Why the Relapse hate?

The knock against the Relapse, according to some reviews I’ve read, is that Eminem spends the entire album talking about how people are gonna hate him for what he’s saying, but he doesn’t really say anything he hasn’t already said 10 years ago.

And yet, opinion on Relapse seems to be split more so than on any other Eminem album – even the godawful Encore. Some people love it, and some people can’t stand it. The people who can’t stand it generally claim that his shtick has grown tired, but I wonder if they’re really just offended, and they don’t want to admit it.

The thing is, it’s been going on 10 years now since Eminem’s late ’90s/early ’00s heyday. If you were a kid back then, you’re a grown ass man now. If you were grown back then, you’re fucking old. I could see how a lot of people who were feeling Eminem back in the day might not have any time for him 10 years after the fact. Take for example Combat Jack, who listened to like half of Relapse, and was like, “You know what? Fuck this album. I’m a grown ass man with kids and a mortgage.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Maybe his kids came in the room while he was listening to that song about how Em’s stepdad used to take him out in the woods and eff him in the a.

I still remember the day back in the late ’90s when my old man came up to me and asked me about the song with the white guy talking about how his mom couldn’t breastfeed him because she didn’t have any cans. Granted, I was about 18 at the time, and I guess I’ve never been known for my delicate sensibility. There might be something about living in the suburbs that causes you to look for opportunities to be offended. I remember that same year the two of us watched the movie Happiness together and yucked it up. No fishsticks.

(Sidebar: I heard “My Name Is” the other day on Shade 45, which plays nothing but Eminem now, and I was reminded of how ruined the bowdlerized version was. It’s a wonder it ever became such a big hit.)

Probably more so than most people, I’m pretty much the same man today as I was 10 years ago. I don’t have any kids or anything. I used to sit in a basement and watch TV when I wasn’t at school, now I sit in a basement and watch TV when I’m not busting a shift at the BGM. I actually turn it off while I’m working on posts for this site, just because it takes less time that way, and XXL likes to have this shit up early in the afternoon.

When I saw the video for “We Made You” (which, if you notice, never did set the world on fire), I was all prepared to hate Relapse. Em was making a lot of pop culture references that weren’t very current, and I figured it was because he’s staring down 40, and he just has no idea what’s going on in the world. But once I actually sat down and listened to the album, I was taken aback. Yeah, Em’s doing basically the same thing he’s been doing. But he’s ratcheted up the intensity like 1,000 percent. Even I couldn’t help but cringe at some of the shit he was saying. It was awesome!

I’m at a loss for how people can’t appreciate Relapse, if only for the sheer amount of creativity on display. My guess is that a lot of the people who are hating on it are really just offended, but they don’t want to cop to it, because that would make them feel old. I’m sure it is difficult to listen to songs about kids being forced to eat valium and blow old men and what have you, when you’ve got kids of your own. But that doesn’t mean the song isn’t any good. That just means you’ve gotten soft.

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  • http://www.smh.com Sleeze Money


    • Pierzy

      Good looks…

      I’ve been saying that “Relapse” is the truth and, judging from sales predictions, obviously he hasn’t lost fans the way some have claimed. Shit’s ill…plain and simple.

      • $ykotic

        Now watch the sales hatred tomorrow!

    • Mr. Fly as a Pelican

      I forgot how funny bol’s ass is. No fishsticks!! “I’m a grown ass man with kids and a mortgage” ‘Whatever that is supposed to mean’ haha. I’m the kid you referred to and now I’m grown and yes it is a bit strange reciting his lyrics in public. Muddafucka’s are like “Is you fa real?” Underground is the anthem.

      • ChaosFactor

        Yeah, Underground is a definite cut for sure.

        Really, the thing people miss about the album is the rap itself. Fuck what the lyrics are saying in most of it, just LISTEN to the complexity of it all.

        On most lines he goes beyond rhyming JUST the last syllable of the line and instead rhymes the last 2-5 or so.

        Mozart -> Most aren’t

        Great example. Coulda rhymed Mozart with “part” or something else simple, but he put it together in a way that made sense and killed it.

        He slides in and out of accents for the sake of a single line and sometimes only a half of a line.

        The amount of talent he displays on this album forgives any shortage of creative topics….

