Five signs that Drake might be the next Asher Roth

I had to go a little bit deep with this one, no Boutros, so I’ll spare you any further ado. The following is a list of five signs that Drake might be the next Asher Roth.

1) Nothing about him suggests hip-hop.

Asher Roth is a white guy from suburban Pennsylvania who discovered hip-hop with Jay-Z’s Vol. 2 album and probably never went back to listen to Reasonable Doubt. As many a critic has pointed out, he seems altogether unconcerned with proving he has any street cred, which makes him way different than the vast majority of white rappers to come before him. One of the clowns who writes about rap music for the New York Times even went so far as to say that he’s the first rapper to rap about living in the suburbs. Meanwhile, I read a few weeks ago that Drake was actually a child actor on motherfucking Degrassi Street. He couldn’t front about being from the (real) street if he wanted to. It’s only a matter of time until someone pulls up that footage. That is, unlike Lyor Cohen had it all destroyed. What’s more, his character was wheelchair bound, which means he was probably the only character on the show who wasn’t fucking. You know how they do on Degrassi Street. Unless he was like that guy from Combat Jack’s Dick on Wheels videos.

2) He’s cosigned by people with questionable credibility.

In retrospect, I should have known Asher Roth was a joke when he came into the game backed by Don Cannon and Akon, but Jay-Z, who – lest we forget – once released an album by Amil, didn’t want anything to do with him. Drake, on the other hand, is somehow affiliated with Lil’ Wayne. I keep hearing him referred to as Lil’ Wayne’s artist, but I’m at a loss for how the TIs from several other labels can be offering him deals, if he’s signed with Lil’ Wayne. It could be that Lil’ Wayne was too high to get him to sign with Cash Money a few weeks ago, when no one had ever heard of him, and now the price done went up. At any rate, I’m at a loss for how a cosign by Lil’ Wayne of all people has become a valuable selling point for a new MC, let alone an apparent Midas touch. It makes me wonder if I can’t ply him with cough syrup and get my own Young Money chain.

3) The TIs can’t give him enough money, even though no one ever heard of him.

People were already kinda poised to hate on Asher Roth, when he somehow managed to go from utter obscurity to having an album on the shelf at Best Buy in the space of less than a year. Meanwhile, Charles Hamilton is stuck putting out umpteen free albums and mixtapes that no one even bothers downloading anymore. Even if Asleep in the Bread Aisle was good, like an Eminem album, people probably would have felt a little bit weird about. Just like with Eminem. Speaking of Eminem, it was a big deal when Fiddy Cent signed to Aftermath for a cool million dollars back in 2003, when people were still buying rap albums. I guess, for what it’s worth, the last Lil’ Wayne album sold a million copies, and no one sounds more like Lil’ Wayne than Drake. Still, $2 million seems like a bit much. For that much money, they could find as many 10 semi-literate kids on the streets of New Orleans, give ‘em $200,000 each, and feed ‘em a shedload of cough syrup. They could probably even get away with giving them $20,000 each. You’ve seen what New Orleans looks like.

4) He’s vaguely Jewish.

I keep reading that Asher Roth is a Jew, but I read an interview once where someone asked him if he’s a Jew, and he said he wasn’t. What gives? He could be one of these Jews that likes to insist that he isn’t a Jew. Like the King of All Blacks, I grew up around a lot of Jews, so I know how this shit works. Because they’re Jewish, a lot of Jews are too smart to believe in religion anyway. Plus, a lot of Jewish guys can’t stand Jewish women (black men should be so lucky), and pretending to not be Jewish is a good way to avoid being stuck having to deal with that. Already, I’m seeing a lot of Jews, like the guys from The Real, celebrating the fact that Drake is a Jew, but I’ve yet to hear Drake speak on the matter himself. I know he’s rumored to have banged a number of black chicks, though that may have just been for PR purposes. Someone should get him to speak on his beliefs, as well as whether or not he harbors any right wing views with regard to US foreign policy, if only for the potential lulz.

