BLOG: Which Rappers Do You Believe?

The jig is up. It’s been up really. With the way we can now examine a rapper’s background with old pics from disgruntled family and friends and police records being pulled up at the speed of a smoking gun, who are we to believe with our precious music listening minutes?

There are few rappers that I think have that capability of doing the craziness that they claim in their rhymes. DMX is one of them. His voice told me that back when he was just a mixtape murderer, long before I saw the crazed look in his eyes. He’s just off his rocker and would really “See you at the peephole, bustin’ at the doorbell”. His rhymes sound like he would (or did) live them out. Does that make him realer than say the Clipse? I love all of their wordplay and the sincerity in their voices sounds grounded, but how much weight do/did they really push? Does it matter to you if it’s not as much as their rhymes claim? Does it take away from the reality of them spittin’ hot lines consistently?

Who’s the biggest gun bustin’ rapper/s you can think of? Biggest meaning most successful. I’m running with 50 Cent, with N.W.A a close second. Reality is in both of their storied careers, but who’s realer? Isn’t that what this whole thing is about? The best hustler/killer/scholar/pimp/hipster/baller/….poet? Yeah, at the end of the day, that’s what they all are, poets.

It comes down to which poet is the realest at what they bring to the table. Is Talib a conscious spitting almanac of black pride only? Lil Wayne a spaced out, drug laced, incredibly witty, mic killing, gangster only?

To get a grip on this, what percentage of their rhymes do you think are real? Like what they say in their work, do you think they would do it/have done it? I’m talking all the shooting and stabbing and the “I’ll kill niggas dead” talk, the “I hustled on your block” slyness, the “broads I pimped” shit, all that stuff that we glance over in the name of dope beats and ill flows, what percent is real throughout their respective careers?

Nas: I’m going with 88%
Jay-Z: 92%
50 Cent: 93%
Lil Wayne: 83%

Those just a few of mine, add to the list and put your percentage next to the name and why.-DT

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  • Teddy

    Jay-z 95%
    Nas – 60%
    Rick Ross – 3%
    Lil Wayne – 70%
    Clipse – 65%
    Havoc – 40%
    Prodigy – 50%
    Fat Joe – 30%
    Currency – 10%
    Drake – 99%

    • LEO

      LMAO Ross 3% lol hahahaha

      DMX-Realest nigga ever I dont care wat anybody says…that nigga cried onstage…I dont think he talkin to the lord though…so 95% lol

      Jay-Z- 80%

      Nas 75%


      Lil Wayne: 70%??

      You do know that Wayne has been signed since he was 13 right? What time did he have to go hustling on the block? Fuck outta here.

      Lil Wayne: -67%

    • mo

      50 cent 2%….maybe
      clipse 95%
      young jeezy 35%
      the game 65%

    • b-ez

      GUCCI MANE 99.9%

  • KQ

    Most Rappers – 0%

  • squadwildin

    Drake is 99%? maybe cuz he hasn’t done anything yet….he talks about average stuff. of course he’s done everything in his rhymes.

    Clipse i would say 92%. i think they actually used that hiatus of their career to move big weight. but thats just my opinion.

  • capcobra

    i believe that chubb rock.treach.freddie foxxx.fat boys.devin the dude.bizmarkie.fresh j redman q-tip and soulja slim give you 90% truth…gimme some time to think about a few more.

    • opm509

      treach one of the realest to spit nuff said

    • Dub Sac

      When you speak of who’s the dopest MC, I don’t come up
      But when you speak of who’s the livest MC, I stay what up

      - Freddie Foxx

  • blakcabbagepatch

    This is one of the better post ive seen in a while. I would say 80% of rappers fabricate their lines or exaggerate them. Before anybody says anything booty about this shit just go pop in a mixtape of somebody from the south or any other “mainstream” artist ITS ALL ABOUT THE SAME SHIT. This is the equivalent of Picasso, DiVinci, Van Goh all painting nothing but pictures of naked bitches or bowls of fruit just with different colors. Take time to understand exactly what you are feeding your ears man!! My new motto to every rapper is


  • macdatruest

    I gotta disagree with you on DMX, I read his autobiography and X is a real dude. He talk about his crack addiction at a young age, tryna hustle down in VA and being a better robber and of course, he robbed niggaz wit his pitbull Boomer. X was so fuckin’ street, he never STOPPED gettin in trouble as odd as it became when he got rich-DMX 98%

    Definitely gotta disagree about NWA. That must be a joke. They were known “mainstream gangsters” whose main audience were white suburbanites. NWA Posse, formed in 1987: Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, Yella, Eazy E, and Arabian Prince. They were kids when they came out, and their 1st album was party music. It flopped they added Mc Ren and basically tried to become a West Coast Public Enemy. They did however grow up in Compton, but Cube never banged, Dre was a house party DJ and basically them niggas wasnt “bustin they guns.” And everybody sold crack (Eazy E) Musically, they were hella talented at that age though.NWA- 65%

    Jay-Z I believe because he discusses a lot of events that can be vouched for in the Dope game. Also he does it like he has a 1st hand knowledge of them. (“My dope got less steps than Brittany”-just an ill ass line)Like NY Kingpin niggas goin to ATL and VA and basically floodin’ that shit. Roc A Fella was on Priority when they released Reasonable Doubt. They was fundin’ some lavish ass videos by themselves Jay-Z 95%

