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In about one month (or less for the illegal downloaders) the SlaughterHouse collective project will be unleashed upon us. That will be a great day for these artists since they formed a union that many couldn’t believe would bear an actual album rather than just a few singles. I’ve always loved the idea of rappers from different locales finding common ground without sounding soft or diluted. My only concern at this point is whether SlaughterHouse can make it to the finish line intact.

Their popularity has brought on a new set of problems that I hope they will be able to withstand in the long term. The jealousy that arises from other artists and fans alike who feel that the SlaughterHouse collective doesn’t deserve their blessings is starting to show its face. This sentiment was expected however. I’m not worried about outside forces slowing down the SlaughtHouse movement. It is the dischord from within that I am concerned with. Will these artists be able to contain their egos from one one another?

Over the course of the year I have discussed the SlaughterHouse collective at this site. Which site? THIS site gotdamnit. The comments have ranged from which emcee has brought the best lyrics to the table to which of these rappers is the most likely to say some shit off wax that creates friction in the “rapposhere” (my word bitches). I’ve gone through the trouble to use some of the information that you have spoken on and create a graphic representation of what the SlaughterHouse collective means to us all. The internets loves graphs.


2009 Album Anticipation
The anticipation for the SlaughterHouse album is off the charts when you compare their leaked singles to those of Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2, the Blueprint 3 and Detox. At least SlaughterHouse has a confirmed release date. The other three albums may never come out.


SlaughterHouse Shit Talker
Rap music is definitely a spectacle now as much as it is about recorded music and who understands that better than Joe Budden? His disdain for the Vibe ‘Best Rapper’ list is what caused that magazine to have to close their doors. I hope that Joe Budden’s penchant for letting his stream of consciousness rants create more attention than his rhymes doesn’t rub off on the rest of the collective but I see that Royce is also letting other issues with washed up rappers become his focus instead of the Revival EP he just released on iTunes.


SlaughterHouse Best Lyricist
This is the topic I’m most excited to debate after the album has been released. Who will be the emcee that goes in the deepest and the hardest [ll]? Which one of these guys will leave it all in the booth? Who will make me press rewind the most. Joell and Crooked I have been early favorites of most people online, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Budden and Royce have a few tricks up their sleeves.


SlaughterHouse Sexiest Member
Don’t forget for one second that rap music is now pop music and pop music is about image and style above all other things (sadly, including music). With that said I thought we would take a look at the sexiest member of the SlaughterHouse collective. You know that isn’t Joell or Crooked I who are both inceidentally two of the ugliest motherfuckers to ever grip a microphone. Maybe that is why they are such ill rappers? Royce and Joe Budden are both vying to be the Eddie and J.T. of this boy band but the sexiest of them all is their manager Crystal. You can say hi to her on the Twitter and ask her when SlaughterHouse will be coming to your town.

Or you can just stare at her picture like I do.


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  • Pierzy

    The graph of “Best Slaughterhouse Lyricist” may generate the most controversy yet. Although I think I agree – I’d take Joell first probably too…

    • Tony Grand$

      @The Real P,

      I’m biased. I have to got with Crook just out of Cali Luv (no Pac & homo).

      @ the very least, Crook & J.O. Have the most to prove to the outside world. I’m looking forward to them trying to outshine each other.

      I’ve been fucking with Nickel for some years, & he’s proved all that needs to be “proven” in my eyes. Can’t even conjure up an opinion on Buddens. I understand him, but no hate, he’s just really no that impressive to me.

      • FLOSS

        What up P , Grand$

        First off P i see you got a STAN, niggas is lame for being extra dumb.

        Now as far a SH im sorry I agree wit Grand$ im a LA nigga and i been fucking wit Crook since them Death Row days(After Snoop left) Wit that being said i still got old freestyles with this dude rapping in Hebrew shit is crazy you gotta hear it. And agianst the swarm of weird ass stunts lately I say Buddens is second im a fan and i gotta be real i listen to all the nigga music and i like his shit

        Im not judging the dudes in no rapping order just my choice of who i like more.

