The Black Carpet

While I openly believe that 24-hour news networks are the worst thing ever to happen to journalism, I chose MSNBC’s coverage of Michael Jackson’s Memorial for hip-hop journalist Toure.

[Blogger's Note: Don't ever call him a "hip-hop journalist". Trust me.]

On one hand, I believe Michael Jackson deserves a large celebration of life. I think it’s great that we can all gather at the Staples Center, on television and on the interwebs and such. On the other, I think Mike deserves better than some of the grandiose, self-serving fuckery that has taken place in his name since June 25th.

I don’t expect better of MSNBC, or any other news network whose pursuit of ad revenue-attracting content outweighs any and all journalistic integrity. When they make inappropriate comparisons and asinine conjectures in hopes of masking a lack of education and preparation, I can’t even flinch. I’m already desensitized to it. This is why I exist. When there’s a black carpet and posterboard for celebrity guests to pose in front of like Harlem drug dealers in the early days of crack, I can’t help but think of those in attendance looking to shine in the face of Mike’s death.

Yes. I’m talking to you, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

As Smokey Robinson delivered an anecdote about Jackson’s greatness from youth, I was stricken with how disparate his testimony was from those of many who had graced the stage before. Robinson obviously knew Michael, appreciated him and was there solely to remember him. Robinson’s words quelled a discomfort and anger welling within me from watching Magic Johnson deliver one last KFC commercial for the peoples. We already know Al Sharpton knows how to stick it to the white man and unearth all that is sacred in the process. Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee put on her best churchin’ spacesuit and got traction for her Barbara Norton-esque bill intent on wasting our tax dollars by officially naming Michael Jackson a legend… whatever the fuck that means.

Michael is the best to ever do it. He doesn’t need a fucking bill. Sheila, however, needs a reason to be remembered come re-election time. Being the first to jerk Mike in office might just be the ticket.

I avoid funerals like a motherfucker. I’ve attended entirely too many in my short life. From my understanding, they are for remembering, giving thanks and supporting family of the deceased. While we all mourn in different ways, that self-seeking shit need be checked at the door.

Michael probably understands, though. I guess the pursuit of attention at any cost is only human nature.

With all that said, it was a pleasure to spend this morning and afternoon with you all reflecting, laughing and yes, crying. I’ll continue to honor Michael by upholding a standard of excellence and integrity, thus looking out for my niggas.

Yes. By “my niggas”, I mean you.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Never can say goodbye?

If anyone cares to celebrate when I die, let it be documented that I want y’all to do my shit like they do in New Orleans. Remember the good shit. Shake ya monkey ass. Raise your player hater chalice, then cry liquor… my nigga.

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  • $ykotic


    • Pierzy

      I can’t decide if I’m disappointed that I missed this or if it was really a blessing in disguise…

  • $ykotic

    This is why I fukks with you Mexx. You bring that gravy for them potatoes.

    I’m sitting here sparking, watching Kobe cheese for the photo-op, the “Cortez” TI introduce his young British “toy”, Reverend “stick ‘em up” at the end, But Sharpton kinda did his thing.

    Who was the bugged eyed sequined tux anchovy looking dude who started “We Are the World”? Is he signed to Sony?

    “Watch the greed of men magnified 10x”.-$ykotic

  • HNIC

    Well said! I think that the people who were closest to him have shown the most poise, respect & integrity, during the tragic event of M.J.’s passing. The media (& certain celebrities), of course, has turned it into a circus, for the sole purpose of capital gain via exploitation. But, then again, I would expect nothing less from them. I simply won’t be feeding into their nonsense.

    To me, Michael Jackson is and forever will be a legend. He lived a life of service to the world via his music & by being a humanitarian. So, he’s earned the right to have the peace in death that he couldn’t have in life.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

    • Devog

      “for the sole purpose of capital gain via exploitation”

      This is why I couldn’t ride with the Chris Brown performance/tribte on the BET awards. Using a legends death to set up a comeback or even establish yourself, in their image, is some bullshit.
      I’d like to see CB get back in the public’s good graces and all, but on his own merit. Not walking in Mike’s penny loafers(see Billy Jean vid).

