The state’s theory of the case was that Max conspired with this woman Gina Conway and his step brother Kevin Leerdam to commit a robbery... It was our contention and it was our defense in the case that a) Gina Conway was a liar – which I think we held to be true through the course of the trial – but more importantly, if anything, the only thing that had been planned was a burglary and that Max had no knowledge that a gun or anything of that sort would be used.”

-Gerald M. Saluti,

Forget "Max B Needs to Fire His Lawyer". Gerald Zebrahead Saluti needs to be disbarred.

In the original Twitter Was The Case, I point out how Saluti used Twitter to harm his client. Coincidentally, Saluti removed his Twitter account after 9 out of a possible 11 guilty verdicts came down yesterday. Needless to say, this de-twittification is much too little and far too late.

If only Saluti--who is supposedly competent legal counsel--had his head out of his own ass long enough to sniff at decency and tact, he might have been able to establish reasonable doubt for his client. The whole scorned lover Lifetime movie shit might have actually played. Maybe Saluti could have become the Hip-Hop Cochran he sees in the mirror. Instead, he ended up going full-Jackie Chiles. Now that Max B awaits sentencing behind bars, Saluti must think he can afford to be extra sloppy.

With an appeal in mind, Saluti even implying that Max B may have organized the botched robbery that left someone dead is a huge mistake. An even greater mistake is thinking that anyone, XXL readers included, would believe that his client organized said botched robbery--that left someone dead, you know--without knowledge of a weapon being involved.

Better to just leave that shit out of your XXL shine time, no? People work their entire careers to get written up here. At least shout out the Fuck Gina Conway Mixtape with your 15 minutes, brohammond.

Shit, that Fuck Gina Conway Mixtape is probably the reason Saluti flushed his Twitter account this morning.

I still hope the best for Max B. Unfortunately, at this point "the best" means keeping this Saluti character the fuck away from his appellate procedure... if even possible, but that's another set of tweets altogether.

Isn't it now, Criminal Lawyer/Hip-Hop Manager?

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