Chopper Suit Presents: Chopper Stack

I made my first World Star comment today! Feel free to congratulate me on my regression to the throes of niggerdom.

Recidivism is a motherfucker.

Not only does Chopper (of Da Band fame) engage in epic fail by even addressing the Chopper Suit incident, he offers a priceless rebuttal.

Now that I think about it, you can totally put a price on his retort. Anyone got a knot of $20 bills?

Let’s pretend for a moment that Chopper never wore his Reconstruction era suit on camera. Feel free to give him the benefit of the doubt and consider it a piece of black history. After clearing the mechanism, pose the following: How a nigga gonna lay out an anemic stack of Jacksons bill-by-bill and expect people to take his raggedy, Big & Tawll suit for anything other than what it is–a painful outcry from the bowels of Gulf Coast poverty?

Shit. I fucked it up. It’s impossible to pretend he never wore that fucking suit!

To all aspiring Myspace rapsters: If you attempt to fiscally upstage the bloggers and World Star commenters that have, through vicious ridicule, made your churchin’ suit more relevant than yourself, please do so with a stack bigger than a month’s salary at the poverty line. Straight up, a nigga working at Wendy’s without a bank account comes out of the check cashing spot with a stack bigger than Chopper’s at the end of the month.

I’ve done it. I bet I’m not the only one of us who knows a thing or two about the fast food knot.

As bad as times are, I can’t think of an American adult who couldn’t produce a $2,000 (approx. fifteen Chopper Suit) stack for the camera if necessary. Even if it means liquidating the XBOX collection, the shit can be done.

Don’t even get a nigga started on the Lamborghini seen in New Orleans one video and New York the next. You know got damn well Chopper ain’t drive that shit to New York. Not only would doing so make zero sense with regard to time and cost efficiency, but I’d love to see a nigga try that shit without getting pulled over or jacked.

I’ll recant that. I bet the Lambo could make it to New York undisturbed if the police pull that shit over and a fully-animated 100% polyester suit hands them his license and registration. Such Knight Rider antics would also likely keep the jackers at bay on some Tales From The Hood shit.

I digress. So, yeah. We’ve long since been acquainted the Chopper Suit. Today we add “Chopper Stack” to our lexicon. In honor, we’ll raise 15 olive-hued churchin’ garments to the rafters and make it rain Chopper Stack at the strip club lunch shift of our choosing.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Remember that song, “Choppa Style” from one of the many other New Orleans Choppers?

DDN Tournament voting ends tonight!

P.S.: Chopper’s onto something with this whole Chopper Suit Mixtape thing. The fucked up part is that the suit could probably get a deal easier than he could.

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    Good post dude.

    Choppa is fucking hilarious with his rants and delusional posturing. I was really amazed at how someone could take an Idea, make a few posts and build something out of it. “Choppa Suit” who would have thought. Not sure if the person/persons behind the “Choppa Suit” are making any money, but I’m sure its a good way to drive traffic to a certain URL. So if your coining the “Choppa Stack”, I hope you set up the Facebook, Myspaces, buy the Domain and do the ground work to make a few bucks. Hell go create the Wiki and enter it into the Urban quickly. LOL

    Gotta love the internets.

  • tommy gunz

    LMAO…we dont make it rain..we make it sprinkle..choppa stax nigga

  • Pierzy

    When you made that World Star comment, did you feel yourself regressing?

    I imagine beginning to comment on that site is like when someone takes a hit of heroin and immediately realizes that all of their hopes and dreams are now unattainable…but in this case intelligence and proper grammar are unattainable…….

  • Bobo D

    “I made my first World Star comment today!”
    *In the voice of Butters from South Park*
    “Oh, hamburgers!”, how could you sink so low in the nigga-totem pole, no homo.

    Commentors note: Officer Ricky is getting reckless with his mouth again on some interview I peeped on nahright. I am now convinced more than ever that he can’t tell the truth from fiction & is living in his own make-belive world.

  • latino heat

    congratulations Ron Mex! i looked for it and couldn’t find it. what did it say? was it as insightful as the rest of the comments?
    ps. i remember Choppa Style. what shocked me was that shit went from being on Uncut to getting picked up by Master P and getting national rotation. i wonder what Wendy’s he works at now?

