Let's cut straight to the chase. Jim Jones' fourth solo album, Pray IV Reign drops today.Though the climate has worsened since his last effort, Hustler's P.O.M.E, Capo stands the chance to do career numbers with this release.

First off, he'll benefit from a major label push for the first time in his career. Secondly, Jones has definitely become a bigger figure in hip-hop since his last outing. Jones is also branded. There's no question about it. Lastly, the music is there. To date, pretty much every record he's leaked off Reign has been well received. There's just one thing, though. Cam resurfacing has seemingly quieted Jones'  buzz a bit. Taking all the above into consideration, XXL staffers put in their predictions for Jonesy's new effort. See for yourself below.-Jackpot

Jesse: 83k
Jackpot: 95k
Flash: 85k
Davina: 89k
Rob: 76k
Clovito: 101k
Travis: 75k
Miss One: 105k

What's your prediction?