Jim Jones Sales Predictions

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Jim Jones’ fourth solo album, Pray IV Reign drops today.Though the climate has worsened since his last effort, Hustler’s P.O.M.E, Capo stands the chance to do career numbers with this release.

First off, he’ll benefit from a major label push for the first time in his career. Secondly, Jones has definitely become a bigger figure in hip-hop since his last outing. Jones is also branded. There’s no question about it. Lastly, the music is there. To date, pretty much every record he’s leaked off Reign has been well received. There’s just one thing, though. Cam resurfacing has seemingly quieted Jones’  buzz a bit. Taking all the above into consideration, XXL staffers put in their predictions for Jonesy’s new effort. See for yourself below.-Jackpot

Jesse: 83k
Jackpot: 95k
Flash: 85k
Davina: 89k
Rob: 76k
Clovito: 101k
Travis: 75k
Miss One: 105k

What’s your prediction?

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  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    I agree with Rob.

    • mo


      • wow

        yea too bad u was wrong about that 70k lol…and tops he doesnt have max b nomore…soo he wont be selling that much anytime soon…

    • mo

      I pulled up like nananananana if thats not a hit I don’t know what is. NY you should be proud.

    • mo

      jimmy drops some bullshit and only now is he willing the speak with Cam, what a shithead.

    • joe p

      if this joke of a rapper sells more than 50k he should be happy as can be …. i predict 40k tops !! jim jones is terrible

  • East Saint Louis


  • Gooch

    less than 50k

  • hollywood

    Are you kidding me? Y’all know it is a recession out there right? Jimmy should be happy with 60,000 in the first week.

    • wow

      don’t give me that recession bullsh1t..other artist sold more or either went straight plat….as far as u making that dumbass excuse its irrelevant….btw i hope u realize max b made all those hits that made jim jones famous anyway

  • OG Matt Herbz

    50k MAX.

    And if he does surpass my prediction…

    For every record sold above 50k, I’ll donate a dollar to the “Soap For The Slum” Foundation that I just set up. It will provide a fresh 3-pack of Irish Spring bar soap every month to every eligible Harlem youth. The goal is to prevent under-priveledged youth from maturing into grown-ass men like Jim Jones who don’t shower on a daily basis.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • OG Matt Herbz Spellcheck


      Ouch…that blunt hurt, yo.


    • Lowedwn


    • http://1290wmcs.com MYDDLE






  • Have u seen HIPHOP

    lol @ 3000 copies….i think he’s lucky to do 50,000 max and personally i think that’s too much

  • murK

    70,000 min – 95,000 max

  • Dal

    Jim jones = Floppin

    to bad cuz his L makes all hip hop look bad

  • jj


  • Harmen

    i’d say about 97 ooo

  • http://360.yahoo.com/deshawn772004 Federal Ranga

    45K… why ya’ll frontin…

  • Trenton Watts

    JIM JONES IS THE WORST.. I don’t understand what this hiphop game has come to. Im going to say about 167,000 just because there are allot of dumb hoppers out here that will listen to this bullshit.
    I know dudes that can freestyle better material off there head, then what jim can come up with in the lab. Na Na Na Na Nah nuff said!
    West baltimore stand upppp

  • d.m.

    80k. doesnt move more then 150 total

  • zayzkidd

    120,000 – 145,000.

    “Niggaz is wack by popular demand” – snoop

  • http://xxlmag.com jj

    45K at the most

  • Pierzy


  • http://xxlmag.com jj


  • venemez


  • What the ?

    Ha, he goes to major and falls off. Without Cam these hoes lost, shouldn’t have abandoned your leader, the whole dip set followed Jenny when they sold out Cam so they should stay with him and Cam should just start a new dip set with a fresh roster.

  • yoprince


  • Phil

    Ummmmmm, which one of these records he’s “leaked” has been “well-recevied”? That stupid “na na” shit?

    Um, NYET, comrade.

  • j589

    with illegal downloading and a moderate following he shouldnt do more than 70k and in the end might make it close to gold

  • http://blackworldorder.com dexbig

    Somebody please tell me take yall are joking….Did Max B write this album? if not it’s not worth the plastic its printed on….he will be lucky to sell a boston zip code….(01730-02494 for you slow cats)

  • http://www.strafford.com ralph


  • tnt

    25k i say that cause he will buy 24k of them to make it look like someone wants that wack shit

  • E20


    Trust It.

    He’s gonna do Koch #s on a major.

  • El Tico Loco

    70k Birdgang members will account for 30k of it.

  • MikeJones


  • BIG boy

    ima keep real specific with this one


  • amar

    42 copies.