      • Devog

        My bad! What up Mex? You think Magic is now banging “Annie the Chicken Queen”. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Around and Around

    Nice drop…Brooke Shields rep’d that shit too.

    “When they make inappropriate comparisons and asinine conjectures in hopes of masking a lack of education and preparation, I can’t even flinch. I’m already desensitized to it.”

    How long did it take you till you stopped yelling at the TV and just said fuck these fools?

  • jojo

    In 1989, the American press decided to cover the Ayatollah Khomeini’s funeral procession instead of the June 4th protests in Tienanmen Square.

    After two decades, the same shit is occuring. As of right now, there are several protests occuring throughout the world, mainly regarding the ethnic riots in China, a highly-disputed election in Iran, and a coup in Honduras. I am not saying that MJ’s life is not meant to be celebrated – as he was a monumental figure in all facets of pop culture – but quite frankly, he has been dead for almost two weeks. This media coverage is alarmingly pathetic. There are more important things going on today.

    • Around and Around

      Jojo nice attempt but you get a fail. It’s not what the media covers it’s how it’s covered.

      On May 24, 2007, Brian Ross, ABC News’s Chief Investigative Correspondent broke a story about the elements of soft power utilized by the CIA and authorized by Bush. “Current and former intelligence officials told ABC News that the CIA has received secret presidential approval to mount what is known as a black or covert operations to destabilize the Iranian regime, and it is underway,”

      -I wonder how this relates to your “Highly disputed” election????

      Step the fuck aside and stay in your lane simple ass nigga.

      • Dough

        I have found most of the coverage a little distasteful and its getting a little old. We never gave the man any peace while he was alive and now we wont give him any peace after his passing…Thats fucked up! I understand the coverage at first and the celebration of his life but now its turned into everybody trying to make fucking money and i find it distasteful, classless, and just plain sickening!! Around and Around why are you being a dick for? Why bash JoJo for no damn reason, What he is saying is pretty much True you simple motherfucker so in turn i find your post a FAIL so stay in your lane and go watch ABC on some bs story about the CIA? Do you really think that the CIA would allow something like that to leak if it was true? If you do then your just plum dumb.

  • ?

    Awesome post man, as always.

  • Tony Grand$

    Usher was so starved for attention, other than divorcing his mom- I mean his wife *shudders*, that after his exaggerated touching of the solid Gold casket, he felt the need to unsheath his eyes & show the world how deeply affected he was.

    Negro please.

    Niggas wear shades @ funerals to mask the emotion, not to dramatically remove them @ the end of their diatribe, showing the world your sorrow. Stick to dancing Urrsherr, acting ain’t your thing. While it was a sad moment & all, he could’ve saved the dramatics for a WSHH leak. Shit, that’s probably the first time he’d touched gold since that “confessions” album.


    Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are Don King’s kids. They must be. That type of verbal fuckery is something to be inherited biologically. Ever heard Jesse Jackson Jr talk?

    Anyhow, RIP MikeJack. Fuck this place.

  • ri067953

    Yo, Ron…why didn’t you give it a go at Joe Jackson. Him and his playa partner shouting out their new record company has to be the best example of shining in the light of Michael’s death.

  • http://xxl gside

    Real good post , but you know at ever funeral the savagery come out somebody always looking for something and getting it of a dead man is a easy lick I seen it time and time again nigga’s looking for pussy or a plug shit I’ve been to a couple just to make shore the nigga was dead it a cold world just hope there in a better place.

  • Lowedwn

    Good stuff Ron, insightful as always.


