all upset. Grow the fuck up, Game.

  • anutha_level

    “He is standing directly in front of us calling out for help. Jay-Z just has to give homeboy a hug.”

    word, dude is screeeeaming for attention….

  • Avenger XL

    The game is a solid slightly above mediocre rapper with good cadance and a somewhat interesting voice. It’s his character and subject matter many people have lost interest in. Fools still on that NWA thug story gang affiliation claiming tip. Now that is ok for certain segments of the population and he even does enough cross over music to make himself a little cheese. But really his whole gimmick is a bit tired and played so he is forced to carry on and steal a page from 50 in a lame way. Meaning he goes out and attacks cats for pub, he just does it after saying he won’t attack. Also that line about Jay-Z’s lips is a bit suspect dude!

  • 619

    Bitch move by Game. He goes on the internet talkin’ about how Jay never directly dissed him, so he wasn’t gonna respond. Then later in the week he says fuck Jay-Z and spits a garbage freestyle about it in Europe of all places. Why doesn’t Game try to do that in Madison Square Garden and see what kinda of reaction he gets. Game hasn’t done anything major in the rap game in the past couple years. His career has been on the decline since Documentary, and each album has been weaker than the one before it. Game has been talkin’ about Jay forever tryin’ to get him to respond, remember One Blood three years ago, “you’re 38 and you’re still rappin’ uugghh”. Jay has never responded because he knows Game is desperate to create a buzz for himself and Game’s career will continue to go downhill whether Jay disses him or not.

  • Curtis75Black

    Well The Game has added another track going at Jay-Z called ‘I’m so Wavy’. Surprised it’s not on this site yet. Peeps need to check it out. Like I said earlier, Jay needs to speak on this. The Game whether you like him or not is going at Jay and won’t stop and if this was anyone else getting dissed left and right without a response, ya’ll would’ve written him off. Peeps get written off in Hip Hop for less !!

    • 619

      “Let niggas take shots at me, no response
      I just flip and pop my collar like the Fonz”
      Top 5 rapper of all time, Game’s not even top 5 in West Coast history. Jay got 10 platinum albums, sit back and think about that for a second, 10 PLATINUM ALBUMS, nuff said. Game could never accomplish that in 3 or 4 careers.

  • fastflipper

    game is just a ok rapper

    jay-z is one of the bestst

    300 bars was correct….all he did was repeated the same *** for 15 minutes

  • keyno

    the game should call birdman, see if he will be his daddy to

  • 404

    This nigga is as lame as he can be. It’s a damn shame for this name-droppin, non-freestylin ass nigga to be so fuckin sensitive! Game listen to Hov’, pull your skirt back down and grow a set man! Damn!

  • Teddy

    hahah man game must be ready to kill himself

  • Tbud

    Okay so here’s the plan. Game goes in on Jay. He apologises to 50 and they get together to do a song for BISD. We then have 50 and Game V Jay Z…..go back and forth with tracks and then drop their albums 9/11 with the hype of this fake ass rap beef. Any takers?

  • tha mrs

    the game should just kill himself. he is just about the worst rapper ever and no one cares what he has to say. we should all just do like jay z and stop giving it fuel.

  • geico lizard

    good drop DP…


  • http://www.scritchandscratch.con/blog Vee


  • OG Matt Herbz

    “I move like Mad Max across the wasteland;
    one hand holds the head of the last brave man.”

    Fuck you at, DP?

    Tell me the Rebel won’t tear Joe a new Button.

    Who disagrees?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Tony Grand$


      Yeah, 7 days, going on 8.

      Starting to look a little suspicious. Though, let us not forget; last time he (Billy X. Sunday) did this, re-emerged like a butterfly from its cocoon. No Homo.

      Maybe he just has some (next) magic trick up his Polo sleeves.