I was beefing with Lupe before it was all trendy

I checked Twitter just now, to see what my favorite pr0n stars had for breakfast, and I see my good friend and former colleague eskay is pissed about having to take down an mp3 of a song by Lupe Fiasco.

This isn’t the first time some shit like this has happened, and I know I’ve written about it before. There’s been maybe a few occasions where the TIs put the kibosh on leaked joints by T.I., and eskay threw a bitchfit, as if people wouldn’t cop Paper Trail, if they couldn’t get all of the singles for free from Nah Right. Then it went on to become maybe the best-selling rap album of last year, other Tha Carter III.

Last year, I did a post for this site in which I basically said that eskay’s a salty bootlegger. No Boutros. It’s not so much that he doesn’t help promote artists. It’s just that the artists he does help promote aren’t worth a shit. (Keep in mind, this was before Asleep in the Bread Aisle.) And the ones that are I’m sure could do without him giving away their singles for free. This is probably part of the reason the two of us aren’t getting as well at present.

But it’s true.

If I ran one of these sites where I’m only bootlegging people’s shit day in and day out, I wouldn’t have any such delusions, but you guys know I derive my sense of self-worth (or lack thereof) the old fashioned way: based on how skinny a broad I can score with. Fuck the dumb shit.

Lupe is on the same label as T.I., but obviously he isn’t as high on the list of priorities. Whereas the T.I. takedown notice came from someone at the label, Lupe just had one of his weed carriers email eskay, as well as the guy from Fake Shore Drive, and maybe a few other people. Who knows. You guys know I try not to mess around with too many of these hip-hop blogs.

And so now eskay is pissed that his site was singled out for removal. The song is out there now. You can probably still find it on any number of other budget Nah Right-type sites. The easiest way to find it might be to go down Vibe’s list of the top 50 hip-hop blogs, starting at the top, until you find it. I know number 10, RapPravda, which may not have been launched when Vibe put together the list, still has a streaming version. That’s where I heard it.

In case you’re wondering, it kinda sounds like that song “Superstar,” but more of a clusterfuck. It’s got that same Canadian guy singing the chorus. It’s got more of a live rock, which I don’t generally care for, and of course there’s copious use of autotune, which I thought Jay-Z just killed. Whoever did the post for RapPravda didn’t care for it either. (Sometimes Master Splinter’s wealth of knowledge and experience doesn’t always shine through. And by sometimes, I mean never. Perhaps if there were more words.)

I wonder if the rest of the album is even more of a nightmare, and he was counting on this song being the big hit – this album’s “Superstar,” if you will. Otherwise, why would he give a shit if people have a listen a bit early? Maybe he knows he’s headed for a huge, embarassing failure, and that’s why he’s all testy. No fishsticks.

In a post on Lupe stan blog The LupEND, Lupe claims someone hacked into his email and leaked this new song. Just like when Asher Roth was kicking it with nappy headed hoes. Or that time we all got to look inside Cassie. Lupe says he suspected it was someone in his camp, but I guess they convinced him it was a haX0r. Let me guess, his weed carriers are growing increasingly concerned with the bullshit he’s been coming up with, and they leaked some of it to embarrass him into coming up with something relatively normal, lest they struggle to feed their many children – like that guy Prolyfic. Or who knows. Maybe it was a haX0r. Lupe, for his part, claims this will be the best received album of his career.

And eskay should take solace in knowing that Nah Right is one of the two sites, along with The LupEND, that Lupe is considering when he does plan to leak something. Hopefully, eskay doesn’t hold any grudge over today’s events and tell Lupe to go fuck himself. Because you know paying to have your shit posted there isn’t an option…

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  • Pierzy

    Yeah, Bol, you were ahead of the curve on the Lupe hate…no lies.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Pierzy, my dude? How’s school coming along?

      So, Lupe is overhyped to me. & obviously to himself if he doesn’t think that a “leaked” song won’t help him out. I don’t hear too many Lupe references amidst all the Drake/J. Cole talk.

