It would make more sense on Thursday, simply for the purpose of alliteration, but here at we do our throwbacks on Friday. So for my pick on this “throwback Friday” I chose to reminisce and for some put y’all up on the classic soundtrack to the 1993 flick, Judgment Night.

The disc found popular rap acts of the era collaborating with rock groups. And this was no corny ass Limp Bizkit ish, this was rock/rap at its finest. Lil Wayne, if you’re reading this – go cop that album and take some notes. These rappers weren’t trying to be cliché rock stars, they were just doing what they do best over some rock music

Laced with 11 joints which were all dope – except for that one track by Therapy? And Fatal (huh - yeah, exactly) – the CD found some ill pairings between such acts as Onyx, Cypress Hill, Run-D.M.C, Ice-T, De La Soul, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, House of Pain, the Boo Yaa Tribe and Sir Mix-A-Lot. Probably the most stand out cut was the title track by Onyx and Biohazard. That shit was hard as nails, providing the perfect soundscape for mosh pit madness. Watching Onyx, in their all-black army gear standing next to the tattooed out hardcore act was a sight to see – especially with Sticky Fingers spitting the line – “I fucking swear to God I’ll raise hell and make the white man call me master.” Still bangs to this very day today.

**Here’s some trivia for ya. Biohazard frontman (the cat with the tats and long hair) Evan Seinfeld (JewDon'tKnow) is married to porn star Tera Patrick.

Another stand out was Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth’s ode to the ganga, “I Love You Mary Jane.” The smoothed out cut really gives a glimpse of into the Lollapalooza aesthetic. Run-D.M.C. also live up to their "Kings Of Rock" tag jamming out with all-black outfit Living Colour on “Me, Myself And My Microphone.”

That brings me to the question – if they had another soundtrack like that today, who would you like to see pair up? Speak On That! – Jesse Gissen