I Need A Late Pass…

I’ve been trying to do a better job at listening to up-and-coming artists in the past year or so, but I always seem to fall behind some way.

I bumped into Donnie Goines (what up homie?) roughly two weeks ago and I was telling him how I’ve yet to listen to The Breakfast Club in its entirety. I usually upload new music onto my iTunes and drag them on the iPod as soon as I get it. I listen to most of my music while riding the train or cleaning the crib. And while my apartment isn’t too nice to be rap-free like Kanye, I usually stick to more mellow stuff when dusting.

In any event, in addition to The Breakfast Club, there are several recent CDs I’ve yet to hear in their entirety. I mean, this Eminem album grew on me, but I’m only at like the fifth listen so you get the picture. I still need to get to Big Sean’s new mixtape, finish Cam’ron’s Crime Pays, finish UGK’s UGK 4 Life and Nicki Minaj’s Beam Me Up Scotty, among others.

But I need a serious late pass on Blu & Exile’s Below The Heavens, which I’m bumping as I’m writing this entry right now. I’ve heard a good amount of music from Blu and some joints off Below The Heavens, but until now, I hadn’t taken the time to give it the headphone listen it deserves, which is kinda crazy considering I’m digging Blu’s music. I may be late on something else, but off the top, that’s pretty much it.

What about you guys? Have you earned any late passes?

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  • Trinidad

    Yea I had a late pass on the blu and exile ish that cd is really dope im looking forward to more from him. He a real throwback MC

    • http://www.myspace.com/murkman1 murkman

      murkman,is da south,a breath of fresh air. a hustlaz confession comin soon

  • Bobo D

    Blueprint 2 the gift & curse, but you can’t blame me.

  • Pierzy

    I was late on Wale’s “The Mixtape About Nothing” but I’ve since made up for it by keeping it on Play in the iPod

  • yoprince

    boy oh boy was this a pointless blog entry

  • Worley

    Don’t bother finishing that UGK. It ain’t as good as the last one.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn, I need a late pass, too.

    I just got put on to Big L.

    I can’t believe I never heard this shit before.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • http://thepiratebay.org/user/MaxProfit Max Profit

      Big L put Harlem back on the map!
      He was part of the DITC crew with Lord Finess/ Diammond D/ Showbiz & AG/ Fat Joe/ O.C.
      He got discoverd by Finess rapping over an Oits Redding song in a record store.
      A Punch Line King!!!
      He Got shot in some kinda mix up – His brother had the beef.
      Now You know homie!

    • $ykotic

      Herbz I can’t believe that coming from you.

      • OG Matt Herbz

        Now you know how humble I am, coming here before you all and admitting this. I know and love Hip Hop, but I’m by no means an encyclopedia. I’m a down-South dude at core, I’m sure there’s still a lot of NY rap I’m not up on–give me a week though, and I’ll have this Big L cat memorized, believe that. R.I.P.

        • oskamadison

          At least you have the decency to acknowledge the dude and do the research. You gets dap.

    • Dub Sac

      I didn’t get up on L until last year, so don’t feel too bad.

  • geico lizard

    I havent heard all of “Life After Death”. I dont think about it when Im in the record store and I dont want to break the law by illegally downloading it.

    • $ykotic

      No. I can’t believe that G.

    • http://www.myspace.com/onemanprod oneman Beats

      LIFE AFTER DEATH. i bought that years later because there was too much hype on that album. i wanted to wait til i didnt hear people praising that album anymore then listen to it with my own ears. Yep that album was a Great album. love the story tellin

      • O

        WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! I’m speechless….

  • someonw

    Blu and Exile is dope big dope, also Rick Ross is dope


  • hate

    matt herbz your a faggot if you talk all this real hip-hop shit an you just heard about big l. some of your comments have had me laughin but your bout to get your g pass revoked for that type of ignorance.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      And you’re a faggot for calling a nigga a faggot because he wasn’t put on to shit back when you were. Unless you actually knew dude and were at all his concerts and shook his hand and congratulated the nigga at his album release party and picked up an original copy the day it was released, then you too were late. Don’t front, nigga.

      Tell me how the fuck an Atlanta nigga like myself is going to hear about a Harlem nigga like Big L if not by word of mouth. Then, tell me how the fuck the word’s gonna get spread when you’re too busy sucking a nigga’s dick to actually kick knowledge.

