From The SlaughterHouse To The Frat House…

rat pack

Supergroups in rap music are like watching comets pass over eclipses. They are rare, but oh so spectacular. This is why posse rap tracks drive us crazy. To listen to a song with three or more artists each reaching for the gold over a dope beat is what I live for as a rap fan. This is why the SlaughterHouse movement has been killing shit.

Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Joe Budden and Royce da 5-9 have been through some shit in this music industry. The ups and downs is what Joell might call it. This is another reason why I love SlaughterHouse so much. There is a pain and a pressure to the rhyming like they know a clock is ticking over all of them and they want to make sure their voices are heard before their time to broadcast them is diminished.

Imagine if SlaughterHouse could have formed up four or five years ago? Would we be so accepting of them now? Would we let them spin their stories of their frustration within the music industry to put their truths out to the public? Maybe not. SlaughterHouse’s unique appeal is borne of their individual failures and history. They are all good artists who may not “look” like the artist that a label wants to push out front. Instead of waiting on the shelf these dudes took their destinies into the own hands.

Now what if there was a supergroup formed from some of the younger artists that are being pushed forward? Try to imagine this supergroup being cultivated and performing together collectively as the years go by. This could be the biggest shit rap music ever saw. This could be the best shit rap music ever saw. A supergroup of artists with different backgrounds but the one thing in common is that they are all themselves as performers. What I mean is that there are no super-hero-thug-drugpusher postures that have to be expressed by these artists. Just the art. And the struggle to freely express JUST THE ART.

If I had the ears of the tallest Israelis I would tell them to make the Frat Rap Pack that new supergroup. The potential contained in this collective is something that can’t really even be measured right now. These guys could be bigger than Christmas.

frat rap pack

Asher Roth, Drake, Kid Cudi and Bobby Ray (B.o.B.) are the formula. They pool together regional diversity just like SlaughterHouse does. They all have different adn individual rhyming styles as well. I think this collective could be so futuristic in taking rap music to places that haven’t been considered yet. The only problem I see in forming this college rap collective are the logistics that these guys are facing in rehearsing routines together.

Rappers don’t have to be in the studio together any longer with the way our technology to produce music has evolved, but they still need to get together in the same room to rehearse how they would perform a song that way when the shows actually come they won’t be on stage stepping on one another’s toes. In sports they call that shit chemistry. Once the Frat Pack gets their chemistry in order these dudes will be unstoppable.

Asher Roth already gets all the ladies to come through in high heels. Can you think what it would be like to have all of these dreamboat heartthrobs [ll] on the same stage. College co-ed panties will be flying through the air like frisbees. Even fat dudes like myself will be getting action. This is why I love college.

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  • Pierzy

    I really hope SlaughterHouse gets the push it deserves when it’s their turn to drop. Personally, their collective (and/or individual) failures in the industry don’t change how I feel about them. All four are animals in their own right. When it looked like The Firm was about to blow, no one cared about previous commercial success (It Was Written) or failure (Doe or Die).

    Of the other four, Kid Cudi has crazy skills. Unfortunately, college people aren’t checkin’ for him or Drake or B.O.B. No comment on the other dude…

    • daz_oc

      im surprised you didnt start crying about how this post is mentioning asher roth again

      • Pierzy

        Sorry to disappoint…

  • General

    Thanks DP for keepin the spotlight on Slaughterhouse. They shit is official. I don’t know if they will ever get the backing from the industry to blow up, but I hope they keep bringin the heat though.
    As far as your other “supergroup”, I think I’ll pass. I think a few of them got potential to bring some originality to the rap game, but I really don’t want to see them all together, EVER.

    • Curtis75Black

      @ General,
      The backing shouldn’t have to be from the industry. The backing should be from us – The fans. We know when cd’s are dropping and we know when new tracks are out there. Funny thing is, we act like “I didn’t know so and so dropped” and blame it on the label when the #’s come in, knowing Damn well we was just talking about it the week before. Slaughterhouse could be a monster if its a concept driven cd and not a bunch of collabo verses. It will definitely have my backing.

      We had other Supergroups in the past and they’ve done fairly well to say the least but it all relies on how they deliver and our love of Hip Hop.

