Are We Rapper Racist?!?

When we start to talk about Hip-hop classics the topic usually centers on albums like Illmatic, The Chronic, Doggystyle, Ready to Die and Reasonable Doubt – although I’d throw The Great Adventures of Slick Rick and Me Against the World into the mix too. We can argue about the particulars, but when classics are discussed very rarely are Southern albums brought up. Is that because the South simply doesn’t have any hip-hop classics or are we just rapper racist?

I’d argue that the South has quite a few classic albums. When I first heard OutKast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik in 1994 I was blown away. That first ‘Kast album opened my mind up to a whole new world in a way that Illmatic or Ready To Die could never. Sonically, the mid-tempo bass heavy grooves penetrated your soul in ways that East Coast rap hadn’t. Lyrically both Dre and Big Boi were as capable as anyone. And it wasn’t just the singles either, while “Player’s Ball” and “Southernplayalistic…” were indeed the shit “Git Up, Git Out” and “Crumblin’ Erb” were just as potent.

UGK wasn’t no slouches either. When Bun B and Pimp C dropped their 1996 classic Ridin’ Dirty, they changed the game. Unfortunately it wasn’t until Jay-Z scooped up the duo for “Big Pimpin’” that they began to receive their just due. Scarface’s The Diary and The Fix album can be considered classics right? How about Juvenile’s 400 Degreez? Surely Goodie Mob’s Soul Food is up there.

What about Young Jeezy’s Let’s Get It album? I can listen to that from beginning to end and then start over. What about T.I.’s Trap Muzik? Rather than just talk about slingin’ dope, Tip painted the picture of a trap star with remorse and songs like the Kanye West-produced “Doin My Job,” the original “T.I. Vs T.I.P.” and the inspirational “Be Better Than Me” balanced perfectly with over the top anthems like “24’s” and “Rubber Band Man.”

Not just Southern classics, to me these albums are certified hip-hop classics just like Illmatic and Doggystyle. Is hip-hop ready to admit that the South puts it down for real? Have at it haters. – Rob the Music Ed

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  • Trouble

    Juvenile-400 Degreez
    Three-6-Mafia-Ch.2 World Domination

    • Tha Truth



    • UARK83

      Everything up to Love Below/Speakerboxx (big fan of that album) is certified classics for Outkast.

      Yeah Three-6 had a bunch of classics along with Project Pat.

      Does Dead Prez count as the South?

      There was a local kid in Dallas, Mr. Pookie who put out a banger in 1999 (The Rippla)

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        I don’t think Ded Prez are from the South.

        And off top ATLienz and the Love Below are 5 mic albumz.

        That Last UGK Double album b4 Pimp passed wuz bangin’ like a Hoova. I remember me and the homiez took a trip to ATX and bought that cd on the way bac to H-Town. We played both cd’z front to bac all the way bac to the H, blowin’ kiLLa, and goin’ bananaz ovah the quality of the disks. I’LL nevah 4get that shyt, classic.

        • NAWLEDGE

          Dead Prez are from Florida. Thats the south people.

          400 Degreez is a certified classic. Hot Boyz had a lot of good shit back then. Gorilla Warfare is another certified classic.

          I know some of ya’ll niggas may disagree, but by Trick is also a classic. That shit was bangin. Boook Of Thugs Ch. AK Verse 47 was also tight work. Thugs R Us is his best album though.

          Dont forget The Clipse. Lord Willing and Hell Hath No Fury. CERTIFIED.

          B.G’s Chopper City!! That HAS to be a classic!!

          Scarface had The Fix, The World Is Yours. Those are mos def classics.

          I cant remember anything else, but the south DEF had plenty classics. I’m glad someone finally put this blog up.

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Someone below us said one of em’ from Florida, the other from Crown Heightz, that sound bout ryte.

    • Ron Mexico

      amen on 400 degreez

      • 619

        ATLiens was the best.

