Buzz So Big…

If ya’ll noticed this week I’m on some real positive shit, I’m still reflecting on the tragedies of the last week. We’ve lost a legendary artist, but the future is bright if we just choose to embrace it. I’ve been a Drake fan for a minute, before there was a “buzz.” Right now shit looks promising, but nothing is guaranteed. A sub-par song here, a lackluster album there and everything is lost. Still as a hip-hop fan you gotta enjoy the moment right? I mean there are folks who are infuriated by Drizzy’s buzz, as if it’s undeserved. All a buzz really means is that people are excited about you and how can that be undeserved? Ya’ll seen the YouTube videos of his concerts where fans are reciting every lyric to every song, that’s no industry parlor trick.

Before dropping Illmatic Nas had a pretty big buzz himself and that was just off two verses, one from Main Source’s “Live at the BBQ,” and the other on MC Serch’s “Back to the Grill.” Back then you could build a buzz off of just one guest appearance; look at AZ. But times have changed there were a lot less rappers then. Now, for a kid like Drake to get to the position he’s in today, he has to drop three mixtapes for free, tour with Wayne and work his record on radio without major label backing. I mean we can’t discount the fact that the kid is working hard or the fact that he is smart and aligned himself with some pretty established folks early on. Still I fail to understand, why are folks so mad at his buzz?

Imagine if critics cut Nas down before he ever got the chance to make Illmatic? When Nas first emerged my older brother HATED him, “He bit Rakim,” he said. Sounds ridiculous now, but quite a few folks felt that way. We’ll thank the hip-hop Gods that Nas got to fulfill his legacy. Then there was Canibus. During his rise he could do no wrong, every verse was like gold. There were few folks who contended Bis’s buzz. Then he dropped his debut album Can-I-Bus and fulfilled his legacy too, it’s a damn shame what happened to that guy.

So where does that leave Young Drake? Right now I see him and I’m reminded of Snoop when he was on “Deep Cover” with Dr. Dre. We knew he was nice as hell, but he wasn’t anywhere near his peak. If you remember the “Deep Cover” video you’ll recall how uncomfortable Snoop looked in front of the camera and it was the same thing in the “Nuthin’ But a G-Thang” video. Actually it wasn’t until Doggystyle and the “Gin and Juice” clip that Snoop finally stepped into that star role, sealing his fate as a hip-hop great. The point being is that even for someone as legendary as Snoop, it took time. 50 said that Drake’s buzz is nothing like his, but Fif isn’t exactly the most impartial dude. Maybe the tactics that Drake used to earn his buzz isn’t the same, but fundamentally the hype is similar. Kobe isn’t Jordan, but in 2009 he’s the closet thing we’ve got and that’s why they often get compared. So talking about Drake and a young 50 in the same breath makes sense to me.

Ultimately my point is this, I’m pretty excited about Drake, as we all should be. Maybe he ends up having a long-lasting, legendary and impactful career like Nas or maybe he ends up like Canibus, or maybe somewhere in between like AZ. Regardless of the outcome it’s fun to watch. I’m just saying let’s enjoy the moment for what it is, because it’s not often we get to see a young star develop in this fashion. As for me, I’m sold; dude’s buzz is so big that I’d probably buy a blank disc. Then of course I’d have to tear him to shreds in a blog once I realized I got got. – Rob The Music Ed

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  • Class of ’09

    Yea, i been rockin wit Drake for a minute. His buzz is deserved. Can’t wait for the album to drop so all the haterz can become stans.

  • Pierzy

    I don’t think anyone will ever fall as fast as Canibus. The complaint everyone had of his 1st album was not his lyrics or concepts (including the bugged-out alien shit) but Wyclef’s beats, which he himself acknowledged later. Now, if anything, it’s the opposite. What was the critique of 50? He gets the best beats around so it’s almost impossible NOT to have a hit.

    Drake, love him or hate him (personally I find him vastly overrated), will benefit from learning from those that came before him and are (hopefully) advising him.

    He won’t make the same mistake but NaS or Snoop? Let’s fall back from that…

    • Detroit P

      Lol…50 has never gotten the BEST beats around…i’d attribute that to a Jay-Z, a Kanye, a Young Jeezy, or maybe a T.I….which might serve as a testament to 50′s hit making abilities in the beggining of his mainstream career and subsequently his stan’s and bandwagoneers dickriding abilities afterward
      “… but NaS or Snoop? Let’s fall back from that…”
      …and the “doesn’t comprehend the comparison” award goes to..

