Rappers Need Editors

I can’t help but think some of these rappers don’t know what’s hot or not.

I mean, how else do you explain dudes like Kanye West and Lil Wayne coming up with some of the best and worst lines of the year only a few bars apart on the same verse. Rappers need editors, be it another rapper with better sense, a producer or some anti yes man crew member who isn’t scared to tell these divas when they’re buggin’. Then again, it’s all subjective so maybe an MC’s wack line is the illest ish the next rapper ever wrote.

I guess the executive producer is supposed to serve as some sort of editor, but in a lot of cases those dudes don’t do much more than put their name on the back of the cover. Didn’t Jay-Z allegedly executive produce Kanye’s first three albums? You know damn well ‘Ye called the shots on those joints. I’d like to think Hov would have had enough sense to tell Yeezy to dump those extraorrible skits. Don’t even get me started on A&R’s.

Fif needed an editor for The Massacre. Stripped down to a solid 13, 14 tracks, I don’t think that album would have gotten the same level of criticism. I like it regardless. Fif also should have kept “Rider Pt.2″ as his own single rather than make it a G-Unit song. That single was fire. Didn’t he say he was done helping them anyway? If he lead the way with “Rider Pt.2,” I think Before I Self Destruct would have hit stores months ago.

Somebody should have edited T.I. and told him T.I. Vs. TIP was a corny idea. Thankfully he bounced back and delivered arguably the best album of 2008 with Paper Trail. Rick Ross should have cut that track with Foxy off Deeper Than Rap. Some of you may think it’s a classic, but Tha Carter III could have been tighter. I knew Common shouldn’t have let Pharrell produce so much Universal Mind Control. I could have told Drake letting Kanye direct his video was a bad idea. Somebody should have told Hov that wishing death on Auto-Tune is so last summer.

Now, your turn to play editor. What rapper could you have prevented from making a big mistake? -Jackpot

PS: I know I forgot a million classic in yesterday’s post, but I just wanted to acknowledge Common’s Resurrection and De La Soul’s Stakes Is High as two of my personal favorites.

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  • Worley

    All members of Wu-Tang. Clearly, RZA was the (in)visible hand guiding their success. Most of those dudes ain’t saying much without him.

  • yoprince

    that track with foxy is hard.

    I would’ve told Wayne there’s no reason to make that “Comfortable” song if you’re not gonna push it as an official single.

  • macdatruest


    Now, I woulda stopped Mobb Deep from making Infamous- that shit sucked and I woulda just stopped them as a whole from signing wit G-Unit, they had they own thing going for QB, and Hollywood Hav and V.I.’P’ were never in my vision of Mobb Deep’s legacy…

    Method Man, no T200 Judgement Day or whatever his second solo album was that shit was doo doo foo foo

    No T.I. vs T.I.P. that was the stupidest face off in rap’s history. and boring and musically uninteresting. And “Touchdown” was one of the worst most annoying songs I ever heard thanks Em….

    I’ll tell Dre to give up on Detox, because frankly….a lot of it leaked, and what leaked sucked ass. So, maybe thats why its a good call to call it a done one

    No coke for Scott Storch

    Polow needs to resurrect his old group Jim Crow, one of the best most underrated groups out the South since Outkast

    Asher Roth should’ve never existed

    Somebody tell 50 Law 47: Know When To Stop somebody tell dude a non-rapping, non gangster advocate of gangster rap is wack. Then soon as he chart, here comes the high notes whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!! rider pt.2 sucked donkey nuggets

    Jay-Z need to cut that baby fro “nikki shampooed my hair, my momma loves me” fro havin ass boy

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Infamous? The album with Shook Ones Part II?

      I think you mean Infamy…the album that dropped after Jay went at Prodigy.

      And I totally disagree on Meth’s 2nd album. Too long but that shit was hot.

      • macdatruest

        INFAMY!!!! That was the name of that sandwich. Shit. Sandwich.

    • epinz


      i really dont have much of an input on this thread…..that be’in said, ur CRAZY if u think the infimous was wack!!! that shit is classic!!!!!!

