This drop is for grown ups so I advise the children, and those of you with childlike sensibilities to click, click away.

I just read a story on the internets that says Robert Sylvester Kelly is under investigation for statutory rape. Apparently he has been diddling a freshly minted 17 year old in his suburban Chicago compound. The rub is that in Illinois 17yrs old is no longer a minor, but apparently the 'aR.ra' has been digging this P.Y.T. out since before her latest bornday.

God bless him and shouts to superfreak Rick James.

What do you think this hot-2-trot teenage chick would be doing if she wasn't being schooled by the master? She might be having otherwise unprotected sex with some loser her own age. Trust me that this girl would be getting fuxed by someone. It is nearly impossible to suspend the biological needs of a woman to put something in her box. She's gotta have it (yes Spike Lee).

Everybody was making a fuss about the fact that Drakes Cakes and Lil' Wang are most prA'li hebephiles as well after viewing their performance[ll] on the 2009 B.E.T. awards. Despite the fact that Drakes Cakes is almost 35 yrs old and Wang turns 30 this year I think these fellas are the perfect candidates to teach 16 yrs olds that love don't live here anymore. The only thing that lives is the universe.

I have told you grownups before that the universe was unleashed from a black hole. None of us know where we go when we leave this planet, but we ALL know from where we came. I came from a black hole.

The black hole is all powerful, all encompassing and all good. Why don't we want someone like the Pied Piper [ll] to teach these young ladies how to work their black holes (all of them)? I personally am not offended by this man. He is doing what many fathers neglected to do and this is to teach their daughters their own majesty.

The black hole is crucial to the survival of humankind. Until the males start giving birth from their peeholes we will be dependent on the females of our species and their black holes to insure that we will continue to live on. Don't persecute Robert Sylvester unless you are man enough to be a hands-on father and show your daughter the power of her black hole.

black hole