      And unless you ever saw me front like I know Big L’s lyrics or history or some shit, you ain’t got nothing to call me out for. Plus, my White Nigga Movement Membership Card gets me in to where I wanna fit in–fuck a G-Pass.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      I don’t mean to snap on you niggaz, but there’s a right way and a fag way to put someone on to shit. Big ups to the dude that let me hear his Big L CD, and a bowl of nut-up to “Hate”

      • $ykotic

        Herbz you know it’s nothing but luv coming from me. I would never down a dude for not knowing. Knowledge is infinite.

        See if you can get your hands on some of the Children of the Corn stuff with L, Cam, and Mase on it.

        • OG Matt Herbz

          Good lookin’, $yk. I’m a do that.

      • *BLOCK*


  • $ykotic

    The UGK jumpoff. Been blasting Em/Cam/Blackout!2.

    And Kissanova. My girl pretty much housed that one.

    Can’t find AZ over here.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Every TI album.

    Never gotten all the way through any of them, for whatever reason.

    NaS Untitled

    Wanted to sit back & enjoy it but, No Dice.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it’s not that easy to go front to back with a CD nowadays.

    • $ykotic

      Grand$ where you @? Vaca?

      “If it’s worth anything, Robert Louis Stevenson is my executive publisher. Shouts out to his mom.”

      LOL woooooooo


      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        Whadup $yk!

        Nah, real talk, if you want to know where I’ve been, read the “Courage” drop. Right before that one.

        My dude. Good looks infinite……..

        • $ykotic

          You know I caught that one. Figured ya’ll rented a villa somewhere secluded…

          My little man’s B-day just passed(10 acting like 25) so I’m all partied out. But he helped the old man bag 2 chicks. I’m amazed on how he sounds just like my brother. But his little ass has super game.

          I’ve got a problem on my hands.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          Happy belated to him.

          Yeah, it’s a handful. I tell my boy all the time, “if I wasn’t with your Mom, you’d get me sooooo many broads.”

          & he just laughs.

          Oh well, I’ll just live vicariously through the skills he’ll have.

    • latino heat

      the only two T.I. albums worth listening to front to back are Trap Music and Urban Legend imo. and even a few cuts on U.L. you can skip through.

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Damn I’m late with a lot of the early 90s rap and so forth; I ain’t gonna front, when I was younger my mom wouldn’t let me listen to any rap whatsoever so since I turned 18, I’ve been tryna catch up since then. right now I’m tryna get up on De La Soul and Slum Village, and whatever else catches my eye at the record store.

      @ Tony Grand$

      Yo I listened to that Blackout!2 album….I mean gotdamn dawg! That shit is BO-NAN-NAS! Its been on rotation since I first heard it yesterday.

  • Ali

    I am the late pass king lol….I only been listenin to rap since 99, and im only 20 yrs old lol…………..i only acquired for a taste for REAL RAP about 2005-2006, before that i just bumped whatever the radio played and downloaded…..the only thing about my 1999 taste for rap thats still the same is 2pac is tha shit lol……….anyway my biggest late pass has to go to The Roots….I bought Rising Down and thats the 1st time i heard em and i loved em….i have yet to check out their old shit tho

  • capcobra

    i could see not being up on all the newest shit but when ppl don’t know big l..the early roots and life after death then it’s a problem.

  • oskamadison

    Any of the Young Jeezy joints. I was also late on Joell Ortiz. I used to be a triple black belt backpacker that had new shit memorized before dudes was even up on it. I guess that’s the price I pay for having a life…

  • El Tico Loco

    I never finished any chopped and screwed albums because they were slow. LOL!!(shit was corny).

    I’m gonna be late on Drake he hasn’t anything to impress me (sorry XXL), ironically Kanye’s albums after Late Registration will have to be played for me in an airplane in midflight because for me the person plays a part on what I listen to or buy, and that’s the ultimate douchebag, I got a late pass on Necro (he on some shit that makes Eminem blush).

    Actually if you ain’t up on something it takes a guest appearance on somebody u fuck with album to peak your curiosity so is not the end of the world the game just happens to be cluttered.

  • yoprince

    i just got put on to hulu.com

    they got all the episodes of arrested development on there.

    i’m well into season 2.