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        The N.O. had quite a few

        400 Degreez (Woo!, Ric Flair styLe)
        Mac – Shell Shocked
        Fiend – There’z one in every family
        Mystical – Unpredictable
        Even Baby & Weezy’z Like Father, Like Son album wuz jammin’ like a muhfuccer.

  • Trouble

    Juve-400 Degreez
    3-6 Mafia-Ch.2 World Domination
    Master P-Ghetto Dope
    Pastor Troy-We Ready, I Declare War

    Theres alot but there mainly gangster/hardcore type shit.

  • N DOT C

    Ludacris ‘Back For The First Time’
    Funny cuz yesterday when I was in Best Buy I was wondering if Young Jeezy ‘Lets Get It’ would be considered a classic. I think it should be a bit closer to a 8 – 10 year mark before we think any album is a classic. Yes even in the ‘What have you done for me lately’ Hip Hop climate.

    N DOT C

    Available Now
    For Sale @ iTunes, Amazon, and Shock Hound & MySpace


    i definately think that the south gets credit for it’s classics…at least in detroit they do! i think people dislike a lot of the bubble gum, dumb shit that comes out of the south these days, but no one disrepects the real southern ogs! hell, pac’s favorite rapper was scarface, same with beenie siegal. here are a few of the southern albums that i consider classics:

    - ugk “ridin dirty”
    - ball and g “on top of the world” and “space age forever”
    - outkast “atleans” and “stankonia”
    - trick daddy “” and “thug holiday”
    - scarface “the world is yours” and “the fix”
    - ti “da king”
    - jeezy “thug motivation”
    - bg “chopper city in the ghetto”
    - juvie “400 degreez”
    - big tymers “big money heavyweights” + “how you luv that vol. 2″
    - master p “ghetto d” and “the ice cream man”
    - big mike – “something serious”

    I think that people discredit west coast classics more than they do southern classics. of coarse snoop and nwa get love…but what about:

    too short “get in where you fit in”
    -e-40 “in a major way” + “charlie hustle”
    -spice one “spice one”+”amerikkkas nightmare”+”187 he wrote”
    -c-bo “tales from the crypt”+”till my casket drops”
    -ice cube “death certificate” + “amerikkas most wanted”
    -above the law “living like hustlas”


    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up DETROIT?

      You ever shop for tapes at Buy-Rite on 7 Mile, close to Livernois? They saved my life back in the day!! First, they didn’t care if they were selling “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” to a 15yr ol Jamal when it came out. Second, it was the only place I could think of to get Willie D’s “Controversy” when I was even younger than that!!

      The two aboved-mentioned were so classic I can still recite lyrics off of both. Bald Headed Hoes still gets talked about today. No way was I sleeping on the South, or ANY region, for that matter. If it’s good, it’s good.

      • jburg

        Yo I know I have said it before but no one is mentioning my boy Bubba Sparxxx. Deliverance was highly slept on but a classic!!!

        • benjamin bixby III


        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Yea Sparxxx sold out his fan base somethin’ serious. I remember he wuz the only other white boy, besidez Em, that we wuz vouchin’ for in the H(Screwston, Tejas).

          And Luda has a gang of bonafide classics. His last album wuz OFF THE MUHFUCCIN’ CHAIN, on eyrethang i luv. Red Light District, and Word of Mouth wuz the shyt too.

          I haven’t scrolled all the way down yet, but i bet ya’LL niggaz ain’t up on the group that hasn’t dropped nuttin’ but classics, three to date. Field Mob, the absolutely most underrated group in Hip-Hop history. I don’t give a damn whut nobody say, their albumz are some of the most versatile material you’LL come across in muzik, fuc wit’ it.

    • 313Dawg

      Sho Nuff!!

    • opm509

      great great list playboy,but if I was to do it I’d have to change stankonia to southernplayalistic and add tru’s doubledisc along with c-murders first album (the one with him half human half skeleton on the throne) and maybe brotha lynchs season of the sicc but that jus might be cuz when i was a teen even if you only had one tape (yeah as in cassette tape)that was what you had here i spokane

  • Ketchums

    Great blog, I agree wholeheartedly

  • epinz

    Little brother minstreal show, and clipses hell hath no fury!

