ESPN & Def Jam Present: How To Make It Rain [VIDEO]

I make it rain on a nigga…

This differs a bit from Dallas and Rafi’s analysis.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Need change for been had hundreds?

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  • Jai Illy


    I hear U Ron
    Sometimes dumb shit just speaks for itself……

  • $ykotic

    Did you hit the BBQ Mexx? The blog’s MVP had to show…

    CFL? UFL?(U’re F*cked Lame). Umbrellas on the dress?

    I was wondering why Nelly & Ashanti played on different teams in the Celebrity game.

    • Pierzy

      Mexx, I need change for my $30,000 in ones!

      It’s funny to see Hannah Storm’ serious face backed by your funny ass comments and giggling…yeah I said giggling.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Looks Like I Need To Start Hitting Up These “Strip-Clubs”….


    hahahaa “pacman snitching? can’t get no record deal” SHA POW LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. where are the disturbing images? i just saw money strippers and niggas

    • BIGNAT

      ron ron i think the umbrellas on her dress are like a inside joke.

  • El Tico Loco

    Co Sign the Mandela Espy comment.

  • geico lizard

    -Ron Mexico>>>

    -Trey Wingo talked about a “disturning video” I thought they had the actual shooting. Trey reminds me of Kobe when he said,”leave me alone” I knew that nigga was cheating on his wife when he said that and Trey Wingo overdid it with his description of a simple strip club clip,lmfao.

    -Hannah Storms legs even at 48 years old FTW. She is old enough to be my mom but she has about 2 weeks of looking decent left in her.

  • 1hunid

    Yea real talk whats going on with Hannah Storm. When I first saw that video before you did you magic to it; it didnt even occur to me thats who that was. Wtf. Cancer much?


    Mex, keep this shit coming (pause). Shit is stupid. Hanna storm making it rain!LOL. Seriously dude, your video blogs are funny. Yo, but that shit with chopper, dude with the watch in his head (classic).And SHOUTS to the female, you guys got something going with this. BIGUPS

  • Master CHeef

    There’s a joke about “tip drill” somewhere in here. I know it.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    you shoulda titled this ” HOW TO ROB”

    tell pac pussy ass stop cryin; fuckin gurl.


    i’d just like to present a lil known fact…MAKING IT RAIN IS SOME DETROIT SHIT! we want our props. BMF niggas took it all over the country (shout out atl), and that’s when everybody else got involved. we been doin that shit since like 1990! I’VE NEVER SEEN A NIGGA BRING 100GS IN ONES THO! that’s some pac man shit!

  • Beast McCoy

    Make it rain? nah? when I go to the strip club I am sorry the only way you get any bills out of me is to take me to the VIP or you have to be really working that stage. Besides who wrote the rules of etiquette for strip clubs in terms of Making it Rain? Do you consult the Ye Old Boody Shake Manual by Lord Master Too $hort and Saint Luther “Luke” Campbell. Niggas are really making me want to know what the HELL are they smoking? Because I tell you if you are dumb enough to do this, you really don’t need that money anyway. Shit, for $100,000 you can shut some spots down or “suggest” some women to join you after hours for a private show. Damn if it was me, I would come in dressed like a orchestra conductor with the wand and all and “coordinate” my symphony of moans, groans, slurps and ass slaps in D Major for that damn much. Wonder if he wishes he had that money back now, I guess this is when keeping it real goes wrong.