  • og bobby j

    relapse is dope….i was one of those haters at first…but i gave it the fair spins and that shit is dope….

    • detroit streets

      I listen too tha album on amazon and of course it was horrible!Same ol bullshit and of course his sales are going to go through the roof cuz nobody has heard from him in so long.All those great dre beatz wasted.That pissed me off now if I would of paid my $10 and got that when I could of got gas or something esle I would of really been pissed!

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal

    This is the post i’ve been waiting for ever since Relapse was announced last year! Just coz i’m a mega Stan like that! I also thought the album was gonna be balls coz of the single but was caught utterly off guard by how much I enjoyed it.

  • General

    I’ll admit, after Encore and some of the material that was leaking early on for Em’s new CD, I was a little worried that Relapse might not be very good, but I got it the day it came out and just listened to it all the way through once and I was amazed…

    I don’t know where I would rate this with all his other CD’s, but this was definetely the Em on Relapse that I wanted to hear…

    I do think having Dre do all the production and Em just concentrating on just writing helped him with this one and honestly I can’t wait to hear Relapse 2 later this year

  • Epinz

    Yea, combat aint give relapse much of a chance! I thnk that shits hittin.

    Off subject…so did t.i go in early or was he late? And if he’s late, doesn’t that violate his plea deal?




    • Gloveson

      When ever i seen my mom in the kitchen i jus start singin ”My Mom Loves Valium, And Lots Of Drugs”, its startin to piss her off, she’s like ”aren’t you glad i’m bloody not like that!!!”……….and i’m like ”if you wer i could’ve rapped bout it…..lol

  • Curtis75Black

    I picked up the cd Thursday, listened to it Sat. afternoon and felt so so about the cd. The concept of the cd was aight. He was still spittin’ no doubt but the 2nd half of the cd is what I liked most. Of course the skits still had me trippin’ and 3 am is sick but overall besides the other tracks I heard already and just pass by (we made you and Crack a Bottle) it didn’t move me much but like I said, it was just my 1st listen.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    i have been going back and forth with this album for a couple weeks. one moment i hate it, then i think its brilliant. i am a grown man with a little girl, but that has nothing to do with it. white suburbia, or all of suburbia, wants to be offended… its as if they poach for offensive moments simply to act all indignant, thus proving once again their superiority. shit, i’ve done it. but regardless, the album is a lyrical marvel, and there are many classic tracks on it.

  • sealsaa

    Nope. I just think that his format is stale, and i’ve always hated those shitty radio songs of his.

    I don’t like Jay-Z’s music anymore, partially because he insist on talking about how he used to be poor, and grew up in the projects, but by your logic Bol, that would make me borgeois.

    Eminem has become predictable, and no longer interesting. I didn’t find what he had to say on Relapse any more offensive than what he’s said on his other CD’s. Also, I suspect that he’s making his relationship with Mariah Carey into more than what it was, and by dissing her the way he did, he’s coming off like a salty ex-boyfriend. We get it. YOU were able to pull Mariah Carey level pussy way back when. Lets move on.

    • Capital G

      Is that you Nick Cannon?

  • escobar9300

    I will say I was pretty impressed with this album. When it came out I put on the cd and listened to it all the way through and it was really solid. The only thing I don’t dig is the silly voices but oh well Ill take Em using a weird accent for a week over 1 minute of Wayne on an auto tuner. Solid XL quality cd

  • http://www.iHateTime.com iHateTimeDotCom

    people wanna hear about music they can relate to… the shit eminem raps about is just dumb for the most part… sure he has amazing talent but he doesnt make amazing music…

  • big ry

    This albums fire.Don’t know what your talking about Bol,but no fanbase was lost here.

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Escobar9300,
    I wouldn’t go that far on that XL rating. Although he hasn’t missed a step with his flow and writing is still quite impressive, his subject matter didn’t do it. I mean if you just want that Same ol, Eminem, it’s straight but for someone still talking about the same shit, the only person he didn’t mention once was his daughter !! Peeps like giving him too much leeway because of his name (radio singles and topics) that they won’t dare give another emcee. Straight up, when rapped about different shit, he caught my attention and that wasn’t done enough. M to L at best.