    Fiddy Cent is MC Gusto off CB4. The Real Fifty Cent Kelvin Martin was a well known robber, who robbed industry niggas. Nigga was 5’2″ 120 Pounds. They called him Fifty Cent on the street cause he was so little, and he liked robbin’ so much he’ll rob a nigga for fifty cents. Shot at least 30 times, murdered at least 45 people. Then you got Rapper Curtis Jackson whos nickname on the street was Boo Boo. As a Rapper, he became Fiddy Cent and released “How to Rob an Industry Nigga” coincidence?? Plus the EXACT OPPOSITE of “bustin’ yo gun” is gettin a restraining order, that’s a one-sided cease fire. Fiddy Cent- 33%

    • og bobby j

      its funny how people latch onto the restarining order from that Beef DVD. If you ever seen it, they state “the restraining order was found, although it is not clear it was requested by 50 cent” If you were unaware, a judge can impose a restraining order without the consent of the parties. No hate…just sayin.

      • DETROIT

        also, there are niggas named 50 cent in every hood in america! kinda like niggas name zeke calling themselves frekey zeke, IT’S VERY COMMON!

        • mo

          Detroit quit trying to kick knowledge you snitch ass faggot….thats why the city of detroit stays losing. Snitching might be okay in the D for you bitch niggas, but not everywhere else. Say somrthing back nigga I will fart in yo mom’s face hoe nigga.

      • these posts are racist

        Hoe-G Bobby J,

        That’s not true. 50 sought and was granted the restraining order. A judge would not just impose it here…50 got it. You’re a clown.

        • og bobby j

          i was waitin on the resident flunkie law student to chime in….

          go ahead and provide the link to the evidence that 50 sought out the restraining order….

          A judge cannot impose a restraining order? No, you said a judge WOULDNT…not couldnt….like how i wouldnt slap the sand nigga tan skin off your face and watch your arab tennis ball holder/turban unravel or like you couldnt fuck with me in your mothers wettest dream..

          You would think an online law degree would open more opportunities than just OG BObby J’s dick rider…..

        • chitchat

          Meant to reply to tpar…but in nyc where he was stabbed its pretty common practice for authorities to issue and order of protection on someone else’s behalf without their consent. More common in domestic disturbances but they can do it for any assault

    • Avenger XL

      Come on Mac.

      Jay-Z is a fraud people. This clown took Dehavens story and ran with it. Dude was a short order cook remember blaze magazine. When he talked about how Memph bleek usta come in there and crack on him.

      Fiddy was a petty crook/ stick up kid typical ghetto dude. Who used his rap shit to get out. No he wasn’t a boss in the streets but if he caught you slipping he may have tried you but really there aren’t many hopeless ghetto dudes that wouldn’t?

      Yes DMX is a crazed crack head.

  • Pierzy

    Early Snoop: 95%
    Eazy-E: 99%
    Joell Ortiz: 90%

  • Curtis75Black

    This topic seems like something that we talked about in Junior High School. If you liked the rapper, you were more inclined to believe they crazy shit they said, unless they were found out to be false.

  • Detroit P

    I think this is a gay ass list…that reality factor does not matter at all….I won’t say all rappers are fake…but it’s not their job to be real, it’s their job to make great music…all that other shit like caring about these niggas past that much so you don’t look bad when you’re stanning them is gay…I don’t wanna hear a rapper rap about their day to day lives..I wanna hear some nigga talk about how they just ate a bowl of cereal…that’s not about nuthin…When you go to the movies do you wanna just watch nuthing happen like in real life…thats why they edit “reality tv” so much..cus other wise it would be boring nothingness…a rappers job is to entertain….I have my own life..I don’t kno these rappers to even care about whether their lives are real or not…as long as they say some real shit..thats cool with me

  • adam

    Nas: 45%
    Jay-Z: 45%
    50 Cent: 25%
    Lil Wayne: 50%

  • Stevie B

    lil wayne 10% i actually like lil wayne but lets be real when was he ever in the street didnt he get signed at 11 and drop a album at like 14?

    • $hawty Reg

      @ Stevie B

      Plus Baby used to discourage Wayne from going uptown and to the Magnolia with Turk. So you know he discouraged him from doing anything that could jeopordize him legally.

    • http://xxl ryan

      thank you stevie B at least sumbody recognize the bullshit. nas is telling a story of wats goes on during the streets. jay-z is the biggest backstabbing motherfucker ever next 2 diddy. 50 cent was a drug dealer not a hitman so deres no way in hell he lived out 93% of his life.
      the few known rappers that might actually lived out 50% of there rhymes are yes just 50% ghostface killah, beanie sigel, cam’ron, game, ray cash n sum others. rappers just report wat they hear or see.

  • The Kings

    Every rapper fabricates, thats just the art of music.

    No rapper speaks more than 40% of the Truth…Otherwise, most of these suckers would be dead.

    Some rappers core music may consist of more…like Young Jeezy, who could have dealt with bricks and so on as he was mention in the FED case of black mafia, but not to the affect of what he rhymes.

    But, thats just entertainment. The people who would actually do what rappers claim would not have to rhyme, as the proceeds of their ‘work’ could hold them down for life.

    Moreover, most dudes who rap are witnesses to these streets cats and embody their friends/dogs/relatives/OG’s realities and spit about it.

    Let’s say Rick Ross, no he hasn’t been a kingpin [according to his CO job] but I know dudes who seen him in his Maybach at Popeyes in Carol City on 27th Ave.

