You might be wondering what the fuck this wigger is doing in the blogs section, and fuck it, I’ll forgive your ignorance just this one time. It’s like this:

First: I am Matt Herbz, the Original White Nigga...thanks for coming.

Second: Fuck a wigger.

The subtle but important difference between the two is that wiggers are white people who act like someone else. White Niggaz, however, have a strong sense of self-identification and therefore don’t act like anyone. I have to say that there’s a certain feeling of wholesomeness and solidity that accompanies this identity and, well, you’d really have to be a White Nigga to understand it. But, let’s keep it moving; I’m not here to talk about that shit.

We already know that the bitch ass radio quit playing Hip Hop a while back, but God damn it if the other media outlets aren’t beginning to lose touch as well. I let my subscription to Hip Hop magazines run out a couple years ago because, well, it just wasn’t that entertaining to read anymore—even for $1 a month.

The same artists got the spotlight every couple of months and I really didn’t care for the bullshit that those artists were putting out or the so-called interviews that these magazines had with them. It seemed like they were in the business of selling glossy cover shots instead of real content. Well, real Hip Hop magazines are hard to find, and now it seems like blogging has taken its place as the new medium with which to cover the art form.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing; there are some good blogs out there...


I got started in the whole blog-comment thing back when was at its prime. This fool named Sohh Gyant took over the Atlanta blog and, at first, he was doing a fair job as far as telling us about the shows that were in town on that weekend.

Then, after being publicly outed, he slowly twisted his shit into a mini-me version of and his reporting began to include blind-item “Who’s on the DL” type speculation that makes me hate on these gossiping-ass bitches in the first place.

How the fuck you gonna tell me that someone in Hip Hop is gay, yet you won’t tell me who the fuck it is? That’s some bitch shit right there. A real journalist would put his name on that shit and send it out unedited. Lawsuits be damned.

After their site crashed, I stopped fucking with It makes you wonder how dedicated they are to covering Hip Hop when it took them MONTHS to get the site back up.

And speaking of comebacks, former XXL EIC, Elliot Wilson, is trying to do the blog thing again. I ain’t gonna lie, I fux’d with his posts back when he did his thing over here at XXLmag. The Break-A-Day’s were original and entertaining, although that’s all I can really say about his blog.

Now, this fool’s been in the game for a long time, so I was expecting his return to the arena to meet a certain level of professionalism, you know? But this 40-something year old braces-wearing muthafucka gets on a YouTube video calling niggaz “Fuckboys” like he’s the Suge Knight of blogging or some shit? That’s some straight bitchassness right there and shit like that is what makes modern day Hip Hop reporting the fucking joke it is.

I just don’t know what to think anymore. Are blogs going the same route that the magazines went in only aiming for high readership numbers, or do they actually focus on writing respectable content?

Another question: Has real Hip Hop just completely gone stagnant and the only thing to report on is the trivial bullshit, or is it that blogs and Hip Hop websites thrive on analyzing the trivial bullshit because that’s what dumb niggaz like to read about?

—OG Matt Herbz—