      • Pierzy

        Ahhh…Detroit P, the resident contrarian has returned. What up?

        Really, you don’t think Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ had some of the best beats for an album in the past 7 – 10 years? Okay, fair enough. We each are allowed our opinions.

        As far as “not comprehending the comparison,” Rob used the beginning of Snoop’s career as a template for comparison and also wrote, “Maybe he ends up having a long-lasting, legendary and impactful career like Nas.” So, I was basically saying that I believe he WILL NOT have a “long-lasting, legendary and impactful career like Nas.” I believe I understood the comparison extremely well and I simply disagreed with it.

        But thank you for the award – I’ll put it with the rest of those that I have received over the years and I’ll let you go back to hating for no reason and trying to stir up emotions in others. Every successful CEO needs an employee to empty his wastebasket every day so you’re welcome to be mine…that’s cool.

        • *BLOCK*




        • Detroit P


          I know you probly reread what you wrote and tried to clean it up to save face..sorry to hear that…but you specifically took offense to the comparison with Snoop and Nas as the use of their specific names in your response denotes..Rob coulda used Lil wayne and I doubt you’d have the same response so please, smarten up…if that comment was about you not thinkin he’ll have longevity you woulda expressed as much(like you always do when there’s a Drake post)

          but given your response, I’ll say you said Rob used snoop’s career beginning as a comparison point…he also used cannibus..saying Drake could go either saying fall back from comparing that to Nas or snoop is in terms of longevity is already a hatting move, so I find it Ironic that you call me a hater just for disagreeing with you dumb comments when you constantly show up on Drake posts hating..e-ver-y sin-gle day.

          And how do I try to stir up emotions? LOL…Are you getting emotional?..I think you and dallas Penn are the only one’s on here who get emotional when someone disagree’s with you..if you were smarter and would stop making dumb uninsightful statements that show you have some type of homo-erotic hard-on for Drake and Asher Roth(who I agree, sucks)..I wouldn’t have to disagree with you…actually I’m wasting time on you..these are the only 2 words you deserve…You Corny.

          and as for “B****”…I’ll let you decide what letters THOSE stars represent

      • Tony Grand$

        I think the industry is so portable & microwave that the same thing couldn’t happen to an artist then like it can now.

        One song in the ‘Net, & within days, the world knows you. That opens you up to the market in one big flood, verses mumblings about a verse or a guest appearace. All it took was for a handfull of people to like him or recognize him as”Wheelchair Jimmy” & it was a wrap.

        But, as in many scenario’s before, that doesn’t mean his talent is worth the buzz. Its the same machine; overexposed, overhyped, overkilled. At this point, he’s in the position to be the first Drake, & whether that’s bad or good is all up to him showing & proving.

        To me though, its Asher Roth all over again, except with Wayne riding shotgun & an influx of young black girls.

        • Curtis75Black

          @Tony Grand$,
          nice perspective and I couldn’t agree more!! Sometimes I feel a ‘buzz’ is something of a curse on Hip Hop, especially if you don’t capitalize on it in a hurray(6 months to a year) – Papoose, Saigon anyone? I wouldn’t put Canibus in this category basically because he did deliver a fair amount of cd’s, they just didn’t perform well. And he stil has a good fanbase checking for him. Before Internet access, you needed to prove yourself more than just a verse here and there. You had to drops solid debut.

        • DETROIT

          what up my gs,

          to me the biggest difference between drake and the snoops of the world is the fact that the pie has gotten smaller. “Doggystyle” sold like 4 million copies, DRAKE WILL NEVER SELL 4 MIL. the climate is different now, rap used to be the hottest music out, it’s not anymore. it has lost a lot of it’s mainstream appeal. gone are the days when 13 year old rich white boys wanted TO BE snoop. there aren’t gonna be any more up in smoke tours and shit like that due to the fact that rap has lost a whole has lost a lot of steam. honestly, i think when it’s all said and done Gucci Mane will be/is bigger than drake, due to the fact that gucci has real fans that subscribe to his lifestyle as well as his flows. to me, and i know i’m old, drake is just music. no one wants to be drake or live like drake. in rap LIFESTLES are more marketable than music!

        • General

          What up D?

          I sure hope Gucci is payin you some kind of promotion fee, LOL.