    • 313Dawg

      How could I 4get the magnificent..Minstrel Show!!! Good Lookin!!

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Yea, the Minstrel show bang from front to bac. But sometimez it seems like them dudez, minus 9th, are ashamed to be from the South. I ain’t here not nann South shout out thru the whole damn disk. We need that shyt, cuz the South get shitted on so hard, and niggaz forget Little Brother from the Dirty. As well as the Neptunes, Clipse, Champain Era (yea, i gave u a shout out homie), Timbo, Missy Etc.

  • Chris Cash

    Yeah, Im from the South and its hard to get respect from east coast cats but everybody i know from the west always give props.

    Comin out Hard- 8ball & MJG
    Watermelon,Chicken & Grits- Nappy Roots
    Aquemini- Outkast
    The Minstrel Show- Little Brother

  • Leon Spinks

    Man OutKast had many classics,
    3-6 Mafia(maybe The End or World Domination 2)
    Master P(Ghetto Dope was a classic)
    Scarface(The Diary and The Fix)
    TI(Trap MUzik)
    Juvenile(400 Degrees(Dope)
    Hotboys(1 album)
    UGK(Riding Dirty)

    I might have missed some, but these should be considered. In the South, we probably look a a classic album a little differently. Like Master P album Ghetto Dope had a impact along with Juveniles when you think of getting NO Limit and Hot Boys exposure. 3-6 started the crunk music thing and TI-brought us into the Trap World..I could go on and on.

  • enzo

    8ball MJG-On Top of The World, Comin out Hard, In Our Lifetime Vol.1
    Three Six Mafia-Chap. 2 World Domination, When The Smoke Clears, Teardaclubupthugs, Prophet Posse,
    UGK-Ridin Dirty
    Goodie Mobb-Soul Food
    Outkast-Aquemini, Atliens, Southerplayastic,
    Juvenile-400 Degreez
    BG-Its All on You vol.1 & 2
    Master P-Ghetto D
    Youngbleed-On my Own, My Balls and My Word

    A bunch of others fuck sitting here naming all of them.

  • K.I. the Great

    Its about time somebody posted this topic. The south has never had its props in the rap game there are people outside of the south who do but as a majority the south gets hated on. . . I just have 3 letters. UGK they are the shit from too hard to swallow to Underground Kingz every album they had is a classic and they have been bitten by the King of New York Jay Z. i know people in rab borrow slang and maybe even maybe a half a bar but jay took it to another level he stole 2 bars on 99 problems

  • slim

    detroit u hit the nail in the coffin with that list

  • K.I. the Great

    Its about time somebody posted this topic. The south has never had its props in the rap game there are people outside of the south who do but as a majority the south gets hated on. . . I just have 3 letters. UGK they are the shit from too hard to swallow to Underground Kingz. other notable classics y





    • Stevie B

      K.I. you right Ray Cash Cash On Delivery is a classic he is slept on more then anybody. I dont know why he does not have a second album. Im from Brooklyn and when I used to work in Harlem I would listen to that everyday goin uptown.

  • slim

    geto boys-til death do us part
    every scarface cd releases
    little brother-the listening and minstrel show
    ugk-ridin dirty
    bg-chopper city

  • Timbo (Texas)

    Thanks for this blog being from Texas i think the south Never gets enough credit

    400 Degreez-Juve My favorite rap album ever. every song jammed.

    Next blog should be Southern producers, they dont get credit either.

    Dj Premier – HOUSTON,TX

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Mannnnnn Mannie Fresh is a BEAST!

      • UARK83

        Word…there would be no Cash Money without him

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      DJ Premier
      Mannie Fresh
      9th Wonder
      3-6 Mafia (they beatz iz ridiculous)
      Beatz by the Pound and KLC (w/o them No Limit wouldn’t have been the powerhouse it wuz)
      David Banner (Woo! Ric Flair StyLe)
      Timbo (arguably the G.O.A.T. producer of the South)

      Oh yea, i almost 4got my nigga Cee-Lo dropped some classics too. But duke iz in my top ten greatest emceez/lyricists of all time, fuc wit’ it.