        Floss Daily !

      • Pierzy

        @ The Real Tony…

        It must be a coast thing because out of the four, I became a fan of Crooked last. I mean, I still knew who he was years ago [when he ripped any verse that he was asked to guest on, including on Kurupt’s 2nd album] but I remember Royce from the Bad Meets Evil days and the other two are from this side so you know how it is…

        Either way, this is a project that even if I download it a month early, I’ll cop it in the store the day it drops.

      • Pierzy

        What up Floss? Yeah, it’s all good. As long as errrrrrybody else realizes the truth, it won’t be a problem and I’ll continue to laugh at his corny ass.

        Real Recognize Real.

  • General

    I have noticed that the hate has begun by some on SlaughterHouse, but I don’t think it will stop their movement…

    It will be interesting to see if they can keep their ego’s in check or in Budden’s case, his mouth…

    I agree with P that the argument over who drops the illest verses will generate the most controversy as I know alot of people will say Joell or Royce, but for my money it is Crooked I, however none of them including Buddens is subpar or average on the mic or with the pen…

    Can’t wait for the CD to drop, because I will be coppin it from Best Buy no downloads

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    crooked is hand’s down the best lyricist on SH.royce and joell tie.then mouse.

    but this break down doesn’t take anything away from them collectively, that being the reason we wanted to hear this in the first place.

  • Jamal7Mile

    LOL! Good post, Dallas!!

    I don’t think SH will argue over the charts (although I’m wondering what Buddens is thinking about the chart). If their egos were incompatible, it would’ve manifest itself a long time ago. I’m quite sure the FANS will argue over the chart, though. Remember those “top 5 dead or alive” commenter wars that used to pop off on this site?

    • Tony Grand$

      “If their egos were incompatible, it would’ve manifest itself a long time ago.”

      Have to disagree with you 7Mile. I was with my BM for awhile before I realized that the ass wasn’t big enough for me to ignore how much I disliked her.

      So, it can all be peaches & cream [||] for these dudes, but imagine if they really do blow, have to spend months together crammed into tour buses &/ hotel rooms & studios, etc. “It was all good just a week ago”, nahmean?

      Quelling one’s ego for the sake of comraderie is a pretty tall order to begin with. Especially with Royce going all Huey P. Newton now.

      Time will tell, though. I’m just going to enjoy the album & hope for the best.

      • DETROIT

        cosign grand$:

        i don’t know how much longer joel is gonna let buddens and royce create enemies, because if they ever achieve a high level of success, it’s gonna go from fuck buddens and fuck royce to fuck slaughterhouse! and ortiz has always been a stand-up dude that frowns on rap beef. even right now, ortiz is a hip hop historian and a huge WU-TANG fan, the fact that buddens is going at them niggas, as well as other ogs in the game, has to make ortiz feel some kinda way. because if any of you remeber ortiz was the one that got the most respect from the ogs in the game….nas cosigned him and so did krs, among others. he’s closer to saigon than he is buddens due to the fact that him and sai came up in the game together. so eventually i think shit like that will begin to weigh on him.

        • Tony Grand$

          What’s good, D?

          I feel that [||]. Crook is a pretty humble dude as well. You rarley hear about him going @ anyone, unless its the West Coast OG’s who don’t put their own on the map. I read an Ortiz interview when Budden started acting all Lindsey Lohan, & it was obvious J.O. didn’t want any part of the situation. &, its only so long I can hang around a nigga who looks for trouble. That shit’ll get a person killed. Fuck a rap career.

          & super co-sign on it eventually being “fuck Slaughterhouse”. That’s how that shit goes, unfortunately.

        • $ykotic

          @ D & Grand$

          So you can envision the “Wu-Tang” chant at the Rock The Bells jumpoff everytime Budden touches the mic…

  • Dallas Penn

    Pierzy, Grand$, Jamal, General, Floss, Vhing, what is goody fellas?

    I was having fun making graphs is all.

    The whole SlaughterHouse collective has a question mark over them that hopefully this album will dispel. They are individually accused of being cipher rappers as opposed to songwriters.