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      don’t know about your criticism curtis. you write that he didn’t even mention his daughter once, but on the song “deja vu” he mentions her by name, as well as the other little girls in his care. have you even really listened to the album? especially since in your second to last last line you write “Straight up, when rapped about different shit, he caught my attention and that wasn’t done enough.” the track i mentioned is actually the only track where he touches on loses his best friend, and seems truly cathartic, as opposed to his slim shady persona.

      • Curtis75Black

        @ thoreuly77,

        Let me clarify. From what I heard, Em didn’t unless I have to listen again, dedicate a track to his daughter like he’s done in the past. On every cd from what I remember, she’s either been featured or has a song about her. That’s something I don’t remember hearing on Relaspe. I considered that a plus in my book because everything else has been the same to some degree.

  • http://twitter.com/tommykreling Tommy

    I had to comment, because I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote in the article. It is a great album, not a classic, but it will get PLENTY of spins for me.

    “I’m sure it is difficult to listen to songs about kids being forced to eat valium and blow old men and what have you, when you’ve got kids of your own. But that doesn’t mean the song isn’t any good. That just means you’ve gotten soft.”

    *Tupac voice* This is the truest shit you ever wrote!


  • DazzOne

    Em and Nas have just seem to run out of things to talk about. We both know they are great,but it’s just tired. I hope Relapse 2 is more Marshall and less Slim Shady.

    • James

      lol. dazzone. you say you’re tired of Em doing the same old same old yet you want him to come out with another marhsall mathers lp. haha

  • Azhar

    I’m in the minority prolly when i say that Em is at his worst when he’s talkin about pop culture n corny shit, he’s at his best when he being reflective and introspective about his past…Relapse is what i thought it was a cd full of dope ass beats and Em riding them shits til the wheels fall off. But the best cd to be released on so-called Super Tuesday was Blackout 2……Red n Mef killed dat shit from beginning to end the beats on that are better the the ones on Relapse period.

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Well, Em came out when I was ten, now I’m twenty. So where would you place me Bol? I heard the majority of the songs from Relapse and didn’t think the album was worth spending $18 based on the shit I listened to. I was disappointed.

    But it was good enough for downloading (and converting to mp3 format)! XD

    • Gloveson

      I’m 22 now and i’ve no reason to be offended by what he says, that shit jus makes me laugh which his music has made me do for the last 10 years……..i was always gonna cop this shit

      Yeah i downloaded some of the songs when they leaked but i still bought the c.d, ($18….ha only 14euro in ireland)

      I think the album is the shit, i’ve been waitin for this and it delivered..

      P.S i think that Deja Vu should be the next song released, the concept for the video would be great, with the paramedics tryin to get in……anyone agree?

      • Penelope Rodriguez

        You’re Irish? *winks*

        Well, hello.

        I think you wasted your hard earned euros lol. I’m waiting for Relapse 2 though, for the hopes that it’ll be better.

        Why not “Hello” as the next single? ‘Cuz when I heard the first line

        “You see that chick in the gym checking me out?/Any second i’m bout to stick her neck in my mouth” I went BALLISTIC! That line was nice!

        • Gloveson

          Hey Penelope, yes i am from the land of guinness!!

          The thing bout Hello is and don’t get me wrong i think its one of the best songs on the album, the beat is brilliant….but i don’t think its a single

          He should release Deja Vu, everytime i listen to the song i can jus picture the video in my head, with Em sprawled on the floor and Dre tryin to help him (as a paramedic)and then it goin back to how he ended up unconscious and havin Halie say that line on the phone to Kym..

          ”Mommy, something wrong with Dad i think/ he’s acting weird again, he’s really beginning to scare me/ won’t shave his beard again and he pretends he doesn’t hear me/ and all he does is eat Doritos and Cheetos and he just/ fell asleep in his car eating Three Musketeers in the rear seat.”

      • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

        um, 14 euro = 21 dollars. sorry.

        • Gloveson

          i’m not really bothered bout that, 14 euro was a bargain, c.d’s are usually 19.99, i was very suprised goin in to buy it and pissed off cos we usually get them on the friday before they’re out in the U.S……Back On My Bullshit was out the 15th over here and the music store said relapse would be too, but it was out on the monday

        • Rex Banner

          god damn!! 18 bucks, 14 euros, 19.99!!!?!?!AAAHHHHH thank you best buy!! I get my cd’s for 9.99 US dollars!! Thank you Best Buy Thank you!!!!