    • latino heat

      i’m glad somebody else was feeling Jim Crow.

      • $ykotic

        Yeah mac I think you meant Infamy.

        With that being said…

        I would’ve pulled the plug on that last Havoc CD. Like literally pulled the plug after each song in the studio.

        • DETROIT

          what up $yk,

          i read on another blog that you went to pratt….do you know Dwight Johnson?

        • $ykotic

          Not a Dwight, but a Dwayne. This is early 80′s though…

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Great drop!

    I think LL could’ve used help on the last few albums.

    Nas needs help picking beats, being convinced that Bravehearts should be seen and not heard and had he kept Stillmatic short to like 11 or 12 tracks, it would’ve been even greater.

    I love Slim but the Paul skits are getting real old.

    The vast majority of MC’s never should’ve made a double album.

    The LOX shouldn’t have any skits on their albums.

    Jada needs to relax on the R&B joints (I know it wasn’t his call…)

    What about interviews?

    That’s where they REALLY need editors – like The Clipse claiming to be the best duo ever.

    Yeah, if we could edit the interviews, that would help them immensely!

    • Curtis75Black

      Pierzy, I got this !! I done this plenty of times lol !!
      LL on The DEFinition, should’ve let it just be a Timbo project. Headsprung, Rub My Back and Feel the Beat was all fire. It would’ve been a solid effort without those others crisscrossing thru the flow of the cd. I would’ve told Uncle L to dump that wack ass joint with R. Kelly.

      Todd Smith is easy, leave the club tracks alone for the 1st single !! Bring out Whatchu Want ft. Freeway – a collabo that surprised me !! Instead of ‘Freeze’ bring to the masses ‘I’ve changed’ with a video starring Numerous emcee’s. Make ‘We gonna make it’ ft. Mary Mary a single and hit up the adults with something refreshing. Put out #1 fan for all the Latinas and please drop 2 tracks -Future Flavor ft. Mary J. Blige ( a paradise knockoff) and ‘Down the Aisle’ ft 112 – too corny.

      Exit 13 was hot, fuck what you think. All you had to do was listen.

      • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

        Nice work! However, I felt like Exit 13 was a little too long…he could’ve left off a few songs and made them CRT’s.

        • Curtis75Black

          @ Pierzy,
          Oh Yeah, of course !! I’ll tell him to leave off That BS ‘Like a Radio’ and ‘I love You’ ? Shit !! As far as singles go, It’s time for war, ‘ringtone murder, you better watch me, Rocking with the G.O.A.T. and Dear Hip Hop. Peeps slipped listening to the crtitics and haters.

    • http://www.myspace.com/fastlifearchitects Miles Archer

      Yo Pierzy…
      U don’t like the LOX skits????

      The Rape-N-You records shit with Jae Hood is hilarious.

      “You don’t wanna push the Civic no more????”

      The two skits on “Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentlemen” are funny as shit, too.

  • Brooklyn

    If there’s any rapper that needs an editor, it’s Wayne, because this nigga stay doing stupid shit. A) somebody should have told him not to kiss that nigga Baby on the lips, B) somebody should have told him not to play with a loaded gun while he was guzzling dimetapp, C) somebody should have told him not to make that bullshit “Prom Queen” or whatever that whack shit he made was called, D) somebody should have told him not to let his daughter pop her elementary school coochie on stage while he and Drake performed at the BET awards, E) somebody should have told him not to go on Katie Couric’s show…I can go all the way to Z with this cat.

  • Jamal7Mile

    What’s up Jackpot?

    Damn, where to begin???