  • Pierzy

    C’mon…every REAL hip-hop fan admits that Outkast’s debut is a classic and certainly that Scarface is a certified legend. Between Geto Boys and his solo work (like Diary and Fix), his resume is incredible. Hasn’t every one of his albums gone plat? Can you do that without selling all over?

    And how come no one mentions Cuban Linx with the other “classic” debuts?

    • Silky Johnson

      Good call Pierzy, I think OB4CL is overlooked because it wasn’t something NEW and ORIGINAL, there was no album that ever sounded like The Chronic or Illmatic…OB4CL was just Raekwon taking that Mafioso style that Biggie and Nas touched on and fleshing it out to a whole album.
      OB4CL + Life After Death are still the 2 best mafioso rap albums.

      Oh and Aquemini might be one of my favorite albums of all time…and Hip-Hop need some new OutKast material.

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        I’m a serious Raekwon fan, but Ghostface iz the nigga who albumz get overlooked. His last few albumz touched my heart man. That dude iz a bonafide genious in muzik, and yea i’m from Screwston, Texas mayne, we know triLL muzik down here when we hear it, cuzzo. Well, at least the triLL niggaz do, i can’t speak 4 the squarez.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Shit, all my niggaz know me for being an avid Outkast fan–I sponsor all the work they did before Stankonia:

    Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik is a classic.
    ATLiens is a classic.
    Aquemini is a fucking classic.
    Goodie Mob’s Soul Food is another classic lest you forget.

    Young Jeezy? Fuck nah.
    T.I.? Trap Muzik was good, I’ll give him that…if he can hold it down for a minute longer, it’ll be a classic, too.

    I don’t know about UGK and no way in hell am I going to listen through all of Ludicris’ albums, but he makes good singles…for what they’re worth. And yeah, I’ll put any of the above albums against anything from that era.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • El Tico Loco

      I used to say the same about Ludacris but startin with Back for the first Time (Incognegro) Track 1 out of any of his albums he kills it to the point you look forward to the next album to see how he gonna rip the next track 1.

    • Stevie B

      Herbz you smokin dope Jeezys first album not a classic? Even if you dont like him Thug Motivation 101 is a classic off impact alone!

    • Silky Johnson

      Am I the only one who thinks Theater of the Mind by Ludacris should be classic status…that album went hard as hell. Undisputed + MVP were crazy.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      And the Love Below wuzn’t a classic? smh

      I like Jeezy, but he has yet to drop a classic. Duke material ain’t versatile enuff to be considered classic. In order to be a classic i have to be able to jam ur albumm indefinitely w/o gettin’ bored, yadig. That dope boy shyt w/o substance ain’t whutz craccin’, believe that.

      Trap Muzik, i wuz jammin’ that classic all day today at the 9-5, he put his foot in that one. Guess he had to, after that horrendously crappy “I’m Serious” album he claimed should have went platinum, nigga please.

      And u must be smokin’ dust if u sleepin’ on Luda’z alubmz, wTf?

  • enzo

    Project Pat-Mista Don’t Play
    Master P-Ice Cream Man, 99 Ways To Die

    8ball MJG-On Top of The World, Comin out Hard, In Our Lifetime Vol.1
    Three Six Mafia-Chap. 2 World Domination, When The Smoke Clears, Teardaclubupthugs, Prophet Posse,
    UGK-Ridin Dirty
    Goodie Mobb-Soul Food
    Outkast-Aquemini, Atliens, Southerplayastic,
    Juvenile-400 Degreez
    BG-Its All on You vol.1 & 2
    Master P-Ghetto D
    Youngbleed-On my Own, My Balls and My Word

    A bunch of others fuck sitting here naming all of them.