      Maybe he’s just in a bad mood because of that. Homotional.

      I never got why a low to mid priority artist gets mad @ that kind of thing.

      Ooooooh, free publicity. Silly me.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Pierzy, my dude? How’s school coming along?

      So, Lupe is overhyped to me. & obviously to himself if he doesn’t think that a “leaked” song won’t help him out. I don’t hear too many Lupe references amidst all the Drake/J. Cole talk.

      Maybe he’s just in a bad mood because of that. Homotional.

      I never got why a low to mid priority artist gets mad @ that kind of thing.

      Ooooooh, free publicity. Silly me……

      • BIGNAT

        man lupe is acting like a fucking diva he barely drops material. he should be happy his stuff is out there. i like the first leak of his first album. that shit was fucking classic then after all the push backs and leaks. he drops something that was weak in comparison to the other stuff. lupe want some respect drop some versus on somebody elses shit from time to time. let your fans know you alive. shit take us back to that older material when you was rapping like a gangsta rapper or something. i know lupe worked with kanye before but of all the things to take away from making music with the man. why take his massive ego?

      • Pierzy

        What’s poppin’ Grand$?? Still grinding?

        School’s good, my dude. Appreciate the question – halfway through the summer and then just my final practicum [thesis] in the fall and I’ll have my MBA. Crazy. In between peepin’ new hot (and wack) shit on here, I’ve actually been searching for new jobs while at the office…not the smartest of moves, I know. We’ll see. Good looks though.

        As far as Lupe, I like him but I think I would enjoy his music much more if everyone didn’t feel the need to tell me how amazing it is. Maybe it’s still the power of Jay – once he called dude a “genius” his hype went into another orbit. Peeps were just like, “Oh, Jay said it, it MUST be true.” Kinda like how back in ’99, dudes were talking themselves into liking Drag-On because he was with X and Double-R.

        • $ykotic

          Good ass point P. That’s why I will not buy into this Drake hype.

          People don’t really realize Jay’s co-signs are curses(e.g. Bleek).

          I don’t understand Lupe’s motives or his moves. But he’s assassinating his own character.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          Man, back then I REALLY wanted to believe Drag-on could be some hotness, too…..


          He’s career sure didn’t dra-nah, too easy.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com hempstead

    Yea man its the decade of the cornballs. You know that kids that ran around h.s fighting and getting in trouble all the time are almost all gone. But the only guys whos left to run the streets is ones that no one gave to shits abt,are the ones blogging writting a whole bunch of shyt that really doesnt make any sense to someone who would smack the shit out of a blogger <now did make sense BOL LOL

  • Braille

    yeah…I didn’t really like the cool and to me your biased on the drop…but hey if I didn’t like a nigga then I would try to punch holes in his credibility too…but Lupe shouldn’t (or Atlantic) trip over the song leaking on eskay’s site but the songs everywhere else on the net…so with that said Ima see what the hoopla is about on this shong shining down…maybe the song will explain why lu has that nappy ass hair doo right now…

    I was calm this time

  • Around and Around

    Dam you still angry b/c Lupe called you a “bitch ass nigga”??

    “Words:Lupe Fiasco

    Got your attention?…Great…XXL offered me one of their weekly guest blogger spots…I get three entries so I felt it would only be right for my first entry if I got a little something off my chest about shock critics who go out of their way to bring a black cloud over someone’s life work…i.e. this bitch ass nigga Byron Crawford who just so happens to have a soapbox on here as well…

    I remember when my album leaked online a few months back and I made a statment about how was a lil twisted up about it on Okayplayer.com and it got spread around the internet from there…it really had me a lil off ’cause whether people outside the industry wanna believe it or not, a leak can spell the end of your career, but as we all see that wasn’t the case…but what threw me off even more was that this nigga put out a blog like I did it myself to get a buzz going on the internet…then wrote the statment to get sympathy from people…I was like, This nigga really love speaking out his ass with extra ignorance on the side….”

