Was Drake created by the TIs?

Until just now, the idea that Drake was some guy the TIs found in Central Casting and tried to turn into the new, improved Lil’ Wayne seemed a little bit too ridiculous for me to believe.

If they were gonna try to pull some shit like that, why would they use a guy who was on Degrassi Jr. High, or whatever it’s called now? Even in an age of Rick Ross, the middle aged, rotund, crab meats obsessed ex-prison guard becoming one of the most popular MCs, that seemed like a bit of a stretch.

It was only a matter of time before some douche found a picture of him as Wheelchair Jimmy and turned it into one of those Chamillionaire motivational posters, not to mention the footage of him getting shot in the first place, and god knows what else is out there. I’ve heard there was some footage of him talking to his grandma about how he wanted to become a rapper and then his grandma said something in ebonics.

They could have just as easily found some random-ass kid, who wasn’t on the Noggin Network, like J. Cole, this other light skinted ninja we’re supposed to like now. Then they wouldn’t have had to worry about white underground rapper and troofer rally attendee Diabolic calling him a studio gangster, and whatever else is in store for Drake.

Nah, this had to have been one of those bizarre facts of life I’m just gonna have to come to accept. Like Michael Jackson being dead. Or Lil Wayne being considered by many the greatest rapper alive. For all we know, Drake won’t even be the least credible rapper to become a star in this age of beta male rap, though I’m at a loss for how you could find anyone more suspect.

Then I saw that interview where 50 Cent said Drake is being pushed by the TIs, and I’m not sure what to think. (If only we could get him and some of these other rappers to start using the term TI.) Is it true what Fiddy said, that there’s no way Drake could become as popular as he is, with his song on the radio 15 times a day for three months (funk dat!), without leaving a baggy of coke on Funkmaster Flex’s desk, or however independent radio promotion works.

You’d think that Fiddy Cent, of all people, would know. He once famously flew some ridonkulous number of DJs out to Las Vegas and bought them all lap dances. I can’t remember if I wrote about it at the time, or if it was before I was blogging for this site, but it was after he was already pretty well-established. As a matter of fact, wasn’t the nominal boss of this site, “Hot” Carl Chery, once flown down to Brazil by Fiddy. You know what goes on down there.

Fiddy, if you’re reading this, holler at your boy. I could use some stank (nullus), and clearly you could use some PR help.

No but really, Fiddy got me to thinking that Drake probably is a creation of the tall Israelis. Otherwise, why would he even be considering signing with a major label. Of all people, he would be well-suited to make a shedload of money independently. Er, of all people who haven’t already built a career on a major label.

These music biz these days is full of stories of artists who realized they didn’t need the TIs anymore. Radiohead gave away their last album for free and made more money than they ever did when they were on Capitol. Trent Reznor has put out more albums in the past year or so than in the entire 20 years or however long he was on Interscope. He once famously made something ridonkulous like a million dollars in a day selling some shit he had lying around in his studio. And then you have artists like Madonna and Jay-Z receiving exorbitant sums to sign directly with concert promoters.

Of course, as one of the guys from Sonic Youth recently pointed out, you gotta already be big time in order to give your shit away for free and expect to make any real money from it. Hip-hop is full of people who give their music away for free all the time and don’t make shit. Take for example Charles Hamilton. He’s gonna need Jimmy Iovine to spread a little money around, if he’s ever gonna get on the radio. Drake, meanwhile, supposedly already managed to get on the radio, on the sheer basis of talent.

The TIs are supposedly willing to break the bank for Drake, offering him as much as $2 million, i.e. twice what Fiddy got. But how much is $2 million, really? Didn’t they give Papoose $1.5 million, part of which presumably went to pay for the leather coat he’s wearing on the flyer for his swagacation website? If I was Drake, and I really did somehow manage to become one of the most popular artists out right now without the help of a major label, I’d tell them to take that $2 million and shove it up their asses. I’d either demand way more money, or attempt to go it alone.

Then again, it’d take me 166.67 years to earn $2 million, so what do I know.

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  • davante

    to answer your last question…NOT SHIT!!!!!!

  • Pierzy

    I really don’t know what to make of Drake. He literally came out of nowhere and we’re being told that he’s the next great thing…

    Everybody else (including 50) at least built a buzz over time. It wasn’t based on one night on Hot 97 (ask Jay-Z after “Ether” dropped). I just don’t know…

    • http://samiswhoiam.tumblr.com Sam.I.Am

      I think the real question now would be if Drake can maintain this buzz. I mean, sure he put one song on the radio for a while, but he hasn’t proven any sort of longevity like Fif did with his slow-growing buzz.