5) He may or may not be a racist.

I’d have to consult with Harry Allen as to whether or not someone who’s half-Jewish (like Howard Stern) who deigns to pursue a career in rap is automatically suspect, but I’d say the fact that he supposedly used to date a video ho is already problematic. Word on the street is that he used to date Bria Myles, one of these girls from the Eye Candy section who’s built like a brick shithouse, but then he left her for Rihanna. A few thoughts: 1) According to the world’s most accurate encyclopedia, Drake was raised in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Canada. I can only imagine what the girls there look like. What does a guy like him need with some video ho? Could it be that he has some sort of R. Crumb-like fixation with women with huge asses? And now that he’s taken up with Rihanna, you’d have to think he’s part of the ongoing campaign to gradually wean her off black men, which began with guys like Wilmer Valderrama and Shia Labeouf. Her fans might reject the idea of her getting with a full-on white guy. Which is why she started out with an hispanic and a Jew. The fact that he’s a rapper gives him a bit of an ethnic flavor, no fishsticks, but the fact that he’s part-Jew assures her fans that he won’t lay hands on her. And you’d have to think: if Drake is willing to submit to such cynical, race based PR science, who knows how he really feels about black people? Have we seen him with a chain on yet? Don’t let me find out he’s overly concerned with the state of the motherland.

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  • Dinho

    shit’s disgusting

  • Pierzy

    Is it possible he could sell as few copies as Asher?


    • geico lizard

      “Anything is possible”-KG

    • Do you and I’ll…….

      It doesnt even matter what you haters think. People are going to download his sh!t regardless wich means sooner than later you will too. He’s making money while ya’ll working at mc donalds fliping burgers for just over enough money to buy a xxl magazine. He stunts for him not you FU(K YOU

    • lee_nicklz

      People are crazy on this website. Drake is a hell of a MC. Not only does he have the support of a Multi-Platinum artist (Lil Wayne)he has super producers…Kanye directed his video for Best I Ever Had. And he will be on the 1st single off the BLUEPRINT 3…Jay-Z and Nas supports, who’s bigger than Musically???? Drake a beast.

  • vhingrhamesonyomomma

    drizzy is cool but no lie after one listen of “so far gone’ I gave that shit to my daughter. He’s like a less corny nick cannon with the rhyme but it ain’t for grown-up feel me? I dunno every song seem like it should have been on a brittany spears compilation or some shit.I’m not saying he whack but he’ s more justin timberlake then den Just-ice ya know? either way if he is a hymey he’ll keep them numbers straight regardless.

  • Epinz

    The label itself is gunna buy over 70k of his shit when it drops! He supposedly signed to atlantic. I thnk he’s gunna do numbers, its about the quality and the reception it gets from us when it drops and we think its trash.

    • Pierzy

      What up dude…I thought SRC would’ve bought 100K of Ash’s album and they didn’t. He still hasn’t hit that number…

  • Braille

    This is genius….we’ll see if he got what it takes (II) pause

  • live1ne

    Drake ain’t black?

  • sealsaa

    “For that much money, they could find as many 10 semi-literate kids on the streets of New Orleans, give ‘em $200,000 each, and feed ‘em a shedload of cough syrup. They could probably even get away with giving them $20,000 each. You’ve seen what New Orleans looks like.”


    Bol, you’re the Stephen Hawking of the music industry, minus the robot voice and wheel chair.

    I’m willing to bet that this is how No Limit was created, but for a hell of alot less than $20,000

    • *BLOCK*


  • Epinz

    He’ll b str8 as long as he dnt got no pierzy hate campaign goin against em,lol!!

  • Enlightened

    And what’s up with that same publicity picture they keep using with the old school trench coat with the collars turned up like he a muthafuckin private eye in a 1940′s movie or something?

    • Pierzy

      Drake a/k/a Humphrey Bogart?

