Does Anyone Make Real Shit Anymore?


“Drake is faker than those bootleg Grape 5′s on his feet” – NikeTalk commenter

So supposedly there is a multi-million dollar bidding war for the Canadian rapper Drake. This is part of the brand new day in the urban music record offices based here in New York City. You would think that these clowns never heard any good music ever in their life. Sure, they listen to G.O.O.D. music which can be pretty good, but certainly you would need more than that to have a complete sonic diet.

I’ll never forget how people uncovered the Daft Punk sample from the ‘Graduation’ album but didn’t take the time to go deeper and listen to the song that Daft Punk stole to make their track. Peep Edwin Birdsong’s ‘Cola Bottle Baby’ when you are stealing your music off the internets. That track is some funky crack right there.

I find it hard to believe in some respects that the industry is so enamored with Drake. Sure, he’s lightskint with good jig hair and he has no mustache so that makes him more, eh, versatile. Ha. But what label has that kind of money to piss away on an internets celebrity? I am an internets celebrity and that shit has yet to get me a free meal. Let alone a Ghetto Big Mac.

This is not 1995 when you could give a deal to Nelly type dude who at least was moving CD’s on the bootleg scene. Drake is moving downloads and selling out hole in the wall spoken word venues. You don’t give $2millies to someone who isn’t stadium status. The record industry is no longer into the A & R develop an artist for the long haul shit. If you sign your deal in the morning they want their money back this afternoon.

There have been dudes that have debuted and I have recognized that they are going to be monster artists because they were bringing something very new or missing from the music business. Drake reminds me of a Britney Spears – Justin Timberlake type of industry construct. Someone that can act and lipsync really well like a modern day matinee idol, but without the substance to move the level of music up. Maybe that is what the labels are paying for in the first place?

These new 360 recording deals mean that labels even own the deuce you left in the hotel toilet. I imagine that Drake can be used to sell all kinds of other shit other than CD’s so that will help bolster the bottom line of the label that signs him. Bol said that jig haircare products are saving the jig magazine industrial complex. How about some Drake wave cream and du-rags? Eminem would def buy those. I can even see Drake acting in the after school movie, ‘The young Obama years’.

This dude Drake certainly does have a bright future in front of him.

I just don’t know how much of that future will be in making music that I want to listen to.

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  • Apollo Moses

    The bootleg Jordans was all I needed to see to understand this post.LOL

    • neo

      haha click my name for video

    • toni


    • Luckey

      Ok. First, his music “is not” for everyone (we all know this). However, his music isn’t about the hard core “calling women bitches and pulling out guns and shooting everyone” that we’re use to. It’s about a young boy who can sing and rap (something that NO ONE has been able to do) and hold an audience of MEN AND WOMEN. What rap artist you know, that has the swagger and lyrics of Jay-z but throws in vocals to make “women” feel like there listening to R&B music. See, that makes him a genious, because he IS HIP HOP AND RYTHEM & BLUES AT THE SAME TIME. To everyone that’s reading this. You are a FOOL if you think that Drake isn’t the future of Hip Hop. A REALLY BIG FOOL. I hate rap…period. But, when I first heard “Forever” I said to myself that I could understand “every” word he was saying. Oh and this fool can sing!!! are you kidding me. He is the best right now, and I pray that he lasts for a very long time.

  • Dallas Penn

    Apollo what up? I know right. Uggh.

    BTW, you forgot to type in Pierzy.

    • Pierzy

      Good lookin’ out! I took the night off from XXL because I had class last night…

  • murK

    So Far Gone>>>>

  • SIlly Willy

    I think it’s gonna take the Asher Route……

  • G2

    The dude is talented, but I’ve yet to hear anything from him that really impressed me. Meanwhile, my brother keeps his mixtape in heavy rotation. To each his own I guess.

  • Silly Willy

    “I find it hard to believe in some respects that the industry is so enamored with Drake. Sure, he’s lightskint with good jig hair and he has no mustache so that makes him more, eh, versatile.”

    I guess they’re the same people who thought Colin Powell could be pres-O-dent because he’s so well-spoken…….

  • Dallas Penn

    I would be an idiot if I didn’t recognize dude has talent. He doesn’t smack me though as someone with transcendent talent.

    Like Wayne had when he was 9 yrs old and signing to Cash Money. Or did he sign his deal with them when he was three years old? I forget…

  • Epinz

    Fake j’s=fail! I feel u on what u sayin ngga! He’s got it,but he dnt, feel me? I need substance. I havnt heard that from him yet.