    This happens when you are too lyrical as an emcee. I’m anxious for them to do away with that stereotype.

    • FLOSS

      Yo i gotta admit them Graphs do look like 1st grade finger painting fun LOL !!! But yo good drop either way and SH still got alot to prove with this album period i aint just crowning these dudes just cuz im a fan that is already happening to much in hip hop I.E. Drake , And the Top 10 freshman of Hip Hop list, yeah i went there !!

    • Tony Grand$

      I see you out there DP.

      No blueprint is complete without visual aids. That way, one can see the master plan unfurl.

    • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

      oh, mos’ def.

    • General

      I agree that they are going to have to prove that they can make a hot full legnth CD together, but everything I have heard from them so far has shown me that they can…

      Those graphs were some funny shit though

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I won’t argue with the graphs too much. However, on the lyricist chart I’ll have to break it down like this………no bias

    1)Crooked I – Can have u going like “Oh shit” wtf did he just say

    2)Joell – His flow is just superfluous as shit when ridin tracks (esp. about the dope game)

    3)Royce- Can come with the lyrics like no other, but he carries some kind of “Badge of Honor” with his shit. Or is it a chip on the shoulder?

    4)Budden – Has shown flashes of brilliance, but has never really said anything that extraordinary to make u go “wow” IMO

    • Pierzy

      In regards to Budden – really?

      Have you heard his verse of “Family Reunion”? C’mon now…

      • FLOSS

        @ Pierzy- co-sign


    I’m looking forward to the video for “The One”

    All the leaked tracks have been pure fire.

  • El Tico Loco

    Lookin for that SL album, seriously.

    Yo BTW use excel for graphs not MS Paint next time.

  • $ykotic

    DP’s graphing it up for a date! LOL

  • Jhon da Analyst

    @Pierzy……….my bad, the only Budden shit I have on my hardrive is “Focus” and “Pump it up”. Not sayin he isn’t a good lyricist, “I” just haven’t heard anything extraordinary. Then again, if you don’t catch me early on, some other emcee is gonna catch my ear…….

  • Incilin

    When Slaughter House first formed my fave member by far was Joe Buddens, but on every one of their songs Crooked I had the best verse. It just seems like he’s giving the most effort while Royce and Buddens are on autopilot. Maybe your right, Royce and Buddens are just playing possum and will just go straight crazy on some of the album cuts, but we’ll see. For now, my money is on Crooked having the most impressive showcase on the album.

  • dan99

    dope visuals – joe budden biggest shit talker (lmao)


    here’s my take on slaughterhouse:

    budden + crooked I are the best lyricists in the group. but we all know how i feel about lyricists….most of the best lyricists in the rap game couldn’t make a good SONG to save their lives. a lyricist who is also a good song writer is the dinosaur of the rap game, those niggas are almost extinct. no hate, but THERE IS NO WAY THAT BUDDEN AND CROOKED I WOULD BE VERY SUCCESFULL AS SOLO ARTISTS. and before someone tries to debate that point, look at these nigga’s careers.

    royce is an excelent song writer, the best song writer in the group hands down! to me he has the best chance at solo success.

    joel is a combo lyricist/songwriter. dude is sick wit the lyrics. his shit isn’t bland and soulless like crooked and joe buddens (getting louder is the extent of their versatility), joel has feeling and street savy all in his flow. sad to say, but he just doesn’t have the look of a successful solo artist, and he doesn’t give a shit, so he prolly won’t go to far. BUT DUDE IS COLD AS SHIT THO!

    as far as the tracks that i’ve heard that are gonna be on the slaughterhouse album…THOSE SHITS HAVE BEEN REAL WEAK. the song they have on buddens shit = CLASSIC, the song on Royce’s Shit = fuckin incredible, the joel remix = COLD AS FUCK! the 2 slaughterhouse songs that i’ve heard = wack. dunno what to make of that…but we’ll see.