      • Enlightened


  • $ykotic

    Another day of jocking this dude huh?

    Giving this dude free promo but not one staffer can review AZ’ album.

    • Detroit P

      LMAOOOOOOOOOO…’s the review: same as his last one.

      Now move on.

      Why do you need them to post a review anyway, just download it and listen to it and see if you like it, stop waiting to be told something is good…nobody’s checking for Nas, let alone AZ.

      I’m sorry but your comment is so unintentionally funny…you mad?

      • $ykotic

        Actually I’m not mad @ all. Ain’t nothing wrong with hearing other people’s opinions. The world is huge.

        But just because you’re not checking for them homie doesn’t mean other people aren’t.

        But I thank you for adoring my comment.


        • Worley

          I’m definitely checking for Nas and AZ. Those dudes will slay 95% of the cRappers in the game. And I’m talking about lyrics not that sales bullsh*t.

        • DetroitDraper

          Yea I dont know whats up with Detroit P but I own Nas and AZ’s whole catalogues. Really when I hear a person make comments like that toward Nas it makes me question their intelligence. Nas is the greatest artist next to Pac. Who has a better catalogue? No one. Who creates music not for sales but actual artistic expression? Nas. That last album Untitled was great.

        • Detroit P

          Who has a better catalogue? No one.
          Lol and MY intelligence is in question…rather than my taste even…Jay-Z’s catalogue is better then Nas’, I didn’t even think that was an argument…and when I say “nobody”, I’m not talking about hardcore fans..I mean “nobody” as in people who care about rappers that are relevant Now…and you sound foolish…if Nas didn’t create music for sales he would just release it for free download over the internet, you don’t think he knows about the internet?

        • DetroitDraper

          Honestly I really dont feel like typing a long response to that comment but I’m sure its plenty of people who know exactly what I meant by questioning peoples intelligence who says Nas’s music is weak. Seriously Nas’s music speaks to a more learned demographic of people…..

        • DetroitDraper

          Plus u cosignin’ Drake? SMH SMH….I wouldnt even expect a person who cosigns Drake to understand Nas or AZ’s music go listen to some damn Nelly or some other bs

        • Detroit P

          Understand Nas’ music?…you need to understand that nas has never been concerned with music as a whole…he’s only ever cared about hearing himself talk…he has some ill shit in his catalog and your argument that because I like one kind of artist, I can’t like the other kind of artist, is assinine to say the least

          My only point is it is 2009…nas is no longer relevant in HipHop. I think Jay-Z is the GOAT..but he is musically not relavant anymore…they both seem to have passed the point where they are adding anything new or fresh to the culture…their period in that position is over..get over it…and AZ is just a Nas spinoff, he’s never been relevant…although Jay-Z might surprise me with Blueprint 3, I kinda doubt it tho

        • squadwildin

          Detroit P put together a nice argument. I believe Nas is concerned with sales but he still makes an effort to say everything he wants to say. Untitled was supposed to be the most controversial album in a 5 year span. But like Detroit P said, no one was checking for it. Which is a shame. He should have released “Fried Chicken” as a single. I’m sure the crackers would have eaten that one up. He might have sold more

        • DetroitDraper

          Yea that was a decent argument but no he’s been in the game forever just like Jay what more can he say? But in actuality Nas’s untitled proved he still had it. I cant lie that Hip Hop is Dead album was a big disappointment and I really didnt know what to think after that but Untitled was the ish. Yea AZ had a cosign from Nas but many rappers have cosigns AZ just never made it big time but that doesnt stop the fact that he has good material. @Squadwildin I dont really think “Fried Chicken” would have been a good single. I think his singles were pretty good choices they just didnt catch on.

  • dark vanilla

    Love this blog. Roth and Drake are both jokes.

  • Epinz

    What it is homie? I feel u on that! Check out the big pooh review, left a comment u’ll understand and appreciate on it!!

  • murK

    I hope drake sells, because the hate on dude is amazing on here.