  • Chuck Vegas

    College are checking for all 4 of them, most definitely. Cudi, Drake and Roth are sick. B.o.B.? I’m not a fan personally. Whether or not they’d be good in a group together, thats a tough call. But I definitely think people would be interested in it, especially college kids.

  • Chris Cash

    I struggle to like Kid Cudi,i really want too but hes wack to me.

  • Jamal7Mile

    I don’t see them meshing well together. If they officially formed a collective, I can forsee studio fights like on Making the Band 2… or 3, or whatever the fuck (I never watched it). Ness and Chopper want to shoot each other in the face. That’s the only reason I remember who Ness and Chopper are.

    I’m thinking Kid Cudi is too old to hang with them other cats. Didn’t he inspire Kanye to do whatever trip Kanye’s on right now? Sounds old like me (mid-30′s).

    From what little I know of all four of them, Drake would out-shine all of them. He’d stick out waaaay too far. And we all know what happens in a group when one person sticks out too far (Busta>LONS, Diana>Supremes, etc).

  • AZ40

    I’m not that impressed with any of those cats except B.o.B, they claim those other cats are supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Shit, you could throw me in there, too, as that nigga to certify everyone’s gangsta, you know? An undeniably cool cat that doesn’t need hype or tight jeans to get the point across.

    I’d mainly go last on cuts so you get that Designated Hitter feeling like, “Okay, Asher’s verse was the same shit as always: smoke and drank. I couldn’t tell which one of the other two verses was Cudi and which was BOB, but then Herbz came through with the murda verse that tied up all the loose ends that those other random-ass niggaz left behind…”

    I’d kill shit plus play the interviews real cool. You’d never see me pull a Officer Ricky and be sipping a Malibu y Piña on video–strictly Gin and Tonics, my nigga.

    At album release parties, they’d play my slow jams and a fuckin orgy’ll pop off right there. Somebody’ll actually get stabbed and shot during my verses on the hard tracks. Barack Obama, himself, will walk in on my right and pass the blunt to the left during my Get-High songs.

    Act like you know…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • DV8

    How dare you put B.O.B. in the same sentence as those other losers? B.O.B makes some pretty good music in my opinion.

    • BGZ

      2nd that, B.O.B. is the only one that makes listenable music.

      But none of them see the weakest out of Slaughter House (IMO Joey) on a clear day.

  • Tony Grand$

    For the college crowd, them dudes would probably blow up. The supposed “future” of hip hop rocking the mic(s) for the “future” of the world. I could see that happening.

    I don’t think the same crowd that would pay good money to see SH would support them so much. Not that their collective wouldn’t be “hot”, just not hot to traditional hip hop ears.

    I’m not to particular toward any of them. They’re cool artists in their own rights, but their music/art wouldn’t be directed @ my demographic anyway.

    SH, on the other hand, seem to be on the road to greatness. The only thing I see stopping unyielding success would be egos. Other than that, those cats are about to lock hip hop down. A much needed change in the dreary climate going on right now.

  • Dallas Penn

    Tony Grand$,
    Rap music doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you still support the artists that speak to you then everything will work out.

    I brought this point up because pop culture loved the Rat Pack and each of those dudes were so talented on their own that when they formed Voltron it was fucking lights out.

    I fux with Asher, Drake, Cudi and B.o.B. because they are earnest about their individual styles. Rap music gets bigger and better with the SlaughtHouse and Frat House movements.

    • LeonTheProfessional

      …good view. i like what you said here. i read this after posting mine. but, definitely a good point of view.

    • Tony Grand$


      I dig what your saying. If they were to form said group, I don’t see why they wouldn’t make a couple songs I’d like. So, in that sense I guess the support factor does have some wiggle room (no homo).

      & as far as their respective movements go, it does get bigger & better for hip hop, I agree. I don’t only support artists I like, but that’s the twist; they do have to speak to me on some level. Just riding in on the “college” wave would already make non-collegiate cats think “oh, these niggas ain’t talking to me”, so I’m sure you can see how that would be somewhat of a deterrent. As opposed to SH, they’re screaming hip hop, & anybody in the hip hop spectrum can feel that.