    NICE GRAPHS PENN! but let me ask you this….
    YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE SONGS THAT YOU’VE HEARD RECENTLY ARE BETTER THAN THOSE OBFCL2 LEAKS? the rae shit that i’ve heard has been fuckin incredible in my opinion!

  • EmCDL

    Dang my computer here at the office won’t let me see your graphical work DP but its all good I’ma have to check for it when I get to the crib. But I thought that OBFCL2 and Blueprint 3 had release dates (or ‘sorta’ release dates)? As far as Detox is concern….wait, whats Detox? I’ve heard of something of an album like that from Dr. Dre about oh I don’t know, a couple of years back or am I mistaken? LOL

    • Tony Grand$

      Whadup Em?!

      I think its the soundtrack for some new Coca-Cola commercials, or something like that.

  • Heckyll & Jive

    LMFAO @ this:

    “You know that isn’t Joell or Crooked I who are both inceidentally two of the ugliest motherfuckers to ever grip a microphone.”

    Good job Dallas. You made my day with this blog.

  • HERM

    Well I been a big fan of Joe Budden since Focus, and gotta say he’s my fave of the fantastic four. The Mood Muzik series still gets steady play with me. Though he is starting to be a real douche as of late.

    All in all I’ll be waiting patiently for the album, (next to the new Clipse) and wish this group nothing but the best.

    Cool graphs DP!

  • 519hiphop

    @ emcdl man that dre shit is cold n @ detroit i agree with u on the album leak tracks being kinda compared to the other songs they’ve done

    anyone who is a fan of slaughterhouse (me included) are looking forward to the album n hope they can keep it together for an entire album. Cant disagree with the charts. we can debate all we want on whatever slaughterhouse maybe we should save it till the album drops.

  • Dallas Penn

    You already know…


      @DP whats good!

      imma have to not call u DP no more…

      … but “rapposhere”? typo right? “rapposphere” is where u was headed right? i mean, based on the catalog, i really dont expect nothing boinyoing from u. ‘sure fault… u set the precedent…


    and stop mackin in print!

    save the mackin for real life action, jack!!!

    but hope u get her… i ain’t hatin… not at all…

    • $ykotic


      He’s probably already on that date right now, getting his advanced SH copy & laying it on real thick and sh*t(“See what I did? I need a “tutor” for my “PowerPoint” presentation…”

      You gotta love the industry.



        yeah, right!

        ….”i’m a writer, baby. maybe you can help me straiten out my Longfellow…”

  • Zulu1925

    @ D. Penn

    Not sure if that beige dude on FB is you, but tried to touch base. It’d be fun to converse, disagree and politic outside this particular platform. My e-mail address is real…


  • Zulu1925

    @ The Commission

    If any of you are on FB, get at me as well –

  • Ya Boy

    Raekwon – New Wu >> All Slaughterhouse material so far.



  • http://a Dante

    How is Crooked I not the best lyricist?

  • shaffaaf27

    lol if you seet he lycrial graph, it doesnt start on the same level, if you level them, crooked i win, rightfully so.

  • j10oreo

    Well, I don’t normally take time to post on boards but I do enjoy reading them but it seems like majority of the people that label Joe Budden as the least gifted generally haven’t took time to listen to his mixtapes. I personally, am a HUGE Joe Budden fan despite my lack of appeal to his ego. A lot of Joe Budden fans came around the time of Mood Muzik 2. Songs that people related to such as “Are you in the mood yet?” “If I die tomorrow” and “Future” is what got alot of his fans hooked. All of his mixtapes are filled with quality punch lines regardless if a song isn’t of same quality as the next. Look up “Outcast” by Joe Budden which is a song I’ve kept on my playlist over the past few years. Not really a big fan of his latest album, but that’s because the bar he’s set with Mood Muzik 2 (Mood Muzik 3 was dope as well)has been pretty high. Also, for people who don’t know, Joe Budden has been going against the grain since his first album and has always had his own personal following of haters, it’s not anything he’s not use to.

    I personally love all four of them, don’t care about who’s better at this point because listening to their individual shit has me really gassed in anticipation for their group album.