    1. I would’ve told Charles Hamilton exactly how cold it is in Tha D.

    2. I would’ve introduced The Game to a pill called ABILIFY.

    3. I would’ve made Soulja Boy finish highschool.

    4. I would DEMAND that Rick Ross wear a bra or put on a shirt at all times.

    5. I would’ve made Asher Roth lose the twitter account BEFORE getting himself in trouble.

    6. I probably would’ve warned Nas about Kelis.

    7. As an editor, PR, A&R or whatever… I would refuse to work with any artists who can’t WAIT to get on Negro Please.


  • OG Matt Herbz

    I would have told RZA, “Yo, George Harrison was the shit and all, but c’mon, you don’t need a fucking Beatles cover song in any capacity. Dead that shit. Doo-doop.”

    I, and a select few, maintain that 8 Diagrams is a tight album, but it is my opinion “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” sticks out like a sore thumb–The only track I reliably skip on the CD. Doo-Doop.

    I would have like to have gone back in time Terminator style and murk T-Pain before his discovery of Auto-tune. Not that I don’t think it has its value, but when dude’s can’t even spit a verse in their natural voice–scared they’ll come off like an off-pitch bitch–then there’s a problem.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • 80′s Baby

    I would tell Nas to NEVER EVEREVEREVER rap over another salaam remi beat AGAIN!!! Or another Chris Webber beat for that matter.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I would tell all fuckin dumb rappers(need teaching) that fishes is not plural for the word fish. Also, you don’t fill a dude up with “shells”. It’s rounds or slugs and the “shell” casing is what hits the ground. Fuckin idiots. I can’t stand that shit!!!

  • latino heat

    just an example of how executive producers don’t actually do shit for a album, remember that Capone “executive produced” Noreaga’s 1st album while he was still in prison. it was a good look by Nore to look out for his man and all but it’s just an example of how little input they actually have over an album.

    • Jamal7Mile


      Right now, I’m looking at the back of my copy of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Doggystyle” CD. Produced by Dre (okay) and Executive Producer: Suge Knight (nigga please!!).

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Generally speaking, I would force all rappers to make shorter albums. Very, very few hip hop albums deserve to be more than 13-14 songs long.

    This goes especially for Nas, I would never ever let the dude put make an album longer than 10 to 12 tracks. If every Nas album was 10 to 12 tracks long, he would several certified classics instead of just one.

    Generally speaking, I would never ever let any rappers do skits on their albums. The sole exceptions might be Wu-Tang, Em, and Red Man. But even they go too far sometimes.

    Also, I would get more rappers to do entire albums with only one producer. Most rap albums seem to have a different producer for every song, but the best albums always have a bulk of the beats by one producer.

    I would discourage dudes to collaborate over email or send beats over email; everyone needs to be in the studio.

    • latino heat

      co-sign the skits thing. especially for Wu Tang. have you ever tried to listen to Cuban Linx without the ability to fast forward? i was trying to listen to it on my way home the other night on my Zune and i only got through 2 actual songs cause the fuckin skits are so long on there.

  • http://illprintdiaries.blogspot.com Mike Game

    I wouldve told Drake that sure, Lil Wayne may be hot NOW, but dude has no longevity, and that everytime they do a track together it doesnt mesh well, and signing to Young Money was probably not the best idea ever. I wouldve made sure Jay-Z never made another album after Black Album. I wouldve convinced Soulja Boy, that most of the hate he gets is based on the arrogance he has. If he just made the music for the kids and not talked shit, no one would hate him as much. I wouldve been at that party Nas met Kelis at, and as soon as he was going to go talk to her, Id grab him and point him into another direction, or at least cockblocked the whole thing. I would not auto-tune be allowed to be used by anyone other than T Pain, hate him or not, he based his whole career off of it, and others followed. But I too would tell Dre to just give up on Detox, not like it wouldve been that good anyway. I mean if any of Dres albums are any indication (2001 specifically) were going to get a bunch of guess verses from rappers ive never heard of, and Im not waiting 10 years for that shit.

    • RiZob

      Wayne has no longevity?!?! Really? are we talkin about the Lil Wayne who put out his first solo album when he was 15? he was even younger when the Hoy Boys released their debut…Wayne has outlast SO MANY other rappers its not even funny…You makin it sound like Drake signed with Jim Jones or some shit….

