Fight Music

The thief’s theme, play me at night they won’t act right.” -Nas “The World Is Yours,” Illmatic.

I’m a lyrical extremist when it comes to rap. I just love when MCs go off just for the sake of rhyming and say slick stuff. That’s what I look for as a fan. If you aren’t lyrical, you better compensate with some dope concepts, flows, a distinctive voice, something.

But as much as I love lyrics and cadences, nothing gets me going like a dope beat, especially a hard-hitting one. I’m talking about them tracks that will make you wanna punch somebody in the face for no reason, them tracks that bump so much it’s impossible to stand still.

I’m not the confrontational type. I’d rather talk to girls then mean mug some dude when I’m out. But if I ever get into a heated argument, there are a few tracks that would undoubtedly make me throw the first punch. Here are a few. PS: Don’t try this at home, the streets, the clubs, just don’t try it.

M.O.P. “Ante Up”: I never graduated to stick up kid status. When it comes to theft, my career never went past minor shoplifting, a coke bottle here, some upper deck cards there. But this D.R. Period track complete with Lil Fame and Billy Danze’s aggressive deliveries really makes me wanna act out the lyrics.

ODB “Brooklyn Zoo”: DO NOT play this song in any type of function if I’m present. I might lose it. I may just start poking dudes with BIC pens or something. Actually, the same can be said for a good portion of Wu-Tang’s catalog.

De La Soul ft. MF Doom “Rock Co. Kane Flow”: Don’t sleep on De La. Word is dudes used to beat people up on tour. Jake One must have had that in mind when he cooked up the track.

Nas “Thief’s Theme”: See “Ante Up.” This is straight up ski mask music.

Jay-Z “You Don’t Know”: Just Blaze is always good for a head nodder. This is arguably my favorite track off Blueprint.

Ok, so I got five, what do you guys got. I just noticed that I didn’t even include a Premo beat. Shame on me. Anyhow, take it away. What tracks will make you wanna connect everytime the snare hits?

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  • romil

    how about
    Jay-Z (You dont know) featuring MOP


    Epmd,featuring, Redman, K-solo (The Headbanger)

    Mobb Deep- (Quiet Storm)

    • UARK83

      Anything by Lil Jon & the Eastsideboys


    mobb deep – spread luv
    nas/mobb deep – live nigga rap
    brotha lynch hung – rest in piss

    just to name a few

  • q101dtp

    the whole fuck’n get rich or die tryin album

  • jackpot

    I almost forgot. “Heat” off Get Rich Or Die Trying. That’s sick right there.

  • Chuck Vegas

    Maybe I’m not digging deep enough for these two, and I can already feel the criticism coming, but…
    Lil Jon feat. Pastor Troy – Throw it up
    Lil Jon feat. Jadakiss & Styles – Knockin’ heads off

    Moving past the obvious

    Tupac – Hell Razor also, Thug Style
    Twista – Adrenaline Rush
    BTNH feat. Biggie – Notorious Thugs

    • 619

      Pastor Troy- License to Kill
      Pac- Ambitionz as a Ridah
      Twista, Cam’Ron, Physco Drama- Adrenaline

  • doug

    dont violate, beat em to the floor, north, north all by three 6 mafia.

    if these come on in my car, you’d better not cut me off, because its possible for me to catch a case listening to that three 6

  • d

    Any Ice Cube album from ’90 – ’93

  • og bobby j

    PAC- ride on our enemies
    Mobb Deep – Get Away
    DMX – Get at me Dog
    LOX- Wild Out
    DMX- intro off Dark and hell is hot
    TI -You dont know me
    50 -whip ya head boy
    Lil Jon – Bia Bia
    Luda – Move Bitch

  • jojo

    Banned from T.V. – Nore
    Get ‘em Girls – Cam
    Stop being greedy – DMX
    John Blaze – Fat Joe
    Long Kiss Goodnight/Kick in the Door – B.I.G.
    The truth – Beanie Sigel
    Bad Boys – Shyne

  • Tony Grand$

    Serial Killa-Snoop Dogg

    Throw Ya Gunz-Onyx

    100 Miles & Runnin’-NWA

    Natural Born Killaz-Dre & Cube (of course)

    to be continued………

    • Pierzy

      Early 90s Death Row (especially Snoop & Kurupt) makes you wanna wild out…

    • BGZ

      NBK, a classic head nodder!!!
      Snoop Dogg – “Deep Cover”, “Murder Was the Case” and “2 of America’s Most Wanted”; not fight music, but real West Coast “music to driveby” along with obvious choices like “Hit em Up” to Mac Dre and music produced by DJ Muggs; or early Geto Boys, UGK and Three 6.

      In the East Coast, from boom-bap like “Mama Said Knock You Out” and the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”; to “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem”, “Party Up”, “Made You Look”, “Triumph”, “Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)” come to mind and anything from Onyx; or shit the Neptunes did for NORE and The Clipse.
      Also, there’s guilty pleasure, like Dip Set’s “Crunk Muzik”, “Santana’s Town” or “Lean Back” and “Holla, Holla”.

      WTF happened to Just Blaze?
      “Flipside”, “Roc the Mic” or “Pump It Up” were the best of the kind.

