Max B: Twitter Was The Case 2

The state’s theory of the case was that Max conspired with this woman Gina Conway and his step brother Kevin Leerdam to commit a robbery… It was our contention and it was our defense in the case that a) Gina Conway was a liar – which I think we held to be true through the course of the trial – but more importantly, if anything, the only thing that had been planned was a burglary and that Max had no knowledge that a gun or anything of that sort would be used.”

-Gerald M. Saluti,

Forget “Max B Needs to Fire His Lawyer”. Gerald Zebrahead Saluti needs to be disbarred.

In the original Twitter Was The Case, I point out how Saluti used Twitter to harm his client. Coincidentally, Saluti removed his Twitter account after 9 out of a possible 11 guilty verdicts came down yesterday. Needless to say, this de-twittification is much too little and far too late.

If only Saluti–who is supposedly competent legal counsel–had his head out of his own ass long enough to sniff at decency and tact, he might have been able to establish reasonable doubt for his client. The whole scorned lover Lifetime movie shit might have actually played. Maybe Saluti could have become the Hip-Hop Cochran he sees in the mirror. Instead, he ended up going full-Jackie Chiles. Now that Max B awaits sentencing behind bars, Saluti must think he can afford to be extra sloppy.

With an appeal in mind, Saluti even implying that Max B may have organized the botched robbery that left someone dead is a huge mistake. An even greater mistake is thinking that anyone, XXL readers included, would believe that his client organized said botched robbery–that left someone dead, you know–without knowledge of a weapon being involved.

Better to just leave that shit out of your XXL shine time, no? People work their entire careers to get written up here. At least shout out the Fuck Gina Conway Mixtape with your 15 minutes, brohammond.

Shit, that Fuck Gina Conway Mixtape is probably the reason Saluti flushed his Twitter account this morning.

I still hope the best for Max B. Unfortunately, at this point “the best” means keeping this Saluti character the fuck away from his appellate procedure… if even possible, but that’s another set of tweets altogether.

Isn’t it now, Criminal Lawyer/Hip-Hop Manager?

Questions? Comments? Requests? Not a single iota of this shit is wavy.

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  • $ykotic


    • geico lizard

      This lawyer was like a spoof on SNL I couldnt believe he was a real person. Anybody who hires this guy now must love jail.

  • $ykotic

    Mexx I’m rolling with you on this one. You called it when we weren’t even thinking about it. Even after listening to “Resident Evil” yesterday I caught the one on how Max kinda knew he was going back in.

    But his mouthpiece played him. And Max’ money probably is not long enough for all the appeals. Sad sh*t real talk.


    But again this dude “Slut-tuti” parlayed Max’ “fame” for future clients.

  • EmCDL

    Damn! I was so close to being first! LOL Commission!

  • $ykotic

    And again Max didn’t help himself cooning on Worldstar and wildin’ @ shows.

    N*ggas need knowledge. Money will come if you do the one…

  • anutha_level

    “scandalous bitches, makes for happy feds…that’s why i make it my duty to cuss’em out, cuz i just don’t trust’em” -ice cube

    sums up everything…nigga lost as soon as he got wit that lame-ass brawd

  • yeah man

    lawyers, jewellers, politicians, ceos been using hip-hop and hip-hop niggas since sugar hill gang started getting commercial radio spins (and if we look at Black music historically…oh boy) but you dumb ass niggas keep bigging up jacob the jeweller and waving you louis rags…fubu might look mad played now and kani might be too bright, but that was the right idea…after y’all stop snitiching you need to work on stop being impressed by every rich dude in a suit who acts like he’s down. damn.

  • Tony Grand$

    Lol @ Jackie Chiles. Cats know they fux with “Seinfeld”….

    This is another case o the Dolla situation. Dudes with a somewhat bright future (as opposed to definitely dim) allowing themselves to still get trapped by the nonsense they represent.

    There was some point where Max could’ve been like “Nah, I’m bout to go & do something else”. Cats have to realize that we live &/or die by decisions we make. Ripples travel.