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    1. EDIT all that black album shit.
    2.nelly’s whole career.
    3.whack shit off the “Eminem show”
    4.take wycleff off canibus’s shit.
    6.put more mike tyson on canibus’s shit.
    8.more bubba and ms.jade on anything timbo’s beatclub dropped.
    “I conversate wit’ many men/try to get again…” WTF!!!
    14.Take any puff influence off money,power,respect.
    15.Get dre off the roids, out the gym away from interscope and back on the boards
    16.Take cocaine away from Bootlegg of the Dayton Family so Flint can blow up.

    • $ykotic

      Son you stupid!!! LOL

      #3,4(yes Wyclef f*cked that album up),10…

      v your numbers are all over the place! HA HA!


  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    gotta stop drinking and typin’ forgive me ya’ll elememtary was a bitch!

  • http://www.get2knowpro.com leonthepro

    …whoa. the above cat went OFF. lol!

    Only wish i have, is that Canibus woulda made it out the battle, to see better days as one of the illest lyricists on the planet. He still is, but as an outcast to the industry — he gets no love. It’s wack how they fuxxed my dude, Cani… :1

    Em, Cani, Pun were the kings in ’98/’99. That’s all i’d say… and i dont still live in that era — i just could see a lot more lyrics on the airwaves, if commercial/business didnt supercede…


  • Lowedwn

    Kanye’s biggest and only mis-step(in my opinion at least) was letting the song “Drunk & Hot Girls” be on Graduation. I think it was Ron Mexico who said it best, “that shit sounds like a rapist’s lullabye”

    Canibus….should’ve let Premiere craft his entire debut album.

    Dr. Dre…where to begin…The Unicorn that is Detox, not signing Royce the 5’9 when he had the opportunity, letting Bishop Lamont collect dust on proverbail Aftermath shelf, along with Busta, Eve and so on and so forth.

    T-Pain….that Ray-J comment still manages to make me laugh my ass off and shudder like Mr. Burns at the same time.

  • El Tico Loco

    I wish somebody woulda told Rick Ross a thing or two about Noriega “the real Noriega” who was known all around Panama to take it in the brown eye, and he claims he was doing him favors? oookay.

    Yo fif how you gonna call a nigga out for singin and you keep singing your damn self?

    Yo Dre (3k)you going out wearing that?”

    Hey Warren (G) is N-e-x-t you illiterate fuck!

    Hey Snoop I heard you got the part but use this T shirt that wifebeater ain’t a good look homie.

    Yo Rae that line was ill b, but the word is STAMINA!

    Ye I seen your crew, remember the Village People? well . . .

    Wayne stop telling Drake that hand motion is hot, and why your jeans look like leggins with pockets?

    Yo Jim I really do smell you can you hang up please?

  • Lowedwn



    As a West Coast rep I can not even front on that statement. Big Tymers and Hot Boys did make that fire shit to roll arond to in the summers.

  • CrunchyBlack

    Woulda told Pac not to go to the Mike Tyson fight in 96′ and BIG to stay on the East coast until at least a year after Pac’s death. Eminem and Jay-Z need to stop rapping… Actually, all rappers need to stop after age 35.

  • http://youtube.com/thelupend thelupend

    I totally agree. There are SO MANY ALBUMS I want to edit. even one song can ruin the whole feeling on an album.Depper than rap was pretty good but like 3-4 tracks ruined it.

  • real talka

    I would tell Cam’ron to make the following his production for his next album :
    1- Just Blaze
    2- Heat Makerz
    3- The Alchemist
    4- Mannie Fresh (I think Cam would kill one of his beats)
    5- Justice League

  • http://xxlmag.com harlem very own

    were could i start

    1.i would promote little brothers album all albums the listining,the minstrel show,the get back,i would also stop mtv from having any talk about top ten groups of all time if little brother aint mention in the top five

    2.i would have tould curren$y to punch lil wayne in the face after wat wayne did to him then tell him to make another video for “where the cash at “featuring nobody then expose lil wayne for using curren$y brother and him and gillie da kid to ghost write for him