  • Rob da Hood

    Onyx – All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets)

  • STeaDY

    Dat must be the eastcoast crunk list lol….nuttin like ol school lil john, pastor troy, basiclly atl an Stl got dat locked….yessir….u can quote dat

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Onyx ft Big Pun: Shut em down

    50 Cent, DMX and Styles P: Shot Down

    CNN: Illigal Life

    Jay-Z ft Juvenile: Snoopy Song

    NWA: Straight Outta Compton

  • EBE725

    Mobb Deep- Shook Ones Pt. II… game over

  • MaxD

    man the whole DMX catalog…rudd ryders anthem, whats my name, stop being greedy, get at me dog, my niggaz…should i keep goin..X music was jack boy music

  • Lonnie

    Snoop Dogg w/ C-murder and Magic- Fuck Them Other Niggaz

    • yoprince

      oh yeaaaa

  • http://xxl king jacob

    1.”tear da club” up-3-6 mafia……….2. “down for my niggas” c-murder….3. “neva scared”..bone crusher…4. vice-a-versa ..pastor troy…5. “who run it?” ….3-6- mafia

  • ya mutha

    knuck if ur buck- crime mob

  • Ron Mexico

    you don’t have a fight music blog without onyx.

    where’s the ice cube?!?! nwa at least.

    mop is the original fight music. you want a jay-z appearance that’ll make you wanna go to war? try “4 alarm blaze”. not only is the posse mashing out, but jay-z’s “what the fuuuuuuuuck” to start his verse tells you all you need to know. sounds like sosa about to send the wolves after tony. i told you a long time ago…

    david banner be havin a nigga ready to bomb the state house.

    pastor troy makes me angry at the sun.

    petey pablo “raise up” ain’t even an angry song, but it makes me wanna become a gang leader.

    that de la/doom track never made me wanna hurt a fly. de la don’t got nothin confrontational. “stakes is high” is de la at their most pissed and it’s still pretty diplomatic.

    you want REAL fight music, listen to dancehall reggae. nobody in the world tough talk like them hungry jamaicans.

    vybz kartel – army empire/sen fi mi army, claat di rifle, my gun… he’s got a million of them.

    elephant man & demarco – see my gun one time

    bounty killer back in the day

    mavado makes badman songs that make me want to sing sweet murders to my favorite a la bone thugs n harmony.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Pastor Troy “In The Trunk (AR-15)”


      • Jesus Martinez

        Don’t forget Pastor Troy’s Saddam Hussein and the intro to Tool Musiq. Plus every joint by Trick Trick

  • Jamal7Mile

    B.I.G. “Gimme Tha Loot”
    Redman “Time 4 Sum Akshun”
    Tha Alkaholiks “Make Room”
    Ice Cube “Wicked” “Tear This Mothafucka Up”
    Public Enemy “Fight the Power”

    …just a few. There’s a few more that gets me outta my chair from X-Clan, Ghostface and 2 Live Crew, but I can’t think of the name of the songs right now.

  • Hello!!!

    Every damn Eminem song:D!!!

  • Worley

    LOX “Fuck You”
    Jadakiss “Air it Out”
    Nas “Represent” – there’s your Preemo track. Matter of fact:

    Group Home “2 Thousand”
    Gang Starr “Speak Ya Clout”
    Crooklyn Dodgers “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers”
    Gang Starr “Just to Get a Rep”
    Nice & Smooth “No Delayin’”

    • Worley

      Redman “Tonight’s Da Night”
      OC “Time’s Up”

      • Worley

        Jay-Z – “Money, Cash, Hoes”
        ATCQ – “Scenario”
        Cadillac Tah – “POV City Anthem”
        2Pac – “Troublesome”
        EPMD – “Manslaughter”
        EPMD – “Rampage”
        Black Moon – “Gotcha Opin (Album Version)”
        Gang Starr – “Suckaz Need Bodyguards”

        Alright, alright. That’s it.

    • $ykotic

      You reek of Brooklyn right now!!!

      Good look. Been blasting your playlist.

      Do or die!

  • Microdots

    Knuck If You Buck – Crime Mob

    Just playin.

    Survival of the fittest – Mobb Deep

    I would fight someone to that.

  • ebsss

    mine are:
    onyx – purse snatchaz
    boss hogg outlawz – heat on my side, ride on 4s
    wu tang – protect ur neck, shame on a nigga
    snoop – murder was the case, midnight love
    sticky fingaz – why
    nwa – hello

    just to name a few

  • Shelliano

    Styles P- What Up,What Up (Nigga you ain’t safe tonight/ You running ya mouth, I run in ya house and scrape ya wife…)
    Mobb Deep- Nighttime Vultures
    50 Cent- Heat, I’l Whip Ya Head Boy
    3-6 Mafia- Tear the Club Up, Weak ASS Bitch…Hell, 90% of thier catalogue
    Tupac- When We Ride on Our Enemies (OG Version)
    Sheik Louch- Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
    Pastor Troy- No Mo Play (This was the ANTHEM IN GA..Seen lots of niggas get knocked out to this song), Vice Versa
    Meek Mill ft AR-AB- Goons Gone Wild

    There are more, but the fight music lifetime achievement award has to go to Three-Six Mafia and their various constiguients…

  • Pierzy

    Onyx – Raze It Up
    Onyx – Shut ‘Em Down
    D12/Em – Fight Music
    Redman – Time 4 Sum Axion
    LOX – Take Everything You Got
    LOX – Fuck You
    LOX – Wild Out
    Mase – Niggaz Wanna Act
    Raekwon – Criminology

    • $ykotic

      Extra P we can party!!!

      LOX-F*ck You
      ONYX-Shut Em Down
      RAEKWON-Glaciers of Ice
      GHOSTFACE-Apollo Kids
      GHOSTFACE_Stroke of Death
      BIG-Niggaz Bleed
      JADA & STYLES-Shots Fired
      REDMAN-Tonight’s the Night
      50-What up Gangsta
      TI & JAYz-Watch What you Say
      MOP-Calm Down
      LENCHMOB-Guerillas in da Midst

      • Pierzy

        I got you, $yk!!