    So, which part of the rhymes are we talking? Take Jay-Z, he seem legit, but he is a good rapper who seem authentic. Now, take Denzel Washington, a great actor, who seems like he lived the American Gangster role for real [which he didn't].

    Take the two, and its a portrayal of realms that entertainers embody.

    In reality, the percentage of reality you believe in rappers music depends on how naive you are. A real street dude won’t believe them at all, but, an internet nerd [like most of you] believe every word, because you don’t know the realities of that lifestyle. You sit on your computer waiting for the next blog to post.

    In any event, rap is entertainment and they make legit money from it…It’s all art at the end of the day.

    Nobody lives everythingthey say..don’t be fooled!!!!!

  • Same OL Shit


    C-Murder-met personally
    Clipse-met personally

    • Honestasicanb

      Take clipse off and put Styles and Beanie on there and you got it head on and oh yeah B.G.

  • $hawty Reg

    Soulja Slim – 99.9%

    He spoke of some bad b*tches he used to f*ck with. I’ve seen two of them and they was some nice lookin women. So no fabrication with that. Most rappars lie on they d*ck all damn day.

    He from the Magnolia. My girls family is from the Magnolia and they used to see him a lot before he was Soulja Slim and was just Magnolia in the early 90′s. Most rappers lie about where they from.

    Slim was shot 2 or 3 separate times years before he was killed. Before he was rapping, Slim didn’t really have a job but he had money. He also served time for reasons not known by me. But he did. And he openly admits and in some occasions speak on how he used to snort dope in his music.

    Here is something a lot of you don’t know if you are not from New Orleans. When Slim got killed, he was actually being investigated for a murder. I’m not saying he actually did it but I’m just saying.

    And finally, he got killed. I’m serious when I say this! But you must have done something to really piss someone off for them to shot you in the face in front your mothers house!

    RIP Magnolia Slim

    He was one of few remaining real niggaz left in this industry! And he was gifted. If you really sit down and listen to whatever songs he have, he used to say some real shit. Plus he road the beat like no other rapper from the N.O.

    • Avenger XL

      Slim is as real as it gets in rap. no other rapper has come close to this dude. He lived in a crazy environment like Magnolia N.O. till the day he was killed. If you know anything about nolia you know that it was raw and so was the Calio and Melph. Those projects were open air drug markets on on american soil sanctioned by the racist neglect of the Louisania legislature toward the poor. Yep slim was as real as it gets in the hip-hop game.

      RIP to the realest

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  • Slash

    Kanye is about as honest as you can get. Phonte, too.

    • jackpot

      Slash, I totally agree. But, Kanye did say, “One neck, two chains, one waist, two gats” on “Two Words.” But other than that, he’s honest to a freakin fault. Tiggalo.

  • STeaDY

    music is entertainment….people gonna tell truth sometimes but most of the time they gonna lie more then truth… i said its entertainment

  • Worley

    I think cats did most of what they talk about but exaggerate to a wild degree because in the larger scheme of things what they did is petty. Case in point: Jay-Z. Watch the Danny Diamondz DVD and you get the sense that Jay was involved but far from kingpin status.

  • Detroit Dave

    Redman and Devin the Dude- %100 raps about smoking weed and I don’t think I have ever seen them not high.

  • jdb

    nas – 85%
    jay z – 40%
    50 cent – 30%
    prodigy – 80%
    the clipse – 30%
    raekwon – 70%
    little wayne – 5%

  • MikeJones

    Jay-z 5%
    Nas- 80%
    Wayne- 50%
    TI- 95%
    Jeezy- 66%

  • Prince Caesar

    I think this post it some grade school shit. Music is an artform. In all music, people use their imagination to tell stories. In some of the stories artists use personal experiences or talk about the experiences of people they’ve encountered. Only in Hip-Hop do u get a bunch of idiots rambling about who is “realer” than the next rapper. Unless,you personally knew one of these guys before the fame, its a mute point. They are artists and I personally don’t give a shit about what they say they do or used to do. It’s only music..I don’t really believe %90 of the shit rappers say.

    • yoprince

      it’s moot not ‘mute’.. for future reference

  • Incilin

    Those are exorbitantly high percentages you list there DT. Nas 88? The guy who “scribbled on his notepad and created his life”? Nah, if rappers had sold half the drugs they claim and committed half the murders they say, then 100,000 murders should be happening in NY every year. America would be like the way Mexico is now; a failed state run amuck by drug dealing.

    I believe rappers are gangsta. At least, more so than me or anyone on this site. Like, I’m pretty sure Joell Ortiz or DMX would punch me in my face if I said something slick to him. But the only rappers that I think are life gangstas are dudes like 50, Baby, and them goonie ass mix tape rappers.

    See there’s wrong with being a gangsta and there isn’t anything wrong with being a CO. But pretending to be a gangsta when you was really a CO? That’s an issue. Now, if I had found out a rapper I like a lot (like Jadakiss) was actually a CO I wouldn’t stop fuckin wit him. I fucks with Jada cuz he’s nice. But I always hated Ross cuz I thought he was wack. Being a CO made it that much wacker.

    Either way, the game is fucked up and rappers are either exaggerating like crazy or downright lying.

  • Black So

    I always believed Hov (at least as much as u can believe any of these niggas) becuz 4 every song like feelin it or friend or foe he had songs like success and d’evils. He let u know that being in the streets ain’t all sweet. The constant paranoia that u feel is almost unbearable and i feel like jay captures that perfectly. On the flip side u gotta nigga like wayne who went from kinda just describing his hood ie the block is hot to rapping like he was the biggest nigga in the game (anything on the Tha Carter 2).