  • $ykotic

    OTS(Off The Subject)

    Staff go holler @ MC Lyte. She’s got 2 fire ass songs right now. Talk to the legend!

    She’s the only female MC out right now doing it! This way you can build about how retarded her cuzzo(Charlie Ham) be acting!

    Ya’ll need to hire your boy $yk! I just want Smiley’s gear hook up! :D

    • El Tico Loco

      Who knows you might get more hits too!

    • El Tico Loco

      You might even get more comments than Smiley tell em dat!

      • $ykotic


        You know they’re laughing!

  • DJ Postman

    Late on “Life After Death”?! That is practically blasphemous! How can you even listen to hip-hop and not know “Life After Death”? The music that is coming out these days (OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, Fast Lane Yungstaz, the “Stanky Leg” people, and all of the Dip-Set cronies besides Juelz and Jim) is disgusting. It is worth using this time while waiting for “The Blueprint 3″ to drop to go back and check out legends like KRS-One, AZ, OutKast, Big L, and most importantly, The Notorious B.I.G.


    Wow man my list looks the exact same except that I listened to that Em album to death (I was a stan back in the day)

  • latino heat

    i’m not late on any classics. i worked at a record store for over 3 years so i stole all of those. lmfao! i’m really out of touch with the newer stuff though, like the entire XXL freshmen top 10. i haven’t heard shit from any of them. can somebody suggest a quick crib notes version of essential newer stuff i should check out?

  • brand-new

    @ tony grand$: if you get to listen through one t.i. album, listen to king, my fav south album of all time, u won’t be dissapointed.

  • brand-new

    i need my late pass for grouphome. my boy at work put me on to livin’ proff just a few months ago. don’t know how i missed it.

    • $ykotic

      I gotta holla @ you for that one.

      All you missed was an album of Premier heat that Malachi and Dap had no verses for.

      And I still bump that album to this day. Scratchy ass CD and all.

      “Baby pa” and “Realness” are my faves.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      @ brand new

      So, with all that TI being shoved down my throat [||] last year, I figured maybe I missed something special about his music. My cousin had all of the albums, so I tried to listen, become one with the phenomenon (lol).

      About half way through each one, I was ready to see what the next was saying. I guess I never really gave one a shot because I switched CD’s so quick.

      Aight, “King” it is.

      As for Group Home, man, that was the shit! Heads nowadays would most likely laugh @ it, but when it dropped those many, many years ago, it stayed in rotation. I still dust it off @ least once a month.

      • yoprince

        NOOOOOOO!!! Trap Muzik or Urban Legend first. Definitely!!

        KING is cool, but anybody who knows their TIP will tell you Trap Muzik or Urban Legend.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          See, y’all about to put me right back into the same confusion I got myself in.

          I’m just going to peep him out [||] one by one. Maybe he’ll make a new fan……

          *shakes head with doubt*


          (any album u can think of from these guys) outkast, M&M, pac, jay (except blak album & a.gangster – my SHITS!)
          but wow, i done bumped every T.I. album til i knew em front & back, not cuz im his biggest fan. im a big fan of southern hip hop, & dat shit jus speaks to a young nigga like me, feel me. gutta beatz, lyrics, flow, delivery, all dat shit. & im sayin dis 2 er’one of ya’ll T.I.’s first album I’m Serious, was just that, SERIOUS go listen. nigga been coming hard. track 1-18, i cannot skip them shits. dats been my fav. album since 8th grade, & i turned 21 last week. shit is timeless to me, im a be 40 still bumpin dat bitch.

        • http://www.myspace.com/Lyrik07 L-Y, NawfWestSide

          I’m serious is one of the worst albums i have in my collection. Whut makes it more trash is you have a kat of superior Lyrikal ability coming out with an album that reakz of feesis. I don’t so much remember the overall content but i’m sure it wuz about trappin’ and hoez. The only joint that bump iz “Still ain’t 4gave Myself”, now that joint iz classic. If “I’m serious” wuz filled with jointz of that caliber then it could easily compete with “Trap Muzik”. His “King” album wuz sub-par also. The rest of his albums were good – to – very nice. Overall tyte collection, its just sad that “I’m Serious” wuz so beneath the rest of his albums as far as overall quality is concerned. Not to shyt on the cd that raised you, b.u.t. it iz whut it iz – Free T.I.P. – Screwston, Texas, nucca – FrontLine -


          its all good bro. i can feel where u comin from. but i still love da shit out dat cd. still aint forgave myself – true classic. but like i said, southern hip hop speaks to me. so be it mediocre or banging i can feel it one way or another.