    • Detroit P

      Co-sign…its disturbing

  • Arcey

    It’s fucked up that the bloggers here are the ones talkin’ ’bout Drake on a daily basis, lol!!! y’all niggas is crazy!

    • General


  • Enlightened

    Just found a clip of him on Degrassi. The search “Drake Degrassi” turns up nothing. I guess most of us are too silly to realize that’s not his real name. Stumbled on Aubrey Graham and that’s him. He’s not in the wheelchair either – he says something about a miracle of medicine.

    Also, why the fuck can nobody in that show act. The two little clips I saw had some of the worst acting I’ve seen since “Baller Blockin.”

    Here it is:

  • Detroit P

    I read a few weeks ago that Drake was actually a child actor on motherfucking Degrassi Street. He couldn’t front about being from the (real) street if he wanted to. It’s only a matter of time until someone pulls up that footage.
    What do you mean?..the episodes still run…I saw Drake in an episode 2 weeks ago…and they’re running a marathon of all the seasons this whole summer.



    • Bill

      The fact you even know that is disturbing.

      • Detroit P

        Why?…Degrassi is actually a good show…I never used to watch it when it first came out…but i just got that AT&T u-verse cable, so i was flipin thru stuff and it was on..I watched like 5 episodes..Imma watch it again too…And?

  • Capt. Obvious

    People Don’t Care About Street Cred Anymore. *see rick ross* Bottom line- Drake will sell because he’s POPULAR! Point Blank. His Female Fanbase is undeniable! Kids in general praise this nigga! He’ll Definately sell more than asher roth BUT, i dont think he’ll become like the NEXT JAY-Z, hell not even the next KANYE WEST….Scientifically that’s just not possible. *nota hater just honest*

  • Epinz

    @detroit p
    That they type of shit that’s gunna help him sell records. Bet u they promote that shit durin every commercial break!plus, he don’t talke that street shit to make that an issue. He embraces that shit!

    • Detroit P

      Yea I agree. Synergy at it’s finest, can’t be mad at that…they would be dumb not to.

  • Epinz

    @detroit p
    Thats the type of shit that’s gunna help him sell records. Bet u they promote that shit durin every commercial break!plus, he don’t talke that street shit to make that an issue. He embraces that shit!

  • Epinz

    @detroit p
    Thats the type of shit that’s gunna help him sell records. Bet u they promote that shit durin every commercial break!plus, he don’t talke that street shit to make that an issue. He embraces that shit!!

  • El Tico Loco

    $2 mill, that’s a lot of money to recoup. I hope he doesn’t do Bread Aisle numbers.

    • LB

      Man, what’s wild is that I ain’t seen the dude that much outside of XXL! Big ups to y’all for tryin to stir up the buzz.

  • amazingandrea

    Drake has spoken about his Jewish-ness in an interview backstage at his recent NY performance, he talked about having his Bar Mitzvah and wearing a yammukah. His mom is jewish from canada, and his dad is black from memphis.

    as far as his skills, u are right street cred is not the name of the game anymore. he’s never claimed to be from the streets! he’s smarter than that. too many ppl know where he came from for him to even try to mention anything crazy in his rhymes. the only comparison he has with asher is the buzz.

  • ATI

    6) XXL bloggers feel the need to write endless columns about the guy.

    • LB

      Yes, please put that out there. Whoever the guy’s publisher or manager is, has done a great job.

  • abdulnasir

    I’m not excited about Drake either, even though I haven’t heard shit from him. I hate when the media (read: internet) go crazy over an artist that doesn’t seem to have some sort of real cred and by real cred,i don’t mean “street” cred. That shit is played out. What I mean is we seem to jump on whoever is the next “hot” thing…pause. Although I have to say, 4 some reason I liked Asher Roth from the get-go and dude is half Jewish.