  • bk scholar

    I think Jim is going to do around 120k-175k my reasoning is this his last album did around 106k and we fly high was only released about a month b4. But with this album Sony/Columbia and Jones have done waaaay more promotion and his single Pop Champagne has been on radio for about 7 months so he’s been more visible and if u check all the albums that have been download illegally b4 they came out (tha carter 3, Paper trail) they have all still done good numbers

  • itsLife

    30k the most…..come on lets be real here…

  • http://XXL CALHOUN

    This garbage ass nigga might sell enough records to go plastic!!!!hehehehahahahehehahah(LMAO).

  • $ykotic

    Neoprene rubber.

  • the real gangster

    PLATNUM!!!1,000,000FIRST WEAK!!!!

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    first week?



    no more than 50k first week and over all no more than 150k once the album has run it’s course. also on a side note wow this is going be jim’s 4th album i thought it was the 2nd. i thought the other joints were mixtapes hahhaha

  • {80′s Babies Killed Rap}

    I predict he’ll do soulja boy numbers!! 10k tops! The Best Album of ’09 will be Eminem! It just don’t get no better than that!! Sorry kids!

  • HU

    Who’s buying this retarded vagabond’s shit? 30,000 max. And fuck you if you have a tattoo on your neck, get your life straight.

  • http://www.xplosiveworld.com xplosive


  • Sozzay

    All of you internet haters who make it a point to read the Jim Jones BLOGS, then comment need to wake up. You are proff positive why Jim Jones is relative in the Rap game. If the dude was pure garbage, you wouldn’t waist the time hating. He won’t do platinum numbers. He will probaly sell 75K the first week. And he will still be on XXL making his money, while all you poor ass hating internet groupies continue to be mad.

    • Avenger XL

      aaaaggghhh yes money over substance and creativity. Thanks for reminding me why I hate rap these days and the whole broke haters thing is more played out than grills in everywhere but the south.

  • Barry Washington


  • that nigga

    Right under 100K, and thats toooo much.

  • http://governmentnames.blogspot.com Al Shipley

    Let’s see…Soulja Boy did 45k his first week…so I’ll say 40k.

  • Dwayne

    I kinda like the Dirt Angel, but I don’t think he’ll top 60k. I’m thinking in the 45-55 range….maybe.

  • Avenger XL

    Are you bastards on Jimmies pay roll??? this album doesn’t even have buzz like the last d-bag you D rhode all the way to the bank Weey F baby. Anyway at least Jimmy has xxl on his team (mad benzino like situation going on here and he don’t on a stake in XXL)

  • Mrs.Jonez’s

    Well i just coped his album its hot too by the way haters but i think he will do 100,000 copies oww! splash!

  • devond

    clean 50 to 55 if he sells 30 tho maxb gonna have a field day

  • http://www.myspace.com/crocksandalsandjackbandit Crocker

    52,000 maybe. No follow-up single. Sry Jimmy. Play that industry game and see where you get.

  • KQ

    48K…but this garbage deserves to sell less than Cappadonna.

  • capcobra

    140k…just off harlem and the b’s.

  • sb

    2 units

  • D1

    They said first week dummies i predict 200,000 first week and possibly a little more than gold overall. Jimmy has shown growth i see u haters have not.

    • Avenger XL

      What do you mean by growth? Lyrically he is as wack as ever. You swag over everything kats kill me, his production is dope on this effort but his lyrics and subject matter is as weak as it has ever been. Talking that street shit is boring when you don’t have the chops and cadance. Not to mention putting your on spin on it. Jim is going to sell maybe 50,000 in the first week giving todays climate and downloads. He will not go gold quickly with this project because he needs another ballin like hit to get that crossover love and right now he just has dipset stans as customers.

  • K.ing

    he will out sale gorilla zoe…

  • http://xxlmag.com ShadythaGreat

    First week,realistically….30000. Niggas in VA dont fuck wit tight jeans,tight shirts jenny jones! We fuck wit Camron,Young Jeezy & VA-COOP u BASTARDS!!!!!

  • Michelle S.

    ^^ LOL. You see some dudes around here in skinny jeans. Cam’ron though?

    I’m gonna be generous and say… 20-25k. I hope less than that. Gorilla Zoe will probably do 10k (HA).

  • Michelle S.

    Okay, since he’s a “huge star” and trials “help album sales”, I’ll be generous and say, in his first week, he’ll do at least [drumroll] 20k. LOL

  • Justice4All

    Dude will sale 19,532 Units

  • http://BWO.COM DEX



    15,000 BY THE WAY, IT’S GARBAGE!!!!!!!!