      Of course any sort of explosive buzz is going to bring out some pretty big boasts (like “the next great thing”). But you don’t need an explosive buzz to make big boasts; Lil’ Wayne put out several CDs and countless mixtapes claiming he was the best rapper alive and now millions are saying it. Does that make it true?

  • Redd

    that best i ever had song gives me diabetes….

  • geico lizard

    Drake is jewish and had a bar mitzvah so I can see him getting the Asher Roth treatment from the record label and websites. He will outsell Asher by alot.



    good shit, Bol. i mean sure we have to credit his (future) ‘success’ somewhat to his ‘talent’. but other than that, i feel what 50 saying. he on the radio EVERYWHERE, TOO MUCH for me not to believe (jus a lil bit) that the TI’s are pushing him sum’ serious.

  • latino heat

    this was discussed in the comments yesterday. Drake is a label creation. there hoping he takes off so they can put out a bunch of clones and magically save the industry.
    he wants a deal because he wants the popularity. i’m guessing since he was a actor he has a little money saved up so i don’t think the money is that big of a motivation for him.
    on another note my girl bought tickets to a Lil Wayne concert yesterday at a venue that holds about 40,000 people. Drake and Young Jeezy are the opening acts. so Drake with no album and one song on the radio is already going to be performing in front of huge crowds before he even drops a album. and he’s going to be taking home a good chunk of change from that tour. so i really don’t think the money is a factor for him right now.

  • http://checktheblog.net reeg

    I wanna know how you’re gonna write an article and not even reference what TI means… smh at you fuckin goon ass blogger/writers. Get a goddamn education in literature before you do this shit.

    • RiZob

      EPIC FAIL….i suggest you re-read the article bruh….


      @ reeg: i used to think the same thing (wtf is a TI & a few other words on some of these blogs i dont be knowing wtf they mean). but, i never jus said wtf is a TI. just use your context clues… *wonders did YOU (reeg) get YOUR education* SMH…

      • kedordu

        ohh its pretty obv it means tall isreali . i mean cmon ..

    • OG Matt Herbz

      @ reeg

      And I used to wonder what the fuck SMH meant because I was never bitch enough to abbreviate anything. If I was shaking my head at a muthafucka on the blog, that I’d write that shit out one muthafuckin letter at a time: SHAKING MY HEAD. I must have ran a train on the cheerleading squad the day AFTER they taught that shit because for a long time, I was in the dark. Now I, like you, know the bizness.

      –Original Gangsta Matt Herbz–

    • El Tico Loco

      maybe you didn’t catch the word tall israelis in the article.

  • RiZob

    People need to be honest with themselves….Nobody knew of, or gave a fuck about Drake until Wayne put him on….I know he had mixtapes before Wayne, but nobody knew of them, nobody had heard of the other mixtapes B.W. (before Wayne)…..I know this is the internet and everybody on here hates Lil Wayne like he killed their father and raped their mother….but give credit where credit is due……this whole Drake buzz is because of wayne….Drake “really” had nothing to do with it…and thats real talk….whatever money he receives, he should give two-thirds to Wayne..

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Man I STILL don’t know what the fuck is good with Drake. I didn’t even know he was knocking boots with Wayne until I saw his Hyde Park interview–which is really about the only thing I’ve ever seen of him. I didn’t jump when XXL told me to jump. They try to shove this nigga down our throats, but I’m a wolf, mang…I don’t follow the herd, nahmean?! If Drake’s shit is hot, then it’ll coming beating down the block out the trunk of a ’65 Impala coupe on Daytons, not out of a bitch’s ’94 Hyundai Excel. That’s the criteria I’m looking for.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • Candy Fade

        you just killed every other fucking comment on here. ha ha ha

  • KQ

    Haha funniest drop in a while Bol.

  • giantstepp

    “Fiddy, if you’re reading this, holler at your boy. I could use some stank (nullus), and clearly you could use some PR help”

    This shit had me rolling Bol!