  • sealsaa

    Well, you can keep ME AGAINST THE WORLD and anything UGK and Young Jeezy has done as far as the word “classic” is concerned, but Southernplayalistic was excellent. Indeed, Outkast has never really gotten the respect that they deserve, but thats where I stop when it comes to southern music. I honestly can’t stand the majority of it. (BTW, technically, not only is Ludacris is from Illinios, but he doesn’t even have a “southern” style. 50 cent’s flow sounds more “southern” than his)

    • El Tico Loco

      Ludacris flow goes with any region for one. And if that’s an issue what do make of Philly’s DJ Drama and Houston’s DJ Premier? Or the fact that Vic (get silly) is technically from Brooklyn or Celph Titled (Demigodz)is from Tampa?

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Man, who let this dusthead into this intelligent convo about Southern lyricism. Nigga, u talkin’ foolishness. Me against the World and UGK’z Ridin’ Dirty are timeless, handz down.

      And Pac wuz from NY, but he claimed the West Coast and his styLe reflected just that, and set one of the standardz for muzik out the West. And please bruh, don’t throw ur wac azz rapperz on us, 50′z abc flow ain’t southern itz just wac and like Rocsi said Gobbage. Technically a Southern StyLe of Muzik iz soulful wether it be Hip-Hop, R&B/SouL, or Blues. Don’t discredit somethin’ u don’t know shyt about bruh.

  • El Tico Loco

    8ball & MJG- Coming out Hard, Space Age 4ever

    Ludacris- Back for the first time

    Little Brother- Minstrel Show (NC)

    Big Mello – Bone Hard Niggaz

    Geto Boys – Grip on that other level, We Can’t be Stopped, Til’ Death do us Apart

    David Banner- MTA

    Lil Jon & ESB – Kings of Crunk

    Ganksta Nip- Southpark Psycho

    Young Buck- Straight Outta Ca$hville

    TRU- Tru 2 da Game

    Master P- Ice Cream Man, Ghetto’s tryin to kill me, Ghetto D

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Damn how did I forget Ball & G! Good list. I dunno about Some of em being CLASSICS tho.

    • KO


  • K.I. the Great

    @ sealsaa

    What does a southern flo sound like. i just think that is a statement by someone who knows shit bout rap you cant relate a persons flo to what reigon they are from biggie had a slo flo. . . does that mean anyone with a slo flo is from the east get outta here luda is one of best rappers and he never dissapoints. and i dont car where you were born

  • The_Truth


    1) Eightball/ MJG- Comin Out Hard/ On Top of The World/ In our Lifetime/ Lost (8ball)/ Almost Famous (8ball)

    2) Scarface- Untouchable/ The Fix

    3)Outkast- Southernplayalistic/ ATLiens

    4)Fiend- There’s One in Every Family/ Street Life

    5)Master P- Ghetto Dope/ Tru II Tha Game (TRU)/ I’m Bout It sdtrk./ Ice Cream Man

    6)Silkk- Tha Shocker

    7)Ghetto Boys- We Can’t Be Stopped!

    8)UGK- Ridin Dirty

    9)Juvenile- 400 degreez

    10)Big Tymers- How U luv Dat?

    11)BG- It’s All On U! (Vol. 1/2)

    12)C-Murder- Life Or Death

    *Honorable Mentions*
    Suave House Records: Inovated the No Limit CD covers (Pen Pixel)

    No Limit Records: Strong Indie Hip-Hop label in music history

    Rap-A-Lot: Home of the most well respected rapper alive, Scarface.

    • yoprince

      8ball’s almost famous?? c’mon homie.. u fishin now.

      that is NOT classic material.

      wait a minute! hold up! Silkk the Shocker??

      u’re heath ledger with a number of those choices.. OD’in

      • DETROIT


      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        He fishin’ like a muhfuccer ain’t he bruh.

        Silkk iz just gobbage and to put him in the same sentence as the word classic iz blasphemy.

        I luv 8Ball but Almost Famous wuz a fuccin’ FAIL. Lost wuz off the chain, tho’.

