If ya'll noticed this week I'm on some real positive shit, I'm still reflecting on the tragedies of the last week. We've lost a legendary artist, but the future is bright if we just choose to embrace it. I've been a Drake fan for a minute, before there was a "buzz." Right now shit looks promising, but nothing is guaranteed. A sub-par song here, a lackluster album there and everything is lost. Still as a hip-hop fan you gotta enjoy the moment right? I mean there are folks who are infuriated by Drizzy's buzz, as if it's undeserved. All a buzz really means is that people are excited about you and how can that be undeserved? Ya'll seen the YouTube videos of his concerts where fans are reciting every lyric to every song, that's no industry parlor trick.

Before dropping Illmatic Nas had a pretty big buzz himself and that was just off two verses, one from Main Source's "Live at the BBQ," and the other on MC Serch's "Back to the Grill." Back then you could build a buzz off of just one guest appearance; look at AZ. But times have changed there were a lot less rappers then. Now, for a kid like Drake to get to the position he's in today, he has to drop three mixtapes for free, tour with Wayne and work his record on radio without major label backing. I mean we can't discount the fact that the kid is working hard or the fact that he is smart and aligned himself with some pretty established folks early on. Still I fail to understand, why are folks so mad at his buzz?

Imagine if critics cut Nas down before he ever got the chance to make Illmatic? When Nas first emerged my older brother HATED him, "He bit Rakim," he said. Sounds ridiculous now, but quite a few folks felt that way. We'll thank the hip-hop Gods that Nas got to fulfill his legacy. Then there was Canibus. During his rise he could do no wrong, every verse was like gold. There were few folks who contended Bis's buzz. Then he dropped his debut album Can-I-Bus and fulfilled his legacy too, it’s a damn shame what happened to that guy.

So where does that leave Young Drake? Right now I see him and I'm reminded of Snoop when he was on "Deep Cover" with Dr. Dre. We knew he was nice as hell, but he wasn't anywhere near his peak. If you remember the “Deep Cover” video you’ll recall how uncomfortable Snoop looked in front of the camera and it was the same thing in the “Nuthin’ But a G-Thang” video. Actually it wasn’t until Doggystyle and the “Gin and Juice” clip that Snoop finally stepped into that star role, sealing his fate as a hip-hop great. The point being is that even for someone as legendary as Snoop, it took time. 50 said that Drake's buzz is nothing like his, but Fif isn’t exactly the most impartial dude. Maybe the tactics that Drake used to earn his buzz isn't the same, but fundamentally the hype is similar. Kobe isn't Jordan, but in 2009 he's the closet thing we've got and that's why they often get compared. So talking about Drake and a young 50 in the same breath makes sense to me.

Ultimately my point is this, I'm pretty excited about Drake, as we all should be. Maybe he ends up having a long-lasting, legendary and impactful career like Nas or maybe he ends up like Canibus, or maybe somewhere in between like AZ. Regardless of the outcome it's fun to watch. I'm just saying let's enjoy the moment for what it is, because it's not often we get to see a young star develop in this fashion. As for me, I'm sold; dude's buzz is so big that I'd probably buy a blank disc. Then of course I'd have to tear him to shreds in a blog once I realized I got got. – Rob The Music Ed