      Talent is talent when it’s all said & done, though. & anybody, including SH has to prove they deserve to where they end up in this as a business & an artform.

      *how did I know you were going to respond to me?*

  • LeonTheProfessional

    SlaughterHouse is the epitome of hiphop. Struggle, pain, quality, lyricism… i mean… there’s honestly [arguably] not a supergroup to this date that can get on the lyrical level of this squad. So props for puttin’ them down in this article!

    On another note… i dont think hiphop should actually form a group to ‘cater’ to a crowd that follows certain rappers. It’s not like the SlaughterHouse cats came together and was like “yeah – let’s collab so we can do this and this for these type of peeps” — nah mean? They jus’ came together to make hiphop for EVERYONE and everyone who is on the level can feel them.

    As far as your supergroup for the future? I’d replace Ash w/ Curren$y. Drake + Kid Cudi are OK. B.o.B is more of that music i’m feelin’, even tho i’m a more east-coast favoring emcee/fan. I dont think they’re worthy of supergroup fame. Supergroups have to be grimey, underground, lyrical demons — not the latest trend in hiphop music. Wu was grimey, Fab 5 was grit… gotta keep it street, and allow their true talent to shine and bring them the fame they deserve… and only B.o.B is worthy of that… all others got cosigns/pushes from labels/stars [Cudi = Kanye, Drake = Lil Wayne, Asher = everyone SRC lined him up w/ to cosign him]…





  • Dallas Penn

    Do ou see the photo that I placed on the header of this drop?

    You need to be more in touch with the history of popular music than on some fantasy shit about rap music being “street music”.

    Being fresh is being fresh, and that is what the Frat Rap Pack is. It’s not music that’s only marketed to college kids (duh?) but the kind of rap that you can listen to while you are chilling on the beach one night this summer by the bonfire smoking on that good good.

    Rap music was never ONLY about punching someone in the mouth. If that is your only interpretation of the artform I think you have some underlying social issues that prevent you from being close to a pretty woman. Do you like fishsticks?

    In my universe, SlaughterHouse and the Frat House both exist on my external hard drive (1TB) and they both entertain me depending on what mood I’m in. But then again since I’m much older than you so I think my mind is prA’li more expanded.

    • Pierzy

      Dallas, I think you make some great points in the post and even more in the comment sections, especially that not every hip-hop song and artist has to be “street.”

      However, a part of it sounds like you’re saying that if you don’t like these new cats, then there’s something wrong with you. On one hand, I feel you – personally I think Kid Cudi is dope and the other ones you mentioned have their own style and following, but it’s certainly not for everybody. Like Common said, “If I don’t like it, I don’t like it/That don’t mean that I’m hatin.’”

      Maybe I’m just misinterpreting your drops…

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Way to school ‘em with that Terabyte, nigga. Who else want it with DP?

      –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Zulu1925

      @ Mr. Penn

      I appreciate your interaction with the audience in terms of your willingness to engage in discourse concerning whatever happens to be the subject of your initial post. However, I often find your rebuttals to those who dare have the gumption to disagree with you to be condescending and dismissive – usually with the implication that because your age relative to the other person is greater, you have achieved a greater plane of enlightenment than that person could hope for at that moment and maybe with time they could aspire to your level of understanding.

      “In my universe, SlaughterHouse and the Frat House both exist on my external hard drive (1TB) and they both entertain me depending on what mood I’m in. But then again since I’m much older than you so I think my mind is prA’li more expanded.”

      Could the other person glean whatever solace of mood that YOU get from ‘Frat House’ music in other genres, only looking to rap for times of aggression? Or, is that not possible? And, is it ‘wrong’ of that person to selectively extract what THEY want from rap music?

  • Curtis75Black

    Well said DP. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Hardcore is just one aspect of Hip Hop. Sometimes I wonder if these cats really like women the way they talk. A Fan of Hip Hop should be able to rock NWA and Run-DMC, The Roots, Wu-Tang and De La Soul with no issues. ” Wonder why they call you Bitch” by 2Pac,”Hey Lover” by LL Cool J, “Bitch Betta Have my Money” by AMG and “Punish Me” by Big Pun should be on every straight man’s playlist.