  • ryne rich

    white girls love drake.
    lil wayne is better then drake and drake owes it to him. i dont even listen to wayne anymore. nas new film shit is the stuff. drakes really rapping about nothing that ive heard i havent even checked out any of his mixtapes i just click random songs on websites and he doesnt say anything of revelance.
    2 mill? i think drake could say nah and then get fucked on it or watever happens in the buisness he will out sell roth even tho roth kinda better then this dude. what is a
    TI’s like the kings that run the labels or something ?

    also that white girl drake was with in that video ass is nice super duper nice


    “If Drake’s shit is hot, then it’ll coming beating down the block out the trunk of a ‘65 Impala coupe on Daytons, not out of a bitch’s ‘94 Hyundai Excel. That’s the criteria I’m looking for.”

    ^^ LMAO!!! i hear dat.

  • F*** Y’all

    I don’t get a couple of things about y’all. First, did any of you hear “So Far Gone”, and didn’t like it? Second, why the hell you keep saying out of nowhere??? If you measure all you favorite underground MC’s and XXL Freshman Cover guys with Drake’s timeline, they were all out at the same time. He’s always been there, just no one took it to that level until the Wayne co-sign. If Charles Hamilton had a similiar co-sign (minus the douchbagness and big hit) you would be saying the same about him. Drake put out the right music, at the right time, with good quality. He didn’t have to flood the internet with false buzz (C. Hamilton), get on a whiteboy stereotype (A. Roth), or get with a hot southern DJ (A. Hood). He put out a very quality mixtape album and used his connection to get people to hear it. “People fear what they don’t understand” – Nas.

    • Pierzy

      I listened to “So Far Gone” three times in its entirety on three separate days and I didn’t like it at all. That doesn’t make me a “hater” and anyone on here will tell you that I’m much more thoughtful than the average fan so it’s not like I didn’t understand it. I understood it completely…I just wasn’t feeling it…plain and simple. Just like there are books, movies, theories and even religions that other people like (or love) that I don’t agree with or like, this was a mixtape that I just didn’t like.

      But I’m simply one person and he’s got a buzz going, so it’s not like my opinion will slow him down at all.

      Just a difference of opinion, that’s all…

  • Master Cheef

    Due to the fact that Michael Jackson was 90% plastic, he’s gonna be melted down to legos so that kids can play with him for a change.

  • LOL

    What does TI’s mean?

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    y’all internet bithches betta clean ya goddamn ears out cuz’ y’all aint hearin sumin right!! DRAKE IS JEWISH! shit jus’ don’t fuckin happen for them mofo’s, every move is a calculated step you goddamn world of warcraft pussies! this nigga got peeps on the inside movin him in all the right directions and when they run the well dry it’s on to the next sucka. Think about it tho’ 1. The niggas related to some famous dradle maker
    2. He jus happens to get managed by since 1978 or whateva..3. He gets more radion spin than signed artist……..COME THE FUCK ON!! I know a ringer when I see one, dudes like the terminator of music he was bulit to come in and destroy some shit and to make the face of hip-hop look how these TI’s want it too. oh yeah and i’m sorry the nigga jsu’ ain’t that nice, he barely betta than any punk kid wit’ punchlines “I ain’t a ref but I can make yo’ pussy whistle”…. nigga shoot ya self in the mouth! right now! 50 knows who runnin this nigga he jus’ ain’t sayin right now, but believe me give it a good 6 months niggas’ll see his shit in the smocking gun talkin bout he’s so and so’s relative.

    • $ykotic

      Co-sign. I said that yesterday.

      “Word out is Drizzy is a relative to someone on the inside. An anonymous buzz? Sounds like a favor…”

  • capcobra

    “fans of these freshmen is about to get iffy while the youngin that you doubted is about to get bizzy”….successful is my shit…sorry….but drake aight…i got his mixtapes..he doing what everybody else doing..biting kanye n wayne..only difference is he’s a light skin actor from canada…lol.

  • Smel

    No one on this site is gonna mention Michael Jackson? Really?

    Off-topic. I apologize.

  • DV8

    the T.I.’s like Drake because he is safe (and because Lil Wayne told them to). He’s like Nick Cannon but even more corny. At this current point in time, he has no legal issues or criminal record and he was a star on a family friendly “sit-com” that only Canadiens know about. I tried to watch one episode but it was so boring I didnt last one segment before a commercial. So if it had some comedic spots in it, I sure as hell didnt find anything about Degrassi funny. Maybe you have to watch it high as **** off of some BC or something to get it.


    At this rate all this “buzz” drake got gone be gone by next month. He’s catching a lot of backlash simply for being liked. Its kinda fucked up. But on the cool, he been out for a minute!It’s not like he just dropped Best I Ever Had and was popping. He got a few tapes under his belt over the past couple years.

