Look At The Mess You Made…

L’Chaim if you want some.

Peace for passover to all my hebraic hermanos. I just spoke to one of my homeys for the holidays and he told me that this was going to be the worst summer for music. He really hates Asher Roth on some biblical shit and claims that sonn isn’t a jew but actually a Mennonite. WTF?!? Asher is a jew. I know it. Scooter Braun might be a Mennonite though.

However, I am speaking on Judaism right now as related to consumerism in popular culture. The stereotypes say that those of us who are God’s chosen servants are tightfisted when it comes to sharing our fiscal blessings. In my case that is the farthest thing from the truth and I have the debt to prove it. I spend cash money like its going out of style and quiet as kept it is.

I consume the shit I like. I consume the shit that adds to my quality of life. I can’t imagine that there would be something I consider artistic that I wouldn’t spend my money on. Sure, I love free shit, I’m not a fucking retahd. But I understand that my consumerism allows for a chain of events to occur. All kinds of people get to eat off my dollar. Some get to eat more, but all kinds of people benefit just the same.

The homey DonWill from Tanya Morgan has this dope little concept project he is generating based on the movie ‘High Fidelity’ starring John Cusack. i don’t expect any of the Black kids that frequent this site have heard of that film. As a matter of fact I would posit that more than half of the white over here haven’t heard nor viewed it either. In any case, DonWill created a nice little ditty for the project titled ‘Laura’s Song’.

Take a look at the YouTube video here.

That joint is some smooth shit to use to get at some foxy panties. I know that most of you dudes is still into fishsticks and the what not so a song about trying to get next to a lady’s smellgood is foreign to y’all, kind’a like K’Naan. For those of us that like to dip our own sticks in the most delicious black hole this song helps us to that end. I have no problem giving $.99 to iTunes for this single. I consider it an investment in my enjoyment.

There is too much art that people are willing to passively consume. The illegal download is passive consumerism. You still want the art that an artist generates but you don’t want to contribute to the machine that allows them to be their best. What the fuck is that about? I want you to think about the interns that stuff all the gift bags with shit that people never listen to (like the Charles Hamilton Lavalamp mixtape). Shouts to them dudes on the frontlines of the industry.

I’m never gonna tell y’all NOT to download. That horse has left the barn. What I am going to tell you is that interns deserve some job security as well. The interns didn’t make the album either, but if you don’t support your favorite artists the interns are the ones that end up being punished. Imagine having to now be Jermaine Dupri’s secretary? Go copp that Deeper Than Rap, Asleep In The Bread Aisle and Born Like This.

Save an intern, save the world.

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  • Pierzy

    This is unbelievable.

    If I see “Asleep In The Bread Aisle” I will spit on it before I do anything else with it…

    It could be the greatest thing since “The Marshall Mathers LP” (it’s not), but I am sick and tired of being told to go buy it.

    Fuck it, go buy another copy of Benzino’s trashy albums because coming on this site and reading about Asher Roth is just as bad as opening The Source in 2004 and seeing Made Men ads everywhere…

  • Dallas Penn

    Do you have Born Like This? Deeper Than Rap? I think you have a thing for Asher Roth if all you see is his name [ll]. Work that out playboy.

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      D- “deeper than rap” and “AITBI” should not be written about alongside “born like this”. its just not right. i just got out of my delorean and i can definitely tell you which one is still being bumped in 2015…

    • daz_oc

      I can see I aint the only one that sees the same fuckin people complaining about asher over and over again. as much as it is annoying to yall to see a post of him its fuckin annoying to see yall comment over and over again about how u cant stand him……and no I aint a fan of him either

  • Pierzy

    Hahaha…touche’ but c’mon Dallas, you know I have a point. The past few days every other new thing on here mentions homeboy’s name. And, of anyone, I should love him – he’s a white dude from the Philly suburbs like someone I love deeply – myself.

    But to answer your question, I do have “Born Like This” and it is as good as everyone says (including you who mentioned it before most). I haven’t touched “Deepr Than Rap” yet…

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I love High Fidelity!

    Deeper Than Rap is really good too.

  • tommy gunz

    c/s…high fidelity is a dope movie…and…DON’T SUPPORT FAKE RAP…SO…DON’T COP DEEPER THAN CRAP

    • RiZob

      if we don’t support fake rap, then there would be nothing to support at all, all of it is fake, just sit back and enjoy the movie…..just realize you are watching fiction and not real life…..and fuck Asher Roth….i heard he smashed the homie…lol

  • Domjel

    Oh, I get it! Interscope promised an Eminem feature for Asher Roth pub. XXL is being Vanilla Iced by corporate big wiggs. But you know, i’ll still fucks with you until this period boils over. And Deeper than Rap is getting pub because Def Jam has a lot riding on it. But if ya’ll want to send a message to CB4ism IGNORE Deeper than Rap!

    • RiZob

      NO, the reason Deeper Than Rap is getting a buzz is (1)its fuckin FUEGO!! and (2) people are rooting against 50, nobody really likes 50 anymore, (they finally realize he’s not a very good rapper)those 2 reasons alone is why DTR will sell well….

  • Domjel

    RiZob, your second point may be accurate. But what sense does it make to support one artist because you dislike another?