    3.i would have tould jay if he didnt wanted all the glory the roc would have been a true dynasty if everybody that he sign stayed together

    4.i would have resolved the dipset internal problems and made dipset immunity 3

    5.destroy every radio station that plays fake aSS MUSIC

    6.tell kanye west that he is a fucking genious but also a big headed idiot if he would just think more about his music that his legacy would be much more than he was a cocky rapper

    7,make LUPE FIASCO be mentioned with the great rappers of all time

    8.i would have tryed to convience B.I.G to not go to L.a that day

    9.i would have tould common to not make universal mind control even though “GLADIOTOR” was my favorite track but tell im he the reason why i love hip-hop and that he doesnt need to change his imagine our music to appeal to nobody

    10.and seriously i would fucking tell rick ross to stay with the police,tell fat joe and reminded him that he from the bronX not fucking miami,tell dj khaled he aint the best,tell jim jones and juelz that Camron made them wat they are and there fake for turning there back on him,destroy xxl mag for making that cover with lil wayne saying he the greatest rapper alive

  • zood

    Relating to specific songs I think Kanye’s verse on Knock You down
    I mean “Fly up into Nasa?”
    How you gonna say your the next slick rick with lines like that….
    I agree with this article though an editor would help things, a critic of sorts.

    • KASP

      i agree 100 % and lil wayne proves it with a line like “I know more about tree then squirrel”

  • RiZob

    I would have advised DJ Paul and Juicy J to not kick Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca, and Cruchy Black out of Three 6 Mafia…~AND~, Keep T.Rock, La Chat, and Playa Fly in Hypnotize Camp Posse… a nicca can dream tho….

  • Silly Willy


    And I would’ve asked Common not to drop Electric Circus as an album, but record it only for his friends and family. I’m a diehard Common fan, but that shit hurts, except for 3 tracks (Come Close, I Am Music, and maybe Soul Power). I’m sayin’ that and I actually enjoyed UMC…….

    I would’ve stopped L Boogie from hangin too much with them Marley brothers. Their drug is too hard, it fucked her up making the hottest female MC evar to grace to mic look like some fuckin’ zombie clown……

    I would’ve cut at least one of the skits on OB4CL, the one introducing Wu-Gambino. You know the song is hot but you have to suffer that long-ass random discussion about somebody’s shit over someone else’s mama’s table, I mean come on !!! Of course, the song will start with “Bobby Steels !!!!”

    I would’ve asked Jay-Z not to put out “Sunshine” and “I know what girls like” on Vol 1, and ask him to provide a dope hook for the track Blueprint 2. You can’t give Sergio Leone – Ennio Morricone some H……OVA, the blueprint 2 bayby on the way, ohhh behaaaaave type of shit…..that’s called waste, not taste…..

    I’d have put Machine Gun Funk as a first single for Biggie, and Juicy as 2nd. First to establish the legit hardcore before Cristal-sippin’, and I mean on the mainstream, not on some underground level…..

    I woul’ve cut Jigga That Nigga from the Blueprint, and put Breathe Easy as a whole other track on the trackslist…..



    • Silly Willy

      Oh ! and ask every dope old MC to NEVER, NEEEEEEEVER, EVER, EVER, EVEEEEEEER stop rappin to force these young guns to step their rap game up !!!!!

  • Silly Willy

    Cut Brooklyn 2.0 off AG, fucked the whole 70′s vibe…

    Ask Cam’ron to put the Pink madness on hold…

    Tell Jin that I will not learn Chinese…

    Ask Lil’Kim to stop rappin about giving head and instead go the Blackanese pr0n star route…

    Tell every rapper to stay away from Erykah Badu’s vajayjay…

    Slap DJ Khaled senseless everytime he say WE DA BESSSSS!!!!!!

    Throw Jim Jones in a shark pool, if he don’t feel like taking a shower…

    Pick beats for Nas, maybe wifey too but that’s another story…

    Ban Flavor Flav from any large-scale media platform…

  • HNIC

    1) I would have Andre 3000 get back into the studio immediately to create the masterpiece that everyone believes that he’s capable of making.