  • http://www.blogxilla.com gutta

    how can you hate on an artist and judge them if you havent listened to his body of work?(pause)and everyone knows that connectsions are 90% of the game anyway. would you rather drake or oj da juiceman ??

  • http://www.blogzilla.com gutta


  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Drake is just a manufactured product of the recyclable hip hop world we live in. He’s no different from most of these artists out here; getting paid to be somewhat entertaining.

    Personally, I don’t see the big deal, especially since if you’ve seen one rapper, you’ve seen them all. The only discernible difference between him & the rest is that he doesn’t have a lot of “optical illusions” making us think he’s better than he is. Drake is Drake.

    Those who don’t “feel” his music, rest assured he’s not rapping to us anyway, so I don’t feel bad about not owning any o his “albums”.


    fuck the TI’s

  • blackboy


    Will y’all PLEASE stop saying things like “he’s not hot” or “he’s not saying anything” or “he has no substance” if in the same breath you also say “I’ve never really listened to him” or “I’ve never heard of him until..”

    If you never listened to him or gave him a fair chance, you don’t have any opinion either way, so stop hating on everybody who’s loving his shit right now.

    I don’t buy the idea that the TI’s created this big conspiracy. I think they’re trying to play catch-up, because just like the rest of you, they were looking elsewhere and were totally ignoring an avenue that a potential artist could come from. This happens in the white world all the time. How many of us knew a thing about Twilight before that shit dropped on us?

    Also, stop saying he “came from nowhere” just cause YOU weren’t aware until now. This type of shit wasn’t meant for everybody. I guess I’m in the minority on this one being that I knew about him and his work since ’07 (and for the record he had a joint with Wayne on that one too, wayyy back then) with that “Comeback Season” mixtape.

    I thought he had flow, BEFORE I knew what dude looked like… cuz no one had heard of him then. I saw his picture on the cover on Google and said “no fucking way” but still gave him his props in spite of all that. The kid has something the Wayne co-sign just got him over the top, cause of who Wayne is right NOW.

    So can we PLEASE give this whole shit a rest already damn. I think we could all use a break.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Gee

    Great Post Bol: I have to admit. The shit I heard from Drake is alright. To me outside of the Young Money Co-Sign, he kinda sounds like a Carbon Copy of Little Wayne. He had an Interview where he was taking shots at Kardinal Offishial Toronto’s other Premier MC and Drake had mentioned the word NIGGER. Yeah not nigga but nigger and the way he said ads credence to what people are saying about the TI’s over at Interscope or Roc Nation or wherever he’s being pushed for his deal. Drake sounds like he’s a real loser in real life outside of the music. He even said himself “When I met Wayne, I didn’t think he was going to like me because I thought he thought I didn’t have swag.” Who says shit like that.

    • vhingrhamesonyomomma

      dick riders and drake, that’s about it.

    • render

      “When I met Wayne, I didn’t think he was going to like me because I thought he thought I didn’t have swag.”

      hahaha…you serious?

      damn son…I ain’t even gonna try defending that if its true

    • DV8

      “When I met Wayne, I didn’t think he was going to like me because I thought he thought I didn’t have swag.” Who says shit like that.

      Yeah I thought that was suspect when I read it myself. People have taken this whole swag bullshit too far. I hope this trend dies soon. Swag is to be seen not heard. If you have to mention your “swag” that means you dont have any.

      • $ykotic


        Cats got this dude Drake on general status and he ain’t even complete basic training.

        @ Gee

        Your comment is suspect because the website you gave goes back to xxlmag.com’s homepage.

        You don’t even have to use that field.