  • Detroit P

    “But what label has that kind of money to piss away on an internets celebrity?”

    “Drake is moving downloads and selling out hole in the wall spoken word venues.”
    I think you are confusing him with a Charles Hamilton……this dude is big outside of the internet….Drake shows are packed….girls who DON’T know who Joell Ortiz is know who Drake is and like his music….So Far Gone was great music…Drake knows how to craft a good song, which is something Joelz(and the rest of slaughterhouse for that matter) struggle to do, all they can do is spit “hot 16′s(and 32′s)”…the Industry has been struggling and has finally found an artist with a huge buzz, so they’re trying to get in where they fit in and sign him BEFORE he blows up with what he’s about to release next so they can finally start making money again….You must be like 40 or 50, cus you are soooo out of touch with what the general public likes…this is Deeper that internet hiphop nerds who want the 90′s back…what’s wrong? Not enough syllables for you?

    • Bill

      Think you missed a spot on Drake’s gentials. Don’t forget the wetwipe.

  • $ykotic

    What up DP!

    The promo for Fake Grape Drake is becoming nauseating.

  • SJB

    I’m feeling the mixtape but a mixtape is like the regular season, an album is the playoffs…

  • Worley

    “and he has no mustache ”

    I don’t trust any black man without facial hair. He’s either a cop, in the military or some muckety muck corporate type. I”m not checking for this dude. I’ll wait outside his show and catch the broads in the parking lot.

    • DetroitDraper

      Lmao I feel you bro. Any black dude wit no mustache is pretty questionable lol but Im not feelin this Drake bs at all. I dont know about teenage girls cus Im not one but I dont wanna hear none of this fuck-boy shit lol.

  • Epinz

    With all this buzz u would swear “so far gone” is the best mixtape of all time! And it damn sure aint! The buzz on this ngga is crazy! Hopefully he makes sumthn good happen off of all this!

  • Dallas Penn

    Detroit P,
    You sound like a simpleton. I’m not 40, but I plan on being 40. You think life ends at 21?


    Swine Flu has incredible buzz shitbag, but I don’t want that shit, do you?!?

    Little girls don’t know Joell Ortiz, but they know Drake? Do little girls make your decisions for you too?

    No wonder you can’t pull your pants up over your ass. You are wearing your little sisters stirrup jeans.

    Put on your skirt Detroit P.

    • Dinho


    • Detroit P

      Lol…typical…I’m a simpleton and with all your intelligence all you can resspond with is weak insults about my youth…Lol…I’m sorry but I don’t care who you are, you can’t make me feel bad about being young…I cringe at the thought of ending up like a crusty bitter old fuck like you..I’m not one to judge the success of other people’s lives cause I know things don’t always work out like they planned…but I’d venture to say that you’re not in the position careerwise that you thought you’d be in 10 years ago…I’m sorry to hear that but thats no reason to take it out on hiphop or me for that matter..blame yourself, you shoulda listened to your father….I only mentioned your age because old people are usually out of touch with whats happening and spend most of their time complaining about how things USED to be

      saying swine flu has buzz is like saying Obama has buzz..or like saying Kanye has buzz…..thats not buzz, that’s called being well known..there’s a difference

      You said Drake was an internet artist…my only point is that you don’t know what you are talking about…Drake is known outside of the internets by many people and has packed sold-out shows already, he’s touring off of a mixtape

      Excuse my ignorance but I don’t know what stirrup jeans are.

      • murK

        thank you…old people are always way out of touch. everybody who’s shittin’ on drake gotta be 35+, this dude is everywhere right now! when i get old i don’t wanna be talkin about the shit i was listening to or how it was back in the day….SMH..KEEP IT MOVIN’

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          I’m 25, and i’m not checkin’ for duke either. Haven’t really heard anything that gravitated me towardz his material, and it might be cuz duke iz from Canada. Black Folk in the U.S. iz at the bare bottom of the total pole, as far as poverty, wealth, resources etc. is concerned, and my hood lookz like TransyLvania with copz doin’ donutz on my block like they’re in a fuccin’ drag race. I still gravitate more towardz muzik that touches a nigga souL. Ya’ know the Joe Buddens, Devin the Dudes (gotta stay high to elevate above this bullshyt), Pacs, Commons, muzik of that nature, hell even Em’s i wanna slice ur throat muzik movez me. Maybe Drake has something, but i ain’t nevah been the type to jump on the “hot” band wagon. Time will tell if duke has real substance that can touch brothers and sisters in the struggle, one-hunned – Screwston, Tejas – 44 Acrez Homez – AmetyviLLe Blocc – undisclosed location – fuc the Pigz and they funky azz quotaz!