  • zood

    Give lupe fiasco a 95% hes pretty real i think doesn’t claim to be too much
    Chamillionaire 75%
    Jay-z 95%
    Asher Roth 85%
    Eminem 90%

    Most its easy to say have exagerated alot though
    Akon for example
    and some are just plain fake
    Rick Ross

  • The_Truth

    SCARFACE- 99.9%

    KILLER MIKE- 93%

    Z-RO- 94%

    BUN-B 98%

    8BALL/ MJG 99%

    Then you have. . .

    BABY- 13%

    LIL WAYNE- 10%

    LIL BOOSIE- 6%

    PLIES- 7%

    50 CENT- 5%

    • SouthCakC23

      You bout the only kat on here that has actually listed real mufukas. Puttiin Jay-Z and Nas in the convo is flat out ignorant any damn way; they are rappin about somebody else’s life. They may have been near the dudes when the dudes where doin dirt, but they had very little involvement.

      Naming Scarface, Killer Mike, Z-Ro, Bun B Ball n G lets me know that you know ya shit. T.I.P. is another that you could throw in there as well.

  • Chonessey

    I am so disappointed in XXL. Who was the monkey who wrote this article? JAY-Z AT 92% and Wayne at 83%!? First off, where the hell did you come up with these numbers? Second, you have got to be on syrup if you think that a boy signed to a major label before puberty did any gangbanging. You fail as a writer/reporter.

    The_Truth, KQ, Incillin – respect.

  • latino heat

    everybody forgot about Cormega. “without me would there even be a I-L-L-M-A-T-I-C” Nas was spittin Cormega’s life story on that album.


    100 % Spider Loc…

    100 % Gucci Man

    100& Project Pat

    90 % 50 cent ( on the strenght of bang em smurf saying 50 ran 134th and guy brewer but he never did the shootin)

    110 % Tray Dee from the east sidaz…

    Scarface/Troy both niggas calling each other a snitch…

    Jay really had the Lexus back then so he was doing it….

  • murK

    Kanye – 99%
    50Cent(pre-GRODT)- 95%
    T.I. – 80%
    Jayz – 75%
    Nas – 60%
    Young Jeezy – 50%
    Clipse – 25%
    Lil Wayne – 15%
    Rick Ross – 0.01%

  • Dark vanilla

    Lil Wayne 83%

    he lost 50% when real bangers called him and baby out in LA..

    he lost 30% by wearing a blue rag know more than 5 years ago…

    Don’t turn this into the 2009 SOHH…

  • west philly’s finest

    Pay 5 in it for blow/betta believe i have 1160 to show.

    Jay’s numbers add up when he be rapping.
    The Clipse=80%
    Gucci Mane=90%

    Gucci probably wanna the realest out he really did kill somebody and got drug cases unlike most rappers.

  • jp

    You may hate their guts but definitely the Trill Fam: Boosie, Webbie, Foxx, etc. Not the most talented artists but probably some of the most street street-credited.

  • 619

    DJ Quik, and to the cats who commented on Eazy, he was the realest one outta N.W.A. He’s from Kelly Park in Compton.

  • TJ

    Isn’t this article itself the source of the problem in hip hop today because it indicates that rappers have to “live their lyrics”. As a result, rappers are now adopting characters and fabricating previous lifestyles when in actual fact, the majority of rap fans just want to listen to good music.

  • 615banga

    Gucci Mane- 95%

    Ice Cube- 80 %

    Slim Thug- 77%

    Clipse- 90 %

    Styles P- 88%

    50 Cent- 65 %
    Jay-Z- 85%

    Young Jeezy – 95 %
    T.I.-93 %

    Ludacris- 100 %

    The Game- 95%

  • latino heat

    i know everybody likes to hate on Fat Joe now, but he had a vicious street rep at one time. i guess since everybody hate’s on him now we should forget that.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      Joe is a thorobred.

  • hip.hop.says

    i don’t believe most (98 percent) of the rappers out today…i didn’t believe rick ross was ‘ever’day hustlin’, 50 cent knew how to ‘rob industry folk’, i didn’t believe nas street dreams, jigga’s reasonable doubt, or snoop could ’187 on an undercover cop’.

    however there are few artist who i can co-sign: joel ortiz (92%), the roots (985), tribe called quest (92%) and by extension kamal the abstract aka qtip (94%), queen latifah (90%), eve (92%), DMX (92%)…and cool c (cause he’s on death row since he was dumb enough to murder a cop while attempting a bank robbery in 96)

    i don’t need my rap artist to actually to be as crazy as their rymes. what i need and want is a level of validity in their lyrics and more importantly an actual message. i think the more appropriate question is how many rappers believe their own lyrics.

  • Avenger XL

    Jay-Z- 10%

    Ice Cube- 70%

    magnolia slim 99.9%

    The Game- -1%

    LiL Wayne- 15%

    Young Jeezy- 85%

    T.I.- 75%

    Nas- 10%

    Clipse- 75%

    Rick Ross- 0%

    Kanye- 99.9%

    Phonte- 99.9%

    Atmosphere- 99.9%

    Andre 3 stack- 99.9%

    But in all honesty it is not fair to ask every rapper live their lyrics. That whole notion is obsured. My list just speaks to folks who live close to their message.

  • Feedback

    2pac and Dmx, eminem, the realest period.