    2) I would have Bun B & Scarface sign on with T.I.’s “Grand Hustle”, so that they can create some new southern classics, along with 8Ball & MJG.

    3) Speaking of 8Ball & MJG, their 1st album on Bad Boy was great, but I would’ve never released their 2nd album from that label. It wasn’t that good, sonically or creatively. They’re much better than that. That’s why I’m glad that they signed to Grand Hustle.

    4) Mase needs to sit down somewhere. Focus on being the pastor that he feels that he was called/spirit led to be. He shouldn’t ride the fence, so to speak, in my opinion.

    5) Rappers who are incredibly talented, that should put as much effort/creativity/pick better beats on their own albums, instead of giving away their best material on mixtapes &/or guest appearances are: Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Wayne, T.I. (Although, Paper Trail was a great album), Ludacris, Nas, Jay-Z (as of late), Andre 3k (See #1), Snoop Dogg & Eminem (as much as I’ve tried, I haven’t felt an entire LP from him since his Marshell Mathers CD. In my opinion, most of his albums have too much filler & not enough substance).

    6) Dr. Dre needs to stop bullshitting and release Detox already. Enough with the hype/perfectionism talk. Either shit or get off of the proverbial pot. The people have waited long enough.

    7) Like other people have said, everyone that isn’t named T-Pain needs to leave Auto-Tune alone forever… forever, ever? Forever, ever. (Word to 3 stacks!)

    8) Lil’ Wayne needs to take a break from all of the mass production of music that he creates on a regular basis & simply concentrate on making a coherent, well crafted classic for himself.

    9) Jim Jones, Cam’ron & all of the other Dipset cats, excluding Juelz Santana should never record another album, ever again. They’re a disgrace to hip hop, in my opinion. Dishonorable Mentions that should immediately follow suit are, as follows: Maino, Ron Browz, Plies & Tony Yayo.

    10) I would advise all of the extremely talented rappers (See #5) to take notes from Rick Ross, production wise. He’s last album & even his prior biggest hits were due to his amazing production. Either He or his handlers has a great ear(s) for quality beats.

  • Silly Willy

    Ask Joe Budden to bring his girl for studio session, and ask Joe to keep spittin hot fire while I’m pretending to take Tahiry for a ride to buy some take-out General Tao…..

    Force Young Jeezy to give away 5000$ for every unnecessary adlib on all the songs he’s on…..

    Ask Pac to stop the sherm’. Sometimes, he acted like someone who’s confused, and I’m sure he took many things the wrong way, which contributed greatly to the so-called East-West feud.

    Sign Big L…

  • Silly Willy

    Ask every rapper that want to make dope skits to ask for Prince Paul’s help and advice…..

    Get the word “beyyyyyaaaatchhhh !!!” an entry in an official dictionary…..

    Slap Wayne senseless just for the fuck of it…..


    “Rappers need editors, be it another rapper with better sense, a producer or some anti yes man crew member who isn’t scared to tell these divas when they’re buggin’. Then again, it’s all subjective so maybe an MC’s wack line is the illest ish the next rapper ever wrote.”
    i am glad you added that next sentence after they’re buggin line. when it comes ot making a song let a rapper be free do whatever he or she wants to do. now when you dropping some shit and you taking shots at people who you yourself even know. will kill you bar for bar any day of the week. that is when that person needs to step in and go nah man. camron needs to get back with the heatmakers and they need to make some heat. i have a million more things to say but fuck it

    that second shyne shyne album was just bad who decided to let that one go. the 2nd young gunz album how the hell the roc let them go out like that. gfk pretty toney album who they hell let that one go if you take off 5 songs it’s a better album. on thecurtis cd there were three weak songs all in a row. if those three songs were gone it would have made that good album better. every snoop cd except his first one and the last meal. could lose a couple songs. i would have cut that long ass skit for the song dogs for life. either make it a skit before the song. or leave it out i hate waiting a whole minute to hear one of my favorite dmx songs. bubba spraxx should only be allowed to drop albums of delivarance quality.anything else he should be kicked in the nuts for doing. ll coolo j should have stopped with his g.o.a.t album. that way i could have still respected him smh he went from a rap juggernaut to a joke.