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Oh shyt, i meant “totem pole” and in contrast to black folk in North America, not in comparison to all the other broke, poor, struggling black folk all ovah the world. And also, when i say touch brothers and sisters in the struggle, i’m referring to the ones who aren’t “all the way” deaf, dumb, and blind to what’s actually going on in North America, then WorldWide to a certain extent.

        • Arcey

          Haiti is part of North America & it’s way worst than your spot

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          No shyt, but i don’t live in Haiti, and if i did i still wouldn’t feel duke, off top, so obviously ur missing the point. Living in this literal U.S. matrix affects all “black folk” as a majority. Especially those of us who live in majority black neighborhoods. I more closely identify with artists who speak on our struggle and use music to “awaken” minds, with ways to identify and alleviate the problems we have as a people here and abroad. P.E.A.C.E. to all my Original brothers and sisters in the struggle against the opressor, one-hunned – Siege

      • FlapJack

        Detroit P, you make a whole lotta sense.

        And I think Drizzy has pretty much the best content in rap right now.

        Billy, you need an attitude adjustment

  • Max Profit

    LMAO!!! At those corny kicks.
    But Im from Toronto so even though I have doubts just like you Im not gonna hate until there is somthing to hate.

    Remember The Kanye West verse on Blueprint 2 – He sounded like Fife Dog on a bad day!
    Young Jeezy is a much better rapper nowadayz also!

    He could grow into the spotlight ya never know!

  • Azhar

    Fake #5′s is just flat out wrong… I wasn’t checking for his music….i def didn’t believe the hype bout this dude… but now he just look like a phag! sorry u lose where i’m from if u get caught with fake kicks let alone J’s…real fcukin disrespectful…. roll up!

    • $ykotic

      Where are his related songs in the corner? Will he get a tab up top like Wayne? Who is he related to in the game?


    @ Dallas Penn

    Some people see this kid as Willard Smith, Jr incarnate (another light-skint, good jig-hair having, no moustache wearing so-and-so). And, if these people are right, the label who signs him to a 360 deal will MORE than recoup any advance they provide to this potential money machine. I, too, think he has a bright future ahead of him, if for no other reason than his versatility – rapper, singer, songwriter, actor. And, who cares if grown-ass Black men like you and I aren’t exactly enamored with him. There are MILLIONS of teenage girls willing to spend their allowance on him to fill the void left by Chris Brown – and Drake doesn’t need guest rappers!

  • Zulu1925

    @ Dallas Penn ***2nd try***

    Some people see this kid as Willard Smith, Jr incarnate (another light-skint, good jig-hair having, no moustache wearing so-and-so). And, if these people are right, the label who signs him to a 360 deal will MORE than recoup any advance they provide to this potential money machine. I, too, think he has a bright future ahead of him, if for no other reason than his versatility – rapper, singer, songwriter, actor. And, who cares if grown-ass Black men like you and I aren’t exactly enamored with him. There are MILLIONS of teenage girls willing to spend their allowance on him to fill the void left by Chris Brown – and Drake doesn’t need guest rappers!

  • Zulu1925

    @ Dallas Penn ***3rd try***

    Some people see this kid as Willard Smith, Jr incarnate, who was another light-skint, good jig-hair having, no moustache wearing so-and-so. And, if these people are right, the label who signs him to a 360 deal will MORE than recoup any advance they provide to this potential money machine. I, too, think he has a bright future ahead of him, if for no other reason than his versatility – rapper, singer, songwriter, actor. And, who cares if grown-ass Black men like you and I aren’t exactly enamored with him. There are MILLIONS of teenage girls willing to spend their allowance on him to fill the void left by Chris Brown – and Drake doesn’t need guest rappers!

  • $ykotic

    Let me find out we’re gonna see Drake action figures!

    So this is what the game has come to? Guys don’t have to pay dues anymore to be anointed? If he was soooo much of a stud why didn’t he keep acting? More money.

    Will Smith paid a lot of dues.

