Guest Blog: OG Matt Herbz on white niggas and hip-hop journalism

You might be wondering what the fuck this wigger is doing in the blogs section, and fuck it, I’ll forgive your ignorance just this one time. It’s like this:

First: I am Matt Herbz, the Original White Nigga…thanks for coming.

Second: Fuck a wigger.

The subtle but important difference between the two is that wiggers are white people who act like someone else. White Niggaz, however, have a strong sense of self-identification and therefore don’t act like anyone. I have to say that there’s a certain feeling of wholesomeness and solidity that accompanies this identity and, well, you’d really have to be a White Nigga to understand it. But, let’s keep it moving; I’m not here to talk about that shit.

We already know that the bitch ass radio quit playing Hip Hop a while back, but God damn it if the other media outlets aren’t beginning to lose touch as well. I let my subscription to Hip Hop magazines run out a couple years ago because, well, it just wasn’t that entertaining to read anymore—even for $1 a month.

The same artists got the spotlight every couple of months and I really didn’t care for the bullshit that those artists were putting out or the so-called interviews that these magazines had with them. It seemed like they were in the business of selling glossy cover shots instead of real content. Well, real Hip Hop magazines are hard to find, and now it seems like blogging has taken its place as the new medium with which to cover the art form.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing; there are some good blogs out there…


I got started in the whole blog-comment thing back when was at its prime. This fool named Sohh Gyant took over the Atlanta blog and, at first, he was doing a fair job as far as telling us about the shows that were in town on that weekend.

Then, after being publicly outed, he slowly twisted his shit into a mini-me version of and his reporting began to include blind-item “Who’s on the DL” type speculation that makes me hate on these gossiping-ass bitches in the first place.

How the fuck you gonna tell me that someone in Hip Hop is gay, yet you won’t tell me who the fuck it is? That’s some bitch shit right there. A real journalist would put his name on that shit and send it out unedited. Lawsuits be damned.

After their site crashed, I stopped fucking with It makes you wonder how dedicated they are to covering Hip Hop when it took them MONTHS to get the site back up.

And speaking of comebacks, former XXL EIC, Elliot Wilson, is trying to do the blog thing again. I ain’t gonna lie, I fux’d with his posts back when he did his thing over here at XXLmag. The Break-A-Day’s were original and entertaining, although that’s all I can really say about his blog.

Now, this fool’s been in the game for a long time, so I was expecting his return to the arena to meet a certain level of professionalism, you know? But this 40-something year old braces-wearing muthafucka gets on a YouTube video calling niggaz “Fuckboys” like he’s the Suge Knight of blogging or some shit? That’s some straight bitchassness right there and shit like that is what makes modern day Hip Hop reporting the fucking joke it is.

I just don’t know what to think anymore. Are blogs going the same route that the magazines went in only aiming for high readership numbers, or do they actually focus on writing respectable content?

Another question: Has real Hip Hop just completely gone stagnant and the only thing to report on is the trivial bullshit, or is it that blogs and Hip Hop websites thrive on analyzing the trivial bullshit because that’s what dumb niggaz like to read about?

—OG Matt Herbz—

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  • General

    Good post Matt. Personally, when I see blogs like Ron Mexico’s or even Bol’s sometimes, all I can think is that blogs, just like print and t.v. before them have done their best to turn hip-hop into the new minstrel shows. Not to say that rappers aren’t at fault either, but it seems the more ignorant an artist is, the more attention they get, while true artists fall by the way side.

    • mo

      white boy shut the fuck up with the bullshit you’re a bitch wigger. You ain’t an og you’re just a herb…faggot.

  • tony grand$

    As far as the blogosphere, it seems to be a case such as it is with anything else. After some time, it’s just time for new blood to be introduced.

    Hip hop journalism is just as fickle as the music it reports about. So, one must stay current in order to stay relevant. That doesn’t mean it’s necessary to rest on one’s laurels though, because the truth always prevails. How you go about presenting the “truth” is a horse of another color.

    It’s understandable, from the aspect of it being a career, not a hobby, but it’s very easy to take the Perez Hilton route. A thin line separates fact from fiction, opinion from observation.

    Either way, it should be taken for what it is; another form of entertainment. Just like the music. If I want news, I know where to go.

  • Penelope Rodriguez


    I like this drop!