  • Detroit Draper

    That was a classic comment OG lmao

  • og bobby j

    fuck them frat house shit…asher, kudi…all of them…wack.

    If there was going to be another group, it should have like cassidy, term, saigon and papoose….

  • Around and Around

    Asher is weak city…. the only reason he’s on is because he’s the Tall Israeli’s son….ya heard

  • Jimmy Valentime

    KId Cudi to do the hoooks be the nate dog of the group …

    I replace asher with Charlie Hamiliton …

  • $ykotic

    I think it would be a cool thing. This game needs to diversify.

    Wasn’t Puff trying to do a “Rat Pack” clique? JD already biting the SH movement with that Oceans6 crew.

    I knew dudes was gonna start forming. Charlie Ham should link up with his cousin MC Lyte and her brother Milk D and get on some Partridge Family ish.

    Anything but the same redundant D-boy stance.

    • Tony Grand$

      Ocean’s 6…….Fucking UGH!!!

      I hope to God I’m not the only person who thinks those nigga’s need to stop that shit.

      Them dudes think their shit is hilarious. Seriously, all that alcohol they’re drinking has them thinking that their opinions are of some relevence to other people. No fucking Dice!

      Wow, that shit is unbearable. Some shit I don’t really care for, but I still check it just because. That garbage, twice; first time because of Usher’s RiRi joke, second time was benefit of the doubt. Failure.


      • $ykotic


        But if Janet was in it bouncing them breastesess I would tune in…

        • Tony Grand$

          Man. That’s choice mammory game right there, $yk. I’d watch a Bow Wow feat. Lil Romeo & Yung Bergermeister video if it entailed her just standing there & bounced up & down.

  • Incilin

    Wow. Now that is a great fuckin idea!

  • EmCDL

    Slaughterhouse I’m definitely checking for them…I’m a fan of all the artists in that group so bringing them together is striaght hip hop demolishment (I mean that in a good way)

    As for the Frat House Rap or whatever, I can’t really say anything about that because I haven’t heard of any music from any of those cats yet (with the exception of Asher…the ‘I Love College’ is hot garbage, but then again thats the only track I’ve heard him on so I can’t call on his credibility yet). I don’t know if I wanna hear any of the new cats…I’m still bumpin ol school shit LOL

  • foolio_iglesias

    -like Ray Cash music!


    i like 3 of the 4 you picked asher would be pulled for charles hamilton.

  • Stevie B

    Normally I dont even waste my time making ignorant statements but now I have too.

    Asher balls are stuck in Dallas Penns throat
    and Kid Cudi is the most overrated rapper since Charles Hamilton.

    It hurts me to say this but Soulja Boy is right Sonic is never droppin an album.

  • L-Y, NawfWestSide

    They look like a boy band, hopefully they won’t sound like one. Not really interested in a product from this collective yet, cuz i’m not too, too familiar with them as individualz. I’ve heard a lil’ somethin’ from most of them, but it wuzn’t awe-inspiring. So, they still have alot to prove in order to win over most tru hip-hop headz. SlaughterHouse iz a different story and shouldn’t even be compared to theze rookiez, yadig. -

  • Victor

    Blu, Wale, B.O.B and Cory Gunz. Now THAT’s a supergroup.

  • Brahsef

    Groups should just be, you shouldn’t just mix and match artists into forming one. That’s the number one reason Slaughterhouse will fail. Each of them are solo artists, and you can tell when listening to their songs. Oh, and their beats are boo boo.

    When the Wu came about it wasn’t like, man I wish the GZA, RZA, ODB, Meth, and all these sick rappers would come together to make a supergroup. Same thing with Outkast. People didn’t know who Dre and Big Boi were before Outkast hit it big. It just seems to really affect the chemistry between they group.

  • Kadio

    I don’t see how Asher Roth and Co can be mentioned in the same article as Slaughterhouse??? Slaughterhouse is made up of straight rap demons and them other dudes are straight nerds.

  • Homer Corlee

    Amazing! Image seeking yahoo and google all night in this and i also last but not least found it below!