    I’ma see what his PEERS have to say about this. He’s gonna start taking food out their mouths.

    The hoods better start recognizing that the TI’s are in full force with SuburbiaRap.

    And letting the urban flavor die slowly.

    • Zulu1925

      @ $yk

      Just like other folks who follow trailblazers, Drake won’t have to go through the same trials, tribulations and dues-paying as Mr Smith because the path has already been established. With that said, Drake is FAR from Big Willie at this point. However, people are betting that he may eventually approximate that rarified air and they want to get in on the ground floor – kinda like investing in Microsoft while they were still in that garage in New Mexico. And, as far as taking food out of people’s mouths, the only person who MAY have possibly been threatened by Drake is the aforementioned Mr Brown – he’s the only person that HAD the crossover potential that this kid has. Everyone else are in other lanes and can continuing doing what they do.

      • $ykotic

        So true. I know the young lad is bringing at least cutting edge, not as much cutting room floor.

        Yet we don’t even know if he can handle this “industry”. Honestly my argument is with the media frenzy that surrounds him. Because if he’s that special he will be fine WITHOUT the constant brainwashing. I can understand the high price.

        The vultures are circling around the corpse to get their piece. But the young man ain’t even injured yet!

        So now we have 2 drops on Drake today.

        BABY(CASH MONEY) SIGNED FREEWAY. ISN’T THAT A GOOD TOPIC THAT WILL GET 20+ COMMENTS? Even some jokes on how Baby has a ghostwriter now?

        That’s my qualm. I always respect your Watcher mode, Zulu. Respect.

        • Zulu1925

          @ $yk

          Respect, in kind. Keep doing what you do…

  • render

    word up on kid being expected to be the next will smith

    I honestly dont see dude settling for a career in music…he’ll put out 2 albums..maybe 3 and unless he drops some alltime classic shit outta left field, he’ll take that buzz and make a move to the movies. nigga is an actor…plus hes middle class (ie; ‘articulate’ and ‘well spoken’) and half white so its not like hes gonna have to play a drug dealer or a ball player either

    He doesnt have to be will smith big… marky mark big would be considered a success and I can see the kid achieving that…shit, even getting one of them ice-t, tv show spots wouldnt be too bad when you compare it to what rap niggas are selling these days

  • Incilin

    If anyone makes real shit anymore, its Drake. In fact he may be the only person making real shit anymore. What’s most amazing about Drake is how honest he is and how thoughtful he can be. I would say the same about someone like Buddens or Ye, but they are too full of themselves and lack the humility that Drake has shown thus far.

  • Epinz

    Mos def
    Dead prez
    Talib quali
    Little brother
    Joe buddens
    Clipse(if u believe the shit about they’re manager)
    Sean price
    Even new nggaz like blu and yes, even charles ham
    Consequence(I could keep goin!)……
    If u thnk drake is the only honest or real rapper out there, or even the most….homie, broaden ur rap horizons!!!

    • Incilin


      Mos Def – Dude aint put out a real album in a decade. He don’t count. (Although if this were 1999, I would agree)

      dead prez – They make real shit, yes. But they don’t have the kind of honesty Drake does because their music is politically charged, so it’s inherently less personal. What do you really know about M1 and Stickman? When I refer to Drake’s honesty, I mean how he refers to being embarrassed to pull his camera out during a Jay-Z show. That’s real to me, that’s real life. Besides, I haven’t really been hearing much from dead prez in the last few years.

      Kweli – Unlike Drake, Kweli aint nice no more. Dude fell off ever since Beautiful Struggle. And I was a STAN of his back in the day.

      Little Brother – Okay, I’ll admit it. I never bothered to check these guys out. Sue me. (The little bit I heard was really good though)

      Joey/Ye – Love’em both, but like I said, humility is key. Ye just called himself the Jordan of rap and Buddens making videos dissing legends like Method when Blackout II is hotter than Padded Room.

      Price (love), Rhymesfest (like), Consequence (meh) – Lets face it; all of these guys are nobodies. Drake has the attention of the entire rap game right now.

      Clipse – Even with the manger thing, I never know how much to believe. Some of it got to be fake, right?

      I’ll agree that most of the people you name are honest and real, but what separates Drake from all these guys is that he’s either more relevant than they are or just putting out better music than they are.

      And his mixtape is not decent, it’s brilliant. Drake has much better understanding of thematic unity and musical structure than most of his peers, probably because he hails from a prominent musical family. His buzz is big because his music is dope, it’s as simple as that.