    DAMN Ron you gotta a nigga turnt up, i feel you on this shit im in LA and its rediculous how the coverage here is more about who attended and what they whore than the ceremony its self i cant stand our society and the fucking press sly fox is guilty of the same shit too. I need a moment ………………………………………..Fuck Al Sharpton and any body fiding wit em and Jesse fell off the wagon decades ago SMH Im off this shit fa real

  • yeah man

    i thought al’s comments were very on point and i didn’t see him do any grandstanding. i agree about the rep and her fuckery bill tho, she was terrible. i still don’t understand why black folk diss al. say he’s self-serving if you want, but how many of y’all are going to fly out next time a cop riddles some young brother with bullets and prop up the family left behind, stand with them in court etc. i rate you ron, and neither al or jesse are my ‘leaders’ but i respect the role they play and know they will be there until we have better peoples to look out and advocate for the community politically without having to temper it for mainstream society. unless you willing to take up that role…thats my little opinion anyways

    • giantstepp

      Cosign! I dont consider them my “leaders” either but Rev Al. is a soldier on the front lines. And Jessee has historically put in alot of work for black folk. I dont understand the “differences” black people have with those two to the extent of hatred.

      Good drop Mex!


    “Remember the good shit. Shake ya monkey ass. Raise your player hater chalice, then cry liquor… my nigga.” good post ron ron

  • http://twitter tgriff13

    *Alonzo Harris voice* “Myyyyy Nigga!!!!!” Great post my nigga and once again oh so true.

  • Jamal7Mile

    I had to attend to some business right after Stevie Wonder’s heart-felt, tear-jerking song. Fortunately, I TiVo’d it and will watch it later on tonight. Can’t comment yet.

    Still, good (no, great) drop Mexico! And thanks for having our backs, my nigga!

  • capcobra

    my only complaint is mariah carey..that bitch wack as fuck champ….r.i.p mike..the greatest forever.

  • Litha

    YO Syk, that bugged eyed dude was one one of Mike Jack’s back up singers. I saw him on that Live in Bucharest dvd…

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    That was no memorial! More like a watch me be a nigga commercial.I’m personally disgusted, offended and enraged by the lack of pure emotion for another human being. NIGGAS!! YEAH NIGGAS!! fakin and posin for the camera and shit GTFOH!


  • KF UK

    So i take it you dont want me to be dancing around your casket hollering IN IT FOR THE MONEY at your funeral then dude?

  • c b w

    My observations….

    Mariah Carey needs to sit her ass down not now, but RIGHT NOW.

    Usher…the boy sang the song well, but all of the other theatrics…If Tito held it together why couldn’t that nigga do it?

    The lizard eyed backup singer?

    Was the chubby british kid trying to get his Susan Boyle on?

    And finally…leave it up to Magic Johnson to show the world how completely and totally niggerish he is. His memory of Michael is surround sounded by chicken. MUTHAFUCKIN FRIED CHICKEN!!!!! And how did MJ make him a better point guard? I never saw Ervin play in penny loafers. Did you see Mike’s hoop skills in the Jam video?!!!! We all know Magic was thanking his yellow stars and green clovers that it wasn’t his ass in that coffin.


    • Money Magnet 008

      Cosign…Fried Chicken? Somebody shoulda checked his chin right there…oh yeah…why didn’t they show love to John Mayer? His ‘Human Nature’ guitar solo was on point.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I’m glad Mexico peeped the phony games being played at MJs memorial.

    The media being the biggest asswipes out there. Boy Sharpton showed his ass starting when he juked all crazy at the Apollo.

  • geico lizard

    “[Blogger's Note: Don't ever call him a "hip-hop journalist". Trust me.]”
    Will he cry or will he slap you? Im sure King Latifah will give you a beatdown before Toure.

    Sheila Jackson Lee is trying to get back in good with the black people after she supported hillary over President Obama. Sheila wants to get re-elected and she doesnt need people like me reminding the negroes in texas how she showed her ass in 2008 because her homegirl hillary didnt win.

