I tried, but I couldn't bring myself to give a shit about the fact that Kanye West doesn't really write his own blog.

The other day, someone from New York magazine asked him about his blogging "process," so to speak, and Kanye, seemingly unconcerned with whether or not people know he doesn't write his own blog, was like, "Yeah, I've got these two kids who work for me, and I'll call them and be like, 'Dude, I just saw some shit I need you to blog about.'"

Keep in mind I'm paraphrasing.

New York magazine was like, "Ha!" I know they've had their issues before with Kanye, when he was copying and pasting shit from their site to his blog, without providing any kind of attribution, or a link back, the way Elliott Wilson does when he's posting on RapRadar (i.e. basically doing the work of a secretary).

Then they basically proved it wasn't really Kanye, when they caught him somehow posting updates while he was locked up, when he attacked that stalkerazzi. It must not have occurred to the kids who actually do the posts to wait until he was released from the pokey to continue with the charade.

Later, Kanye went out to Hawaii, to finish work on the abortion that is 808s & Heartbreak, and he posted this picture of himself sitting behind a Mac laptop, as if to suggest that he was hard at work blogging. Never mind those updates that were published when he didn't have access to a computer.

My guess is that he might be self-conscious about his intellectual.ability. Hence naming his first three albums after the fact that he failed to graduate from college. Supposedly, he dropped out of his own volition to pursue a career in music, but anyone who's ever been to college knows that shit only takes up about three hours a day, maybe 10 weeks a semester, and there's only 8 semesters. You could blink, and you'd miss it. I'm pretty sure he could have gone to class and still found the time to wantonly pilfer ideas from classic soul records. And that's not even counting the facts that a) he went to an HBCU, which I'm sure is easier than real college; and b) it was probably free anyway, since his mom (RIP) worked. Shit, if I could take college classes for free, I'd re-enroll faster than you can say 18-22 year-old white girls.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, you'd think I would be pissed that Kanye is pretending to be a blogger, since I really am a blogger, and since I've pretty much thrown away my entire 20s at this point sitting behind a computer, insulting people. Then this douche comes along and pretends to do the same thing I've been doing, as if he'd really dedicated the time it takes.

I'd probably be a lot more upset, if he was doing anything that showed any kind of literary ability, and people were praising him for his ability to write. That would be more along the lines of plagiarism, whereas what he's doing is more along the lines of outsourcing. If all you're doing is posting pictures of things and links to shit, with hardly anything in the way of added value, who gives a shit whether it was you who clicked "publish," or some guy in Canada?

He could probably do a better job of making it clear that someone else is doing pretty much all of the posts, except for the occasional all caps missive (like that time he ruined Bonnaroo). But if you're the kind of person who actually reads Kanye's blog, chances are you wouldn't give a shit anyway.