          Your right that it will impossible for Drake to do Doggystyle numbers and no he is not a “street rapper”, but then neither is Kanye and hate him or love him he is deservedly so one of the biggest in the game right now

        • DETROIT

          i agree, but in my opinion Kanye also sold a lifestyle. if you recall, all of his 1st 3 albums had to do with him not finishing college. a lot of people relate to that. i wasn’t saying that you have to promote a negative lifestyle, just a lifestyle in general. even now, he’s the louis vutton don, feel me?

          and no, gucci isn’t paying me, but on the real, YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE HOW MUCH GUCCI IS PLAYED IN DETROIT! the shit is crazy! in cars, in clubs, at houses, this nigga is everywhere. then i take a vaction to atlanta a few months ago, and it was more of the same. I’M NOT A FAN, but gucci is master p 1997 hot right now!

        • General

          I think you are dead on with the Gucci and Master P comparison, cuz that shit is always playin in the Chi too…

        • $ykotic




          DROPPED AN LP. NO BUZZ. BUBBLED HARD. NO ONE CO-SIGNED HIM(maybe if you wanna count his ‘Cosby Show”/”A Different World” marriage to Lisa Bonet).




        • CLARK

          Do you mean “Are you gonna go my way”?

          That song was a hit and came out 4 years before “Fly Away”.

          While “Fly Away” reached a wider audience than he had before, Kravitz was popular long before then.

  • callous1

    Do you realize that you just put Drake into the same category as Rakim & Nas?

    Not trying to hate, but comparing the level of skill and dedication that LYRICISTS like Nas & Rakim brought to the table to a guy who “made a catchy song” is ridiculous.

    Drake is essentially a Kanye/Weezy clone. I have no doubt he can make another hit record, but he is by no means original with his flow or impactful to “hip hop” other than the fact that he’s set to make money.

    Our bar for what’s acceptable in hip hop is so low at this point, that a Canadian jew ex-child actor in a soap opera can act like he’s a “rapper” complete with the fake “blackcent” and people love it because he’s cosigned by Wayne & ‘Ye.

    That’s not “hate”… that’s just the realization that our standards for “TRUE MCS” are pretty much null and void in 2009.

    • midas rex

      I’m not a big Drake fan but its unfair to lable Drake simply as “the guy who made the catchy song”. The guy has a solid mixtape that is better than almost a lot of the albums released in the last year.If you actually listened to So Far Gone (and his other mixtapes) in its entirety (like a discerning critic should) you’d realise why the T.I.’s are creaming themselves over this guy (no homo 100x).He has massive crossover appeal (i.e. R&B and POP/Dance) and is a very decent lyricist. Yeah he is jewish-ish (although being in Young Money boosts anyones nigga rating more than is comfortable) and a former child actor, he has convinced me that he has a real respect and love for the art of Hip-hop and Music in general. No he didn’t use to sell crack in _________ (select suitable New York borough) but has talent, why hate? (obviously no one’s saying he’s the next Nas!)

  • Enlightened


    If you’re really a music editor, stop fucking lying to the people. You know better than most people how the business works.


    You know that shit! You know how the game works so why the fuck are you lying to the people.


    Universal was working that shit before he “signed.” Notice after he “signed” that all of a sudden, they said he had already signed with Young Money but they were looking for the distribution…

    Oh…and they just happened to find it WITH THE SAME MUTHAFUCKAS WHO HAVE BEEN DISTRIBUTING CASH MONEY SINCE AROUND 1999. OH OK. That makes sense now.

    People are mad because of these FAIRYTALE ASS STORIES. Just like Soulja Boy just so happened to make up a dance and because of youtube he got a deal. YEAH THE FUCK RIGHT.

    Anybody who learns enough about the industry understands there’s always a “story.” His “story” is that he built this buzz on his own.


  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    Drake is to Universal what Big was to BadBoy. He was concocted by niggas in the industry and is bieng worked by those same hands so expect to hear from him for a long time. IMO tho’ the niggas to herbish for me to fux wit’, the songs are cool but there’s nothin super special about this cat. Remember hearin “Triumphant” …it made you say damn! or “Hypnotized” or “The Thief’s Theme” or “”Quiet Storm” those songs and artist were so strong you knew shit was finna get crazy, I don’t feel that wit’ Drake. His new name is “Baked Drake” becuz his whole gimmick was baked up by some industry insiders and now they finna slice up dat pie feel me? but me naw i’m good on the cookie cutter rappers.