  • Vicious Seiger

    15 Shots:

    1. Jadakiss & Nas – “Show Discipline”

    2. DJ Drama, Jadakiss, Yung Joc, La The Dark Man & Willie The Kid – “Throw Ya Sets Up”
    3. Comp – “Do Sumpthin”

    4. 2pac – “No More Pain”

    5. Fat Joe, MOP & Petey Pablo – “Fight Club”

    6. DJ Kayslay, Mobb Deep & Noyd – “Get Shot The F Up”
    7. The Notorious B.I.G. & Clipse – “Just A Memory”
    8. The Notorious B.I.G. – “Warning”

    9. Kool G Rap, B1 & Grimm – “Take Em to War”

    10. Guilty Simpson, Black Milk & Sean Price – “Run”
    11. Eminem, DMX & Obie Trice – “Go To Sleep”

    12. Lil Jon, Chyna Whyte, Jadakiss & Petey Pablo – “Put Yo Hood Up [Remix]”
    13. LLoyd Banks, 50, Eminem & Nate Dogg – “Warrior Pt.2″
    14. MOP, Jay-Z & Teflon – “4 Alarm Blaze”

    15. Mil & UGK – “Dirty Dirty [Remix]“

  • romil

    Pastor Troy- (No more play in GA)

    Snoop Dogg featuring C-Murder (F dem otha ngz)this one got me alomst thrown out a club!!lol

    Wu Tang-(WTC aint nuthin to F with)

    Ice Cube- ( WIcked)

    Biggie- ( who shot ya )

  • http://xxl ryan

    did yall fools forget about Big L “Lifestylez ov da poor and dangerous” and “Da graveyard” no rapper went harder with amazin ass lyrics
    best lyricist of all time in my book

  • esco702

    1. Mobb Deep: Shook Ones (makes me wanna puch a nigga gums in)
    2. De La Soul: Rock Co. Kane Flow (dont sleep on this joint)
    3. Ghostface: Stroke of Death
    4. 50 Cent: Whip ya head boy
    5. The Lox: Who did you expect (from the backstage album)

  • maCaso

    Ja Rule Ft. Vita & 01 – F*ck You
    Trick Ft. Eminem – Welcome 2 Detroit
    Jay-Z Ft. MOP – You Dont Know Remix
    Run DMC – King of Rock
    Ludacris – Get Back
    Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck
    The Game – 911 Is A Joke
    Tony Yayo Ft. O-Trice & Eminem – Drama Setter
    50 Cent – Play this on the Radio

  • El Tico Loco

    Pastor Troy: Sadaam, No Mo Play in Ga, Murdaman, Tool Muzik,

    Baby D: Eastside vs Westside (remix)

    3-6 Mafia: Who Run it, Tear da Club up

    8 Ball & MJG: Don’t Make me, Don’t want drama

    Crime Mob: Knuck if you Buck

    Ludacris: Track 1 in any of his albums

    TRU: No Limit Soldier (don’t front like it wasn’t hot)

    Jay Z: You don’t know, 1900 Hustler

    Pharoahe Monch: Simon Says

    M.O.P.: How about some hardcore (Timbs & hoodies for this one)

    Dr Dre: Lyrical Gangbangin

    Naughty x Nature: Guard your grill

    Schoolly D: PSK what does it mean (same vibe different era)

    N.W.A.: Dope Man, Fuck the Police

    Geto Boys: Assasins, Here it comes

    Missing something?

    • opm509

      good list it made think of uptown anthem by naughty

  • Moving Sideways

    Six Quick Picks

    1. Three 6 Mafia – Who Run It
    2. The Game – One Blood
    3. Ludacris – Grew Up A Screw Up
    4. Ghostface Killah – Shakey Dog
    5. Cold As Ice – M.O.P.
    6. Where I’m From – Jay-Z

  • zood

    See About Ya – Beezle ft. David banner and Bone Crusher

    Knuck if you buck by crime mob

    Its a fight by 3 6 mafia :)

  • Rae

    Three 6 Mafia- Don’t Violate >>>>>>>>

  • Jesus Martinez

    Everything MOP has ever put out.

  • Jamal7Mile

    LENCHMOB debut album drove me nuts!!!

    Geto Boys “Bring It Oooonn!!”

    and don’t laugh, but…
    LL COOL J “I’m Bad” and “Mama Said Knock You Out”

    • $ykotic

      “Elvis/Buck you with my shotgun…”

      Love that LenchMob homes!

      I’ma pass on Todd though…LOL

  • Prince Caesar

    DMX-Ruff Ryders Anthem
    50 Cent-What Up, Gangsta
    T.I.-You Don’t Know Me
    3-6 Mafia-Who Run It
    L.O.X.-Blood Pressure (Jadakiss solo)

  • 615banga

    knuck if you buck- crime mob
    most three 6 songs
    trap house- gucci mane
    most lil jon songs
    kickin in the door (you scared)-dj paul
    real mothafuckin g’s- eazy e
    visionz- wu tang clan
    take a look at my life- fat joe
    stomp- young buck

  • Prince Caesar

    I forgot…Ja Rule ft.Jay-Z-Kill’em All

  • El Tico Loco

    Oh I remember now

    DMX: Black out, Ruff Ryders Anthem, ATF

    Diplomats: Dipset anthem, Gangsta Music

    Kool G Rap: Death Wish, 2 to the Head ft Scarface, Bushwick, and Ice Cube

    5th Ward Boyz ft Scarface: Studio Gangsta

    Wu Tang Clan: Bring the Ruckus

    Styles P: Soul Clap

    Ya’ll made me start a new playlist.

