It Takes A Nation of House Negroes…

As those who’ve been awake the past twenty years know, hip-hop music is one of the most influential forms of expression mainstream media has to offer. So, of course, The Republican Party must be excused for just getting wind of this. RNC chair Michael Steele—the party’s smartest and best-traveled token—will be keeping it funky fresh for you immediately following opening acts, Kurtis Blow and Young MC.

Vroom vroom, pahhrty stahhrter!

In the wake of Steele’s first mixtape, EFIL PRO ZAGGIN (produced by Sean “Hannity &” Combs), D.L. Hughley brought Steele and Chuck D to the set of his CNN program to discuss the GOP’s unorthodox approach.

Of course, by “unorthodox approach” I mean, “sending a negro to do a Limbaugh’s work.”

[Blogger’s Note: Why the fuck does D.L. Hughley have a CNN program? The New Balance Talent only has a blog. No justice. No peace.]

Chuck D does all he can to keep from yelling, “Motherfuck you AND John Wayne,” while Hughley politely informs Mr. Steele that niggas ain’t exactly buying the M&Ms and Skittles the Good Ol’ Boys have him selling on the 2 train.

I’m sorry. I meant, Grand Ol’ Boys. Good Ol’ Boys is something else entirely.

Hip-hop music and culture have been used to sell everything from snake oil to sunglasses to elitist propaganda since forever. Even the “realist” of gangster shit we love and swear by derives from the ulterior motive of some wealthy, powerful person at least a dozen degrees removed from the streets we suffer in. How is Steele’s approach really any different, save for the notion that the GOP’s PR & Management firm is hella late?

[Blogger’s Note: “Realist” is not a typo. Some of you niggas really think that’s the superlative.]

On a complete sidebar, my love for hip-hop triggers indignation any time the culture’s misused. I’d be wrong to wag a finger at Michael Steele and not be equally critical of the industry that controls the music. Luckily, I’m not that kind of hypocrite and I thank those of you who join me in upholding that standard on a daily basis.

I also thank down-ass, jive brotha Steele for helping the GOP use the medium developed by and for the people who’ve never mattered against them. I mean, I can’t be alone in bursting with anticipation for the full-length project, Return to the ’36 Chamber of Commerce.

[Blogger’s Note: Didn’t make my ancestors no nevermind. They’s wuz shurrcroppin.]

House negro, please… don’t start a World Star beef to promote this shit.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Waiting for Palin on the next season of Miss Rap Supreme?

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  • giantstepp

    “Chuck D does all he can to keep from yelling, “Motherfuck you AND John Wayne,”

    LMAO! Yousa damn fool Mex. Good drop.

    Mike Steele is a weak, milktoast, foot shufflin, knee bending, back bowing COWARD. No respect for that dude to let Fat azz Rush Limbaugh son him like that. He freakin apologized for being right and he is suppose to be the leader of the republican party?

    • chitchat

      Correction: He apologized twice!

    • Lowedwn

      co-sign that all day

  • chitchat

    Not that I ever had high hopes for Steele, but he’s even more of a disaster than I expected. Cow-towing to Rush Limbaugh, applying that same FAILING-PALIN logic of using the lowest common (and completely irrelevant)denoniminator to gain some ground for your party. Maybe in the surplus years this could’ve had a shot *shudders*.

    But we’re at the point that everyone can see stores shuttering and folks losing their homes. Even people who aren’t politically inclined want more substance than this. Shame on Steele for actually going along with this Chicken-George-”Mr. Charlie sho’ is good white folks!”-ass excuse for a party building plan. Overseer, please.

    • valdez

      Great post!!

  • 1hunid

    “Even the “realist” of gangster shit we love and swear by derives from the ulterior motive of some wealthy, powerful person at least a dozen degrees removed from the streets we suffer in”

    I wanted to quote you on Twitter with that one right there, but it was more than 140 characters. Thats some real shit right there.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    The GOP lost big time this round, Mex. They just realized that the minority demographics–that which they’ve ignored for all of American history–has just come up on that ass, if you will. First you got the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, being pushed to the forefront by his own party–it’s so obvious he’s only in the spotlight because he’s Republican AND of Indian descent. He was the only dark-skinned person they could use as a posterboy because the way that they see it, American doesn’t wanna fuck with white Presidents anymore. It’s comical, man. Where the fuck were this dude hiding before? And I caught the first couple episodes of Hughley’s show–In my opinion, that shit bombed. He even did a late-night-show style monologue making political jokes? Nigga, please…

    …only in Sweden? I guess one commercial couldn’t hurt.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • ko

      shut up you white wigger piece of shit…go write your shitty paragraphs of garbage on some cracker site.


    Im Boycotting every sponsor Rush L.