    • General

      “becuz his whole gimmick was baked up by some industry insiders and now they finna slice up dat pie feel me?”

      How is that any different from any artist in the game??? Its called marketing

      • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

        no what I’m saying is from jump street who ever his inside connect is bulit him like a transformer or sum shit unlike say wu-tang, i’m sorry but you can’t build a group like that feel me? their “MARKETING”as you say didn’t come into play later on when they started to shine.

        Meth became

        ghost became the stylish one and so on and so forth.

        let’s be serious you think Drake really jus now started plottin out his rap shit him and his team prolly were cookin this up since Degrassi.

  • General

    I feel ya on this one Rob. I’ve noticed on here that there is a lot of hate on the younger generation of hip-hop. No matter who it is they gonna throw them under the bus and say that they wouldn’t have made it in the “golden era”…

    I’ve been a consumer and lover of hip-hop since the mid 80′s and have watched and listened as each generation comes in they get hated on by the older generation, which is exactly the way it is today…

    The fact is Drake has established a huge buzz and if he continues on the path he is on he will make an impact on hip-hop. I agree with Tony that Drake’s goal should be to make his own mark and not be the next whoever…

    I’m not a Drake fan yet, but I think he does have the talent and ability to change that in the future and prove a lot of people wrong

  • epinz


    Co sign to the fullest homie!

    I just now got into so far gone, and its a great tape, just not enough to get him where he’s at by itself. The diff between drake and 50 ( dmx and cannibus for that matter) is that 50 made his own buzz that got him the co sign from em and dre, drake got the co sign from weezy first, then blew up! I believe he’ll b successful commercially, he’s just got a longs way to go b4 he’s evar mentioned as 1 of the greats. People r just ridin that wave! Look at queen latifa, at the bet awards, she said that drake was the only good rap/singer! Completely discrediting artist like cee lo, phonte, devin the dude, and loryn hill who are artist that have been doin it longer and better than drake! Only time will tell what happens with drake, and if he turnes out to b everything he’s buzzed up to b,then that better for our ears, feel me?

    @ rob
    Nas dropped halftime on the zebrahead soundtrack In 92, 2 years b4 illmatic that really helped his buzz!!

  • Curtis75Black

    You know what General, I kinda feel your point but I see it like this: Every generation has a better opportunity from the last for instance: when our music was first being put out there, there wasn’t really any labels trying to fuck with us probably until Sugarhill Records but they as were pioneers to the love, they didn’t bring it and we didn’t see that until Defjam when it was more marketing and power in the hands of the label. Years later we has our Rawkus, Bad Boy, Death Row and Rocafella which brought more to the table and peeps not only ate more but was able to bring it with less interference. Now that the label game is disappering, the Internet is blazing like no other and that’s where our elderstatemen lack noise as well as creativity.


      what up black,

      i’m neutral on drake, and i agree that older generations always hate on the new shit. but the difference between now and when the old heads hated on our shit is the fact that hip hop has basically fallen off the map. when we were coming up, an old head could shit on our favorite artist, BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY OUR FAVORITE ARTIST WAS DOING SHIT THAT OLD SCHOOL HEADS COULD ONLY DREAM OF.

      these days, we think the new cats suck, and the numbers validate our opinions. hip hop cats used to be the trend setters, now they’re the trend followers. nowadays rappers wanna “party like a rock star”. in my day rock stars wanted to party like rappers! rappers where way more marketable and sucessful then, and they also made a much bigger impact on popular culture. movie producers used to want rappers in their films in order to achieve an authentic feel…not anymore! when pac made juice, he was only 2 albums deep in the game!

  • Incilin

    The real difference between Drake and Nas or Canibus or AZ is that he put out an entire mixtape worth of quality music, not just a verse or two. So Far Gone is hands down, one of the greatest mixtapes ever made. So great, its also the best album of the year (even if its not an album). Subtract a Kanye beat here and a Jay beat there, it would be a regular album. And So Far Gone is thematically unified, meaning Drake has the chops to make a full length album.