  • Juju

    Down 4 My Niggaz – C-Murder, Snoop, Mr. Magic

  • EasWforever1

    Lil Jon ft. Ice Cube-Roll Call

  • mc7678

    eminem, dmx, obie. GO TO SLEEP BITCH!

  • Dstarr


    Wu-tang protect ya neck

    lil wayne i’m raw

    lil jon n ice cube

    2pac hit em up

    jay-z n m.o.p you aint know

    d12 fight music

    lil jon n lil scrappy

  • Rich-Porter

    I remember in high school every time a No Limit posse cut would come on You better make sure your hood was behind you or a nigga from the other side would creep on ya ass.

    Young Jeezy Trap or Die, Gangsta Music After Katrina me and boys would ride out to every party busking on the shit. Baton Rouge look like fucking Desert Storm after that Hurricane fights would brake out every where when Jeezy would cut on.

    MOP Ante UP
    Lil Wayne Fuck You
    LOX Fuck You
    Lil Jon almost every song

  • Ja$e

    Shut em down remix – Onyx ft. Big Pun
    Bacdafucup (the whole cd)- Onyx
    Flesh of my flesh blood of my blood, Get at me dog, Stop beig greedy, Fukin wit D – DarkManX(pretty much anything before the first album even that spellbound shit)
    My Crew, 3000 Problems – Lost Boyz
    Fight Musik – D12

  • Curtis75Black

    LL Cool J – Murdergram
    Eric B & Rakim – Know the ledge
    Ice Cube & Dr. Dre – Natrural Born Killers
    Busta Rhymes and Flipmode – Take it Outside
    Naughty By Nature ft. Freddie Foxx – Hot Potato

  • Chris S

    anything with DJ Kahled. i hate his voice so much i want to punch somebody when i hear it

  • heat

    styles P-kill that faggot

  • El Tico Loco

    Purple Ribbon All Stars: Kryptonite(I be on that)

    2Pac: Ambitionz as a Ryder, Still Ballin

    Black Rob: Whoa (duuh)

    Most drops over the “Cannon” beat

    Young Jeezy: Who dat (Shawty Red on the track)

    Remy Ma: Yeah Yeah

    Paris: Brutal

    EPMD: Get the Bozak (think Get at me Dog in 88)

  • 57 Live

    superthug gotta be the goat

  • Hardbody425

    Styles P- Holiday, the very first one not that bs wit WAX B. I getchu kidnnap and haung or throwin off the ROOF!

    The Wu- its yours

    meth- releast your Def

    Mobb deep- Quite storm P’s verson

    Onxy- Shut em down

    CNN- Blood money

  • aquma

    Thug Love by 2Pac and Bone Thugz.

    There’s fucking shotgun cocks and shots for the beat!


  • Penelope Rodriguez

    3-6 – “Tear The Club Up,” “Knock The Black Off Yo Ass”

    DMX – “Who We Be”

    D12 – “40 Oz”

    Kurupt, Lady Of Rage, Snoop & RBX – “Stranded On Death Row” KURUPT WENT HARD! XD

  • justjoe

    Off the top…

    Scarface- Look me in my eyes
    Bone Crusher- Never scared
    Lil Jon- Bia Bia
    DMX- Who we be
    T.I.- I’m talkin’ to you
    Scarface- Burn
    Geto Boys- What?
    The Game- We Ain’t
    Eminem- I Am
    DMX- Keep your shit the hardest

  • PoAssBoriqua

    Nobody (especially those on the East Coast) seems to remember the summer NORE’s “SuperThug” came out?

    • BGZ

      I sure didn’t (if you read back).

      Started by Puffy’s “All About the Benjamins”, the late 90′s were pretty good for synth-driven, brainless, aggressive music, like shit from Cash Money, No Limit (“Ain’t My Fault”, and everything else by Mystikal) and Ruff Ryders.

      Wasn’t “Wild Out” banned in The Tunnel?

      • $ykotic

        You remember that? Nice…

        Anyone remember the name of that LOX/MADE MEN song from Belly? I pride myself of NOT having to google it…

        • $ykotic

          Got it.

          “Tommy’s Theme” LOX f/Made Men

          Dudes Wolverine’d this track(yes even Benzino).

  • Fireforreal

    Onyx-Last Dayz

    Notorious b.i.g gimmie the loot

    Tha dogg pound-Dogg pound gangstaz(that’s the way you start off an album)

    Mobb Deep-Shook ones pt2

    Nas-I gave you power

    2pac-ambitionaz as a ridah

  • MAC 10

    man I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned this one yet, hurt by T.I. that one makes me wanna knock a muthafucka’s head off

    • El Tico Loco

      That’s why what I was tryna remember.


    “Heat” off Get Rich or Die trying was pretty tight….That’s when that nigga 50 was on it..

    “If your smart you’d be shook of me/I’ll get tired of looking for you/spray your mama crib/and make yo ass look for me”

  • DV8

    Im pretty sure my favorite has been listed already by a commenter.

    What about MC Hammer “2 Legit to Quit”? or “Turn This Mutha Out”?

  • Curtis75Black

    Here is the most slept on track for Fighting. I know none of ya’ll would even think about this shit-it just came to 5 mins ago..

    Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – You saw my Blinker (Bitch)

  • h


  • paychexx

    t.i.- asap
    mobb deep- shook ones

    what up gangsta
    let me in
    all 36 mafia songs

  • Were Read 2 Def

    DMX – Tales from the Darkside

    Its off of The Murders first album. Its the grimest song I ever heard. Check it out!

  • Slymm

    Mayne, this list was made for the South.

    David Banner – Might Getcha, Gangsta Walk
    Lil Jon – White Meat, Bitch, Throw It Up, Bia Bia, Put Yo Hood Up
    Pastor Troy – Ain’t No Playing GA, Champion, Vice Versa, This Tha City, Saddam, Attitude Adjuster, Murda Man, Just to Fight
    Jeezy – Trap Or Die, Bang, Bottom of the Map
    C Murder – Down 4 My Niggas
    Three 6 Mafia – Shoot Up The Club, Tear the Club Up, Weak Ass Bitch, Gang Signs, Test My Gangsta, Who Run It?
    Ball & G – Don’t Make Me
    Bonecrusher – Neva Scared

    Some of these songs got banned from being played at the club, EVER.


    mobb deep – survival of the fittest
    MOP – how about some hardcore
    tribe called quest – scenario
    bone thugz – for luv of money
    Onyx – slam & bacdafucup

    • SCRAPZ

      forgot to add:

      DMX – where da hood at
      Lil scrappy – head bussa
      lil jon & the eastside boys – what they gon do
      Trillville ft. lil scrappy – neva eva

      • SCRAPZ

        1 more:

        no limit soldiers – make em say urgh

  • corlione39


  • The Real Apollo

    3-6 mafia–Moshpit, let’s start a riot

    D12– 40 oz, fight music

    Dogg pound– Dogg pound 4 life

    Eminem– Go to sleep

    lil jon ft trick daddy— let’s go

    Wu tang– Shaolin style

    Biggie–Ready to die

    some of that nipsy hussel,snoop, The LOX,Dr dre, Ice cube. anything east coast.

  • The Real Apollo

    how could i forget, DMX, 2pac,some LL cool J etc…

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    -Lil Jon Ft. Ice Cube: Real Nigga Roll Call
    -Ice Cube: No Vaseline
    -Ice Cube: Wicked
    -Ice Cube: AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
    -Ice Cube: Nigga Ya Love To Hate
    -Ice Cube: Wrong Nigga To Fuck With
    -Ice Cube Ft. MC Ren & Dr. Dre: Hello
    -Ice T: Cop Killer
    -NWA: Fuck The Police
    -NWA: Gangsta Gangsta
    -2Pac: Hit Em Up
    -DMX: Where Da Hood At
    -DMX: Ruff Ryger’s Anthem
    -Busta Rhymes: Break Ya Neck
    -Cypress Hill: How I can Just Kill A Man

    I think thats enough

  • total

    Fuck Them Other Niggaz is the best fight song every they cant play that at any hood functions a fight well start






  • Spinner_H_Town

    Okay, i’m from H….We ridin’ slow, sippin syzzurp and all that….And i luv that. But i luv headbangers 2…… My fav is Lil’Jon ft. Mystikal and Krayzie Bone – I Don’t Give A Fuck….That’s crazy shit. MOP – Ante Up, DMX – Where Da Hood At………

  • ChRi$

    COMP – Do Sumptin

  • RiZob

    damn, thats a weak ass five, you must be gentle ass nigga if, U Don’t Know by Jay-Z gets u riled up…..

    Ludacris~~~~We Got (dem guns)

    Ja Rule~~~~Murder 4 Life

    Lil Wayne~~~~I’m Me

    Three 6 Mafia~~~Tear Da Club Up (this song got banned from ALL clubs remember…)

    Pastor Troy~~~Vice Versa

    anything produced by Dj Paul & Juicy J….

    i got a ton more but those popped up first….

    • $ykotic

      “U Don’t Know” RMX Jay Z f/MOP

      yes sir!

  • Mo Nages

    Onyx – Shifty (or anything by them)
    LL Cool J – Shut em down/Mama said knock you out
    Ruff Ryders – World War 3
    Anything by Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz (What you gon do is dangerous tho)
    Bone Crusher – Never Scared
    Cutty Ranks – Limb by Limb (had to throw some reggae in there too

  • sp

    for a straight up fite id need ‘Go Hard’ by Kanye or ‘Hit em Up’ by Lil Wayne as my walk on muzic, ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boyz or ‘Where Da Hood’ At by DMX while I kill the fucker, then ‘The Champ’ by Ghostface when I walk away with all the bitches

  • fernando

    Yo!!!! Your all namming off all my favorit songs!!!! I love it. Im not alone in loving this stuff. Notice there isnt anything recent on these list? Todays muzik dosent hold up to the classics. You can put anything from 36 chambers on here plus

    -Nas: Hate me now,(that intro is crazy)
    -DMX: Intro, RR anthem, Where my dogs at
    -Onxy: Nigga bridges
    -Jay-Z&MOP: U dont know remix
    -MOP: Ante up
    -NWA: striaght outta Compton
    -Public enemy: public enemy#1
    I know theres alot more but the all time #1 fight muzik song is BROOKLYN ZOO!!!
    R.I.P. ODB!!!