  • $ykotic

    On another note, after the past 3 years of listening to the same themes and beats, Relapse was refreshing.

    When Em was on hiatus we knew he had issues. Why wouldn’t he rap about what’s in his head?

    Weren’t we all on the forums practically begging these rap dudes to “keep it real”?

    This dude did. And cats out there are still not happy.

    • Curtis75Black


      The same can be said for alot of cd’s that dropped this past year that didn’t get any run or respect from fans. What makes Em any different from Q-tip, LL, Heltah Skeltah and a host of others ? Maybe its because you wanted to hear his music ?

      • $ykotic

        What’s up my dude!

        I’m still pissed dudes didn’t buy “Renaissance”. Or Buckshot/9TH Wonder.

        I got it(Relapse) and the joint is fire. Ganja, Deja Vu, Darling, and Careful are bangers. Sounds real good in the crib.

        But I was hyper to pick up Crime Pays and Blackout!2.

        I can’t understand the back and forth topic on Em.

        But you can’t deny that for a while dudes were passing out sh*t sandwiches for a dime for a hot minute. Exit13 was horrible.

      • Pierzy

        Word, $yk. I can’t even choose my best song. I think it’d be “My Darling” but since that’s only on the Deluxe edition, I’m still stuck. “Underground”? “Ganja”? “Medicine Ball”? Seriously, I can’t choose…

        • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

          Medicine Ball, Medicine Ball, MEDICINE BALL! LOL

          But the rest of the album dope too

  • Enlightened

    Look…you’re overthinking it. Beats. Rhymes. That’s what this shit is about.

    I haven’t heard the whole album but out of what I’ve heard, I haven’t heard many tight beats.

    He can rhyme of course, that’s a given.

    But for instance when I heard that “Old Times Sake” song…. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. I wanted to cry. I was kinda heartbroken.
    Not because of Eminem but Dre. It was like Dre tried hard as hell to make a statement and came up wack on a beat.

    Honestly, I never thought I’d say it, but it seems like Dre lost a couple steps from what I’ve heard.

    Rhymes – check. Beats – I haven’t heard them.

    Somebody who’s heard the whole thing, help me by answering this:

    The fact that Dre produced or co-produced the whole album was supposed to be a reason for the whole hip-hop world to pop bottles, celebrate, and listen to a surefire classic.
    Ironically, it sounds like Dre fucked it up. At least from what I’ve heard.

    • Chris S

      yeah Dre’s production is definitely subpar. makes me not even care about the possibility of Detox coming out (not that it ever will). looks like em might have to go back to the boards himself.

      but as far as rhymes go, he is just insane. his rhyming on this album is probably more complex than all of his other works.

      • General

        Dre’s beats were subpar? WTF???
        Did you listen to the CD…
        First you have to understand that the type of sound that producer puts forth is what the artist wants, so no there are not going to be “Gin and Juice” or “In da club” beats, because that is not Em.
        I think you need to listen again, 3AM, Bagpipes from Baghdad, Hello, Same Song and Dance, Medicine Ball, Stay Wide Awake, Deja Vu, Underground.
        Damn…the sound is consistent all the way through and tight. Dre delivered exactly the sound Em needs for CD.
        If you were wanting to here shit like XXplosive than you should be listening to a Dre or Snoop CD not and Eminem CD

  • Nate

    I like the way Relapse was constructed. There was one song I felt didn’t really fit, but it has all the best of his elements on there.His flows on Bagpipes from Baghdad are sick, Same Song and Dance, Insance, My Mom, 3AM is something different. Must be the Ganja was the one song that just wasn’t special. Beautiful lets you know what kind of mindstate Em was in as that was the song he did under the drugs.

    I think he combined the raw lyricism with his songwriting skills, used his real life alot, partially exaggerated of course as he always does for shock value, and still mixed in the best of what works from his first 3 albums. This album isn’t a copy of any of them, and it still shocks you the first many times you hear/read the lyrics.

    Nothing against other MC’s. Some others have great albums too, but it’s pretty rare to get the entire album sounding nice like this.

    I also think people are spoiled on the Dre beats. Nobody else crafts entire albums like him. People take him for granted now.