    I don’t blame “snitchin’”, broads, or the lawyer. Max, rather, Charly is a grown man & nobody forced his hand.

    Maybe this way, his kids will set higher goals in life than to settle for hustling however.

    His lawyers an idiot though. Shows what kind of doe he was working with.

    • chitchat

      c/s Tony and yeah man.

      This isht is Max’s fault for tryna do robberies with hookers and being easily impressed by fugazu lawyers. Not every white man in a suit is a competent lawyer. He shoulda got with Murray Richman


    WTF was he thinking??? all dat wavy shit got to his head. guess he thought his kind of bread could actually fight sum shit like dis. nigga is not whoever he think he is. (worldstar doesnt exactly make you known to the world) i knew he was DONE 1)when i found out he was involved in a murder 2)when his “lame-ass brawd” turned on him for a lighter sentence. How could u even involve a female in sum shit like dat??? he employs the Worlds Dumbest Lawyer…like??? SMH. What More Can I Saaaay? (dats my shit 4real though)

  • latino heat

    Wack B. is one of those dudes that’s so stupid it’s hard to feel bad for. dude let his mouth and ignorant actions get him were he is now.

  • tree




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      • Tony Grand$


      • $ykotic


    • Aandunno

      Fuck outta here with that. MAx B’ll put more heat than you EVER will WaCK Ass nukka.

      fuck ur Link.


    man ron,

    the shit you put in this blog is too real for the “nigga please” section! WHY THE FUCK DID MAX HIRE THIS GUY? you’re facin life and you get this clown? UNBELIEVABLE! this guy really should be disbarred, all jokes aside. before he started tweeting, he was on worldstar with max! i was like, why does this lawyer care what niggas on worldstar think? maybe he wants to be a rapper!

  • Worley

    Posting a half assed entry all late at night: Negro Please.

  • 80′s Baby

    i guess cam’ron was wrong. crime dosen’t pay…for negroes

    anyway…you can’t blame his lawyer. Max’s case wasn’t a winner from the getty go. let’s all stop acting like max wasn’t guilty dog.

    let this be a lesson thugs and thuggets…murder is bad for buisness…welcome to the trap.

    • Braille

      do you mean trap like jail or prison or do you mean trap like hustling and robbing just curious

      • 80′s Baby

        the “real” trap


        doing ANYTHING to get that money

    • Ron Mexico

      80s baby,

      i hear exactly what you’re saying about the case not being a winner. it all looks bad. but the point of all of this max b blogging is that his lawyer was far from helpful. his self-serving publicity stunts took away from the case. saluti didn’t do the due diligence. max pays for it. that’s a hard thing to watch.

      if max did it, he should be in prison. sure. but my problem is that saluti was instrumental in preventing max from getting a fair trial. obviously, i’m more on the ACLU and legal aid side of things.

      • El Tico Loco

        In other words he shoulda worked on beating the case before trying to attract more “high profile cases”, basically he shoulda worked the case to get more work.

        • 80′s Baby

          duly noted.

  • al wazir

    Max B is the perfect example of why NY niggas stay losing! He was a certified dick rider. From riding the 5 to claiming Byrd Gang. This is why NYC lost rap. You niggas made the trends now you want to follow what ever is hot. That’s a bad look for the Mecca of Hip Hop. My family is in Harlem and Max B has always been a dirtball. Let this be a lessonn to all the youngs out there,when you are fighting for your freedom concentrate on beating the case not rapping and smoking weed

  • Namaste

    LOVE ME,

    HATE ME,


    what a wonderful quote!!!!!!

    Shanti Shanti Shanti Hai


  • MonstaDon

    If he would have won the case, getting clients would not have been an issue.

    It was a shitty case. Fucked up the way it turned out.


  • Mike Game

    Im pretty sure theres public defenders who work better than this guy. I wonder if he got his start representing Chi Ali, maybe C Murder needs a lwayer. But I dont even really feel bad for Max B., I mean its obvious he was guilty, but rappers never learn. Theres just some shit you dont do once you get that foot in the door, and robbin mofos is one of those things.

  • Mary Woods

    Really great article. Honestly..