    Drake is more like Snoop because even before Snoop had a solo album he already was the main rapper on The Chronic, one of the greatest album albums ever made. And while I still contend “50 Cent Is The FUture” is the “Paid In Full” of mixtapes, Drake’s mixtape is more focused than 50′s early mixtapes because 50 was showcasing pure raw talent and just spitting 16 bars and a hook, not making full length songs. It aint like the “Victory Freestyle” or “The Solider Freestyle” or “Funk Flex Freestyle” could ever get the kind of radio play that “Best I Ever Had” has gotten.

  • capcobra

    if wayne and kanye wasn’t strung out on autotune then drake would be a xxl freshman.

    • capcobra

      i just seen the best i ever had video…that shit is wack.

  • epinz

    also, so far gone is a giant co sign from weezy, that’s why people caught on to it. Drake had no buzz b4 that tape and its got weezy all over it. So pretty much the tape that “buzzed” him up is also a co sign from the most popular artist in the game! Def not the case with 50′s mixtapes b4 and even after he was signed. so I can’t c how people can say that the tape blew him up on its own when weezy is all over that shit. Pretty much, he had the co sign b4 he even blew cuz it took a couple of months after the tape actually came out for it to blow how it has.

  • Industry Advocate

    This is the first positive blog I have read in…since forever. Why can’t we live in the moment and respect him for the hard work and skills he does have? If he wasn’t looked at like the next upcoming thing since Jesus, then there would blogs and comments on how the mainstream ignore great artist! Embrace what’s here, cause when it’s gone, we buy a million Michael Jackson songs. Blogs aren’t a den for hating, it’s a forum to acknowledge. Stop All That Damn Hate!!! Thanks Rob for the positivity, at least for this week!

  • El Tico Loco

    The big difference between Drake, Snoop, Nas or whoever is the fact Nas or Snoop had co signs before the big co signs in other words you can back to their old neighborhoods, stop at a park bench in Queensbridge and they’ll be stories about Nas before Illmatic dropped, other people might have talent show stories about somebody else, I don’t think you can go to Toronto and do the same with Drake and there’s no struggle to his rise to fame, it was handed to him in a silver platter pretty much. And true enough Drake is gonna be the toast of the industry, but true hip hop fans love an underdog and he’s no underdog.

    • Pierzy

      I agree [and I'm not disagreeing with Curtis] but the story of how Snoop would slaughter anyone in a rhyme battle when he was a teenager was legendary. And then, one day, a kid from Philly that was sent to stay with his family in LA named Kurupt stepped up and battled Snoop and, as the story goes, it kept going because neither was giving up (or gaining) ground and eventually they decided to link up for good.

      And the story of Nas is well known – Serch went to QB to find him and while everybody knew he was an incredible MC, nobody wanted to tell Serch where he was.

      Meanwhile, everybody else told Jay, “You’re nice, you need to rhyme” and he didn’t want to do it full-time at first.

      Does anyone think that same thing happened with Drake Coffee Cake?

      • DETROIT

        what up p and loc,

        you guys took the words right outta my mouth. it’s like comparing apples and oranges. krs said it best, he said that when he came up you had to be the man on your stoop, then the man in your hood, then the man on your side of town, before you could even think about hitting a recording booth! he said that the feed back that rappers received during this grooming period helped make them more polished mc’s. and being from new york, just doing all the things krs said meant that you were better than like 1000 mc’s prior to recording. nas was a LEGEND prior to the release of “illmatic”. people were calling him the next rakim! believe me, that shit wasn’t based solely on 2 verses!

        • $ykotic

          Damn Detroit. Don’t know how I missed this comment. Good sh*t.

          Did you know that it was actually Rakim who sharpened NaS’ sword?

    • vhingrhamesonyomomma


  • Curtis75Black

    @El Tico,

    I wouldn’t necessarily call Snoop or Nas underdogs at any length of their careers. If anything being pushed by Warren G and backed by Dre, Nas introduced by Large Professor and pushed by MC Serch as well as having a crazy production team for Illmatic, shit was basically silver platter for them too. The difference is, you are old enough to understand now. If you want struggle peep the emcee who didn’t have a co-sign and made a way to success by doing the hard work.

    • latino heat

      @ Curtis75
      the 1st person that popped in my head when you said that was Jay-Z. his only co-sign was from Jaz, whose carer never really took off. remember the story about how Jay couldn’t get signed which forced him to create Roc-A-Fella? that’s a true underdog story. from a cat that couldn’t get a deal to one of the biggest names ever in the game all on the strength of his hustle and skill.

