L'Chaim if you want some.

Peace for passover to all my hebraic hermanos. I just spoke to one of my homeys for the holidays and he told me that this was going to be the worst summer for music. He really hates Asher Roth on some biblical shit and claims that sonn isn't a jew but actually a Mennonite. WTF?!? Asher is a jew. I know it. Scooter Braun might be a Mennonite though.

However, I am speaking on Judaism right now as related to consumerism in popular culture. The stereotypes say that those of us who are God's chosen servants are tightfisted when it comes to sharing our fiscal blessings. In my case that is the farthest thing from the truth and I have the debt to prove it. I spend cash money like its going out of style and quiet as kept it is.

I consume the shit I like. I consume the shit that adds to my quality of life. I can't imagine that there would be something I consider artistic that I wouldn't spend my money on. Sure, I love free shit, I'm not a fucking retahd. But I understand that my consumerism allows for a chain of events to occur. All kinds of people get to eat off my dollar. Some get to eat more, but all kinds of people benefit just the same.

The homey DonWill from Tanya Morgan has this dope little concept project he is generating based on the movie 'High Fidelity' starring John Cusack. i don't expect any of the Black kids that frequent this site have heard of that film. As a matter of fact I would posit that more than half of the white over here haven't heard nor viewed it either. In any case, DonWill created a nice little ditty for the project titled 'Laura's Song'.

Take a look at the YouTube video here.

That joint is some smooth shit to use to get at some foxy panties. I know that most of you dudes is still into fishsticks and the what not so a song about trying to get next to a lady's smellgood is foreign to y'all, kind'a like K'Naan. For those of us that like to dip our own sticks in the most delicious black hole this song helps us to that end. I have no problem giving $.99 to iTunes for this single. I consider it an investment in my enjoyment.

There is too much art that people are willing to passively consume. The illegal download is passive consumerism. You still want the art that an artist generates but you don't want to contribute to the machine that allows them to be their best. What the fuck is that about? I want you to think about the interns that stuff all the gift bags with shit that people never listen to (like the Charles Hamilton Lavalamp mixtape). Shouts to them dudes on the frontlines of the industry.

I'm never gonna tell y'all NOT to download. That horse has left the barn. What I am going to tell you is that interns deserve some job security as well. The interns didn't make the album either, but if you don't support your favorite artists the interns are the ones that end up being punished. Imagine having to now be Jermaine Dupri's secretary? Go copp that Deeper Than Rap, Asleep In The Bread Aisle and Born Like This.

Save an intern, save the world.