  • cramzy

    The accented voices fucked it up for me for the most part. Plus, he’s just not interesting anymore. We shouldn’t compare albums but after the first three albums, what more can this man say that will have you tripping out. The well is dry. No h8, just didn’t like the album.

  • Jesus Martinez

    When you think about it, MCs like Eminem, Raekwon, Nas, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Young Jeezy and others talk about the same shit on every album, just in kind of different ways. Others like Ghostface, Method Man & Redman just spit ill rhymes over boom bap or RZA beats that are all kinda similar without a real theme to the album.
    Bottomline, if they tried to go in a much different direction, me and other fans would be a lot more pissed off. I listen to Eminem because I want him to spit that crazy shit and I listen to Raekwon and Ghostface because I wanna hear them talk about the same stuff they talk about on every album, just different rhymes.

  • texasmade

    blackout 2 > relapse

  • Enlightened

    You can talk about whatever the fuck you want if the beats knockin and the rhymes are on point.

    Once again, his rhymes are going to be on point, but I haven’t heard no ear catching beats. Can somebody tell me if there are any “classic” beats on there- those ones that you know it 6 seconds into the beat and it don’t matter what the fuck the song is about or what MC is rocking it?

  • Silly Willy

    First, you say Charles Hamilton won, then you refuse to hate on Relapse ???

    Bol, is it REALLY you ??? Could it be that the new house (congrats) was comin’ with common sense (no Serena)???
    I won’t front, though! Relapse is dope!

  • http://brillianceisproper.blogspot.com Brilliance Proper

    The Relapse album isn’t offensive in the least bit. It’s just not good. It’s not as black and white as offensive or not. I don’t think it’s offensive at all actually, the damn thing just isn’t clever like Em is known to be and that shit helium voice accent is annoying. Only the last song “Underground” is worth a shit and it’s not as good as “Just Don’t Give A Fuck”. Eh.

    • Brahsef

      Couldn’t agree more with Em not saying shit as clever as he use too. Maybe it is played out in my mind, so it doesn’t stand out that much more to me…I dunno.

      I hold Em to a higher level than most rappers, and he just didn’t wow me. An XL album, but I expect classic albums from Em.

  • Avenger XL

    Relapse is solid but it is boring and predictable by Em Standards. He tried to make it a concept album showing him relapsing to slim shady. But the generic 2001 production doesn’t do the lyrics justice. The lyrics return to slim shady channeling the ghosts of detriot past i.e. Esham thus he makes relapse his acid rap return to force without the rock guitars. Relapse is a good record by todays standards but nothing special according to the only thing that matters and that is Em’s ability.


    “The people who can’t stand it generally claim that his shtick has grown tired” i have not bought a em album since his second album. back then going into his 3rd album i was like this fool keeps talking about the same thing.
    “I remember that same year the two of us watched the movie Happiness together and yucked it up” the little kid who finally busted a nut in that movie he went to my high school. it was funny a girl was talking about that movie and he said you know that was me. she lent me the movie and i was cracking up. rufus reade hhahahaha that mother fucker had a super villain name

  • Enlightened

    What’s with all his overtly gay references lately? That wasn’t part of his shock shtick before was it?
    Talking about his stepfather fucking him…then on the song that this site put up like it’s some fuckin news that he’s on an Alchemist song, he said something about playing with the Jonas Brothers dicks…
    then I just listened to that song Underground and he talking about “looking for trannies.”

    I’ve only heard about a quarter of the album and I keep hearing gay references. Before he talked about “faggots,” now he’s joking (I think) like he’s one. What’s up with that?

  • Rex Banner

    Relapse is an excellent album. I loved it. Plus yeah I was worried about all the gay references like “Enlightened” is talking about and thought I wasnt going to get it but I realized I think Eminem doesn’t give a shit about what people say. I had to respect that, but I could do without the gay talk lol but I picked it up at best buy and absolutely loved it. I liked all his previous albums so I thought I should add to the collection.

    Plus was encore really that bad??? I really liked it!

  • El Tico Loco

    Every needs to stop, is like this if an artist sticks to their style you say he’s not versatile, falling off or behind the times, if he tries something different ya’ll are like “yo he need to bring it back to that ____shit that shit ain’t working” so what gives? I’m not in the game and is frustrating for me.

