I don’t even know where to start with this blog, but it's definitely something I know I gotta speak on because it was so hard for me to come up in the music game being from the West that I gotta speak on behalf of all the other up-and-coming West Coast artists doin' their thing and putting in work to come up as well.

When I started rappin' I knew exactly where I wanted to be with it and what the vision was for my career. I put in years of work before I got the opportunity to be introduced to the world via my record deal. Now that I’m in a position to win, I feel it's important to break the cycle that has plagued the west coast music scene. Without naming names most of the people that control the West Coast music game don’t wanna put on other artists.

This is exactly the opposite of what you got goin' on in the South and other regions, where for the most part you got DJs supporting the artists, other artists supporting the newer artists, etc, etc. On the West it hasn’t been that way, but with the emergence of all us young, new artists we are stickin' together and we are gonna change that. The homie Game helped me and in turn I'ma help other West Coast acts. You see the love me and Jay Rock got for each other. I just did a record with him and Omar Cruz for Bullets Vol.3.

Back in the days artists from different sets wouldn’t fuck with each other on the music tip but I’m tryin to break the mold of all the negative shit that been surrounding the music out here for the past 20 years. Another thing that’s been my motto since day one was fuck the middleman. I took that train of thought and applied it to my career on some “if I’m not gonna do it for myself who is” type of shit. I started goin' extra hard on some mixtape shit, putting up posters everywhere, just building a buzz like they do down south on my own.

Up-and-coming West Coast artists need to understand that we gotta do for ourselves. We cant sit around and wait for the powers that be out here on the West to put us on. We gotta take that shit. HUSSLE MUSIC ALL MONEY IN NO MONEY OUT—Nipsey Hussle