      • Bill

        I don’t think I’ve ever read FELLATIO before I read this. Wow, dude, you are asking for disappointment in a major way!

  • Epinz

    Look at mood muzic 2 for humility. And not be’in humble doesn’t stop u from be’in real or honest. But on the real though, Phonte of little brother, imo, is truely the Most honest and realest rapper I’ve heard.

    • Incilin

      MM2? Really, you want to bring up a mixtape where one of the most prominent songs (“Dumb Out”) Joey compares himself to everyone from Eminem to 2pac to Nas despite the fact that at that time he only had one album in his catalog? That was humble?

      And there’s nothing wrong with having an ego, every rapper should have a big one. But Drake seems to be handling all the pressure well and not going around saying dumb shit or getting too excited.

    • $ykotic

      Good look E.

      Here’s a good example.

      They post practically every WALE song that has come out. Even got his ad on the site.


      Switch it up ya’ll.

      And good luck Drake.

      • Yep

        Wow … some of us got too much time on our hands when it comes to this rap thang. It aint that serious. Why hate on dude simply because dude has gotten so much play lately? It’s not like dude started rappin, dude been working on his artistry for at least 5 or 6 years now.

        He’s just with a label where you just gonna hear him on the radio now. It is what it is.

        I don’t know what it is today but it seems like rap fans are just all confused. It’s like how Ice Cube was hating on MC Hammer just because the dude was successful and had Taco Bell commercials but he in turn was successful and was pimpin St. Ives …

        Come on folks, lets be fair about this.

        Some cats know how to rap. Some cats know how to make hits. Some cats know how to be an artist. Its very rare that some mcees possess all of those qualities. Drake does, and Phonte does … its just Drake just happens to be in a better label situation.

        Saying all that to say, you aint got to like the cat but at least respect his work. I personally think Joe Buddens is garbage and was always overrated but I still respect the dude’s skill as an mcee.

  • Epinz

    He also happends to rap and sing better than drake!….

    I dnt hate this ngga one bit, its just absurd how big his buzz is off of 1 decent mixtape. Like inclin already makin a crazy claim like that, completely disregarding the nggz who been puttin that work in, keepin it honest and real for so long. All cuz he’s wit wayne and was on a Canadian pre teen show! It can’t b all about skills cuz then the other named rappers woulda been blown!

  • $ykotic

    And take them bootleg J’s off n*99a! LOL

    Had to bring that one out…


  • Epinz


    Mos def- new cd commin out(4th). Feat on this same website.

    Dead prez- new cd, double feat on allhiphop. Even if political, they speak from theyrw heats.

    Kweli- still verry ill, just did black star reunion and reflections eternal.(Of course the coverage is on another site)

    Little brother- GET ON THIS SHIT!! Best real life shit u’ll ever hear!

    Buddens/yay- better rappers, realer,more honest than drake. Everybodys humble when they first come out(kanye was b’in humble on the last song off of college dropout, and showed signs of it on both late and gradguation!), its what happends after they get all that fame and $. Buddens on mm2 showed humility in be’in able to admit the shit that he did and has been through,plus, those comments were takin out of proportion. Bet u drake endvup just like kanye!

    Sean p, rhymfest, consequence- its a damn shame they’re “nobodys”! Just cuz u aint relevant dnt make u any less realer or honest.

    Clipse- lol, give u that!

    Even the 1′s u aint mention. Nas, blue, charles ham and even eminem keep it realer and more honest! Its not about relevance! That’s the problem! they only wanna put shine on certain artists and forget that there’s so much more out there that don’t get that equal shine. These sites spend so much time on the same peaple that u dnt even know that dead prez or mos def,for example, got new projects comin out!!

  • Ron Mexico

    “The record industry is no longer into the A & R develop an artist for the long haul shit. If you sign your deal in the morning they want their money back this afternoon.”

    amen, brother penn. amen. this is the biggest problem, really.

    it’s not that drake isn’t talented or what have you, it’s that they know they can put this nigga on cereal boxes because they see him as the best available spokesperson for a monstrous rap fad. they don’t know or care that if drake doesn’t take control of his career and line it up for the long haul, they’re gonna be pissed and out about $1.5 million when those purple jordans aren’t so cool anymore.

    by then drake will be trying to latch on to the next wave of swag merchandising and the next label will be throwing stacks at the next drake.

    this might not make any sense to fans who know no other way. but old fogies like penn, and almost fogies like myself remember the days when labels tried to sign artists they thought were going to have lengthy musical careers as well as trying to trap lightning in a bottle.