  • Fury

    Damn… this article is terrible… u actually WORK for XXL? Seriously u get paid for this? This post had no real merit? Did u have a deadline to meet and just slapped some random shit together or was this really the fruit of thoughtful research and analysis? when I saw this link on twitter Im thinking ok this outta be interesting… didn’t realize I’d just be wasting my time reading the ramblings of a hatin ass caste system minded racist. who gives a flyin fuck where hes from and whether or not he part this of half that. Dude is nice lyrically and melodically. Maybe he doesnt talk about religion cause hes not religous. Maybe he doesnt wear chains cause hes not a chain type of dude. Maybe he dates Rihanna cause she’s a bad bitch! Maybe you’re tryin to find something to hate on cause…. you’re a hater. Hi Hater / Bye Hater.

  • heheHAhoheeteheewhoowhooHA

    Thanx for lettin me know the new AZ album is out. It had slipped under my radar.

  • thatruf

    This was some of the most pointless ignorant rambling shit I’ve read in a while. None of this shit is valid. Everybody knew bout Degrassi a long time ago, no one gives a fuck. Racist? Come on. Nigga find some relevant shit to write about. And actually do some real research.

  • niggaplease

    Its not Degrassi Street its “Degrassi High”. And that’s only news to you, no offense. That’s been old information since he started getting overhyped last summer/fall.

  • RealTalkLA

    This is one of the most uneducated and ignorant articles/blogs ive ever read in my life. And is a perfect example why blogs and internet articles have NO credibility what so ever.

    Shameful .

    And so to be in Hip Hop and rap you have to have street credibility and come from the gutter and be uneducated? Not to mention teh “Racist” idea…makes whoever wrote this look more racist and streotypically prejudice than the artist. That is IF the reasoning made sense at all.

  • jjp

    canada got fine chicks dun

  • Federal Ranga

    Damn, looks like XXL magazine is starting to wise the fuck up… Maybe this is a pre-hop-of-this-guy’s-nutsack-move just in case he bombs… Smart move bracing yourselves… One foot in/one foot out.

    And is it me? Or has coming here everyday at least ONCE gotten me more hits on my Myspace page? I mean, I ether yawka and next thing I know my page views jump 200 in a day… ??? new videos up…

    Which reminds me… Tony Grand$, El Tico Loco, Federal Ranga = Slaughterhouse of XXL Comments

    • Pierzy

      You left out a few names…

      • Sleepy Wonder

        Yea He Forgot About Paris And…That’s Pretty Much It, No?
        LOL Just Messing Witchu P.

      • DetroitDraper

        I concur

        • $ykotic

          Ya’ll know he means the rhyme sayer delegation of The Commission.

        • Pierzy

          @Sleepy – Ha. Touche’

          @$yk & Co. – What up y’all??

        • DetroitDraper

          I guess Ims have o start postin em up…Ima have to Louie V. vs. Rick Ross some niggas on here lol

    • General

      “Which reminds me… Tony Grand$, El Tico Loco, Federal Ranga = Slaughterhouse of XXL Comments”

      ***”We’re mighty full of ourselves all of the suuden aren’t we”-TI***

  • Teddy

    boi ur a hater drakes ill if you dont think so and thinks his commercial and not hip hop i suggest you listen to his previous mixtapes come back season and room for improvement before all ur hating

  • LoccD

    The Asher Roth bashing is a little stale. His album is the best album to come out in the past year. That may not say much about the industry right now but what are you going to do. We only have what the artists put out.

    Chances are, if you disrespect this cat, you haven’t heard his album and the other tracks he has released. You likely base it simply on one party track/single that you hear on the radio. Meanwhile his production is very good, his lyrics are surprisingly well crafted and it’s refreshing to hear someone come out of the hip-hop world who actually has something to say about the world we’re all living in.

  • SouthsideChi773

    …I feel sorry for these kids,I grew up reciting verses by Biggie,Common and Snoop…I am not a hater but I do not see what is so great about this guy…I guess Hip Hop is being maternally lead,just like the Black Community…Thanks Hip Hop for the memories.