  • Jigga Man


  • chillin mayne

    lol@dj khaled cuz u hate his voice jajajajaj…but yea…


    dis one gone b weird to yall
    2)i love the dough-biggie ft. jay-z…
    sumtin bout it mayne…just…..
    wen dat intro drop, “pass the chronic nigga, u talkin all dat bullshit….300?? 300?? ahooo yeaaaa…UGHHHHHHHHHHHH BROOKLYN STYLE BABY…BROOKLYN STLYE.. and den da beat drop…woooooooooooooo….dat shit b gettin me crunk…
    im poppin magnums while jigga bag sum’n, watches platnum, got jet lag from, flights back and forth, pop corks on da best grapes, make da best cds and da best tapes, dont 4get the vinyl, take girls, break spinals….i be gettin buckwild to dat shit…

    3)the last verse on mo money mo problems… wen biggie come in son…dat shit is CRUNK …B.I.G, P.O, P P A…..

  • Boop

    The Clipse- Lord Willin’ Intro….”it starts off playas we ain’t the same I’m into cain and guns”
    The whole first half of Ready to Die
    The Dynasty Intro- Jay-Z
    Why We Die- Busta Rhymes feat. Jay-Z & DMX

  • EmCDL

    Dangerous Posse – Three 6 Mafia
    LOX- Wild Out

    nuff said

  • Phil-Da-Beast

    Don’t Approach Me-Xzibit and Eminem
    Bladow!-Busta Rhymes
    Twinz-Big Pun and Fat Joe
    Einstein-Tech N9ne
    Anything by Killer Mike

  • Zulu1925

    These are songs I’ve ACTUALLY SEEN start fights:

    Down 4 My Niggas – C-Murder, Magic & Snoop
    Never Scared – Bonecrusher
    We Don’t Give a Fuck – The Murderers
    Who Dat – J.T. Money
    K.O. – David Banner
    Bia, Bia – Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz
    Tear The Club Up – Three 6 Mafia
    Don’t Play With Me – Dem Franchise Boyz
    Party Up – D.M.X.
    Watch Yo Ass – Dayton Family
    Where You From? – Skull Duggery
    Spit Your Game – B.I.G. f/ Twista & Bone Thugs
    I’m Talkin’ To You – T.I.
    Down Bottom – Drag-On & Juvenile
    Knuck If You Buck – Crime Mob

  • DownSouth

    Tear Da Club Up Thugs – CrazyNDaLastDayz
    Lil Jon beats
    Klc beats – I’M A NO LIMIT SOLDIER!!!


  • Outlawz127

    Jay z, mop – you dont know
    DMX – whats my name
    cassidy and Game- aim for the head
    Eminem – criminal
    xzibit eminem – dont approach me

  • giantstepp

    “petey pablo “raise up” ain’t even an angry song, but it makes me wanna become a gang leader.” LMAO, Mex you a DAMN FOOL!

    Man, to many to name but but off the top I gotta go with Pastor Troy- Vicesa Versa, that shit AMPS me WAY the fuck up! NWA-Gangsta Gangsta, classic hardcore, at the time, nobody came harder!Ron Mex, shit makes me wanna join a gang too bruh and Im pushing the big 4-0! 2Pac-Violent, GREAT fuckin story about riding on the cops. A dude actually caught a case in Texas over this song, was put on deathrow, and has since been excuted. True story…

  • Bay Area

    Doomsday Productions – Stomp Yo Head

    Hardest Hype Song Out!!

    Youtube it… yall scrubs aint heard this!

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Seriously… this::

    Tempa T – Next Hype

    “CLEAR! all your CD rack, won’t get none of your CD’s back
    Drag off your curtain rail from the wall kick off your HDTV from the stand”

    “rup up the stairs in to rooms
    flip up the mattress and search for the cash
    make man look down the barrel of a mash”


    Do i need any more examples?

    “Pull out the lengs everwhere, dun know we got the shotgun there!”

    fucking send a man crazy

  • DJ Postman

    D12 “40oz.”
    MOP “Ante Up (Remix)”
    Joe Budden “Dumb Out”

  • theincredible

    eminem obie trice dmx – GO TO SLEEP

  • DJ lethal

    Limp Bizkit – Rollin RMX feat dmx method man, redman

    Outkast – BOB

  • Silly Willy

    Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ – WuTang
    Here I Come – The Roots
    Get Back – Ludacris
    U Don’t Know (Remix) – Jay-Z ft M.O.P.
    Gimme The Loot – BIG
    Walk Around – Ghostface…..I don’t know, like a sense of emergency in it….Ghost spazzin’ out…
    Wrong Ones – Big Pun
    Tonight – BIG ft Mobb Deep

  • oskamadison

    Nas-Thief’s Theme, (don’t forget Made You Look)
    Ghostface-Buck 50, Be Easy, 9 Milli Bros.
    Cypress Hill-How I could Just Kill A Man
    Scarface-Mr. Scarface
    NWA-Straight Outta Compton
    Bumpy Knuckles-Pick a joint, any joint
    A couple of OG joints:PE-Rebel Without a Pause, Welcome to the Terrordome, Buck Whylin’
    Rakim-New York
    Black Moon-I Got Cha Opin (The original)
    Finally…You had Brooklyn Zoo but you forgot the hardest joint on Dirty’s first album-Rawhide


    Rock Co. Kane Flow is my joint
    also i got to add what i think is the best song to make people go crazy
    other songs
    pastor troy- that like sadam joint it’s crazy
    bonecrusher- never scared shit can get make things get ugly.