        Ya’ll boiz 4gettin’ about Devin the Dude’z first two albumz “The Dude” and “Just Tryin’ to Live”, ya’LL fuccerz can’t tell me them jointz wuzn’t classic.

    • jburg

      I was gonna say Fiend too. That shit was dope!

  • yoprince

    Classics from the South:

    Stankonia – Outkast

    ATLiens – Outkast

    Ridin Dirty – UGK

    400 Degreez – Juvenile

    Trap Muzik – T.I. … and I’m so glad you brought this one up, I was ridin with my homeboy one time listening to this and he said, “Who is that? He’s going in!” .. when ‘Kingofdasouth’ was on.. a lot of ppl don’t know about TIP’s first two albums. I’m Serious was spotty, but Trap Muzik is a CLASSIC and a TRENDSETTER.

    Ghetto D – Master P … i’d say this is borderline in that it may not really stand the test of time. that sound was just contemporary not timeless

    Guerrilla Warfare – Hot Boy$.. CLASSICCCC!!!

    Let’s Get It: TM 101 – Young Jeezy

    Soul Food – Goodie Mob

    Kings of Crunk – Lil Jon and the ESB

    Comin’ Out Hard – Eightball & MJG

    Tha Carter III – Lil Wayne

    Very Good Albums, Not Quite:
    Tha G-Code – Juvenile
    Back for the First Time – Ludacris
    Mississippi The Album – David Banner
    Aquemini – Outkast.. alot would say classic
    Urban Legend – T.I.
    KING – T.I.
    Tha Carter 2 – Lil Wayne
    some of those Three Six Albums
    Ghetty Green, Mista Don’t Play – Project Pat
    The Fix – Scarface

    but ya’ll are wildin with some of these choices.. no Ludacris album should be labeled a classic.. BG is cool, but get real.. Buck never made a classic.. only one album from the No Limit era comes close (Ghetto D).. Big Tymers?? are you serious?.. Little Brother, not at all.. Scarface is a bit overrated, made some good music but no classics

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Yeah you’re right “I’m Serious” was real suspect in spots. But i remember buying it, Trap Muzik was a whole other level.

      Really you’d include Tha Carter III. It’s a very unpopular choice, but I may have to agree. Time will tell on that one.

      • yoprince

        Maaan, Tha Carter 3??

        People (on the nets) hate too much basically. That is an album CHOCK FULL of hits. BIG RECORDS:

        Mr. Carter, A Milli, Got Money, Lollipop Comfortable, Mrs. Officer

        .. that’s SIX hit records ppl will play at BBQ’s and parties for years to come. and all the other records are good too.

        Six HITS + ZERO bad records + creative + original (he stopped Jay-z cloning with this album)+ personality = CLASSIC ALBUM

        • NAWLEDGE


          Mr. Carter? Good record.
          Mrs. Officer? Good record.
          Comfortable? Good record


          A Millie? A hit record yes. A GOOD record? Not so much…
          Got Money? A hit again. A GOOD record? Ehhh. Its really spotty.
          Lollipop? Another hit. A GOOD record? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He wasnt even using words. WTF is a “perp perp”??

          Zero bad records? La La was gargbage, Phone Home was laughably horrible, 3 Peat was real shaky, DontGetIt? Nuff said.

          Sorry, but C3 was NOT by anymeans a classic. Its situations like these which makes people call Wayne overrated, and his critics get called “haters” simply because we speak cold hard facts. C1 & 2 are MILES ahead of C3.

          Think if someone like Nas or Jay put out an album like C3. How many people would’ve said they fell off? Well it happened when Nas put out Nastrodamus and Jay put out Vols 1, 2, & 3.

          Its not hate and its not even opinion. They’re facts. Okay, compare the ORIGINAL La La to the one on C3. Which one is better? You’ll see what I mean and understand why I say C3 is not a classic…

        • yoprince

          @ nawledge

          lol damn well we just have different feelings about the record then.

          i love A Milli. one of the most memorable records of the past 10 years in any genre. a single that embodies who wayne is as an artist, playing with his flow and voice constantly and sporadically jumping from topic to topic with no constraint. It’s also a single where a guy who calls himself the best rapper alive proves he takes rapping seriously the entire time.

