Did the TIs have Jacko killed?

I’ll admit, when I first heard that the doctor Jacko was with when he kicked was a black guy, I figured he may have given Jacko the wrong pills and accidentally killed him.

I saw a picture of the guy over at Gawker, and the first thing that came to mind was that guy who killed Kanye West’s mother. I remember they were saying he had some issues with some DUIs, and he may have accidentally killed a few other people. But Kanye West’s mother didn’t know and may have chosen him over several other doctors, in a show of racial solidarity. Or maybe she didn’t have any business having cosmetic surgery, and he was the only one who would do it, because he had some legal fees to take care of.

I scanned the post at Gawker for potential lulz, and, wouldn’t you know, Jacko’s doctor had his own share of issues, including bankruptcy, outstanding fines for driving with expired plates and no proof of insurance, liens for failure to pay child support… At one point, I had to check and see if I was reading a post about a doctor, or my cousin Andrew. (My bad, Andrew, if you’re reading this.) No but really, the bankruptcy I could kinda see, if he fucked someone’s shit up and got raped on malpractice, but leave it to a black doctor to be riding around with expired plates.

Then I started reading some other reports on Jacko’s untimely demise, and I wasn’t sure what to think. I saw over on RapPravda where Akon was saying that Jacko was the picture of health. Akon didn’t sense there was anything wrong with Jacko, and Jacko was actually giving Akon tips on how to stay healthy on the road. I’m tempted to believe this is true, for a couple of reasons. 1) Akon seems like a very healthy guy. Word on the street is that he’s secretly in his 40s. If he doesn’t catch AIDS, he’ll probably live to be 110 years old. 2) Jacko himself was notoriously obsessed with his longevity. He used to sleep in that oxygen tank, which was supposedly gonna allow him to live for 150 years. That’s gotta count for something, right? Also, we know he used to drink red wine, which is rich with antioxidants.

In that sense, it’s hardly any wonder that this doctor of his, the guy who was feeding him all of those pills he probably didn’t need, was hired by his employer, AEG, the company that was putting on those concerts over in London. Damn. If only Jacko had anyone around him with some sense. Anyone who’s ever been hit by a car while chasing a meth addict through the parking lot of a low-end retail establishment knows good and well you can’t trust a doctor that’s been hired by your employer. All they’re gonna do is take one look at you and tell you you’re fine, and even if you do have any problems, it’s probably from something you did while you weren’t at work. Speaking of which, pee in this cup, to see if you might have been on weed at the time.

Or does than not happen at anyone else’s job?

Anyway, I was consulting the Google this just now, and I stumbled upon a post by a guy who thinks AEG might have had the doctor slip Jacko a hot dose. No fishsticks. The theory being that the TIs got Jacko on the hook for all of this debt, from all of those kids’ families he had to pay, the upkeep of Never Neverland and what have you, and they were gonna have him play all of these concerts to pay it off. But then they couldn’t get anyone to insure the concerts, in case he dropped dead on stage, or decided to stay home and paint pictures instead. So, if Jacko went through with the concerts, which he was going to, and there was a problem, the TIs were gonna be screwed. But if he died before the series of concerts began, they could sue him for the Beatles’ publishing, plus his life insurance.

Don’t be surprised if, in the next few weeks you see the TIs trying to get the Beatles’ publishing back, on the grounds that Jacko owed them all of that money, and, damn, he died before he had a chance to try to pay it back. They probably would have tried to anyway, but their claim is gonna be that much stronger now, with Jacko having died when he did. The question is: did he have to?

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  • geico lizard

    Black doctors in cali are catching hell right now.

  • Pierzy

    So…conspiracy? It’s a 2Pac-Suge thing where he was more valuable to them dead? Maybe…his sales went through the roof but I’m still not buying it…and normally I’m the most cynical person in the world. But wouldn’t the TI’s have benefited from another tour and album and what have you eventually?

    I know someone that knows someone that worked at Neverland and they said it wasn’t anything like what was portrayed. He was a real normal dude with a regular, deep, man’s voice. I just think shit went wrong… Did the TI’s kill Heath Ledger too?