    • CHEAA

      “Lick my but. Kiss the cheese from under my nuts.”
      -Eminem (CRack A Bottle)

      NOW THAT”S REAL. lol

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Face. DMX. Joe Crack (The only rapper I ever saw alone in the hood) and I can’t forget Brownsville finest M.O.P. That’s about it.

  • kingequality

    I cant beleive yall trying to put # on this what happen was most rappers are music class niggas yall know how niggas in band and in chorus use to get clowned rappers started rhyming bout the streets so real street dudes started trying to rhymes cause they figured who could tell the story better but once you cross that line you aint even close to being a street dude know more this shit is pure entertainment thats like asking arnold if he still holding them guns from the terminator everybody is trying to make a fast buck music execs or letting these stupid niggas get money to write the sound track to our self destructions rappers are just as bad as crack dealers nowadays look how it affecting the youngings I bet you 50 cebt dont let his kid listen to the bullshit he putting out I had to start listen to the rock stations and shit cause the other side is making better music than us it all sound the same but listen to the lyrics nonthing to do with self hate that they try to program us with Listen to some of those old luther songs he got songs bout cheating but listen to how skillful its written you wouldnt even know it would probly make most people wedding song list its time to get back to the art and skill of crafting songs wake up people we got the power we deserve better all this money these clowns are getting from our blood and sweat.

  • Barry Washington

    Members of the Wu-Tang Clan are actually very real, I mean I know that they didn’t live the whole “Samurai lifestyle” but it’s been said that Raekwon really does push/cook coke, and it’s been said that Ghostface and RZA had ties in with the Gambino Family (Mafia Family), and had some murder charges but got off, something of that nature.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    Illmatic Nas:90%
    Snoop:50% (nigga was a pack mule, just that)
    Wayne: 1% (nigga aint a blood)
    Jay-z: 45% (nas made some good points on Ether)
    Devin da Dude: 88% (nigga likes the cheeba)
    B-Real Cypress Hill: 90% (see above)
    Andre 3k: 95% (spits real shit period)
    Rick Ross: 1% (nigga stole Freeway Ricky Ross’ life story)
    T.I: 15% (yea i think he snitched)

  • DBlock

    DMX stole the fur coat off this chick i went to college with.

    Two weeks after he’d already signed to Def Jam.

    • D-Block

      ey mutha fucka im the only d-block around here

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Mr. Mathers-70%.

    My rationale for giving him an average percentage is that he exaggerates so much of his life, and then you got his mom and ex-wife telling their sides of the story…Ugh, it’s messy! I don’t know who to fucking believe. So I just listen to his music and try not to devour everything he says. Besides, I’m going on 20. I’m too old to be doing that in the first place.

    Dr. Dre-50%. Listening to THE CHRONIC, I thought the shit he rapped was hot, but still I was like, “Really Dre?” Especially with “A Nigga With A Gun.” Dre, you ain’t gonna shoot nobody. Sit down.

    Snoop-50%. Don’t really feel like explaining that.

    Ice Cube-85%

    • macdatruest

      damn, if you only knew, most niggas who post on here is pushing 30 and still caught up in Rapper fantasies

      • Penelope Rodriguez


  • B Fuller

    Because I am a fan of hip hop, I will go as far as to say that Nas has more respect from me than anybody on this list for his lastest “Untitled” effort which did the genre some justice. It spoke of knownledge of self and self empowerment, a way to reverse our ongoing fight with self-hatred. I understand the fight within the streets of our communities,but being real does not mean suffocating the community by carrying on the legacy of drugs and crime thus further enslaving ourselves. Being REAL is having the ability to lift yourself up from these barriers of life while never forgetting what made you the person that you are…Never forget WHO you are and WHERE you came from.

  • c. gabi

    I’m just throwin this out there and seeing if it sticks…

    Suga Free. Some of the stuff he says, I swear, NO ONE can be that creative with that kind of imagination to make that shit up.

    One of my homeboys from college who grew up in the area Suga Free was from told me that everything he raps about actually happened in true life. Apparently Suga Free is a certified pimp out in Cali.

    Who knows, I’m interested in hearing if anyone agrees or can verify this.

    • macdatruest

      Errbody know Suga free is a real pimp in Pomona, California

      • 619

        Real shit. I try to put people up on Suga Free, one of the realest out. Check out that ‘Smell My Finger’ album.
        “Why did she walk around with a goldfish in her pocket, because she wanna smell like the big girls” haha. Suga Free’s a fool. Real pimpin’, he got a project comin’ up with Kokane called ‘Suga Kane’, should be good.

    • latino heat

      suga free is a pimp for real. i don’t know if you ever heard of straight to dvd movie called The Gift, it had Suga Free, Mac Mall and a couple other rappers and pimps in it and was basically like a low budget American Pimp. anyway, in the movie the director asks Suga Free what he would do if his daughter wanted to be a ho. SF’s response was, “i would tell her go out there and be the best ho she can be. i wouldn’t follow her down the street crying telling her to stop.” that’s a stone cold pimp right there.