  • SeaSwedenRepresent

    I would have edited Busta Rhymes Back on My B.S. album a whole lot:

    put I Got Bass, We Made it, Dont Touch Me (Throw Da Water On Em), If you dont know, Now you know on it

    and then take that wack World Go Round song off it

  • http://twitter tgriff13

    I would have told Snoop to kick DJ Pooh’s ass for Doggfather.
    I would have told 2pac not to go to that Tyson fight in Vegas.
    Told Biggie not to go back to Cali.
    And I would of told AZ and Nas to do an album together called “Camacho and Vargas”

  • http://-- gaddic

    I woula told Em to say to use the 3 classic tracks (Lose Yourself, 8 mile and rabbit run)he put on the 8mile soundtrack and place them on encore to replace Big weenie my first single and that annoying ass like that shit
    If he had done this Encore would’ve been another classic album
    Damn look what could have happened…..

  • real talk

    would of told papoose not to drop bang it out with snoop and not sign with jive. Instead, sign with Def Jam cuz he was offered it… then tell him to drop an r an b record with ne-yo or some shit

  • Zi.K

    I’d edit Puffys voice off every song on Ready to Die, that motherfucker is so damn annoying. He completely fucked up Suicidal Thoughts with his adlibs, lyrically that song is classic, but I gotta skip the shit cos I cant stand Puffs voice.

  • Shawty J

    I wish I could’ve edited Game’s LAX album. That album has too much filler and the tracklisting was terrible, I goofed around on iTunes and came up with a better tracklisting which I use as a playlist called LAX revisited. Tracks like “Touchdown”, “Gentleman’s Affair”, and “LAX Files” didn’t really need to be on the album, the skit, intro and outro definitely didn’t need to be there. “My Life” shoudld’ve been later in the album, “Dope Boys” should’ve been earlier. “Big Dreams” and “Camera Phone” should’ve been on the album instead of the the Delux bonus disc. Also “Superman” (which leaked and got cut) should’ve been on the album.

    I also which I could’ve edited Tha Carter III. The album wasn’t it bad but it lacks coherence. While most of the tracks are good, you can tell Wayne didn’t give a damn what made the album (which he admited himself, the nigga didn’t know “Dr. Carter” made the album). Rappers need to stop recording 200 records and picking the best 16, they should already have a vision of what the album should sound like before they even start working on it.

  • South_19

    I loved Jim Crow their first album was sick

  • thegreat2380

    I cosign all these responses except the skits part cause skits are made for laughs and they represent some of the classic albums in hiphop !!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    i woulda removed “touchdown”,”gentleman affair” and “house of pain” from L.A.X. and put “big dreams”,”camera phone” and “superman” in their places.

    woulda removed alll em dumb tracks of “encore” and told em to make it a 12 track album,minus “my first single”,”big meanie”,”ass like that”,”1 shot,2shot”,”puke” and do better trax.

    woulda told that big lipped faggot to never come out of retirement after he dropped “black album”

    woulda told pac about the tyson fight and Biggy bout not going to L.A

    Woulda told Rawse not to pose for that C.O PIC!!