    • thatsfuckedup


  • $ykotic

    If ya’ll didn’t read my reply to Apollo(Shouts my dude) then do.

    It’s under the Game & Diddy clan tribute. Now we will see the greed of men 10x magnified.

    I’m behind the family to be entrusted with selling/trading/bartering MJ’s assets.

  • ri067953

    Yo Bol, you gotta speak on the behavior of Joe Jackson during the BET awards and the press conference he just had minutes ago. That fool is pushing a new record company in light of his son’s death. The guy is crazy!


      i thought da same shit… like. WTF? its supposed to be a MJ update & dis nigga pluggin his record label talkin bout they got good artists & shit. & is Al Sharpton like Joe right hand man now, or some shit.

      but, i dont think it was a conspiracy (85%no – 15%possible) w/ MJ death though. that’d be some, BEYOND GRIMY/DIRTY shit. all dis stuff bout the Doc is a lil disturbing though, his ‘past’ & whatnot. how could his (MJ) people not look into dat shit before hiring dis nigga?

  • RaWshad

    Joe Jackson is one evil lookin muthafucka


      No Joe Jackson is an evil mutha. Any man who can drive another man to do what MJ did to his self has to be evil. He never taught Mike how to be a man, he just taught him how to be a spectical and so you end up with this tragic child genuis(Look folks we can finally use the word genuis and mean it). Who excelled at his craft but was destroyed by the very machine that made him. I beleive a more loving home life could have saved his life but who knows he may have never been the MJ we know with the evil of Joe. Causality is a bitch

  • http://www.twitter.com/macksofly MackSofly

    bad part is I saw it coming, I said rip to MJ 2months ago on youtube once I got to realizing how much power dis dude had, plus dat beatles shit was a POWERMOVE, dey was NOT happy lol its crazy to c da media and ppl like nancy grace say all this positive shit now but dey been makin money off kill dude image 4 the last 10 years
    313′s finest http://www.reverbnation.com/macksofli im da best

  • http://myspace.com/christianvii Christianseven

    First explain what a TI is…second I can believe that thsi dr. was put in place just for that reason. Obviously MJ is worth more deceased than alive because of how much money he spent on a regular basis..plus to add to the equation we will have to see if AEG had there own life insurance policy on Mike knowing that he flakes out on concerts and has an addiction to prescription drugs…its kinda like they set him up and let him tie his own noose and let him hang himself because even without knowing MJ personally just by following the trail of lawsuits that he left whenever he entered into a business deal it became obvious that this guy is a flake and doesn’t follow through.

  • Worley

    “Or does tha[t] not happen at anyone else’s job?”

    The United Parcel Slaveship is the shadiest company I ever worked for. Those fools will pay private investigators to sit outside your house to make sure you don’t so much as collect the mail if you make an injury claim. Leave the house and they will spend 20K taking you to court so that they might save 5K on the insurance claim. They will then turn around and sue you for attorneys fees. I’ve seen the sh*t happen more than once. I don’t mail sh*t through there if I can help it.

    I wouldn’t put anything past the TIs when it comes to a buck. That conspiracy thing could very well be true. RIP Mike Jack.

  • sealsaa

    “First explain what a TI is”

    TI: Tall Israeli. A phrase coined by Mos Def on “The New Danger” album, on the song “The Rape over”. Its a description of the people who REALLY run the recording industry. Lyor Cohen, Jimmy Iovine, ect.

    “with Jacko having died when he did. The question is: did he have to?”

    It doesn’t help matters any that Jessie Jackson has requested an autopsy, as if he has any legal standing to do so. He never fails to get his 15 minutes of fame from a tragedy. The Jessie Jackson PR train is never late.




  • http://literarynobody.blogspot.com Toya

    This is really a stretch. Sometimes people just take too many meds. There doesn’t have to be a conspiracy involved. MJ was a great guy and by all accounts people loved him and he was a cash cow. He had virtually no assets and would have been of much greater value alive than dead.

    Let’s stop the feeding frenzy and personal attacks on imperfect people because I bet if somebody dug deep enough they might find something about all of us that could make us appear less than savory. Stick to facts and leave the theories alone.