      • Curtis75Black

        @El Tico,

        Jay-z had the misfortune of being flown in the air like a prop and being looked as Jaz’s distant cousin in those Hawiian Sophie and The originator video’s. Shit, even I looked at him funny when I saw the Dead Presidents video, laughing my ass off on the way he was portraying himself. It wasn’t until I heard Reasonable Doubt that I gave him that leeway, respect and props for coming with something not only funky but lyrically crazy at the time it dropped.

        • El Tico Loco

          But the bottom line between Nas, Snoop, Jay Z or 50 for that matter is that we have insight as to what their background, their story is and in most cases is a story we can relate to, can’t nobody in Toronto tell you anything about Drake he came outta nowhere. What- Degrassi? who knew him before the mixtapes? I kinda paid more attention to the 2 token black chicks on that show I wasn’t sure if his character was supposed to be token black or the token handicap character.

        • Curtis75Black

          Well I never watched the show he was on so when it comes to Drake, all he has is his music to convince me. Alot of emcee’s didn’t have stories when I was coming up. Alot of them weren’t revealed like that until VH1 did a story on them if at all !! sometimes it was told through their songs and that’s what we have to wait on with him. Listening to 90′s Hip Hop, we’ve found out alot have been fraudulent anyway. Everyone sold drugs, everyone did time. What happened to just coming out, showing skills and let the music speak for itself ? Stop waiting for an image or profile !!

  • latino heat

    Drake will never be a Canibus because he will always appeal to the ladies. Canibus didn’t have that luxury. once the hip hop heads weren’t fucking with him no more his carer was over. even if all the dudes say Drake is wack, and there seem to be a lot that like him, he will always be able to sing for the ladies so he will always have some type of fan base.

  • DeJaNupe

    This whole Drake shit is a big ass headache…

    Ok, the nigga has style, he’s the type of rapper where you’re like he’s ripping it but he’s not really saying shit… just because the nigga can spit 50-60 bars and sing in between them and pause ie “I’m in a daze…. you’ve been amazed” he’s not saying nothing at all but I bumped the hell out that shit when it came out… And what’s up with the being real thing? He’s keeping it real? He’s walking a real thin line with that shit… wrong line or verse and cats is going to eat his ass up…

    I’m not hating, if he does him and is successful more power to him, but to compare his arrival to the likes of Nas or 50… You can’t… it’s 2 different era’s…. I first heard 50 on a mix tape with him and Ali Vegas on it back in 96 or 97, I mean on some before he got shot shit… then he had a verse on Onyx’s “Shut Em Down” Album… I think he was on React? or something… I don’t know if it was nationwide but in 98 there was a mix tape with canibus, DMX, and Nore… freestyling… that was their buzz… I don’t put Drake in any of their categories but that’s all it is… He’s going to sell albums just like everyone with buzz will do… but he’s not going to be a great… Niggas are excited like he’s jesus… what is he a savior?

    • Pierzy

      Yeah, that Onyx joint with 50 was called React

      “The only thing I ever lost I couldn’t find was time/Son, them crackers locked me up, that’s how I lost my mind/Hit him from behind 4 times and tossed the nine/Fuck him, he didn’t listen, told him ‘Give me the shine!’/The sick shit is when the police came around to get me/Them n—-s that was with me/Snitched and said ‘It was 50′”

  • escobar9300

    FAIL. Even considering comparing a degarassi allumni with Nas is hip hop blasphemy. Step your blog game up, thats a rookie mistake.

  • Real Reality

    Lets Be Really Real About It. If the Internet was as big as it is now when 50 buzz was boiling he would’ve probably sold 20 million… Drake’s buzz is big an well deserved because he’s really talented but it’s a different energy than what 50 created. 50 was the bully, and Drake is the new kid in the school who got cool with the bullies.

  • $ykotic

    I’ma say this again…


    This “buzz” is like any other industry. That new worker at the 9-5 that management pushes to the forefront but don’t really know the “Office”, that rookie every scout says is the next HOF’er, that product that gets a thousand commercials as the next big thing(clear Pepsi anyone?), the little dude with his 1st pack, and the list goes on. All unproven commodities.

    Even the Iraq War had a big buzz. Still don’t make it official.

    So anything that goes on now is circumstantial.

    Many people feel like I do. Don’t shove this dude down my throat, let the us decide whether he’s that dude. Until then get to work.