    • DA TRUTH

      Choppa Stlye is back to local New Orleans stuff. He’s still performing and putting out tapes.

  • daz_oc

    which was ur comment….i went looking for it

    • dronkmunk

      He was either ‘Guest’ or ‘Guest’

  • OG Matt Herbz

    You feel how I must have felt the first day I posted on XXLmag.

    Ooooooooooooooooooh, no he didn’t!

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Ron Mexico

    2009-04-23 12:32:43

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      I read it, kinda’ korny i can’t front. But we’ll give u an A for effot. So we got the Choppa Suit, Choppa Couch, and the Choppa Stack, but oh shyt, ya’LL ain’t heard bout the Choppa Rag? with the Tag? Coined by urz truLy. Who wearz their du-rag fanned out in 09′, i ask? Who wearz their du-rag bacwardz so you can c the white tag, i ask? U guessed it. Choppa Suit 4 governor of N.O. and Choppa Rag 4 mayor, letz get it – -

  • latino heat

    found it! thanks.

  • squadwildin

    First off….how random is that suit?? is that whats hood now…settin up a $40 camera, puttin on a 80′s era Bob Barker suit, and dissin other hardly-known rappers.

  • yoprince

    either i’m high or this is the most hilarious post you’ve ever written…

    minus the ones with dialogue in ‘em…

    well i’m def high.. i forgot to put my name and e-mail

  • Tony Grand$

    Well, since E-ness plans on shooting him in the face, he can rest assured that his mom4 won’t be stressing about him having something to wear @ his funeral.

  • El Tico Loco

    Insecure bitches pulling out stacks that will be used to buy money orders this month, the rest is for groceries and a 30 dollar outfit from Cititrends.




  • Worley

    Choppa Suit vs. Choppa Stack in the next DDN tournament.

  • Enlightened

    Everybody laughing and the shit is funny but that nigga fucked around and built up a bigger buzz than he ever had with that suit.

    If that nigga actually dropped some tight music right now, he might be in there.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      And the funny thing iz, ironically, ur absolutely ryte. A Choppa Suit Mixtape, wit’ the actual suit on.. I might actually cop that just 4 the cover art. Priceless Comedy relief.

  • latino heat

    good point, but does he actually have the talent to make good music?
    “i got to say the nay-no my brother”

  • Ron Mexico

    he ain’t BUILD shit. nigga thought he was bossin and got pwn3d.

    he don’t got the material to do nothin more than… well, find another way to get pwn3d.

    • Enlightened

      Well, whatever you wanna call it nigga – people are talking about him all over the internet. And how you gon’ say what the nigga ain’t capable of – have you seen the niggas who have hit songs lately? Nigga anybody who can say they ABCs is capable of having a hit song in this bullshit ass so-called hip-hop climate right now.

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Damn, ryte again. Whut up Mex, i know u ain’t let theze niggaz keep makin’ valid pointz on yo azz like that? –

  • $ykotic

    Do we now see the power of the comments section?

    He would be smarter buying more suits. Screw a mixtape.


    what up mex,

    2 things:

    1. that nigga was in detroit when he dawned the chopper suit on camera, that was also the 1st time that he showed the lambo. The crazy shit is that dude tried to convince people that he was drivin a lambo around the d in february! anyone who has ever been to the d knows full well that no one would ever do that…pot holes, icey roads….NIGGA PLEASE!

    2. I’m dissapointed that you didn’t mention that lil ass couch that him and his mans were cuddled up on! that is now the CHOPPER COUCH! how you gon stunt on a nigga while sittin on a lil ass 1992 couch…WIT ANOTHER MAN!

    • Ron Mexico

      ok, that’s right. i remember hearing that he was in the D now, and i believe that the lambo is a rental even MORE.

      you just can’t take that thing on the lodge.

      chopper couch is fuckin legendary. that shit look like he took the backseat out a car and said, “let there be loveseat.”

  • DV8

    LMAO poor Chopper, cant win for nothing his suit is more famous then he is…SMH.

  • Ya Boy

    I Can’t Believe How Big The Chopper Suit Ish Got. I Was One Of The Original Chopper Suit Commenters And I thought it was going to be another “2 Goons” or WTF?? this aint” type of shit But damn Choppers Suit is Going Global.