  • c-notez

    Relapse is lyrically very dope, but that ain’t saying much cuz its Eminem. That’s what we expect. I’ve given it a couple of listens and I just feel like there’s something missing. On the Eminem Show, it seemed like he was really getting on his “grown man” shit. Everything he’s put out since then just makes it seem like he’s going backwards. Yes, I know, it’s called Relapse for a reason, but still, it just doesn’t feel right. Something about it seems off. The lyrical content doesn’t particularly offend me, either. I think it may be the beats. They’re not really dark and sinister enough to match the music. “We Made You” and “Crack A Bottle” don’t even belong on the album at all. I feel like if all the other joints sounded more like the last one with the Ken Kaniff skit on the end the album would really bang like its supposed to. Em might need to release the accapellas, a la The Black Album and American Gangster, and let other producers do their thing.

  • ?

    I was 8 when Em came out, and I still love him…Maybe more now than I did then.

    That album is fantastic, and I admit that I was contemplating not buying it [[we made you is the most horrible song he has released to date]]

    Anyone saying the album isnt worth their money is a fucking idiot. You obviously dunno what good music is…Go listen to bumass Jim jones…

    Relapse is that shytt…and im getting the $130 special edition!

  • Domjel

    Good overall point Bol. But if you notice, Em draws criticism from non-hiphop types. I mean, he was promoting in France and Germany, and NPR reviewed his shit, and on the cover of Entertainment weekly. Where they get snippets of outlandish shit and run with it. But if you really pay attention it is easy to understand that the album is a classic smack down in mc-ism. Plus, he is dealing with some serious issues and putting them out in a creative way. Question, how many niggas would reveal what Em talks about on this album?

  • Dallas Penn

    Quiet as it may be kept I have been loving the albums from the old motherfuckers in the game.

    Red & Meth

    Busta’s shit was meh though.

  • Curtis75Black

    Damn Dallas, You just hurt my feelings. Why would you need to keep that quiet. You should feel the elderstatemen before these new breeds, especially if you came up with them. I find it so funny that fans of Hip Hop just keep kicking our Vets to the curb with reckless abandon for some new cat that hasn’t even proven himself yet, just got a hot single or a buzz.

  • AsherRothhhh

    My comment probably won’t get posted, cause it never does on this fucking website for some strange reason.

    Anyway, imo, Eminem’s new album sounds old, any tracks on Relapse coulda been on his earlier albums, they sound the same. I actually prefer Asher Roth’s album to Relapse.. crazy I know. Eminem’s older albums are amazing, but I’m not feeling Relapse. It just sounds dated.

    *Goes back to Curren$y and turns that shit to max vol.*

  • fmeezy

    some times u haters are never happy. 1st evry1 said before relapse came out they hoped he was doin his s lim shady raps now ur sayin u hope its more marshall on next album its been the best album this year nt piggy ross

  • DazzOne

    Anybody who compares Rick Ross to Em is an idiot. We all know we hold artist like Em to a higher standard, because, guess what, THEY ARE ARTIST!!! Folk like MF Doom, Nas, Red & Meth…you know, ARTIST! There is more pull from in the hp-hop pooln than the shallow waters of radio and BET/MTV. And Bol your right, ‘We Made You’ didn’t set the world on fire, dispite MTV playing it all day and night. It’s just gotten to the point when you can tell when one of your favorite artist has run out of things to say, and when most of mainstream hip-hop has gotten you feeling complacent, certian artist you have come to expect greatness from in your eyes has just seemed to hit a brick wall. Brilliant compared to the ‘Stat Quo’(whatever happed to dude?), but compared to his previous releases…meh

  • trillvillain

    i cant like this album for the same reason i stopped listening after i bought the eminem show.
    dude can rhyme and flow about some crazy off the wall shit.but the fucking subject matter got stale several albums ago

  • VGR

    Hey this album had me back and forth. I am a true Eminem fan but I will say if something is NOT GOOD. However this album is what it is, and it is GOOD. he didnt run to a whole bunch of ppl to be on it, he wanted to release and he did.

    next thing, that ain’t no jamaican accent, whoever thinks so is a fool.

    EM is a brilliant lyricist and I am sure a lot of ppl just hate cuz he is white.

    anyway hats off to Em.