  • jester

    i wud go saw/hostel on a motherfucker wen listenin 2…

    dmx – comin for ya
    xzibit – lax
    eminem ft nate dogg – til i collapse
    ice cube – why we thugs
    nas ft diddy – hate me now

  • matt

    go 2 sleep – eminem, dmx, obie trice
    we all die one day – obie trice, lloyd banks, eminem, 50 cent
    time’s up – jadakiss feat. nate dogg
    don’t push me – 50 cent, lloyd banks, eminem
    what u gon do – lil jon and the eastside boyz

  • miles archer

    A gang a shit I was thinking off already got mentioned:

    Nas – Represent (that might be my favorite Nas song, period)

    Onyx – Shut ‘Em Down ft.DMX (fuck cocaine killa, I sniff gun powder)

    Mobb Deep – Give Up The Goods(Big Noyd stole the show with that verse)

    Jay-Z -Jigga My Nigga (right before them drums drop… Jay:”Lights out niggas”…)

    Fat Joe – My Lifestyle remix ft. Jadakiss
    (…”and I’m just so cool/I prolly could snatch Chilli from Usher in a club in Atlanta with no jewels…”)

    Ghostface ft. Jadakiss – Run (prolly the best RZA beat of the last 7 years)

    M.O.P. – Whip Ya Head Boy (remix) (…”The first nigga that scream G-Unot to me/I’ma stomp ya ass out wit the Gortex beef & broccolli’s…”)

    Trick Daddy – Shut Up (“…are those Bugle Boy jeans you’re wearing?/hell no hoe, you know they Polo…” Classic.)

    Memphis Bleek ft. Jay-Z & Twista – Is That Your Bitch (That beat is ridiculous and Jay simply blacked the fuck out on it)

    Black Rob – Whoa
    Gangstarr ft. M.O.P. – 1/2 & 1/2
    Eric B & Rakim – Know The Ledge
    Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain
    Birdman ft. Clipse – What Happened To That Boy
    Craig Mack – Flava in ya ear (Remix)
    miles archer

    • $ykotic

      You got some bonafide heat on here…

    • Rich-Porter

      Jay fucked over Charlie Baltimore and Nas baby mama on is that your bitch.

  • escobar9300

    Ah good blog, mine would have to be

    Ice Cube/NWA – Hello/Chin Check

    2pac – Hit em Up

    Nas – The Message

    Biggie – Kick in the door

    TI – I’m a king

  • HybridTh30ry

    Violence, Murda Murda – Juelz Santana
    Rockstar- Chamillionaire ft. Lil’ Wayne
    What’s My Name, X Gonna Give It to Ya- DMX

  • Lukeman

    Mobb Deep ” the start of your ending ( 41st side)” or “take it in blood”. Dmx “where my dogs at”. Thats a soundtrack to anti social behaviour lol…

    1) when prodigy says ” ITS THE START OF YA MOTHEFUCKIN ENDING” , thats some of the coolest shit ever.

    2) Dmx ” nigga’s hate me wanna duct tape me and rape me”. Who the fuck does he have beef with? LMAO.

  • durtstar313

    1. ice cube – jackin for beats
    2. public enemy – fight the power
    3. method man – bring the pain
    4. red & meth. – da rockwilder
    5. boss – deeper
    6. redman – time 4 sum akshun
    7. jaylib – mcnasty filth
    8. public enemy – shut’em down
    9. blackmoon – how many emcees
    10. j dilla – wild

  • chrswllce4ever

    GIMME THE LOOT- biggie
    PUT YO HOOD UP-lil jon
    I CANT WAIT-odb

  • Monotone

    Not much mention of Pun on here. With his rapidfire flow and a hype beat, he’ll make anybody wanna step in the ring. See:

    Big Pun ft. M.O.P. – NY Giants
    Big Pun – Leatherface

  • micman

    Pharoahe Monch Feat. M.O.P. Show No Mercy
    Produced by The Alchemist.
    If you don’t know go download it. Will make you punch a baby.

    • Tony Grand$

      “Will make you punch a baby” – micman

      Quote of the day

  • micman

    Also Onyx- Last Dayz

  • epinz

    De la soul-ooodles of o’s
    Reakwon- knowledge god
    Gza-duel of the iron mike
    Project pat-out there
    the tribe-excursions

  • WestPhilly

    Wu-Tang–Protect Ya Neck
    Ghostface Killah–Run
    M.O.P–Cold as Ice
    Dr. Dre–The Day The Niggaz Took Over
    N.W.A– Alwayz into Somethin
    Nas– N.Y. State Of Mind

    Wu Tang–7th Chamber
    DMX–Niggaz Done Started Somethin
    The Roots–In The Music
    Snoop–All My Niggaz and Bitches
    Young Jeezy–J.E.Z.Z.Y
    Young Jeezy–Hypnotize
    Young Jeezy–U Know what it is
    G-Unit–I’m Leavin
    Method Man- What the Blood Clot
    Method Man–Meth Vs. Chef
    Redman–Smash Sumthin

  • The Zimbabwean Connection

    Mix nignorance, liquor + any Lil Jon, Eastside Boyz, Lil Scrappy joint and you got the perfect combination for a fight/thuggery.

    Examples include Throw It Up, Head Bussa and the favoured goon classic – “What You Gonna Do”; nothin can/will defuse a tense situation like soo when/if the stars align like such.

    Heavy bass + repeated chants replicates the build-up atmosphere for someone about to be KO’d! …. It just don’t get any realer than that

  • latino heat

    the comment above said pretty much everything i was about to say. except he forgot Knuck If You Buck, by Crime Mob.

  • latino heat

    i forgot another good one. like 10 years ago when Superthug was hot, i was at this whole in the wall club and that shit came on and this dude started pushing all the females around him. it was fuckin hilarious.