          Got Money: the beat is crazy and Wayne and T-Pain both just match the energy. Again Wayne plays with his voice and the flow. Elements of the track drop out to emphasize catchy moments in the lyrics. Great record, homie.

          there’s no reason for me to go on talking about individual tracks since we just obviously feel differently about the music.

          Nastradamus cannot be compared to C3. Nas was never built to make an album with attempted commercial records. Some of his records may crossover unintentionally but when he atempts on purpose, the results are bad. I haven’t listened to Nastradamus in so long I don’t even remember if that’s really what happened but you referenced it.

          Jay-Z has made records like C3 in a sense but he can’t attempt commercial success in the same manner as Lil Wayne b/c he’s too boxed in, whereas Wayne will sing, chant, rock, and rap in a very free-handed manner. So once again, you can’t really compare. However, Jay-Z did really try to crossover with Vol.1 and Vol. 2.

          C1 and C2 are cool, but they were just good/great imitations of earlier rap personas, namely Jay-Z.

          @ everyone

          I listen to alot of different genres and I think this causes me to feel differently about some rap records than people who really only listen to hip-hop. You all seem to listen for perfectly constructed verses focused on one thing that you can easily identify that means the same thing to everybody who hears it. If it’s not that, then it’s garbage. And commercial records are automatically bad too.

          Well, I like Wayne. His freewheeling style is entertaining and often amusing. He uses his voice as an instrument instead of just rhyming words. And he can still hold his own lyrically when he wants to.

          If you branch out you’ll find different things to like about your fave type of music too.

    • RDS

      I don’t understand how you can have Kings of Crunk and Tha Carter III as “classics”, but not The Fix and Aquemini. I agree that all things considered, Kings of Crunk went hard as hell, but Scarface wholeheartedly deserves a spot for The Fix. I remember listening to that album non-stop. Matter of fact, I’m about to hit it up now. :-P

      • yoprince

        I feel you. Some things are debatable. But to me The Fix just went a tad overboard with the preachy, religious stuff.. that’s just to me.

        I liked it and all, but it was just a bit too much to me.

        Obviously, Aquemini is debatable too.

        I think I just personally like Stankonia and ATLiens so much more that I can’t put Aquemini up there with them.

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Yo Prince, are u serious bruh. Are you an incarnate of the devil or somethin’. Scarface ain’t nevah been too preachy, thatz we we fuc wit Face so tuff, cuz of the balance in his muzik.

          Stankonia wuz spotty. ATLiens = Bonafide classic.

          The thing iz tho’, imHo, Last of a Dying Breed – Scarface – wuz better than the Fix. It got 4 and 1/2 micz, but shyt it deserved 5 and the Fix deserved 4 and 1/2, song 4 song. Just like Me Against the World wuz better than All Eyez on Me, niggaz iz quic to put A.E.O.M. ovah it, tho’.

  • macdatruest

    *Ball & MJG : Comin Out Hard, Outside Lookin In, In Our Lifetime Vol.1

    *Three Six Mafia: Chapter 2: World Domination, Chapter 1: The End, Project Pat Ghetty Green

    *Outkast: Southernplayalistic, ATLiens, Aquemini, Stankonia

    *Goodie Mob: Soul Food

    *South Circle: Anotha Day Anotha Balla

    *Tela: Piece Of Mind

    *Big Mike: Somethin’ Serious, Still Serious

    *Bushwick Bill: Phantom Of The Rapra

    *Geto Boys: We Cant Be Stopped

    *Scarface: The World Is Yours, Untouchable, The Fix

    *Indo G and Lil Blunt: Blame It On The Funk

    *The D.O.C. (he was from Texas)

    *Ghetto Mafia: Straight From The Dec

    *Juvenile: 400 Degreez

    *MAC: World War Three

    *Soulja Slim: The Streetz Made Me

    *B.G.: Its All On You! vol. 1&2 both, 1st Chopper City & Chopper City in the Ghetto both

    South got hits!!!