  • Azhar

    I kinda think the song is a throwaway. It sounds like Fighters off of The Cool cd… Nothin extra special

  • Arcey

    The song is OK (after I hearing it like 2-3 times) but Byron why are you slingin’ shit at other blogs? YOU AIN’T MORE SPECIAL BECAUSE YOU EXPOSE YOUR ASSHOLE/OPINIONS (like you know, everybody got one)

    I’ma give you props for having Combat Jack start his bloggin’ on your shit but besides that, nothing special there. Despite your writing style dude you come off sounding like a nigga full of himself

    Eskay, YN, Lupe, Sara Jay – anybody I’m forgetting? The Commission, help me out

  • T

    The is not Lupes best song but im sure the rest of the cd will be fire….Lupe one of the best if not the best doin it right now

  • OG Matt Herbz

    The only part of this blog that I’m going to comment on is the mistitled “Measurement of a Man” by how skinny a chick he can score.

    That, my friends, is a world standard.

    I have a picture hanging in my office that was taken on a 2002 trip to Costa Rica. It’s me standing on a beach shore appearing to be holding my left arm out around some empty space. But, nah, there’s a female in that photo. Her name was Elena. Thing is, she was standing at a funny angle, so she doesn’t even show up, but believe me, she’s real, dogg.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Lmao @ Herbz……..

      That ranks up there with the dude selling his CD that you robbed.

  • Clevezirm

    I am still unsure how you get paid to write whiny, bitchy columns like this. Also, pretty sure if you listened to Lupe’s song, that after the short auto-tune use, the next line begins “If I auto-tuned this” and then he goes to speak on why auto tune has ruined some of the hip-hop game. But I guess you don’t actually listen to the music you are covering. I could do your job a hundred times better and not be an ignorant asshole that the hip-hop community hates. People are unemployed and you just make up these retarded columns because eskay has his own site and you sit at a computer judging songs after ten seconds of listening. What a joke.

  • DazzOne

    Hating on Lupe? Maybe Lupe should look at it as free promo. Havn’t heard it yet, but he should just stay…cool.

  • http://thepiratebay.org/user/MaxProfit Max Profit

    It worries me a little bit with Lupe holding on to his song(s) so tight.
    Lupe is a great rapper if people heard his 1st single then why don’t he just make another one!
    Ya can’t put all your faith into one song – He should just move on.

    • nellz

      because the song isn’t done. He’s probably tight with what happened to Food & Liquor, where he re-made a bunch of those songs.

  • Dr Flav

    Lol, brilliant!

  • lupe jr.

    lupe is the best!!!! HE IS LIKE NAS AND EMINEM IN THEIR PRIMES COMBINED!!! I’m not just making this up. Listen to his music, he’s got the lyricism of nas and the multis and assonance rhyming that eminem has. He’s on his third cd and not falling off like those dudes did. lupe=goat!!!

  • REAL

    The early version already dropped like a month ago and now that the real version is out Lupe doesn’t want people to hear it.Isn’t the point of a singel to promote the album and get everybody to listen to it.I like Lupe but this just makes him look like a bitch.Of course his songs are gonna get leaked it’s like that with ALL RAPPERS IT’S NOT JUST LUPE.

    HERE IS MY PAGE http://www.youtube.com/THELUPEND

  • mj

    lupe happens to be one of the coolest cats out there.

    one of the most talented too.

  • jmc

    how come nobody talks about Bol’s humor in here?

    -Hopefully, eskay doesn’t hold any grudge over today’s events and tell Lupe to go fuck himself. Because you know paying to have your shit posted there isn’t an option…

    THAT’S HILARIOUS!!!,if you remember what happened with eskay and Bol a couple months ago over Asher Roth.LOL

  • Eth

    woww lupe is one of the best out there . and for u to say he sucks then i dont know why the fuck im reading your blog man …

  • Liya

    i’m wondering about the Bol guy…how can u hate lupe so much..maybe u really love him and he dissed u and it hurt too much