Damn near to the day two years ago I told you that 300K is the new platinum. Did y'all niggas forget that shit already? Or did y'all not read the drop and just skim the comments?

If Jadakiss eclipses 100K sales then he should be considered (and certified) as gold plaque status. What does that say for Lil' Wang and Kanghey West that they have sold several million recordds in this post-late 2000's entertainment consuming climate? They are the true megastars. They are the stadium status performers.

Don't discount Jadakiss though for doing his thing. Or Def Jam for doing theirs. Def Jam paired Jada up with NeYo, Ryan Leslie, Keri Hilson or was it Chrisette Michelle, whoever. Def Jam made sure that Jadakiss had records that could be supported on the radio formats. This was a big leap for Jadakiss who was never played on the radio here in New York. And he is supposed to be bringing New York rap back.

At least they didn't make Jadakiss into a slow spitting Soulja Boy type rapper. When I was in Atlanta and I listened to that Soulja Boy song about kissing the telephone get reeeederkulous spins I laughed because I knew rap music was being strangled to death in the south. It's not like rap is doing much better here in New York City either but at least I can say we have SlaughterHouse here although they don't get any play on the radio whatsoever.

Real rap fans have already adjusted to shit like record sales and radio play whereas the people that don't know shit still look at those two facets for judging what good music is. I feel sorry for the fans that judge the acceptance of other people as the barometer for what music they will consume. That is sheep mentality. I'm going to have to start calling those folks sheople instead of people. I'm happy for Jadakiss that he is receiving some small amount of commercial success.

Jadakiss and the Lox have too many classic rap records in their catalog for them to ever go broke but I still want dude to be able to put a few extra diamonds in his new watch.