    I too used to go to SOHH every day, but when I started going to in 2006 I lost interest in sohh. I found the bloggers here more interesting, and besides, SOHH reckless just seemed to hate on everything, and sohh atlanta was beginning to sound like a groupie. Plus I liked reading sohh latino’s blog, but it was discontinued. (And for the record, I’m not Latina lol.) I needed to read something thought provoking, even though sometimes I didn’t leave comments (lol). Plus, xxl got Ron Mexico now! I was wondering where he was when left sohh.

    And as for your second question, blogs are focusing on the bullshit because that’s what people like to read about. Ain’t no interesting artists–at least not in the mainstream lol. I don’t give a fuck about Trick Trick, for example. Does anyone? Dude is not interesting at all. Why did Em cosign this dude I don’t know. Extortion probably??!?!

  • enzo

    props to OG MAtt HErbZ. thought provoking read

  • Lowedwn

    I can’t call it myself. I pretty much went down the same path as you as far as ending my subscription to the mags, then I stopped fucking with SOHH cuz that whole Gyant-Sandra Rose BS was just “ghey” in and of itself and Mexxxico left. This is pretty much my one stop during the day now cuz every other site wants to be TMZ. Long and short is, outside XXL the decent and worthwhile content and interviews are slim to none and even XXL occasionally catches an L.

  • Curtis75Black

    For the most part, I feel these blogs and mags are one in the same. The more trivial the better. The more you hate on a certain artists, it starts to sink in. The more you Big up a certain artists, the more comfortable you get. The cover of the mag shouldn’t be the most important.

    I fuck with these blogs because unlike a magazine, you have the chance to respond right on the spot and have dialog with the author and get different point of views. They are entertaining but definitely can be one-sided shitty rants which I just ignore.

    Good one OG !!

  • FPL

    Anyone who refers to himself as a white nigga is extra stupid…Ive been annoyed by your comments since way back in the Sohh days, but this was actually insightful at times….Whats funny is…. Bol gives YOU a drop a day after he ethers his employer…how much more gangsta do you want bloggers to be?

    • Worley

      Don’t fall for the okey doke. Matt Herbz is Bol. That’s why he argues with TPAR who is also Bol.

      There are a couple other phonies on here too. Pierzy and tony grand$ what up.

      • tony grand$

        *looks confused*

        @ Worley, “what up” as in you’re implying that I’m one of the “phonies”??

        • Og Bobby J

          I am the resident/token white Massa round here….niggas know me fam.

          Whaddup to the real…fuck the flunkies….

        • OG Matt Herbz

          @ FPL & Worley,

          Don’t play yourself, kids. Just based on writing style alone, it’s obvious that I’m not TPAR. However, I did model my post structure after Bol’s. I can’t imagine niggaz trying to read 5 whole paragraphs and not get lost, nahmean?! I had to break it down into smaller edible pieces to facilitate digestion.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • JAY STONE

          There is no way Matt Herbz is Bol.i`ve kmow that wigger for 5 years.That wigger use to blog at SOHH.

        • JAY STONE

          I see OLD GAY BOBBY J,a wigger who can`t looks after his son has got lots of time in his hands spitting racists comments.
          Good for you!

        • og bobby j

          i see the gay stone is still riding more white dick then his mother…fuckboy.

      • tony grand$

        @ Worley,

        No disrespect intended, & if I took it wrongly, forgive me ahead of time, but check this out dude.

        I’m most definitely a real person, my own man, with my own set of problems & realities just like any other adult human being. Check my site, & get a minor glimpse into who I am.

        What kind of grown man parades around with some sort of alter ego, especially on a platform that, for the most part, doesn’t require any real personal interaction? Rhetorical question, by the way. For whatever reason, you seem to be dillusional &/or extremely confused on a couple of life’s idiosynchrasies. I’m sorry that you’ve chosen to live life subscribing to your own convoluted theories, but you shouldn’t always believe what you read/hear/suspect to be accurate.

        Again, for the sake of any confusion, I am me. No one else. Ask my kids who I am. Ask my wife who I am. Hell, ask yourself who you are, then imagine that if I asked myself the exact same question, I would answer it the same way that you would or should (try & keep up), I’m me.

        Love/hate me for being Tony Grand$ (fuck it, capital letters from here on out), not some other nigga pretending to be some guy named tony grand$.

        Just wanted to clarify that. Once more, no disrespect intended & if I misunderstood your statement, on some real shit, pardon my outburst.

        *disregard the question below me*

        • Pierzy

          Yes, you’re right. I couldn’t live a real life as Billy X. Sunday, but as Pierzy, I am free to finally be myself.