  • valdez

    i was one of the “haters” at 1st and still am. this shit is wack.

    and yes bol, i’m offended. no normal human being finds it entertaining to hear about little boys being sexually assulted by grown men. not tryna judge anyone, but that says alot about the ppl who enjoy this type of shit to where they see it as “entertainment.”

    i’ll bet if some shit like that happened to one of your kids, or neices, or nephews, u wouldn’t find this shit so amusing or “entertaining,” would u??

    and for the record, i’m 29 with no kids of my own, but my lady has 2 daughters whom i treat like they were mine since their fathers don’t give a shit about them.

    anyway, my point is it shows how sick and sadistic our society really is to be amused by this bullshit. and that’s not to say other rappers aren’t guilty, but em really crosses the line and takes the sickness to a whole nother level.

    i just feel like as i mature, i see things differently. i’m no saint, but as i’m on this spritual journey, i’m looking for more truth. or should i say, things that are more pure, which is undoubtedly gonna be next to impossible to find in hip hop these days.

    not to mention em as well as most of the other musicians/artists that we hold so dearly to our hearts and put up on a pedestal are actually possessed by the evil demonic spirit/entity most commonly known as RAINMAN!!

    shit is deep, fam. google that word: rainman. or do a search on youtube for rainman as it pertains to music. then come back and tell me that shit ain’t real.

    i know there are multitudes of em stans on here, which would explain why there was so much hate directed my way in that last relapse post. & that is to be expected anyway. but i’ll just say, u all should know what, rather WHO it is that ur actually listening to. one thing is for sure, it damn sure ain’t marshall mathers.

    take rhianna’s umbrella song/video. there is much more going on then we take at face value.

    youtube this: rhianna umbrella devil


  • NefariousSun

    @ avenger xl

    not many people speak about that Esham/ Em parallel and comparison.

  • Game On….

    I personally was not disappointed by what I heard when I put this cd in my boombox…..

    I happen to think that Relapse is the best hip hop album I’ve heard this year….not because Eminem is my favourite rapper, but because I understood everything he was saying in each of the 15 songs on the record (15 + 5 skits, in case you thought I blundered)

    What I would like to know is 2 things:

    1. WHY DO THE PEOPLE WHO “HATED” THE ALBUM HATE IT? AND DON’T SAY ‘SUBJECT MATTER’ AND DON’T YOU DARE SAY ‘TOO OFFENSIVE’ (That black and white sticker is placed on that bottom corner for a reason)

    2. WHEN DID THIS ABSOLUTELY STUPID AND BASIS-LESS COMPARISON BETWEEN EMINEM AND LIL WAYNE BEGIN? (Don’t get me wrong, I’m feelin’ Weezy, but to say he’s ‘the best rapper alive’….or to go to the extreme and say he’s “a better rapper than Eminem” is certainly not intelligent)

    I’m glad Hip Hop has artists like Eminem, Ludacris, Jay-Z, T.I, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Red & Meth, Nas in the game…..and I’m glad Shady’s back!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR RELAPSE 2

  • alderman j

    I bought the album on Thursday, listened to it a little bit then went to bed, Friday i blazed and listed to the whole thing front to back 2 times, Saturday i blazed put in the Em went picked up my homeboy, he said and i quote, “what is that garbage you listening too??? Sounds like somebody trying to be like Eminem in his prime” Check this, dude at the gas station gave me this cd to check out the other day, take that shit out and lets give this a try, this shit is blowing my high!!!” No shit true story, two days later, one of my female friends asked to borrow it to burn a copy and i told her she could have it!!! True Story!!!!

  • arun

    the flow and rhymes (especially) were killer but Deja Vu and Beautiful came off as more honest than the rest of the album… they come at the right time too , any more drug songs would have become far too repetitive. still a killer Em CD so happy it wasnt a Encore 2


    Relapse was hot, it had a few tracts that were less then steller.. but Relapse and Camron’s Crime Pays were the best cd’s ive bought since game’s L.A.X.. Now those are three legit banging ass cds. not all the songs were dope but they were still made with that genuiune something that only certain rappers have…

  • http://sportsnewsre.info/ Illa Vondrasek

    Is blogengine greater than blogger somehow? Should be as it would be progressively more popluar recently.