  • Lou the Foo


  • Pak Dan



  • lil chuck

    but the best one of all time – the choice is yours / black sheep. who can disagree with that. unless you were born after 91′

  • crisis


  • K $CRILL

    Y’all sleepin. Naughty’s – Uptown Anthem, Styles and Beans – u ain’t ready, Damn near the whole LOX discography!!!!!

  • jester

    i wud get nasty on…

    jayz – bitches & sisters
    game – put you on the game
    ludacris – move bitch
    snoop dogg ft 50 cent – oh no
    joe budden – dont make me

  • dutchbro69

    Can’t believe that no one mentioned

    Brand Nubians – Punks that jump and get beatdown – back in my days a real firestarter.

  • BayAreaGetsPaper

    Doomsday Productions – Stomp Yo Head
    “i guarantee that you gone fall with ease, when that ass hit the ground we gonna swarm like bees, it aint nothing like a good ass stomp creep, make it sound like a proper ass drum beat… IM BOUT TO BREAK BOTH MY LEGS, STOMPIN YOUR MOTHAF*CKIN HEAD!”

    youll stomp the next person actin funny out after this one fore sure… youtube it if you aint know

  • ChopperCity239

    How could anyone forget the #1 start a fight song in the club of all-time

    1. Mystikal- Here I Go
    2. Down 4 My Niggaz – C-Murder, Snoop, Mr. Magic
    3. Ludacris feat. Mystikal- Move Bitch
    4. Plies- Chopper Zone
    5. Crime Mob- Get on my level
    6. Lil Scrappy- You don’t want no Problems
    7. Lil Jon- Bia Bia
    8. Lil Jon- Who ya wit
    9. Three Six Mafia- Tear da club up
    10. Pastor Troy- We ready

    • Zulu1925

      @ ChopperCity239

      “Get On My Level” is by Trillville, but you and I are on the same page – songs that ACTUALLY start fights, not just have tough talking lyrics.

      These are songs I’ve ACTUALLY SEEN start fights:

      Down 4 My Niggas – C-Murder, Magic & Snoop
      Never Scared – Bonecrusher
      We Don’t Give a Fuck – The Murderers
      Who Dat – J.T. Money
      K.O. – David Banner
      Bia, Bia – Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz
      Tear The Club Up – Three 6 Mafia
      Don’t Play With Me – Dem Franchise Boyz
      Party Up – D.M.X.
      Watch Yo Ass – Dayton Family
      Where You From? – Skull Duggery
      Spit Your Game – B.I.G. f/ Twista & Bone Thugs
      I’m Talkin’ To You – T.I.
      Down Bottom – Drag-On & Juvenile
      Knuck If You Buck – Crime Mob

  • Ali

    TI – I’m Talkin’ To You

    Busta – Get You Some

    Cassidy – 6 Minutes

    too many to keep going

  • abdulnasir

    d12′s “fight music” comes to mind, especially the chorus and em’s verse.

  • Don’tBelieveTheHype

    “Hold the Floor” –Camu Tao
    “Boom Bye Yeah” –Sean Price
    “Hip Hop” –Dead Prez
    “Don’t Make” –8Ball & MJG

  • wade

    He is a cool man. we all love him. there are so many fans of him. and they set up the groups related to stars. you can even check out his sexy and beautiful photos, videos and blogs on

  • enzo

    three six mafia-body parts part 1

  • L Boogs

    Yo i swear if the Lox’s Wild Out isn’t the most hardest song i’ve ever heard i don’t know what is. that shit makes me wanna punch a nigga in the face for no reason lol

    Dipset Anthem- in the whip this shit make u drive real wreckless. guarennteed to get pulled over.

    Joe budden’s dumb out- wow, u’ll have a hoarse voice after knocking this in the whip

    Nore- banned from TV- beat is too hard not to rock to it

  • L Boogs

    Forgot Jigga MY Nigga- swizzy laced Hov with that beat and Jay definitely went off

  • Apollo Moses

    Pastor Troy Stop Trying, Above the Law, I’m Made!

    Ghetto Mafia “Pu**y A&& Ni##a”

    Triple Six Mafia “Tear Da Club Up” “Who Want It”

    Lil Jon “Throw it up”

    M.O.P “Ante Up remix”

    50 Cent “187″

    Right now setting it on fiya! *Alert* Mista Taylor “Shoot that Fk Up” might get you jabbed in S.C. night clubs.

  • Inglewood Fam

    Fuck all that. 3 songs right now if they came on i would start Blood bouncing, Top Back Remix,One Blood remix, and Put You On The Game. These will str8 get the Red flag swingin.

  • Ya Boy

    DMX Ft. Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas – Here Comes The Boom
    “Chump Nigga, I’ll Stomp A Mudhole In Ya Face, Muthafucka, Rip Ur Butthole Outta Place Cock Da Glok 2 Ur Head, Let Off About 2 Of Em, Yeah Its A Dirty Job But I Just love duin it”

  • Blaknificent

    Three Six mafia owns this list!!!!
    (The old stuff at least)

  • Federal Ranga

    Snoop Dogg w/ C-murder and Magic: Fuck Them Other Niggaz
    Eminem, Obie & DMX: Go To Sleep
    Lupe Fiasco: Tilted
    Eminem: Til I Collapse
    G-Unit: Footprints
    Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz: Stop Fuckin With Me (Dawg… that shit make you wanna hit everybody)
    50 Cent: Gunz Come Out (Ok, thats more murder than fight)

    Wow, I can’t forget
    Method Man & Busta Rhymes: What’s Happenin
    Master P & No Limit: Make Em Say Ugh!!! (and what)