  • sankofa

    “Return to the ’36 Chamber of Commerce”

    well worth it

  • geico lizard

    “Waiting for Palin to the be the next white woman on the cover of King after Kim Kardashian was on?” *fixed*

    Ron some crazy black republican lady has started a petition to get Steele fired. Black republicans dont like any black people even if they are also republicans. The brainwashing self hate is on another level with those fucks. Growing up I thought JC”I cant stop smiling”Watts was the biggest sellout but damn even he had a wake up call when they didnt support his gun bill.

  • $ykotic

    I knew you were gonna touch this one Mexx.

    We ain’t buying into that brand.

    • tony grand$

      In a related turn of events, DL’s show got the axe.

      The lane’s open, Mex.

      • amar

        are u serious? cause i love dl but that show was some seriously unfunny cheesy lame shit…funniest show on cnn though, i’ll give him that…

        • money

          amar you’re a gay nigga shut your bitch ass up.

        • amar

          haha or what? u’ll post more creative insults like that? I think i’ll take my chances asshole

      • $ykotic

        Justice prevails!

        Well sometimes…

  • http://xxl gside

    Yo what wrong with getting a check what’s the difference from selling crack to what Steele is doing it’s all poison fuck get your money boy, I use to get mad at these so call black conservatives until one day I’m watching c span they put this black conservative chic on there and she was a fine as chocolate piece I’m mean I trick with the bitch big time, but anyway she talking all this negative shit about our commonality we all know shit is fuck up it but how it got that way and who’s to blame is different story everybody who call in that was black that call in tore her a new hole boy I would have like to too then her great white prince call in a gave her a much needed pat on the back , then it dawn on me ain’t nobody listening to her message but a bunch of rednecks that’s there base there never get there message to the black community neither do they want to so fuck Um nobdy listening so mex this shit was not funny stick to the joke’s this political shit ain’t you.

    • anutha_level

      illiterate nigga….have you ever heard of commas & periods? damn

      • http://xxl gside

        Who you talk to ?

      • http://xxl gside

        Who YOU talking about .

      • http://xxl gside

        Who you talking about ?

        • anutha_level

          i’m talking to YOU ol illiterate ass nicca. next time BEFORE you post, how about gettin ya mamma to proof read ya shit before you embarrass yourself to the entire WORLD wit random ass ramblings that go on & on. ho ass nicca. anymore questions?

        • KO


        • http://xxl gside

          What !! fuck you and your boyfriend dick riding nigga you don’t even know that cat ass nigga and you all on his dick I been answer that but they won’t print it and I don’t Like repeating myself but fuck it you ask for it dick head and nobody owns me I’m a free man and why they call you because you get knock the fuck out dick riding people and beef you don’t know about for now on I’m riding on you and that fake ass English major anutha-level that insure son of a bitch all that shit good mex you boys want to hate on me ya’ll done fuck with the wrong one I’m going to make you mohterfucker change your name. Anutha-level all that shit you said about me not being focus I”m focus now bitch and I”m come for you will never be the man your mom’s was bitch ass I’m gone go smoke some weed and calm down but I”M going get at you hoe’s later ya’ll done fuck up internet beef nigga !

    • valdez

      naw, guck that. mex, this was a great post man. the jokes are cool, but shit is serious right now and every day shit is gettin more real.
      i personally would like to see more posts like this from u mex.

      it was written eloquently and it shows that ur are indeed a very intellectual dude. posting shit like this also keeps us focused on the fact that we have a serious problem and we don’t know how bad things are gonna get.

      it is a natural defense mechanism for us to try not to think about certain things, but that’ll only hurt us in the long run. we gotta keep these situations on the brain if we’re gonna figured a way to change things. seriously.

  • Shawty J

    Damn, Mex you got at Michael Steele kinda late, didn’t you? That episode was two weeks ago. But I’m with you though.

    By the way…

    “Chuck D does all he can to keep from yelling, “Motherfuck you AND John Wayne,” while Hughley politely informs Mr. Steele that niggas ain’t exactly buying the M&Ms and Skittles the Good Ol’ Boys have him selling on the 2 train.

    I’m sorry. I meant, Grand Ol’ Boys. Good Ol’ Boys is something else entirely.”

    This here had me cracking up.

    Michael Steele might as well hang it up. Rush Limbaugh sat him down like a child and unleashed and admonishment so powerful that Steel offered an apology, despite Steel being in the right. Steele is an elected official, an actual politician, Limbaugh is a pundit, someone not in actual position to make any change. Despite this him blasting Steele for defending his position as the party leader was effective enough for Steele to roll over like guilty puppy.

    Michael Steel = Fail.

  • Marco317

    god damn mex, can u chill with the italics and the bolds on ur blogs ? u might think it makes the blog more interesting but it does not. Other than dat, keep up the good work, and good luck with the valtrex.


    “Waiting for Palin on the next season of Miss Rap Supreme?” they really going do another one ron ron?

  • FlapJack

    Vroom vroom!