  • Dallas Penn

    Incilin is my homey. He exists only to annoy me. Please don’t respond to his comments unless you are a fan of pissing in a windstorm and having wet sneakers.

    I hate that people call your discerning opinion “hate”. If Drake becomes bigger than the Empire State Building God bless him. I still have shit I prefer to listen to from young and older artists.

    True story, just a few hours earlier I was driving on Atlantic Avenue in Fort Greene. A car was BLASTing Drake ‘Best I ever had. I saw that the driver had mad hair so I assumed it was a chick. I pulled up alongsode the BMX X5 to see who the Drake stan was and it was some mulatto dude with a riderk afro.

    I’m sure I looked at him with disdain because he was really into the Drake song, singing along and the whole nine. When sonn seen me peeping his Car-aoke he turned down the radio and stiffened up. He then resumed puffing on a cigar he had in the ashtray.

    Sonn was prA’li my age too. A black dude who more than likely works for Universal and he uses the Drake mixtape to get his swerve back. God bless fruitbags like that driver. I couldn’t be mad. I was dying laughing.

  • Epinz

    Is it me, or is the mainstream completely takin over the internet? We used to get on the net to find out about shit that mtv, bet, and especially vh1 aint never broadcast. Now the net is doin the same shit! These”crackas” r takin over what we built and usin it to manipulate they’re interests unto us!

  • Epinz

    Ngga, I agree wit everythng u said on ur drop. The nggz got talent, can’t take that away. I hope him the best, its just undeserved imo! I c the potential, I just dnt see the development from what he’s doin now.

  • Dallas Penn

    For every Kobe Bryant that gets drafted we have the Marcus Camby, Stephon Marbury, Walter McCarty, John Wallace, Lorenzen Wright, Kerry Kittles, Todd Fullers and heaven forbid the Rodney Rogers of the draft.

    Instead of lavishing a rookie with a multi-million dollar budget how about the industry put some money back into hosting underground showcases. Artists sign up and get to do two songs. Lets see whose BUZZ is legitimate.

    When an artist that ISN’T EVEN SIGNED to record label gets repeated spins on NYC radio I know some shit is afoul. Nobody gets on NYC airwaves without some political connection. The game is THAT foul up top.

    Meth & Red have the hottest CD out right now despite Em’s sales figures and they gets NO LOVE. So don’t ever tell me about buzz. The only real buzz in this world comes from a honeybee, anything else can and will be manipulated.

    • Curtis75Black


      This should’ve been the blog right here !! Everything you said was on point, correct and you didn’t call anyone out. It’s what we want from our industry heads but fail to see. I’ve never heard any of homie’s music to comment on whether he’s good or not.I do see how Ceo’s mess up by signing the new cat with just a buzz like the NBA will sign a High School recruit and it fails -Kwame Brown anyone ?

    • Rex Banner

      Um Marcus Camby is a great defensive player, I would love to have him on my team actually

  • Mr. Evans

    I agree with the fact that Drake’s got talent. He has a ton of potential, but I also don’t see why dude is blowin up the way he is. Quite frankly, “Best I Ever Had” sounds no different than any other radio single I’ve heard within the last year or so.

    What bothers me most is that no one is thinking outside of the box. I haven’t heard a single that bangs like a “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” or a “In Da Club” in a longgg time. Everything sounds the same. Get Tricky Stewart, The Dream, T-Pain, etc., and make a song that caters to the ladies. No disrespect to those people I just mentioned because they’re all talented in their own right, but it’s like people have forgotten how to make a hit song without sounding like everyone else.

    Honestly, you can make a hit song and it doesn’t have to sound like some Rap/R&B/Pop music hybrid. “What You Know” by T.I. is a dope single, “International Players Anthem” by UGK, “Stay Fly” by Three 6 Mafia, pretty much any OutKast single… what I’m saying is it seems like people are scared to think outside the box and do something different. And honestly there’s nothing to be afraid of, if the music is good, people are gonna recognize it. I know mad girls that “brush their shoulders off” when that song comes on. Anyone else feel this way? or is it just me?

  • John Galt

    Checking in from Atlanta — I’m a Mets fan, but I have to admit, Turner Field is pretty nice.