  • X

    “Still I fail to understand, why are folks so mad at his buzz?”

    Because many people, myself included, think he is trash. He’s also overhyped and forcefed to a hip hop audience instead of those other than tween or teen girls actually liking him. He’s nothing special, NOWHERE CLOSE to Nas, Snoop, etc.

  • Beast McCoy

    From the standpoint of him being a new artist, I will agree that judging him and his potential is little too early. He may very well be a dynamic artist. I just need to hear more from him to get a clear vision of his talent level. Will he be on par with Nas, Lupe, Talib, or will he be the flavor of the month. I can’t make a call on it because artist sometimes mature into full blown artist and then again some seen to record the same exact subject matter over and over and over. We’ll see if Drake will be more than a footnote in the history of hip hop or something less. Legend or Loser… only time will tell.

  • UptownGiant

    Drake needs to earn it. Yall are comparing this dude to Snoop and Nas? Ridiculous. Yes, both had a “buzz” prior to dropping, but they delivered the goods. Drake is performing on the BET awards before his first album and is featuring on the game’s hottest artist (Lil Wayne) before he’s dropped. This is the Universal machine working. And only, the naive will fall for this. Please name the some hot shit this dude has out.

  • Brahsef

    It’s quite obvious from a lot of the posts hating on Drake that a lot of them never listened to his mixtape yet,

    “Ok, the nigga has style, he’s the type of rapper where you’re like he’s ripping it but he’s not really saying shit”

    Really? I’d say half of his songs on So Far Gone dealt with insecurities he feels in life. Hell on “Successful” alone he flipped the money, cars, clothes, and hoes cliche of rap into an introspective song.

    To me Drake is finally the artist who can be a critically acclaimed/musically talented r&b/rap hybrid. I normally can’t stand when rappers make shitty as fuck club r&bish songs, but Drake knows how to do it right.

    It just seems most of you have just listened to “Best I’ve Ever Had” and tuned him out as a teenage rapper. The reason he has buzz is due to the 20-25 age range. He’s exploding in hip-hop circles at my college campus.

  • Ben Leos

    Drake? I don’t get it, I really don’t. He is not that good, I admit he has the ability to rap, persay… But honestly what is he saying? What has he done to captivate all these people to the point where they compare him to Nas, this blog for example. Bloggers on the payroll, because everytime you say something about Drake, there like, “hes just like so and so when they came out”. Bullshit I will say it once and for all what is he saying? What, what the hell does he rap about?

  • e20

    I don’t get the Drake hype. Nas’ verse on “live from the bar b que” and Snoops flow on “Deep Cover” had everybody hitting rewind.

    Drake on the other hand not so much.

    To compare Drake to the ’92-93 Nas and Snoop is crazy.

    I’ve seen this before, Drake is the next Joe Buddens, Cassidy, or Freeway. A hand full of Lil Waynes massive following (who wouldn’t know a live rap if it smacked them in the face China House style)are excited about this kid because, surprise! he raps like Lil Wayne.

  • MrO2theC

    Fuck Drake! That faggot ain’t hip hop, he’s a pop rapper, so yh he gettin his money but u think he gives a fuck about the culture or the artform? He’s just in it 4 a check man. Same wiv Weezy. Kanye used 2 be hip hop, but at the mo he str8 pop man. now i aint jus hatin on drake 4 no reason, jus sayin class it as what it is, POP not hip hop.

  • Keyser Soze

    Nah this Drake guy has real talent, but he is a total cross-clone of Weezy & KanYeezy. I mean, just listen to dude! LOL But, yes, He CAN SPIT!Drake is a Canadian Jew, granted he lived in the hood in Toronto, but he’s famous for his role as a kid in Degrassi High: The Next Generation. For those who don’t know, it was a decent show. He played a wheelchair bound kid who’d been shot, and dude can act! Comparisons to legends are ridiculous though, but dude had it right: Let Him Get His Due! If he makes it, he’s that nigga! Hats off!

  • RotterdamSoldier

    A Canadian Jew that lived in the hood in Toronto?
    You being sarcastic right?
    Cause that nigga Drake been had paper ever since being a toddler haha.
    Man didn’t he grew up in a ”hood” where the cheapest house was 2 or 3 million or some shit like that?
    And i agree what $ykotic said, don’t try to shove this dude down my throat, let the dude earn his stripes.


    Drake’s buzz = the sound of a snoring 5-year-old