The State of West Coast Music

I don’t even know where to start with this blog, but it’s definitely something I know I gotta speak on because it was so hard for me to come up in the music game being from the West that I gotta speak on behalf of all the other up-and-coming West Coast artists doin’ their thing and putting in work to come up as well.

When I started rappin’ I knew exactly where I wanted to be with it and what the vision was for my career. I put in years of work before I got the opportunity to be introduced to the world via my record deal. Now that I’m in a position to win, I feel it’s important to break the cycle that has plagued the west coast music scene. Without naming names most of the people that control the West Coast music game don’t wanna put on other artists.

This is exactly the opposite of what you got goin’ on in the South and other regions, where for the most part you got DJs supporting the artists, other artists supporting the newer artists, etc, etc. On the West it hasn’t been that way, but with the emergence of all us young, new artists we are stickin’ together and we are gonna change that. The homie Game helped me and in turn I’ma help other West Coast acts. You see the love me and Jay Rock got for each other. I just did a record with him and Omar Cruz for Bullets Vol.3.

Back in the days artists from different sets wouldn’t fuck with each other on the music tip but I’m tryin to break the mold of all the negative shit that been surrounding the music out here for the past 20 years. Another thing that’s been my motto since day one was fuck the middleman. I took that train of thought and applied it to my career on some “if I’m not gonna do it for myself who is” type of shit. I started goin’ extra hard on some mixtape shit, putting up posters everywhere, just building a buzz like they do down south on my own.

Up-and-coming West Coast artists need to understand that we gotta do for ourselves. We cant sit around and wait for the powers that be out here on the West to put us on. We gotta take that shit. HUSSLE MUSIC ALL MONEY IN NO MONEY OUT—Nipsey Hussle

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  • Pierzy

    Has The West really been down? Just because it’s not 1992 doesn’t mean there aren’t artists from that side that still hold it down…


    Im feeling my nigga Nipsey, niggas in the west go hard but aint no OG niggas tryna put niggas on. The new niggas coming out have all been comin wit some nice material, shit honestly the only big name we have on the west to come out in the last 4 years is Game and technically 50 put him on and 50 is a eastcoast nigga. Im supporting my Cali niggas Ya Boy, Crooked,Nipsey,Jay Rock,G Malone, C.R.E.A.M TEAM, just to name a few but for real the OG’s aint doing the type of shit they should be doing tho real shit. good looking on keepin it 100 my nigga Nipsey

    B.I.P. Billboard
    West Coast Stand Up
    Soowhoo to all my Relatives
    Shout out to my Blue Raggs Niggas

    Gang signs being shown nigga love yo hood, but recognize when its all good- Pac

    Floss Daily !!

  • the real gangster

    good to see you trying to brake that cycle nipsey!!!!we need more westcost niggas in the game to baleance it out east/west/midwest/south
    but cali got to show love to the BAY to L.A.

  • Tony Grand$

    “….putting up posters everywhere, just building a buzz like they do down south on my own.”

    Hell yeah.

    FLOSS, you can agree with this….from Ladera Park all the way down to The Slauson. All you saw was “Nipsey Hu$$le” posters.

    We see those type posters & stickers so much out here, its good to finally see the hard work pay off. That’s definitely what’s up.

    & the West IS still stuck in the old ways, as far as the music. We can’t blame nobody but the OG cats, until now @ least. Last dude I know of that really tried to put on was Mack 10, & that was years ago. & the only reason I even know about that is because I’m friends with his little brother.

    Hopefully, the next wave of dudes out here can take us back to a spot of notoriety, as opposed to being an afterthought based on Death Row days.

    • speaks~da~truth

      Nipsey I am so proud of u. THAT JOINT WITH JAY ROCC BANGIN 2… I’m from l.a and im over here on the east coast. West coast artist dont really get play out here…but Kay Slay and DJ Absolute play yo s*** every time they on hot 97. Its good to see u doing ur thang H60dsta!!!! Then to turn on the damn TV and see my old school writing partner CUZZY on the screen!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO C THE SLAUSONS DOIN THEY THANG!!!!!!!


    • FLOSS

      @ Grand$

      I feel you my nigga you aint never lied , i remember seeing them posters everywhere shit at first sight i thought Snoop son was rapping LOL My nigga Nipsey low key favor Snoop LOL !!

  • F the westcoast

    the West Coast been dead along time ago & it aint coming back……Pac died the Westcoast died.

    The south got it right now & the Eastcoast will get it back before yall lames do

    Hell the midwest might even get it before yall lol

    • 619

      East Coast bias. What you mad because Maino can’t move units? Fuck outta here, everybody tryna stop the West from shinin’, no DJ support, no radio play, and we still gotta buzz on the streets.

  • Hussle’s Way

    Except Snoop and Game, and Dre, who’s popping on the West? nobody

    but here comes NIPSEY HUSSLE!!! LETS GET ‘EM!!!

    All Money In No Money Out!

  • tronthadon

    Feel you on that get em bruh im rootin for you..when you commin to tha A?

  • Oaklands Own

    This is mostly a LA issue….

    ….Legends from the Bay have no problem putting the youngsters on and giving them a platform. E40 has sick wid it records and stay putting on young talent from the Bay. Too $hort has $hort records, where he has been putting on young cats like “The Pack” and whatnot.

    Ive heard rumblings about Snoop, Cube, and other cats from LA hating on the talent out there. From the sound of it Nipsey is mainly speaking on the LA scene.

  • Curtis75Black

    Speaking from an North and Southeast perspective, I feel it’s a shame how the elderstatemen act over there !! It might not be as blatant but it does happen over on the east coast also. I have to be honest, I didn’t know who a Crooked I was until I heard of shoutout from Budden and probably a week or so later,hearing a sick freestyle from the man off a Kanye Beat !! I’ve been a fan eversince but It sucks that it took so long. From someone not from the west, it’s all about research and every time I saw his name on a track, it was listened to and I was impressed !!

    Bronx Born to Miami Living

  • Mikey Jonez

    What up brova!!! I been hearing ya name for a min a I just check out ya joint Hustle in the House…Dude you sick wit da pen I’m mos def checkin for ya mixtapes & albums in the future

  • Saul D

    Well, about West Coast artists supporting each other… I doubt, people from South Central cartel worked with several people, people from Northern california would work with people from Southern california (E 40 having Big Hutch as guests) and I think in the Bay Area there are collaborations…And it’s also up to everyone to support anybody ( provided he or she is a good rapper/DJ/producer/beatmaker or deemed so)

  • GBleezy

    Where’s all the G-Funk gone? What’s up with XL Middleton and Bangloose?

  • hitchcock

    There are so many artist who does not know what they are doing,when they are creating music.but you told in this blog you know exactly what to do?
    which is very good..i really like your blog.thanks for sharing this one.