  • amar

    mc juaquin phoenix – 110%



  • m.johnson

    i do believe that most of these rappers were small time crooks, sold a lil crack , maybe been in a some shootouts…typical hood shit. but for the most part, but all this tony montana talk is a bit far fetched…….

    i was in the army with a guy who grew up in the bronx. he was in a lil latin singing group and his manager was moving weight and fat joe was his enforcer. he barely knew him personally, but his rep was very known. joe did move bricks for this dude, and was feared on the street. the reason my boys band never took off cause the manager got popped with those bricks. this was around the time joe started rapping

    2pac….i love the dude and i think hes the GOAT. but he didnt start living that shit till he blew up. after he blew up he felt the need to live what he rapped,so he did(i think playing bishop in juice had alot to do with this, but thats just me) dudes that grew up with him even said that pac wasnt in the streets like that. and they were not badmouthing him…they still had love for him. they were just speaking the truth

    ghostface,scarface,X,beans,soulja slim(God bless the dead) and maybe a few others actually live(d) it.most of these rappers stories dont add up…wayne was rich when he was 12 so when did he sell dope? theres no fuckin way that ALL these rappers sold all this dope and didnt get arrested. “freeway”rick ross, tookie , fat cat , alpo , rich porter ,pappy mason,preme, nicky barnes, frank lucas, the real 50 cent…these are the lives these rapper are rapping about….and where are they all at? you either die, get locked up, or you snitch. thats the end result of doing that shit….not a successful rap carrer.

  • EmCDL

    I never really believed in what most of these rappers portray in their rhymes; its just music at the end of the day, although I am big on the storytelling aspects of things.

  • GERV


  • detroit g

    50cent 90% jay-z dont know eminem 80% on his life bg met him in detroit real dude 85%

  • john woe

    yall niggaz trippen the lox is the realest real talk they still n da hood like roaches

  • Detroit Draper

    First off anyone who gives Wayne any type of percentage has no street/music knowledge…. Theres nothin at all “real” about Wayne’s music persona. If you listen he talks about takin one to the chest as if he was in some gangsta shit on multiple songs when in REALITY he was pussy got tired of livin and shot himself. Do the research

  • Keyser Soze

    Real Gangster Rappers:
    2)Eazy-E (not NWA)
    3)Snoop Dogg
    4) Spice 1
    5) The Game
    7)Young Jeezy
    9)Gucci Mane
    10)Project Pat
    11) Trick Daddy
    12)Ca$h Money
    13)No Limit (back in the day)
    15)50 Cent & G-Unit (All Of them-Spider Loc, 40 glocc, Mobb deep, Yayo,etc)
    17)fat Joe
    18)Big Punisher R.I.P

    • macdatruest

      Gotta disagree wit Mobb Deep. Havoc too quiet and Prodigy took so many ass whoopins I cant even do shit but laugh when i think of dude butt ass naked in the studio begging true life for mercy lol

  • Flydane

    yea gucci mane is one of the realest, soulja slim, boosie, baby brian birdman stunna, weezy, b.g. yallniggaz forgettin about all the gangstas, Turk- he in jail now for Shooting at cops yall on some dumb shit, fuck all yall up north fuckers Baton Rouge 225 jigga city podna!!!

  • Prince

    Everyone forgets about STYLES P & BEANIE SIGEL .

  • L.A Vet


    But he out here smoked out right now… (suga Free) so that’s a Case of when keepin it real goes wrong…;

  • butta verses

    in my oPinion, RaPPing about crime and things became a trend after onyx. i mean you had a few back in the day, nwa, skooly d(Psk), tim dog, a few others. but once onyx came out with that “throw ya guns in the air” everyone started getting “grimey” “now evrybody wanna sound grimey,” thats when the whole industry followed suit. even the women!!!(mc light’s ruffneck joint) and fake ass BOSS!!!

    remember biz’s joint vaPers…”i got another Partner thats calm and Plain/ he goes by the name of the big daddy kane/ a mellow tyPe of fellow thats laid back/ but back in the days he wasn’t nothing like that/ i remember when he used to fight everyday/ what grown uPs would tell’em he would never obey/ he wore his Pants hanging down and his sneakers untied/ and a rasta tyPe kangol tilted to the side/ PeoPle round the way yeah they treated him bad and said he was the worst thing his moms ever had/ they said he would grow uP to be nothing but a hoodlum/ or either in jail/ or someone would shoot him….”

    my Point is, i’m sure alot of these dudes did some wild ish in the Past, but i seriously doubt they would ever want to be in those situations again. but yet the refuse to say how wrong that lifestyle is. they Promote it. they make it look like your a coward if you don’t live like that. jail is not cool. i know from first hand knowledge. i don’t need to be dead to know i want to live. check me out on mysPace-butta verses. easy yall.

  • Levi

    Man, this is like an oprah special right here.

    Everyone juices up their backstory a little bit. I have no idea who is really real. This is who I think does a good job of convincing me that they are “bout it, bout it” in no particular order

    Andre nickatina
    Mac dre
    gucci mane
    soulja slim
    pimp c
    trick daddy

    And a bunch of other fools i can’t think of.

  • romil

    Jay Z 99% he never over exxagerates, also has people to back it up.

    Nas 99% He never talked about flipping tons of coke or killing niggas. Just a regular street corner observing life putting it in his rhymes what his friends went through.

    LOX 60% they always talkin bout bodying somebody.

    Lil Wayne 60% I dont think Wayne killed a soul,and was too busy rapping to sell coke.

    Fat Joe 98% Fat Joe was known back in tha day as being real.

    50 Cent 74% I dont beleive 50 will do all the things he says he will, he wouldnt put his son in jeopardy. However I know he’s been street.

    Rick Ross 70% I beleive Mr. Ross was a hustler, but I dont think he been on boats in Haiti, or in the jungle like Frank Lucas. I also beleive he held a job as a CO, but that doesnt take away from his street cred.

