I can't help but think some of these rappers don't know what's hot or not.

I mean, how else do you explain dudes like Kanye West and Lil Wayne coming up with some of the best and worst lines of the year only a few bars apart on the same verse. Rappers need editors, be it another rapper with better sense, a producer or some anti yes man crew member who isn't scared to tell these divas when they're buggin'. Then again, it's all subjective so maybe an MC's wack line is the illest ish the next rapper ever wrote.

I guess the executive producer is supposed to serve as some sort of editor, but in a lot of cases those dudes don't do much more than put their name on the back of the cover. Didn't Jay-Z allegedly executive produce Kanye's first three albums? You know damn well 'Ye called the shots on those joints. I'd like to think Hov would have had enough sense to tell Yeezy to dump those extraorrible skits. Don't even get me started on A&R's.

Fif needed an editor for The Massacre. Stripped down to a solid 13, 14 tracks, I don't think that album would have gotten the same level of criticism. I like it regardless. Fif also should have kept "Rider Pt.2" as his own single rather than make it a G-Unit song. That single was fire. Didn't he say he was done helping them anyway? If he lead the way with "Rider Pt.2," I think Before I Self Destruct would have hit stores months ago.

Somebody should have edited T.I. and told him T.I. Vs. TIP was a corny idea. Thankfully he bounced back and delivered arguably the best album of 2008 with Paper Trail. Rick Ross should have cut that track with Foxy off Deeper Than Rap. Some of you may think it's a classic, but Tha Carter III could have been tighter. I knew Common shouldn't have let Pharrell produce so much Universal Mind Control. I could have told Drake letting Kanye direct his video was a bad idea. Somebody should have told Hov that wishing death on Auto-Tune is so last summer.

Now, your turn to play editor. What rapper could you have prevented from making a big mistake? -Jackpot

PS: I know I forgot a million classic in yesterday's post, but I just wanted to acknowledge Common's Resurrection and De La Soul's Stakes Is High as two of my personal favorites.