    • Josh

      Honestly dude, if you have to sit here and make a distinction between a whigger and a so-called “white nigga,” you’re just a herb Matt.

      You’re either cool or not.

      You’re either a head or not.

      You’re either dope (Eminem) or not (Asher Roth).

      This is 2009.

      Our president is black.

      Why are you so insecure about being a white hip-hop head?

      Real recognize real.

      If you’re real, you don’t need to explain yourself.

      I’m not saying you’re not real. I don’t know you. That “white nigga” shit is just some real ignorant shit.


    I’m siding with Herbz on this. all the magazines suck right and they post all the good interviews and article online a month in advance anyway. Now we have hip hop bloggers acting like perez hilton (yes,homo). if hip hop wasnt dead when Nas said it, it sure is now. now 50/ross are having a rap beef and the most entertaining part of it is the Pimpin curly or Tia told me stuff. Two of the biggest rappers out, can’t make a diss record that sounds like sh*t. I give 50 props for creativity. but now you cant be a hip hop star without being a star in every other entertainment arena. (ex:joebuddentv)

  • Zulu1925

    All “hard copy” periodicals (magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.) are hard pressed to maintain and grow their circulation numbers during these tough times of a poor economy AND the shift by their audience to electronic media. Because the more astute reader is more prone to defect to electronic media, print organizations have taken to “dumbing down” their content in the hope of attracting additional readership. The problem is that the audience defection from print to electronic media INCLUDES those segments of the audience targeting by the more “everyman” approach to journalism that is increasingly prevalent in print periodicals, leaving these organizations in a quandry – do they continue to alienate their core audience by pandering to the masses or do they pare down their print operation and focus on electronic media? I personally believe that the page count of traditional magazines will drop and include “exclusive” content, while these companies focus on building their presence online with a broad mix of core and “fluff” content.

  • What the ?

    Lmfao @ the thought of Bol playing alter egos in the blogsphere world.

  • Illegal1

    Ohh shit! my nigga Herbz got a blog posted! haha. I know for a fact Bol and Herbz are two different people, I’ve seen Herbz on the white/white escalade riding around Marietta, GA. Bol, you gotta let Herbz do one more, let him review the Asher Roth album or any other aspect of white’s in hip hop as he seems to have a keen sense of know how on the subject.

  • sealsaa

    Worley has a point. Didn’t Bol blog yesterday about how Eminem should have ethered Asher Roth a long time ago, and today, he gives Matt Herbz the floor to discuss the difference between “wiggers” and “white nigga’s”? Hmmmm……

  • amar

    hahaha wow unexpected, good post matt herbz…next time though, incorporate more of your um…”exagerated” g-unot killa-esque stories…those are always the shit.

  • Trouble

    I never did read the magazines anyway, Im from the south and we aint wit all that reading and shit. Bol is the best hip-hop blogger on the internet, cant deny that.

    • Zulu1925

      “Im from the south and we aint wit all that reading and shit.” – Trouble

      This has GOT to be one of the most recklessly stereotypical statements I’ve ever read in my life! I am amazed and ashamed at the same time. If this statement is true, how do you explain the large number of HBCUs in the South? Maybe this actually explains the low college degree completion rate – it’s hard to graduate if you ain’t ’bout no readin’!

      • Trouble

        I was making a Lil’Wayne reference, it was a joke. Im a college graduate actually, from Augusta Georgia.

        • Zulu1925

          @ Trouble

          Good to hear that your comment was a joke. With what has been posted on this and other websites, I’m sure you can understand my taking it in a literal sense. I’m glad I was mistaken.

  • Dr Flav

    If he is all them cats, which I actually doubt, then I got to give him his props on imagination, literacy and humor. So who is Hate,Hate and more Hate and G-unot Killa those fuckas was on some other level shit at times. Props to Bol, congrats on the anniversary, word to the “south quit yer bitchin” drop.

  • Dr Flav

    Props to the Matt Herbs, I remember you from Sohh and you always stayed consistent with your posts, niggas wasnt trying to hear that white nigga shit strong back then, but I understood and I give you props. Salut!

  • Dr Flav

    I had not even really read the dropm, but “Then, after being publicly outed, he slowly twisted his shit into a mini-me version of and his reporting began to include blind-item “Who’s on the DL” type speculation that makes me hate on these gossiping-ass bitches in the first place.” = Lol I laugh at how he try to go at Chris Brown when he was labeled a violent stalker dude, I remember somebody pulled the court papers, Happy Birthday Gyant!