  • brand-new

    @ $yk , yeah it started with me and my boy talkin about the best preemo beats and then he asked if i heard of livin’ proof, the rest is history, lol

    • $ykotic

      The ill part of it is that it’s f*cking expensive! Haven’t seen it for less than $18(not the price haters/clowns/idiots out there. The principle). Don’t know how u got yours and I damn sure don’t know how I’ma replace mine!

      Enjoy! It’ll teach you how to tone out a rapper while checking for the beats! 100

  • brand-new

    @ tony grand$, yeah t.i was shoved down all our throats for a minute! finally one day i had to see what the fuss was all about so i copped the king album and was really suprised.

  • brand-new

    @ tony grand$, yeah t.i was shoved down all down all our throats for a minute,lol, butt finally one day i had to see what the fuss was all about so i copped the king album and was really suprised

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      @ brand-new

      Also, for those Primo tracks, check out Jeru da Damaja “The Sun Rises In The East”.

  • hiphop since whenever

    i dont ned a late pass i need a doctors excuse on most the stuff you named and every guccimane/soulja boy/oj juiceman(when soulja boy turns off his swag and steps inside the booth does he turn into gucci mane on some clar kent/superman stuff?seriously are they the same person)young money artist except wayne and jae millz,and nicki,the entire def jam roster if they were signed after 2005,and every new artist after 2006.thanks.

  • http://danjlovesthe90s.wordpress.com DANJ!

    I still gotta hear that new UGK… been takin’ a hot minute with that.

  • where is Hip Hop

    Both of Wale’s mixtape…i heard the mixtape bout nuthin first and didn’t even kno he had one b4 that one!

  • http://xxl ryan

    i just got put on pete rock & cl smooth a few months ago n been bumpin their shit ever since then. how in the hell is biggie credited 4 best flow when cl flows perfectly on every dam track. cl smooth best flow i ever heard ever.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      @ ryan

      Dude, CL is so slept on & overlooked it’s ridiculous. Dude killed it in the early-mid 90′s. He never gets metioned when cats talk about the Hall-of-Famers. Even the most recent track I heard of his, he hasn’t lost a step.

      It’s pretty rare, but their first album “Mecca & the Soul Brother”, an EP, was bananas. But all the PR & CL albums are good. I still bang them shits. Everyone just remembers “T.R.O.Y.”, but them dudes had songs for days.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77


    give me my late pass for “illmatic”! give me that shit! i didnt listen to it in its entirety until about five years ago, doing dishes in my damn kitchen, washing baby bottles and shit, and the fucking album just hit me…

    • tyson mike

      wow hold up wtf.

  • http://www.whatwasdone.com/ what was done

    Here is some kind of life after death:

  • HERM

    The first track on Below the Heavens is my joint! But, the album I’ve been sleeping on is the new Jada’. I know, I know, I’ll get it real soon. I’ve been pumping Relapse, Crime Pays, Blackout! 2 and The UN’s UN or U Out (an underground classic).

  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    Actually I havent listened to the DRAKE, or the Kanye (808′s) yet. Im really not sold on this Drake kid, who’s flow resemble that of the latter, & the whole singing shit….. **MOP SHOUT** How about some hardcore!!

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Blu & Exile’s “Below The Heavens” is a masterpiece. Top 3 favorite albums of all time.

    • tyson mike

      completly agree that album is still getting constant plays on my ipod.

  • tyson mike

    Belowe the heavens is a classic i cant believe you havnt given it a good listen wow. you gotta check out kid kartel aka west kartel, hes unsighned and doing hes thing, its eazy to tell by hes music that hes a hungry artist, give him a look.

  • http://powertoserve.info/www.xxlmag.com/ www.xxlmag.com

    I need a late pass.. Nice :)

  • brand-new

    yeah i was late on illmatic too. it dropped when i was only 11 years old. when nas dropped it was written, it was when i started loving hip hop. i got it was written, loved it, then backtracked and got illmatic, and it’s still my all time favorite album.