  • MoslyDoof


    Its from a Mos Def song peeps, jeez and you call yourself hip hop fans smh

  • charmcityking

    Honestly I think I was a part of the few people in the States that knew about Drake be4 he blew up recently. I first discovered dude when I was chillin’ ova my homeboy house and his girl was watchin’ “replacement girl” ft. trey songz on “on demand”. Anywayz I thought his flow was tight and started to search 4 more songs from him online. To make a long story short, I found mad mixtape tracks he had did and I was like, “Yo is nice az sh*t!” I feel he has a vast vocabulary, great punchlines, great story telling abilities..what more do u need as an emcee??? Maybe street cred???? Because honestly I think that’s a major reason a lot of people don’t take him serious. Some people have it in they mind that if u not hood u can’t be taken serious in the rap game. If anything I think its even more impressive that he doesn’t claim to be hood or try to be hood and still gets respect from some of the hoodest niccas I know because he “goes in” when he gets on the mic! And I’m from Bmore so i know some hood niccas, lol! If u have only heard “best I ever had” and u think that’s all this kid is about u have no idea! I suggest u check out the song “say whats real” and I gaurantee u will have a new respect 4 him! With that said, if u r solely a fan of “the struggles in the hood” then u probably won’t like Drake because he didn’t live that and unlike a lot of rappers he won’t pretend he lived that. But if your a fan of dope emcees no matter what the subject matter is you’ll like this kid.

  • Jerod

    Drake’s delivery is always the same. His wordplay; flawless. His delivery gets old as shit though.

  • Rx

    Nobody is signing with the labels anymore. For what? I mean niggaz is way behind on just not being on labels. Drake is them trying to play like everything is ok over here really. Hahah cmon man let’s be serious. All the corruption enough is to turn niggaz off. Jigga spending the whole budget for Kingdom Come. 50 putting Cam, the Lox, and Ja Rule music career on smash just because of personal beef. Of course you gonna go independent. But the problem now is too many niggaz independent, so not the same chips. But if you a Cam, Prodigy before jail, or Joe, sure you good, you can eat off the fact that you came out in the 90s. That don’t mean you a good mcee, but at least you got credibility and people know what they gonna get from you.

    Jay, Nas, Kanye, and Fiddy, they all sold out their credibility and trust of their brand for the stacks. So they not always gonna do big numbers unless big chips is spent reestablishing themselves with the public. Its like oh this is the new Jay-Z now or what new dumb catch phrase is Nas gonna use for his album. Or what fashion statement is Ye gonna do on this one. Or how many people is 50 gonna murder on this album or what new mcees is he gonna do WWE with. These niggaz might as well go into politics cause they not making music anymore.

    So we got a situation where niggaz like Joey Crack, Jim Jones, and Camron got more money and cash flow than Jay-Z. They out on the streets blowing stacks like everyday is xmas. Meanwhile, Nas chips is from like 2002 maybe. He got old stale, funny money.

    It ain’t like Crack and them are the shit either though, just the cash flow coming in smoother. Without the name, they wouldn’t be able to cake. They just pimped the labels and left. Good, but they still getting pimped by they boys and all the bitches of course.

  • Mastawise

    In the mainstream we need some MC like Busta Rhymes, Iike the 2004-2007 Kanye west, We need folks that has more love for the music then their Image or money, We need more wu tangs, and Dangerdooms, and Ghostfacekillas.

    Hip hop is ran by the ITs(Tall israleis)which means it is now ran in a corporate office not In the hood,and not in the underground clubs…..Hop hip is dead…RIP

  • Casey Jones

    Yo I think Kim Gordan said that, not technically one of the guys. Also the last Sonic Youth album blows. Christ have you seen any of their performances on network TV? They inherited all of that MJ zombieness fucking highlander style.

  • Avenger XL

    Short Answer YES!

    This dude is nothing but a clone of a bad imitaion. He has nice wordplay from time to time but he seldom changes up and the whole rap and pop thing he is on kills it for me(i.e. rhyming and singing to beats the back street boys may have rocked). There is no real substance with this kid and yet he gets exposure like this with a mixtapes and a song. Really?? Plus he is getting radio spins which you can’t even get on a major scale without direct TI command.

  • Send Bars

    “If you have to mention your “swag” that means you dont have any.”

    Preach on brotha, that ish should be in the Bible.

  • Bodega Burglar

    Drake don’t speak to my struggle, he speaks to 14 lil MTV white girls…
    The dude said “Niggers” in that one interview, what real hip hop nigga you know says “niggas” as “niggers”?
    I respect the work but he’s got Jew money behind him, and that ain’t hip hop…

  • DoomZTown C’z^^^

    This Nigga Drake, Is Another Gimmick Cooked Up By Somebodey BigTime,NoT CashMoney, I Mean PowerFull, And He Aint Rep T.Dot At All, This Nigga Was Gettin Tutored On Set While Filming A T.V. Show about School. Never Ran With A Crew, Never Put In Any Work, Plus His Rhymes Are Wack And His Flow Is Hot Garbage. Kardinal Offishall Run The Dot, Black Jays Is The Movement