  • JZirm

    5 Reasons this blog is retarded.

    1. Aren’t bloggers supposed to be up to date on current events? You just found out Drake was on Degrassi? I am pretty sure that was all anyone talked about when Drake first came out. You have never heard Drake say he is Jewish? Peter Rosenberg did an interview with him last week asking him that very question, and he said yes. Glad to see you are up to date with your information.

    2. Drake isn’t co-signed by anyone with credibility? Really? I like how you say, “Jay-Z wouldn’t fuck with Asher Roth.” Drake has been in the studio with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Pharrel. But he must be awful.

    3. Why should street cred matter? So we can hear more rappers lie about their lives? How many more Rick Rosses do we need to hear? Oh no, a rapper spitting real shit that hasn’t been in a gun fight or sold drugs. Heaven forbid.

    4.No one has really heard of Drake? Do you like, go out and keep your ears to the street? All of my friends, especially females, know who Drake is. Drake has the most buzz of any rapper out right now. That’s why labels are throwing money at him, because “Best I Ever Had” is blowing up the radio, and he is selling out shows without an album out.

    5. I don’t even need a fifth reason. This is one of the weakest attempts to hate on someone I have ever seen. Asher Roth can’t rap. Drake can actually spit. I thought this was a hip-hop blog. But maybe not.

  • regal hustle

    was this review filled with sarcasm that i just missed or really this one sided?

    for all the talk of people really wanting hip-hop to be brought back, and the sly little diss to wayne it seems very funny to me that the two rappers mentioned throughout this article are probably the only two with credibility in the game right now.

    no street cred, although for all the e-thugs this might be a problem. they dont claim shit other than who they are and their skills. if more people in hip-hop did this we might not have so many cd’s selling under 1 mill. lord knows other genres are still killing it.

    But bol you write what you want. i dont care where you from or whether your half caste ass is really black or an under cover racist jew see to me what matters is the content of your work, which after this piece of utter bullshit has been found very much lacking

  • Joe Vict

    Street cred this and street cred that. That is overrated as hell. I feel if the music industry wants to get some equity, the need to learn how to develop artists. Let them be who they are. The nigga nice. If u come from the hood r da surburbs,u still should have the chance to be sucessfull. That don’t stop athletes, doctors, politicians, or etc. from doing what they are destined to do. The problem is ignorance. Honestly you don’t have to like him, but it seems to me hiphop have all types of branches. TO ALL THE HATERS. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hip_Hop_Head

    Anybody who is affiliated with Bishop Brigante is a joke to me.

  • EJ

    This article is so ridiculous, it’s not even funny. All of your reasoning is skewed. You’re saying that him living in an ‘exclusive neighborhood’ makes him racist and, hence the next Asher Roth? That makes no sense. And just because someone doesn’t come from the background you or I come from, it doesn’t mean that they suck. It means that they’re DIFFERENT. I don’t understand all of the hate on dude. If you had half a brain, you would listen to dude’s previous mixtapes instead of judging him off of his most recent, and probably weakest mixtape. What makes me laugh about some of you cats is that you hate on blogs and new artists that come out through blogs, yet your on this or that site every day, commenting and hating on something you give rise to. Drake is nice, regardless of his background. It takes more than hearing something over the radio to see that.

  • E.B.M

    This writer is a retard. Everyone knows he was Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi, and its no big deal.

    Meanwhile, XXL helps the machine facilitate the “Gangsta” or “Thug” image by bashing on someone who choses not to follow that image. SMDH. That’s why I don’t read XXL.

  • newyawka631

    And is it me? Or has coming here everyday at least ONCE gotten me more hits on my Myspace page? I mean, I ether yawka and next thing I know my page views jump 200 in a day… ???


    • General

      What is the link for your diss track? Just wanted to check it out so I can register my own opinion

      • $ykotic

        blog: For my XXL comrades…

  • solo

    if read this writers posts and he seems to be pretty negative.