  • DJ ROD

    Big ups to all the beautiful and creative people on this site who have posted comments.
    Most of everything i wanted to say has been said in other comments,but i feel that the news media from the start has caused big circus of exploitation by making mountains out of ant mounds.

    It’s just so shocking to me to see how greed can make people act so disrespectful during a time of worldwide mourning.I just wanted to pay my respect to KING MJ by saying THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT TO THE WORLD AND MAY GOD BE WITH YOUR FAMILY AT THIS TIME.YOU ARE TRULY THE DEFINITION OF LEGEND.

  • 619

    “Fake Black leaders are puppets
    always talkin’ ’bout the city budget
    the news got it all confused lyin’ to the public”- Nas

  • ProDunkgirl

    Why in the Hell do Rev.Al and And Jesse Jackson always have to talk on Behalf of black Folks? IMO we need NEW,YOUNG,BLACK LEADERS!

  • Reemycks!

    I kinda agree. But acctually we need to get our shit toghter and speak for ourselves. I dont need anybody to be my mouthpiece. Especially Rev Jesse Jackson. That nigga had a hand I killing Dr. King.

    But I do think that we do need some fresh blood to put out some new ideas. Black folks are not monolithic and we are not all binded by the same ideology.

    Fuck black leader. We all just need to do whats right and speak up for ourselves.

    • LB

      Whoa there lil homie! Jesse didn’t have nothing to do with Dr. King’s death. Don’t make false statements about past events just to try to have a talking point in the heat of the moment. And I agree that we need a more of our current black leaders to be more visible; they’re out there but just too consumed with trying to get up to standard or not make too much of a fuss in the political arena. To tell you the truth, no group of black people has a better platform for speech than those who are talked about everyday on this web site. While I don’t share your “Fuck a black leader” mentality, I agree with your overall sentiment that I think you’re trying to communicate.

      • Reemycks!

        While it’s cool that you do agree with most of my viewpoints please note a few things. 1) I’m nobody’s lil homie dog. I’m pretty grown and pretty educated fam. & 2) If you’re up on COINTELPRO and the tenacity of J Edger Hoover and his bloodlust to destroy Dr. King then you could see how Jesse would/could be involved. Can we prove it for sure? of course not. But what we do know is that Rev Jackson was there, went with Dr King to the balcony for a smoke, stepped inside for no more then 60 secs and comes back out to find Dr King dead. Coinsidence? maybe maybe not. But if niggas killed Malcolm. And we do know this for a fact. Why is it hard to believe that Rev Jackson could not have been involved? Shit, he had everything to gain. He wasnt as radical as Dr King so he wasnt a threat to the establishment. On the real dude was really powerless except for being a modivational talking head.

        And if you dont think the good Rev is in cahoots the US Gov. Think back to the 2000 election. Remember dude was kickin up all kinds of dust. And then the day after they announced Bush the winner, the story of Jesse’s lovechild hit the media. Dude’s credibility has been shot ever since.

        All this shit could be a stretch. But just to prove a point and embelish conversation it is not.

        I dont trust none of these niggas.

        • LB

          I didn’t mean to take a shot at your manhood with the “lil homie” comment but, on the face of your original comment, you seemed like a lil homie. I still don’t agree at all with your conspiracy theory. Yea, it can be entertained but it really doesn’t have one ounce of substance, and really has no contrasting elements to what happened with Malcolm X. There was more than just politics and race involved, but conflicting viewpoints (conservative vs progressive) as to how a religion should control mens’ thinking. Malcolm threatened the muslim leaders’ pursuit of mind control of African-American men after realizing that races can co-exist in one state. But hey, I see where you’re tryin to come from.

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  • Sammy P

    If u watched michael jacksons funeral u should shoot yo self…do something more productive with your time than worship someone who defiles little boys.

  • YdoubleR

    Sammy P,

    Shut the fuck up!

    • Sammy P

      haha no fuck boy