So effin' amazing is the only description that comes to my mind to describe the Roots picnic here in Philadelphia this weekend. I can't even run off all the acts that blessed the two stages inside of the venue, but I will try to give credit to all of those that made the event the best concert I have ever been to. The show was so epic that I have to place it above the twentieth anniversary of the Mothership Connection which was held in Central Park and featured GEORGE CLINTON, BOOTSY COLLINS, BERNIE WORRELL, Parliament, Funkadelic, Parlet, De La Soul, Q-Tip and I was high off a mushroom button.

Yeah, it was THAT good.

My homeys TERRENCE and TAHIR made the trek from BK with their lovely ladies as well. So even though I was with Chocolate Snowflake I managed to still dip off and get my mind right. Shouts to OKayPlayer who has held me down at all the Roots Jam Sessions at the Highline Ballroom. Through those folks I was introduced to the people from 215 Magazine who rep Philly all day every way. 215 Mag got me the media credentials.

*Internets, press credentials kick ass. Writing is one of the worst paying jobs in the history of bad paying jobs, but every now and again you get a press credential and the world of craft services is at your fingertips. You will need the free food to power you through the entire day. Cargo pants are for stuffing cold cuts in the pockets.*

The Roots opened the entire concert with a mini-set. How sick are these dudes that they even open up for... THEMSELVES?!?

I've never seen Santigold before and she fucking rocks.

asher roth

Asher Roth was pretty good also. Quiet as its kept, but this was the first time I saw Asher Roth perform live. Asher had the West Chester cargo shorts mob riding with him hardbody through his whole set.

Son went for his in a LARRY BIRD jersey and a pair of flip-flops. I had to laugh at that. Asher keeps his stoner steez on 100.


Plain Pat what up?

Kid Cudi brought the heat for his set also. Literally and figuratively. He was rocking a pair of black Air Yeezys.

I fux with that track off the Man On The Moon mixtape 'Is There Any Love'. That shit is a banger. The 'Day N Nite' OG track and the Crookers remix had everyone bouncing.

No shots because Asher Roth is my dude, but Cudi's set was tighter [ll]. They both had the right energy though. I'm gonna catch them again when their tour blows through my town. Going on the road for a stretch should get their stage weight up.

asher roth

Amanda Diva is pretty and smart. She should do something in the music industry. Amanda, can I haz ur potato salad?

Antibalas is this jazzy, soulful, worldbeat, almost orchestra. I don't want to tell you that they rock because what they do is deeper than rock. Antibalas rocks though with guitars, horns, percussion and this insane African dude out front.


I missed the Black Keys because I took a deuce in the Port-a-potties. Hard fucking body. When I came out of the toilet DJ Cash Money was doing a Wu-Tang tribute. I dare you to say that you don't get batshit crazy when 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya' comes on over the speakers. That track is the most official license to ill.

Public Enemy, backed by the Roots and Antibalas performed their album 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'. Two words... Str8 insanity.


The Roots picnic is a tremendous bellwether for so many things. Asher Roth, Kid Cudi, and Santigold are that next-next shit. I think all three of them will be in the business of making music for a good long time.

The Roots picnic also gave me a chance to see Philadelphia again in a new and different light. That city is once again rebuilding itself with a signature sound played by musicians who have dedicated their lives to their craft.

Why haven't you seen the Roots perform live? What do you have against Hip-Hop? As usual, white people have to save Hip-Hop for the rest of the people that don't truly believe in Black superheroes.