    Woulda told Dre to quit lying that “Detox” shit aint coming out

    woulda told Nas to listen to 50 bout Kelis

    woulda told Game and 50 to get back together and bring that fire to ressurect not just their careers but Dre’s old ass too

    woulda shot Souljaboy,Shawty Lo,Gucci Mane,Plies, and all em faggots before they had the chance to get a deal

    • http://Youtube.com/thelupend Thelupend

      I totally agree on everything.I have been sayin DETOX doesn’t exist for many years.Kingdom come=trash

  • catalyst

    There isnt one rapper in the game who’s album doesn’t get turned into shit by the A&R. I think rappers would be puttin out totally different tracks on there albums if they had total creative control. Yes, some rappers are on somethin I’ve never had to think some songs are hot. Funny thing is the corny songs are always the singles. We need rappers to get back to the gritty DJ Premier style tracks. Rap is more alive than ever if you listen to the right artists. Slaughterhouse, Saigon and Termanology should lead us into the new school of multi-sylable rhyming schemes and unmatchable flow. Ya, D.O.A. shoulda been last year but nobody did it. Hov stepped up.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Oh yeah, I would have told Ras Kass to slow down on the Hennessey……..

  • 11KAP

    You think too much. It’s not even that serious.

  • Maztuhmind

    this isn’t for a rapper per se but more for a douchebag executive who should have thought before sigining a deal to the worst performer/entertainer to come out since EVER!!! that would be mr. collipark. yeah thanks for giving us that musical cancer with the prick soulja boy and the predator looking faggot hurricane chris. thanks a lot you money grubbing asshole!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    11Kap….get off my nutsack

  • King Joffy Joe

    I would have told Tony Yayo to just stay behind the scenes and just be 50′s yes man and NEVER set foot in a recording studio. To record NOTHING. lol.

  • Manny Blanco from da Bronx

    I would have told Joe Budden to skip releasing Halfway House & just replace some tracks from Padded Room w/ “Sidetracked”, “Slaughterhouse”, “Under the Sun”, “Just to Be Different”, and “Touch & Go”. While he’s at it, he may as well add “Who Pts 1-3″ too.
    Also, I would have advised 50 not to kick out Game & Buck, since he had 3 of the best young MCs from different regions (along w/ Banks). As for Yayo, just make him your hypeman. He also should not have dissed D-Block at all. He could have combined Massacre & the Get Rich soundtrack into one album & it would have been ill instead of that garbage filler he left on that. Where was Dre when you needed his ear, fif?

  • beaver

    1.i would’ve told snoop 2 please stop rappin..cuz these songs he kame out lately were bad..
    2.i would’ve told eminem 2 mak more albums 4 cashis..cuz cashis dope as fuckk..
    3.50 to come out wit more g-unit rappers..lik mobb deep an mopp an such..not just lloyd an yayo..an share da spotlight wit da fellow crew members.
    4.told game dat leavin aftermath was so fuckin retarded..
    5.told game dat..dat black wall street shit is stupid..
    6.told game dat dissin jay-z is stupid also..
    7.would’ve told nas dat some beats off N was bad..
    8.told khaled 2 shut da fuck up..an stop sayin WE DA BEST on every fuckin single song..god damn..
    9.told game not 2 leave aftermath..i know i said this be4..but dat was a fuckin big mistake 4 game..
    10.told 50 dat some songs he do is extra gay..lik dat london girl an shit..
    11.tld 50 2 make more mixtapes lik war angel.
    12.told nas 2 finally do a track wit eminem..bout som hard shit..
    13.told dre not 2 advertise detox lik 5 years ago..an just wait till da album almost done an then advertise it..
    14.would’ve shot benzino ja rule an gotti..an tell them nobody likes they ass..
    15.told kanye dat dat fro shag thing on his neck was fuckin weird an fuckin dumb..oh an don’t put so many skits on his early albums.

  • beaver

    oh yea..please some1 tell wayne dat songs bout eating pussy ain’t kool at all..u 2 50..

    an wayne don’t kome out wit corny tracks no more..

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Yeah..i would have told

    1# Pac > 2 limit talking & swearin’ on songs ie (wonder y they called u bitch) is a classic but only males & sum females liked it.

    2# Nas > helped him with picking up the right beats,he could ‘ve been undisputed GOAT by now

    3# Lil Wayne > stop with the syrup & auto-tune, he could have “best rapper alive” crown on lock

    4# Big > rap mo on social issues (different between him & Pac)
    & lose weight (with the new look he would ‘ve attract even mo females)

    5# Canibus > same as Nas