Negro Please – Video Blog Edition: Chopper Suit Mixtape

We gonna do shit a little differently today.

Better this than the full 14-minute [WTF?!] video at WSHH. I isolate the worst for ya. Thank me later.

And, yes. Armageddon is upon us. Coonery, be damned.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Yurrd me?

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  • $ykotic


    • Pierzy

      Wow. I have no words…

  • AQUA

    In my Chop Chop Chopper suit!

  • Bol

    Hilarious shit.

    • Ron Mexico

      good lookin, big homie.

  • $ykotic

    “N*99a your whole career is bad publicity…”


    I give the lil’ n*99a some credit for having think skin though.

    Good ass work Mexx. You don’t even have to type to get @ these coons.

    Now watch heads steal your idea and run with it.

    • $ykotic

      *puts the el down*

      Damn. “having THICK skin…”

      • Ron Mexico

        yea. it’s looking like he wants more and more negative attention. note his philosophy on “bad publicity”.

        • $ykotic

          Mexx. My man Mexx.

          This n*99a has a “philosophy”? LOL

          Surprised he has a doo rag!

  • Mike Crown

    Way to take it to another level. This was worth the wait. Great post.

  • ?

    Lmao is that you speaking?

    • Ron Mexico

      of course. me and julie the intern from my podcast.

      • daz_oc

        whats the name of the podcast??

        • Ron Mexico

          ronmexicocity | Blog Talk Radio

          it’s available on my site in the blue player, top right

  • http://xxl gside

    A which band member punch that nigga in the face and had him leaking talking about I supposeto be rep the N.O. . Yea Mastirati RIck was a one of the biggest Dope deaers on the eastside of Detroit back in the 80′s he’s been dead for 20 year’s .

  • Gerv

    His rival E.Ness ain’t doin much better show some of that shit or r you just clownin him because he’s from the south.He said some real shit fools talk that New Orleans shit but don’t live near it or come back to it,but claim to rep it the hardest.I ain’t gonna begin to name all the east coast artist yall think are the shit.In actuality are doomed to just make mixtapes while signed to majors and eventually dropped but still respected somehow.

    • Ron Mexico

      of course. that’s it. i must hate the south because i’m gettin on chopper.

      ness don’t have a chopper suit legacy.

      who give a fuck about a ness? i wouldn’t even click on his self-ether video. mr. double suit, however? you’re almost guaranteed some legendary content fuckin with this nigga. not just funny… legendary.

      if you’re from new orleans this man should be an embarrassment to you. he’s the reason niggas think you’re all like that. and you gonna try to stir up some mason dixon beef over THIS nigga?

      for shame.

      • Gerv

        I ‘m from Oakland and I just notice who you seem to target mostly that’s all.But I do got family down there as domost black people got family in the south.


      @ GERV:





      • Gerv

        The shit was funny as hell but some of your favorite rappers have gotten away with worst fashion.Though it was very funny when did niggas start caring about a niggas fashion more than females?

      • DetroitDraper

        Lmao straight clown matter fact go fetch some more cheese cake. And no no ones driving a Lambo in the winter in the D. ps The D is so cold he’d get armed robbed if Chopper of all people ever came here in a Lamb without a camera crew.


    *Flava Flav style* WOOOOOOOW!!!

  • Zulu1925

    WOW!! There are a number of issues I have with this video and Chopper’s ‘gangster’ claims. 1. The area of MLK Blvd that he started out on USED to have a public housing project (Melpomene), but it has been torn down. The Calliope is still up and on the same street, but it’s about a mile away. The area is still not a place for tourists, but it’s not crawling with ‘jack boys’ like in the past. 2. The daiquiri shop he went to was on St Charles Ave, where the world-famous streetcar (trolley) rolls – lots of tourists walk that street. This is also where he was walking when he encountered the pregnant chick. 3. He was CONSTANTLY looking over his shoulder. If ‘nobody’s fucking with you’ like you claim, what are you looking for?! This is just a young cat trying to get back in the game anyway he can. Unfortunately, no one told him this was the wrong way to go about it. BTW, I’m from New Orleans – 8th Ward, St Roch.

    • Ron Mexico

      didn’t look all that gutter of an area to me. been to new orleans. don’t know it too well, but that hibachi grill and office depot didn’t look too threatening.

    • geico lizard

      I have to co-sign that wasnt a bad part of new orleans. During Mardi Gras I was pissing in alleys and blackout drunk in worst parts of the city than that.

      • $ykotic

        Liz we can hang! Dude did a Rickety Ross on the fans…

  • Zulu1925

    Oh, yeah!! I almost forgot – there’s a full-blown police station on MLK and Oretha Castle Haley, which is about 4 blocks from where Chopper started this video (MLK and Simon Bolivar).

  • MonstaDon




  • these posts are racist

    Hilarious son.

  • sealsaa

    Show some respect! That’s $300 around his neck!

  • East Saint Louis 618

    Ron u a mad genius….. keep doing yo thing brah… keep clowning these dumb niggas

  • .tony.

    jesus fucking christ man thats the definition of ether right there.

    next youre gonna post video of his baby moms getting fucked and nutted in

  • geico lizard

    -After seeing the “Choppa Suit Mixtape” Chris Brown is dropping mixtape to capitalize on his bad publicity titled “Tap your girls jaw Mixtape”. The first single is “Ike Turner Jr aka I am not a monster”.

    -Choppa Suit framed C-murder
    -Choppa Suit fixed the Man U soccer match
    -Choppa Suit is not associated with this mixtape and he will be looking for Choppa to fight him

    • Bobo D

      -Choppa Suit fixed the Man U soccer match
      He must have put some lean in the water cause there was no defense at all.