  • ri067953

    You guys are being music snobs, just like the characters in Hi-Fidielty. People like what they like, who cares if it is Rawse or Roth, if you don’t like them, so what? Although, I will say that personally, I can’t support Rawse and that bullshit persona he created to sell albums, but that is my opinion, no judgement passed on those who cop that shit and enjoy it.

  • http://xxl ryan

    pierzy shut up!
    xxl is going 2 keep talkin about asher roth until his dam album drops. personally i want to see wat this kid can do. he better live up 2 all this hype he is getting. but ross i already kno he sucks so that doesnt matter. fact is xxl was on jadakiss nuts before his album drop because it was a anticipated album everyone wanted 2 hear. n its going 2 be the same thing all over again with jayz, wayne, or kanye.

  • Ya Boy

    Downloaded Roths album yesterday and that shit is trash! I mean some next level trash.



  • Master CHeef

    please refer to dallaspenn’s (or billy x. sunday) feb.6, 2009 post entitled: never monkey with a gorilla.

    he clowns ross for being a fraud. a few months ago, he was clowning roth, too. If you visit his website, you will see video footage of him attending ross’s and roth’s listening party.

    now he is unconditionally cosigning both, but why?

    it is either a)he is captivated by these rappers’ charisma and develops a serious man crush thus turning himself into a groupie, or b)the same machine that sent him to these listening parties are now paying him to endorse their products on his humble blog.(and by pay, i mean keep sending him the SAME measley check he’s been getting).

  • Master CHeef

    you’re a ho.
    you’re fake.

  • tommy gunz

    ^^^like rawse^^^

  • escobar9300

    I’m debathing on Bread Asile and Deeper than rap, but I will say that the new MF Doom, or DOOM, whatever dude is going by now, the new album is fuckin fire, peep that shit for real

  • $ykotic

    Memo for The Commission: It’s a week and a half long for this ya’ll. Pull out your kevlar.

    • Pierzy

      $yk — What up Fam…

      Time to go to the mattresses!

  • Dallas Penn

    I don’t see people getting the Ro$$ album because they want to send a message to 50 (or Ro$$ for that matter).

    People want music that they can feel. The Ro$$ album is the experiment that DefJam attempted with a more seasoned and credible rapper. DefJam tried to create that hybrid rap & B album with Jadakiss.

    I feel like they got the formula a little closer to finished with Rick Ro$$. The new KanYe West project is gonna be STR8 BANANAS!

    • Detroit P

      I agree with the main post here(not tis comment above)…but usually it sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about ever…so I’m starting to assume that you just don’t care and you just type in shit just to fuck with people….either that or you’re some kind of idiot who thinks he’s smart or deep….sometimes I can’t tell

      • Master Cheef

        It is a complete mixture of both, Detroit P. He is a mo-ron that believes he is deep, but he still types outrageous stuff just for the sake of getting comments.

        He is knowledgeable, but he prefers to disguise lies and slander as truth because he is actually smart enought to fancy up his libels as such.

        • macdatruest

          shut yo bitch ass up

  • Crocker

    Is it only me, or is the color of his skin the only reason he has the PROMOTION he does. Somebody school me if you can on where his single is charting on Billboard, but this dude is all over XXL & MTV. For christ sakes he’s on SRC. David Banner didn’t get half the promo this cat is getting and dudes had hit after hit. I mean, far be it for me, a Scotch-Viking-Irish-German white man to play the whiteboy race card, but….Could they make it anymore obvious? One mixtape prior to the single dropping and I see dude on MTV more than Kurt Loder. What the in the name of Freemasonry is going on here?

    • Zulu1925

      @ Crocker

      “What the in the name of Freemasonry is going on here?”

      Funny as hell!!

  • abdulnasir imam

    save an inter, save the world, hahahahaha! hey crocker, i fucking agree wiv ya.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo chill, Dallas. The day that niggaz gotta pay to come on XXLmag.com and read the blogs is the day all you regular bloggers gonna get the boot. Some things in life should just be free–just as there are things that are worth waiting/paying for. That Asher Roth shit should be free. I’m not letting dude dupe me out of $10 so he can go buy another keg. Fuck that. Rick Ross, neither. If that nigga wants to rap about how rich he is and he eats lobster 4 times a day and shit, then fuck it, he don’t need my money. Make no mistake, I’m not fans of either of these niggaz but if it were somebody I actually care to listen to…like Raekwon and his OB4CL2, then I’d go to Best Bizzle and drop the 10-spot. Matter of fact, I got a crumpled Hamilton in my wallet with “ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX NIGGAZ PART II” written all over it with a Sharpie. That’s how I’m riding for my niggaz.

    I love me some Wu-Tang, but you don’t see me on here raping niggaz’ little sisters for not picking up 8 Diagrams. In this day and age, an artist better have side hustle–a legitimate one at that. And any nigga thinking he’s about to pop off with a career in the music industry better screw his head on straight because you’re only as hot as the last CD you promoted.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      “That Asher Roth shit should be free. I’m not letting dude dupe me out of $10 so he can go buy another keg. Fuck that.”


  • Dallas Penn

    OG Matt Herbz,
    I got some news for you fella… You do pay everytime you come to this site. You pay attention.

    How much is your time worth to you? Then that amount is the fee you get charged.

    Smarten up NaS.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Man I ain’t saying no more shit about this Asher Roth business…consider me done with it. Don’t really know anything about the Ross album, but the DOOM album is fire striaght up. That “Lightworks” and “Gazillion Ear” tracks are sickness!