    I downloaded the mixtape after hearing all the buzz about it, since I knew who this guy was after seeing him on that show. (I used to work overnights and reruns came on at like 4 a.m. when I was desperate to see SOMETHING besides a fifth airing of SportsCenter) I didn’t hate the tape — I think Drake can sing pretty well and he’s not a terrible rapper.

    But like before I heard it, I still can’t believe everyone’s going nuts for this guy. I mean, he’s basically a decent singer, and it’s not like he’s a Brother Ali-caliber lyricist or anything. And “Best I Ever Had” is simply terrible — the chorus is laughably bad. I think this is everyone wanting so much to be on the next big thing that they jump on whatever might be it. But he definitely seems to be somewhat of a fabrication, albeit a successful one.

    For the record, I’d never be caught dead in Fake J’s — and that’s without anyone taking my picture.

  • What the ?

    I’m in Toronto too and I gives a fuck about this clown ass potato head rapper, we got much better so it’s an insult to watch this kid blow up because he’s got some corny ass fake J wearing styles that the industry (12 year old girls) may or may not like. Skills over image ? that’ll be the day, I’d rather listen to Susan Boyals smugly ass sing a hook for Lil’ Wayne.

  • $ykotic

    Yeah your homie $yk is burning the midnight oil. I took this discussion to the people.

    These dudes I know don’t even know what a Drake is. REGARDLESS OF A REGION OR AGE OR COLOR.

    But they knew about Blackout!2.

    Stop letting the TI’s fool you.

  • Dallas Penn

    I stays woke too, but thats because my day job means I have to leave the crib at the ass crack of dawn sometimes.

    I’m over here trying to figure out today’s drop for the X spot. Maybe some hate on Lil’ Wang or 2pac?

    Those are the safe lanes. Been listening to Mos Def’s Ecstatic. I likes this joint. It reminds me of The New Danger. That album was tragically misunderstood.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      “It reminds me of The New Danger. That album was tragically misunderstood.” U ain’t nevah lyin, mydude. – LoL, i gotta find that cd… shyt. -

  • General

    I’m gonna let this blog slide…you make some great points, but I do agree with some of the comments that there is a disconnect between the some of the older generation and the new generation and at the end of the day hip-hop will continue to move forward and evolve and will not be stuck in a time capsule…

    I will say this much, I do think Drake at this point, pre-major label debut, is way ahead talent wise than 50 cent was when there was all the crazy buzz and bidding to sign him and I’m sure the same people hatin on Drake were applauding the 50 Cent shit…

    50 was allowed to make his mark and was thrown down our throat by XXL so I think we should atleast give Drake the oppurtunity to prove himself with his debut and then we can judge whether or not it was money well spent by the label…I don’t think Interscope regrets shellin out big money for 50

  • FlapJack

    Maybe I just haven’t noticed, but this dude has not been getting the Asher Roth/Charles Hamilton-type hype from this site or any other. It’s mostly been about the music.

    “Drake reminds me of a Britney Spears – Justin Timberlake type of industry construct. Someone that can act and lipsync really well like a modern day matinee idol, but without the substance to move the level of music up”


    You have not been paying attention. You heard the two singles, that’s cool but don’t judge just yet

  • murK

    Some of you act like So Far Gone was his first mixtape. Anybody listen to Comeback Season back in ’07?? He’s been ghostwriting for major rap artists for the past 2 years too.

  • C. Hop

    …y’all remember Lil Zane? Well Drake is Big Zane.


    I like sneakers and I like bud
    I caught Dallas smokin right outside of the Flight Club

  • Incilin

    @Epinz @DallasPenn

    Let me be plain as possible: So Far Gone is the best album of 09.

  • Avenger XL

    Detriot P you are correct Drake is not a internet artist solely. But the point is he is a construct of the idol making industry that are pumping out 360 deals. Duke has shit loads of style but where is anything lasting? What seperates him from an American idol type artist? i.e. a one dimensional sketch of what a typical genre of music is. He is a perfect pop dude like I said he is going to take that Chris “boogety Beatdown” brown lane over. Though Dallas Penn mispoke about him being a internet celeb only when he is actually a part of the machine like agent smith, that doesn’t mean he is old thinking. Dallas Penn isn’t just writing from a place of old man hate, he is just questioning the legitamncy of a obvious industry created artist. This is not saying the kid don’t have talent. This just asks the question can they really manufacture whats cool that easy now?