  • That Guy

    Eh, personally I think Drake is okay. Just okay. Will I buy his album? No. Listen? Yes.

    Btw, what happened to OG Matt Herbz?

  • BigL914

    Drake is half black and half Jewish and had a bar mitzvah. He has addressed this fact in multiple interviews. do your homework byron.

  • El Tico Loco

    Bol there’s a 6th sign that Drake’s the next Asher Roth, HE’S ALL OVER MUTHAFUKKIN XXL!! in way or another, geez

    • General

      Truest shit you ever wrote….


    Ummmm, who the fuck is Drake?… [*turns on "Illmatic"*]

  • kiron

    Asher has sold over 200k copies so far and over 1.4 million singles. THe kid showed up on the scene with his first mixtape less then a year ago. THat is CRAZY! Stop hating on him. Album hasnt even been out for 2 months and its sick. He is a huge success. I think drake will be too. Girls love dude

  • Federal Ranga

    @ Pierzy
    Listen to $yk… Heh heh…

    @ yawka
    Didn’t we have this conversation already and I guess we have to shorten the battle shit if we wanna keep it here

    @ General
    Full of ourselves… you got me, but you DID see the last battles, didn’t you?

    @ back at yawka…
    Hiding? No offense, but the only person I have seen for almost a week now IS Paris which reminds me…

    @ Paris
    NIGGA WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT? Somebody’s going to steal your boombox and start turning shit the fuck up for you after a while, my dude.

  • Yung P.

    All the haters are DUMB! Drake is hot and because you guys never heard of him before wayne doesnt mean that he wasnt shit cuz actually his music without wayne is hotter than with wayne
    and to think that hes not hot lyrically is juss stupid he has so many metaphors that are juss insane yall need to listen juss a lil better drake is gonna blow up and asher roth is tight too but drake is gonna sell way more copies!

  • you

    it sounds like you’re a racist you faggot mother fucker blogger – you’re a damn critic- the scum of the earth.

  • haha

    All you old heads reading and writing these blogs need to realize your time has passed. Go cut your lawn or something and stop listening to rap music. This music is for your kids. Drake and Asher are the new school. I don’t know what is worse…Being a hater…or Being a washed up old ass hater.

  • Detroit Baller

    Bols a fucking idiot the last Wayne album sold 3 mill not one and he’s a fucking rap blogger and he hasn’t heard of Drake. He had the 3rd hottest single on itunes and he’s had the biggest buz in the game for at least 3 months. I seriously lose respect for Bol when he does these bullshit posts that shows that he doesn’t know shit about anything

  • Sir James Esquire

    did it ever occur to you that Drake has far more talent than Asher Roth? these five points are completely irrelavent as he “is getting hood love and ain’t even talking street shit.” do some more research and get back to me faggot

  • Phillip W. Tex

    This article on Drake is the biggest piece of crap I have ever read. I have never seen such and ill researched ill written piece of dribble in my life. Degrassi Street? and claims of being Jewish are you kidding me? Degrassi is a major running show on The N network which he has never denied and has made no accredidations of being hood or street. And bringing peoples upbringings and religion into how hip hop they are is foolish leave a person private life out of there career unless they are a full well perpatrator which Drake is not. He has some buzz he is making good music he is not rapping about being the hardest or the greatest he is just trying to make his mark in the game. Why do you have to hate on someone like crabs in a bucket for doing well just because your homies aren’t making like he is. And he dosen’t sound anything like Lil Wayne if anything his flow is similar to Kanye who also has backed him up.
    Get your game straight start opening your mind to diffrent artists weither they be from
    Toronto Canada like Drake or Big Page or from the South like Paul Wall or Chingo Bling. Just because you have never heard of them dose not mean their rhyme game is not on point. Step your game up Author of this article. Phillip W. East TX

  • Вега

    Эээ, а объясните, плиз, а то я че-то не совсем въехал, это как?

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