  • levi

    Those who can’t do; Teach.

    Same with rap. Most who can’t do;rap

  • kaliforniasfinest

    no percentages jus real niggas kant no one say if fake:
    Mac Dre(dont know bout em read bout him)
    Husalah(read bout em)
    Suga Free
    Soulja Slim
    Dj Quik

    These is niggas u wont eva b able to say they fake. And if u do say one of em fake show me sum proof..

    916 stand up

    R.I.P Mac and Soulja Slim

    Free Husalah and Gucci

  • mr. scientist

    just because you claim to be a gangster, it doesn’t make you a good rapper. here are a couple of rappers who i can believe but can’t stand to hear their terrible rhymes:

    shitty rappin’ gangstas:

    gucci mane

    master p

    silk the shcoker

    crunchy black



  • Dat Brotha

    Jay-Z 80%
    Nas 60%
    Kanye 50%
    Wayne .5%
    Flo Rida -75%

  • macdatruest

    The reason these rap niggas is fake Now, is cause the Old heads was scared to bust they guns son. All them niggas was scared and some of these niggas never sold crack son! or bid a bid up north kid! hip hop been dead, scared, gay, and emo, and every rapper done talked about shit in they rhymes they aint do. fuck all rappers, yall rap niggas better go kill a nigga or somethin’ its deeper than music son! I fucks wit any other music than rap, cause country and r&b niggas do everything they make a song about.

    Kurtis Blow 20%
    Grandmaster Flash 30%
    Sugarhill “Gang” 10%
    Eric B & Rakim 12%
    LL Cool J 6%
    Lauryn Hill 10%
    Boogie Down Productions 8%
    Fat Boys 3%
    Kool Mo Dee 5%
    “Gangstarr” 4%
    Tribe Called Quest 1%
    Lupe Fiasco 22%
    Kanye West 10%
    Kid Rock 45%
    Shaq 10%
    Kobe 4%
    Nick “Cannon” 2%
    Another Bad Creation 30%
    MC Hammer 45%
    Dialated Peoples 10%
    Black Milk 5%
    Murs 2%
    The Roots 2%
    Digable Planets 7%

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  • dark vanilla

    Will quit trying to post as me.

    Anyways in all honesty, I’m gonna give like every rapper 50%-0% to be fair, cuz I don’t believe half of what any rapper says. Its gotta be 50%-0%. I mean c’mon, mostly every rapper talks about busting their gun and shooting people, but most of these rappers have never even used a gun. I mean any rapper that talks about murdering people isn’t close to 50% real. If they were, they would be in prison. Even Shyne, someone who actually shot some people has question marks. This is a stupid blog and just proves how stupid the whole industry is.


    trick daddy
    50 cent
    young jeezy
    obie trice

    they are a 100 percent real

    weezy? but he might have put in some work
    the others i dont know

  • dark vanilla

    Honestly, as much as I hate Hipsters and people like Souljah Boy, I believe everything they say in their lyrics cuz they don’t really do much talk about much. I think any rapper that talks about killing and drug dealing, half of what they say isn’t true.

  • epinz


    U trippin! Nas was talkin all that shit on his second album! Jay exagerated on his first shit and they both (includin big) bit offof rea and ghost! U can’t bite and 100 percent or even 90

  • FlapJack

    Uncle Murda: 250%

    • FlapJack

      250 thousand %

  • Tone

    First of all, half of those R&b niggas is gay so they don’t do what they say either(like making love to women)and half those country dudes are ivy league rich kids who do pilates and drink wine. no beer, no gun shots. They ain’t hank williams. so stop it. lol
    Nas 60%
    scarface 90%
    freddie foxxx 94%
    Mob style 500% (look it up)
    50 94%
    tupac 60%
    big 75%
    rakim 95%
    dre/ice cube/mc ren -3% put together
    fat joe 90%
    ghostface 95%

  • t.c.

    lil wayne 5% this dude been rappin’ since he was 12 he ain’t have time to hustle on the block like that and even cats like turk in cash money never respected wayne as a street cat ever

  • amerikkkas knightmare

    What about my boy AZ?

    I mean you never know which lines these guys say are real but 1 thing we forget is that the street life maybe 1 aspect of their life. Alot rap dudes are gonna give you their moniker… You can tell if its business and they do it just to make a living – they not gonna tell you about they whole life. Thats why I think a lyricist like Nas is a real dude – not only do he give you the gangsta life he gonna explain and rap about the normal lifestyle in his lyrics too- that relate to everyday people.

    As far as street rappers I think AZ is a real dude but I can’t tell you what percent of his lyrics are real, lol. Thats some goof ball shit to be discussing anyway because this rappers got rhymes for years. His my list of real rap artist:

    Half a Mil
    Immortal Technique
    Soulja Slim
    Bun B & Pimp
    … the list goes on..

  • mage

    brotha lynch hung
    c- murder

    alot of uk cats
    crazy titch
    durrty goodz

    and you cant forget about BIG LURCH
    pcp raps and pcp murders
    antoine singleton was as real as your could mother fucking get

  • Sway-z

    This shit just comes down to what you saying. There’s a big difference between just saying you a hustler or saying “I know Noriega, the real Noriega” The same problems I got with Ross talking that shit applies to Wayne & Jadakiss and a alot of other niggas too. When you OD with that talk is when it becomes an issue.