    If it comes out that this Dr. did intentionally harm Michael that’s different but at this point it hasn’t. Don’t punish this man for simply being there and make his life a ruin based on accusations like people did Michael Jackson.

  • El Tico Loco

    His upcoming shows were said to be sold out, how are they recouping and are they reimbursing for those tickets? That would be kinda counterproductive for tall israelis according to this theory you don’t think?

  • http://myspace.com/christianvii Christianseven

    @ El Tico Loco they are reimbursing the tickets which comes to 85million but if I have a policy on your life for 200mill or more than I’ve still wOn concert or no concert..

    • El Tico Loco

      I was about to say some real shit but is not lettin me post, I think is a conspiracy goin on here when it comes to postin real informative shit, the ignat shit gets posted (I spelled it like that so it can post) the real shit never makes it.


        ^^co-sign that. it happened to me before too.

  • J.G.

    man i dont wanna be racist but id never have a black doctor

  • http://illprintdiaries.blogspot.com Mike Game

    I dont know man, I mean, Ive felt that MJ has been on the brink of death for years, in fact, Im pretty sure months back they were talking bout the homie being sick. But Mike owed alot of money, sure, but he wasnt like broke or anything. Alot of the debt he occurred was through business, not his personal. Thats why you still saw the King doing his trademark shopping (walking through a store, I want that, I want that, that too, that over there). But as far as the whole Beatles thing goes, they can only sue him for half, since he sold half a while back. But he did put it in his will when he dies Paul gets his music back (though that was a sweet move from Mike). But hearing more bout this Doctor just showed you the type of person Mike was. HE didnt do extensive background checks (like he shouldve) because he was trusting and wanted to give people a chance. Thats why the whole ChoMo thing bothered me, Mike was just tryna give kids something to make their lives better. Give them memories, all he has of his childhood memories is being on stage every night, and getting beat the fuck up by Joe. Like the kid who just admitted to lying, really pissed me off. Because his folks were talking about how sick he was and all he wanted before he died was to kick it on the Ranch. And Mike was like “Sure man, come on over”. Get there, kid isnt even fucking sick, then he sues the King, and lies. SMH.

    Sidenote: Do some homework on Bol before you comment, its like every post has “whats a TI”, jesus dude, pick up on the jargon

  • rec
  • oskamadison

    @ Mike Game:

    Hell, if Paul McCartney knew he’d get the catalog back when Mike died, maybe HE’S the one who slipped the doc some guap to ice Mike.
    Think about it: you’re 1/4 of the single most celebrated group in the history of recorded music, your catalog is worth a billi, YOU are the one who put Mike on to the music publishing game and as a reward, Mike buys YOUR shit and won’t sell it back? Hell, maybe he went half with Yoko Ono to put the price on Mike’s head, who knows…

    • http://illprintdiaries.blogspot.com Mike Game

      Daaamn homie that wouldve been too hardbody

    • geico lizard

      If Paul McCartney could have people killed he would have shot his one legged crazy ex wife. They would have charged him half since she cant run away from the bullets.

      • oskamadison

        Chill, yo, I almost pissed myself laughin’…

      • $ykotic



  • Domjel

    The T.I.’s were pissed at him having the Beatles publishing anyway. I recall McCartney telling Howard Stern how pissed he was. Trust, they were going to get those publishing back, especially now that the Beatles are allowing there stuff on guitar hero and soon to be available online. Watch the Beatles appear on next year Forbes list.

  • $ykotic

    “Now we will see the greed of men 10x magnified.”


  • mazemayhim

    Phuck meds! That’s why I keep 1/8 of da oohwee, drink water or Arizona iced teas after every bong session and eat fried chicken on the weekends. I’ve yet to break a bone in 29 years!

    • http://myspace.com/christianvii Christianseven

      I think if MJ would have just been a weed head he still would have been on the same flakey shhh sometime but at least he wouldnt have left us soo soon thats whats crazy about this country its cOOl for people to take oxycotin and all of this other addictive shhh but weed they wanna lock you up for it.

  • jp

    I am from Houston the doctors practice is in Acres Homes it is the Hood for real.