    “How the fuck you gonna tell me that someone in Hip Hop is gay, yet you won’t tell me who the fuck it is? That’s some bitch shit right there. A real journalist would put his name on that shit and send it out unedited. Lawsuits be damned.”

    That would require a. knowledge of journalism, b. the gumption and actual acknowleged merit to actually research the info as fact, c. and the alpha male type balls to stand up to report the factual info.


  • LB

    One of the problems is that you have say a journalist who has a regular general interest in music, but doesn’t neccessarily like Hip Hop nor respect its base market. This type of guy is writin and has been writin for a decade, and is now doin the whole blog thing. And with the blog being a primary mode of publication now, and anybody can do it, you have a bunch of cats who’ve been waitin to throw salt in the game, and are doin it well.


    im not gonna lie. i used to cop xxl every month from my corner store. but idk? after seeing the same faces on that bitch every other month, shit jus got tired.
    i read this blog & maybe one other on this website. i gotta say, this is my fav. blog on the entire internet.
    i dont mind if blogging takes the place of the falling hip hop mags. i think that blogs are here to stay… the good ones at least.

  • LB

    Southsie A-Town…Yea, the good blogs are here to stay. But that’s only if the majors don’t basically buyout the bloggers or blog space or whatever just to continuously bombard the market with the same ideas centered around a few artists and/or their label makers. For instance, say XXL gets a shit ton of ad money and/or other financial incentives from Warner Bros. for MC Wack Main’s project, what’s to keep Matt Herbz from posting 4 straight…postings or blogs about the cat before touchin on other shit? You already have majors talkin about raidin the online arena now, so we might just be oversteppin when we act like this is once again a safe haven for equity.

  • El Tico Loco

    Maybe whoever runs Harris Pub. is reading this so they don’t go blaming the economy or their employees when the profits start to drop.

  • Jerod

    White niggas stand up!

  • LB

    Jerod…Nah bruh. It ain’t like that. Be cool with bein a down ass white boy. That other shit…artificial.

  • yeah man

    booooo wigger booooo. shame on xxl for giving this clown a platform. quick call in Ron Mexico to give this moron a “wanna-be White Nigga Please”

  • render

    LOL damn..bol havin alter egos makes too much sense

    ‘white nigga’ matthew herb and ‘black cracka’ byron crawford

    thats some zen, yin and yang, concept art type shit right there

  • $ykotic

    Sohh was/is bewty juice.

    Seems like Bol took the illest guest blog and posted it. Nice.

    I feel you Herbz. Rap has been infiltrated by The Trilateral Commission. In all forms.

    @ grand$: Convoluted? whew!

  • Kane Corleone

    To tell the truth when I found this site is when I stopped fuckin wit the magazine ….don’t make sense to buy it when I’m on the site wit the G1. Shout out to Herbz I respected the drop can’t knock the white dudes hustle.

  • DV8

    good shit…

    *daydreams about 94-98 hiphop*

    whatever happened to Rawkus Records?

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Wow…..this bloggin thing is really taking off. Shit, once I get my pc running right, I might try some of this shit. Then again, if I do, ppl will probably think I’m Hate Hate and More Hate…………..

    • Tony Grand$


      *like Denzel in Training Day” My nigga!

  • superxshaz

    *totally disregards pseudo argument about whose real & fake ; this is the INTERNET people!*

    this post actually made sense to me, for a lot of mags & blogs they’ve been getting commercialized A LOT. even on blogger, numerous bloggers that spoke about stuff that was relevant in THEIR lives have jumped ship and started posting stuff on kelis’ pregnancy & britney spears, and a shitload of other stuff. the internet has perez hilton, crunk & disorderly AND YBF among other sites, so WHY add yourself to the list of other regular people who choose to write about these celebs when in the celebs eyes, the ‘small time’ bloggers are basically IRRELEVANT? but I digress. there definitely is real stuff, it just gets extremely difficult to find it.

    *btw, hiii tony!

    • Tony Grand$

      Whaddup SUPRSHAZ!

      7 yrs old, hahaha……

      Sounds like I best be getting back on my grizzly, huh sis?!


    real talk. i aint even know wat a blog was til i started reading em on this site

  • thoreauly77

    congrats on the guest spot herbz, but what the fuck were you talking about again? what was your point? was it to be a white nigga, or YN’s braces, or the panama canal? how about some lucidity? you write like a teen minus their daily ritalin dosage.

  • 32 weeks pregnant pictures

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  • Street

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