  • sir

    some good points raised,but.

    i thought we listened to rap because it was “real”, because there werent love songs, and that real people with talent could communicate through music.?

    or are we watching and listening to it like an action movie?, cos like the dude said,schwartzenegger( sic) probly doesnt even know how to load a gun, and we still believe him as the terminator.

    i would love to beleive what dudes are saying, and i would love for a truly honest rapper to sell.but i doubt its gonna happen anytime soon.

    there are some we all know who “fake”…
    dr dre, being a good example…
    “it’s entertainment, pure and simple”
    we know he dont write or produce…but.
    tis a crazy mixed up world, this rap shit.

  • Common Sense

    Most of the gangster or hardcore or street rappers are fraud. Kanye West, Common, Mos Def, Dead Prez, etc. are the reality rapper core. I am from Jamaica, Queens and 50 Cent the rapper was not gangster and was not running shit. He was a petty crack dealer who didn’t do that well and ended up in boot camp. What fuckin gangster goes to boot camp! He got shot and didn’t do anything about it. His mother was killed and he didn’t do nothing about that when he got older and supposedly in the street. 50 cent is a fraud who used the street stories to enhance his shit and get rich. He is smart for that. 50 Cent is a good entetainer and actor. Jay Z is another fruad but made a little more low level drug money than 50 Cent. Jay Z used what he say mostly and heard to get rich. Great move. The real 50 Cent for your information was a low ass level stick up kid that literally did robberies for change (coins) on occasssion. Who the fuck robs for chenge! Then when the streets got hot for his petty ass, this nigga runs and joins the United States army. What gangster runs and hides out in the army? a broke, no money having, no connect having, little bum ass stick up kid. So niggas just waited until his little bum ass got out the army and came back to Brooklyn to send his broke ass to hell! Rappers are mostly actors, it only gets fucked up when they start believing their own fakeness and then push that shit on the public. Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Sam Jackson, etc. all get paid big for acting as people they are not, nothing wrong with that picture.

  • Kaos

    redman – 99%

    wayne – 25%

  • Zulu1925

    I’m a bit confused. I’ve read multiple blog entries on a multitude of websites in which artists are lambasted because they are not authentic thugsters, but in truth were corrections officers (Ross), suburban college students (Boss, Ice Cube) or just witnesses, not participants, of the life (Wayne, Plies, a hundred others). Yet, when a true-to-life “gangster” rapper is on the scene, he barely gets a blip on the radar (see: Bumpy Knuckles, Trick Trick, Beanie Siegel, etc.). Y’all are the same kind of folks who complain about a movie being fake – that’s because it IS fake! Those are actors. It’s make-believe! Alot of people have a warped sense of reality predicated on reset buttons and unaccountability. You want to be able to stop when things get too tough. REAL gangsters don’t just mean mug for the camera or provide interesting catch-phrases and fashion tips. They are uncontrolled ids (as in Freud) seeking their own specific satisfaction. Invariably, these personalities will transgress beyond the mores of acceptable society in their quest for fulfillment. Hollywood couldn’t dream up a more quintessential “gangster rapper” than C-Murder – from his physical stature (6’5″) to his gold grill; from his tattoos to his gravelly voice; hell, even his NAME is a portend to the overall menace of his existence. Add to that his alleged all too real temper, propensity for violence at the slightest hint of disrespect and vividly detailed, almost picturesque descriptions of street life and you should have a fanboy’s wet dream. But, people don’t REALLY want to be in the vicinity of someone who will slap the shit out of them at a moments notice – they prefer the safer, watered-down alternative (see: Lil Wayne). They want to be able to see the carnage, then press the reset button and erase it from existence. But, real life doesn’t work like that. If you want “real” gangster rappers, you should expect the inevitability of crime, court cases, jail time and premature deaths that comes with that life. But, if you only want to be entertained, then stop commenting on how fake so-and-so rapper is – because it’s only a movie!

  • Jkeith734

    Lil Wayne, Rick Ross definitely 0%

    Lil Boosie & Webbie
    Gucci Mane
    Mac Dre
    Soulja Slim
    Tru Life
    All real. When it comes to ” hood ” shit they are too descriptive with it in their rhymes.

  • dark vanilla

    Zulu, thats real talk. I’m so shocked at how stupid all of these people are. I can’t even give Nas 50%, cuz Nas has never killed anyone. A great example of how fake rappers really are is 50 Cents I Still Kill. 50 Cents never killed anyone. All that happened was he sold crack and got shot. You can say that about any rapper. I mean the one thing about Hipsters is they don’t spread around lies about their life. As much as I love Ice Cube, he was a fucking college student with an education. A ton of the shit he says isn’t true. If rappers actually lived their lyrics, most rappers would in jail. But I can’t believe how many people actually believe this shit about credibility. Just proves how stupid our country has become. I just listen to music cuz of the quality and the lyrics and maybe some credibility. But I don’t listen to rappers based on how gangsta they really are.

  • macdatruest


  • maximus 32

    mos def
    the roots
    dead prez
    Devin the dude
    talib kweli
    brand nubian
    public enemy….

    Anybody talking about shit that doesn’t sound like scarface (the movie – I actually like scarface, at least he try to tell the whole story not just the gun talk). Dudes who say some thought provoking shit…some intelligent shit. The funny thing is a dude like Talib Kweli might fuck one of these fake gangsta rappers up with the hands. That’s how fake shit is. Niggas talking about how tough other niggas are is gay. If beanie sigel disrespected you at a club would you just start shaking just because of his record?

  • macdatruest

    wow, yall gonna do me like that????

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