      Sidenote: Ron, you killed the show on wednesday. They need to pick you for SNL as a writer. I’m gonna need that “yo punch me doe” soundfile, as a ringtone for incoming sms’s.

    • Bobo D

      Choppa Suit fixed the Man U soccer match
      He must have put some lean in the water cause there was no defence at all.

  • wordsmanifest


    wait, who is this again?

  • N.O. 4 life

    i dont get it?…so a black male is a coon why?…cuz he isnt intelligent?…i mean he prolly flexin bout money he got blah blah blah thats what rappers do…but really he aint doin shit that would say hey! he is a coon!

    ron your a coon…

  • Tony Grand$

    “Choppa suit don’t need choppa….”

    Lmao @ Ron Mexico City!

    “Fuck all the bullshit, niggas consider yourselves warned, coon ass niggas…”


    Get ‘em, Ronny.


    wow i honestly didnt know what this was but damn im glad i clicked it this shit is hella funny keep it up

  • C. Hop

    It’s hard out chea! People can’t get staples n shtt like they need from the Office Dept.

  • C. Hop

    I bet that chain says Pepsi on it if you turn it over and look at the back.

  • DazzOne

    Talking all that big noise, in that sleepy ass suit was the funniest shit on the net. Or so I thought. Now this? The highest point of his career was when he was on the Chapelle Show!

    • Tony Grand$


      Dude was on Chappelle Show?!

      That was either the 2 months he “stopped smoking reefer” or right before he went to Zumunda to entertain Prince Akeem.

      Glad I missed that episode. Hell, he could’ve just sent the Choppa Suit. You know that shit has an album coming out. “Choppa Suit: No Choppa”. I heard rumors that Kimora Lee aint pregnant by Give Us Free, but by the Choppa Suit.

      • EvilD172

        I’ve been watching this bs all morning at work wondering wtf. He owes me $40 minus taxes. DON’T KEEP IT REAL, KEEP IT RIGHT.



  • EvilD172

    WTF…NO, SERIOUSLY, WTF? IS THIS NIGGA OUT OF HIS FUCKIN MIND? I really thought that us as black people were coming up mentally until I saw this shit. Ron, best blog eva!

    Cop that BO2. “City Lights” is the shit!!!

  • EvilD172

    WSHH. Making bitch niggas look like asses daily. Luvin it! Where’s Tubesteak when you need him?

  • DV8

    SMH…..Chopper Suit, Chopper Couch, Chopper Stacks and now Cap’n Crunch Chain LMAO at this dude

  • Curtis75Black

    Wow !! Love the commentary Ron. This was funny. I have no words.

    The whole crew was on the Chappelle Show. One of the funniest skits ever. Got Dave acting like Diddy wanting them to fetch him some goat milk lol.

    • Tony Grand$

      @ Zulu

      Okay, I might have saw that in my heavily inebriated days. I thought he had Choppa performing, umm, music…?

      I’ll keep my eyes open for a rerun somewhere.

  • Ron Mex

    Please touch up on this Charles Hamilton, and MJ blige’s niece situation. Just watched a video over @ allhiphop rumors where ther going through counseling, and she’s loud talking him, disreguarding his statements, and basically taking atvantage of his gentle nature. Please help this young man, and show him how he needs to step up, be a man, get his woman to drop the nut sack she’s caring around, and act like a woman….

    If not, then 1 day he’s gonna get fed-up and Chris Brown that bitch, and err-body gonna come 2 her aid when she’s the 1 pushing buttons & think’n their won’t be no reaction…

  • Victoria Page

    I just died watching this video…Ron Mexx, your commentary is hilarious!

  • kelito-vision

    damn Ron….that video was some etherization….lmao…how homie going to say with a straight face he rocking $300K jewelry? lol! how homie going to say he got 3 deals on the table? lol!

  • EmCDL

    Damn that video was hillarious! That nicca think he all that too…like seriously, he really think he doing something with himself! I appreciate you ethering him Ron!

    And how that nicca gonna play with the homeless like that? He ignant straight up!

    • Tony Grand$

      @ Em

      Hell yeah, talking about “You gon’ appreciate it?” like the broad was going to start giving him dome on camera, in public, for a funky 20 bucks. GTFOH!

      I was waiting on her to snatch that chain. She could’ve gotten free rocks just for making the dopeman laugh trying to sell it to him.

      • BIGNAT

        it would have been funnier if she knocked his ass out and robbed him for his whole chopper stack. then she goes for the chain looks at the camera and say THIS SHIT NOT EVEN REAL

  • Meechie

    I was waiting on Butch Magnus to come and punch him out and take that chain, like he did Riley on the Boondocks

  • Parsifal


  • Parsifal

    I just found the Chopper Young City Choppersuit Season mixtapeman Chopperjust sounds like some reject from early No Lmit or Cash Money I mean the dead guy from UNLV could out rap him but what’s really funny is the dude going on and on about how he got “skills” ifthatguy’s got “skills” then Plies is Rakim seriouslly the only thinggood are the beats that’s it.

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Chopper Suit don’t need Choppa…
    Goddamn Mex you did it again , that shit was funny as hell.
    Damn you must be one sorry excuse for a rapper if your cheap ass suit wants to break out on it’s own hahaha

  • c b w

    i just heard Choppa Suit got signed by Diddy and will be hosting a party in L.A. for the NBA Finals.

    Be on the lookout for the Choppa Suit single, “Highwater Slacks” featuring Yung Shmedium.

  • chillin mayne

    intern julie sound disrecpect to anybody

  • http://xxl jg

    man yall need to see him in the wack suit he has on world star

  • crisis

    yeah, intern julie did sound like a dime
    no homo mex, but you have a really cool voice
    no byron crawford