"The thief's theme, play me at night they won't act right." -Nas "The World Is Yours," Illmatic.

I'm a lyrical extremist when it comes to rap. I just love when MCs go off just for the sake of rhyming and say slick stuff. That's what I look for as a fan. If you aren't lyrical, you better compensate with some dope concepts, flows, a distinctive voice, something.

But as much as I love lyrics and cadences, nothing gets me going like a dope beat, especially a hard-hitting one. I'm talking about them tracks that will make you wanna punch somebody in the face for no reason, them tracks that bump so much it's impossible to stand still.

I'm not the confrontational type. I'd rather talk to girls then mean mug some dude when I'm out. But if I ever get into a heated argument, there are a few tracks that would undoubtedly make me throw the first punch. Here are a few. PS: Don't try this at home, the streets, the clubs, just don't try it.

M.O.P. "Ante Up": I never graduated to stick up kid status. When it comes to theft, my career never went past minor shoplifting, a coke bottle here, some upper deck cards there. But this D.R. Period track complete with Lil Fame and Billy Danze's aggressive deliveries really makes me wanna act out the lyrics.

ODB "Brooklyn Zoo": DO NOT play this song in any type of function if I'm present. I might lose it. I may just start poking dudes with BIC pens or something. Actually, the same can be said for a good portion of Wu-Tang's catalog.

De La Soul ft. MF Doom "Rock Co. Kane Flow": Don't sleep on De La. Word is dudes used to beat people up on tour. Jake One must have had that in mind when he cooked up the track.

Nas "Thief's Theme": See "Ante Up." This is straight up ski mask music.

Jay-Z "You Don't Know": Just Blaze is always good for a head nodder. This is arguably my favorite track off Blueprint.

Ok, so I got five, what do you guys got. I just noticed that I didn't even include a Premo beat. Shame on me. Anyhow, take it away. What tracks will make you wanna connect everytime the snare hits?