  • LB

    Is that Lil’ Wayne’s vest that he’s wearin?

  • DV8

    Dude is O.K. all his buzz has done for me is reveal who else has ghostwriting for Lil Wayne. I just cant really get into this guy. I still to this day have not heard a better work of music this year than the mixtapes Stat Quo has been putting out. I’m 29 and I pretty much agree with everything DP said. You may say we are old or living in the past but you can give me hiphop 88-99 anyday over most of the bullshit floating around the airwaves and internets today. The shit is just plain corny.

  • http://N/A Lake Superior

    Dallas Penn,

    You’re way off on this one. While I’ll whole-heartedly agree with you that Drake is about as fake as they come (well, at least he doesn’t annotate his history in the Akon/Rick Ross fashion), his “fakeness” is really relative. His album – free of the gangster-style boasting commonplace in the School of Makin’ It Rain. His image – akin to the tough guy in a boy band. Sure, he’s “fake” to the “game,” but if you take a close look at the “game,” it’s obviously all bullshit anyways.

    I guess where we differ, Dallas, is that you expect something better out of the hip-hop music industry. Get real! You’re posting appears on the website of a magazine that just gave a cover to possibly the four least credible and talented rappers living.

    Also, don’t discount Drake. I’m certainly not the first to point out, he could very well be the Will Smith of this generation (well not mine, I grew up on the Fresh Prince). The 2 mil advance is pittance to a known entity that appeared on one of Canada’s most popular melodramas (which does count for something, since he’s Canadian).

    PS Being an internet celebrity these days is about as glorified as winning a costume contest at a Star Trek convention.

  • Ya Boy

    So Far Gone definately made me a fan of young drizzy. I initially thought he was garbage after hearin “Best I ever had” but he got some heat on dat mixtape.

  • newyawka631


  • Hipster1.

    This comment probably won’t even get posted cause my shit never does on this site. Lame.

    I dunno why people hate on Drake.. he’s dope. Regardless of who he fucks with (Wayne) or who he’s working with for his album (Kanye) the dude is still new and fresh, and I for one am glad to hear new talent. ‘Gangsta’ rap is the past, let it remain the past.

  • BANDiiT09

    Why do people act like they know someone? none of yall know drake personally! Why do we spend time worrying bout dumb issues like this? The nigga makes good music if you dont like it Dont fuckin listen to it dumbass! why bash a nigga?

  • thatguytreal

    whats wit the jig har comment? thats a little much…

  • tre, no nick required

    some people think jay-z is wack. it’s hard to listen to or read shit by people who are just terribly upset to see another black man gettin money. except soulja boy. fuck that nigga

  • Генадий Петрович

    надо тож обязательно посатреть**)

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  • Mohamed Elias

    Jus the fact that ya talkn abou Drake is proof enough that he hot. Cuz everybody knows you aint shit unless people are talking about you. Non the less, its still heavily annoying that people are concerned about all this extra shit. So Drake got a Sprite deal, so the fuck what. Let Drake worry about Drake’s money and get the fuck off his dick. As long as dude making good music, which he is, i’m still clickn.

  • jenny .z

    Dude drake has so much talent and his lyrics are sick!!!!for the fans stay a lover and for all the fucking haters out there get a damm life!!!!!!!!!drakes #1fan jenz<33333333!!!!!!!!!drake you rock bro!!!!!!

  • ty

    Wow… you guys are on some bullshit


    does anybody make real music anymore click my name and find out. this is the truth. tell me what you think.

  • batten

    Hate on the grape kicks? Look around you,,fashion is gone to the dogs. simmer down with the Hate bitches.Woopty fucking doo, an actual good hip hop performer comes out of canada and you geezers gotta bash him.How fake is fake?Hollywood in general is fake,thats being real wit you.Go eat a big richard. Drakes making his way to the top….BDAAAP

  • shanel rucker

    i luv drake very mush, and specaily his sheos
    they are so hot purple and black j’s now that is hottttttttttttttttttttt,JUST LIKE HE IS !!!!!!!!!!

  • Carla

    mayne yaw just hating on him.. if you dont like his music then dont listen to it smart thangs!! i like drake and there aint nothing fake bout him!

  • quieddy

    Здраствуйте!!! Очень понравилась новость!!! С радостю буду смотреть и остальные новости!