  • YeahRight



    • Jamal7Mile

      Midwest NEVER hated on a Region!! Co-sign that! We just hate shitty music!

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Tru Dat.

        And eyrebody know Twista’z Adrenaline Rush wuz the Shyt. Along with Bone’z E. 1999. Kanye’s second album. Common’s Be etc.

  • dbys

    b.g’s chopper city in the ghetto
    juvenile’s 400 degrees
    young bleeds’s my balls and my word
    outkast every album pretty much
    tha carter 1 (in my opion best lil wayne album)

    these just the ones i like most and i consider classics

  • dbys

    o yea and t.i.’s urban legend shit on trap musik tho i liked trap music and im serious

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Urban Legend wuz dope as fuc, but it didn’t have as much depth as Trap Muzik, and like i said earlier I’m serios wuz a fuccin’ joke, cept for the first trac on the cd, now that one song shytz on alot of theze niggaz in the game whole career.

      Download it: T.I. – Still ain’t Forgave Myself

  • the legend

    why the fuck are mans hating on ludacris him and outkast best southern rappers of all time and ludacris was born in illinois it depends on how long he was there to say whether it affected him but sum shit people are mentioning aint classics big mike and soulja slim anyways east coast did spawn the greatest classics period and im not even from there

  • Jhon da Analyst

    @Sealsaa…….true, 50 is a New Yorker that sound “southern”, even he said it. Oh yeah, I can only say Aquemini – Outkast

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      I c ya’LL boiz passin’ the sherm blunt. 50 iz a New Yorker that soundz like he should be an undercover cop or comedian, not an emcee. He iz a rapper tho’, cuz i’m sure u could proLLy rap as well as 50 doez.

  • 313Dawg

    No offense..But I’ve always looked at as more of an east coast prejudice!! I’ve always respected the South from the start!!

    Geto Boys: Grip It On Another Level,We Can’t Be Stopped, Til Death Do Us Part
    Scarface:Mr. Scarface Is Back, The Diary, Untouchable
    Tela: Piece Of Mind
    Devin: The Dude, To The X-Treme
    Big Mike: Something Serious
    Outkast: Southernplayalistic, Atliens, Aqemini
    8ball & MJG: On The Outside Looking In, On Top Of The World, In Our Lifetime, Lost, No More Glory
    Master P: Ghetto Dope
    UGK: Ridin Dirty
    Goodie Mob: Soul Food, Still Standing
    And How about…The D.O.C(Originally from Dallas , Texas): No One Can Do It Better

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Nuttin dat Juvenile does can be considered classic. I’m sorry. lol. Southern classics: Geto Boys-We Can’t be Stopped and Grip It. Scarface’s Mr Scarface Is Back. Of course Southernplayalistic. You can make a case for Soul Food as well. Big Mike’s Something Serious and Bun B’s Trill is a couple of my personal favs.

  • amar

    outkast do get their credit though aquemini…but yeah, southerplalistic was classic

    ti’s i can’t quit is my faovrite song off trap muzic, that album’s almost a classic

    i’ll tell u who never gets his due though: ludacris

  • avon

    lil flip underground legend
    bg chopper city in the ghetto
    bg checkmate
    master p ghetto d
    mystikal unpredictable
    little brother the listening
    ludacris word of mouf
    project pat mistah dont play
    hot boys goriila warfare

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Lil Flip????????

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Lil’ Flip????????????


    to all my midwest niggas:

    you know what classic midwest album never gets props…..TWISTA – “ADRENALINE RUSH”! DAT SHIT WAS CRAZY.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Hate to admit it but I SLEPT on Twista! Never got those tapes (kicks myself in the butt).

      There’s a gang of other folks I slept on because TOO MANY folks were putting out great music back then! Couldn’t afford to buy them all back in the days and the Net wasn’t poppin’ back then.

      FM 98 “The Wizard” was the dude to peep back then and even THAT great man couldn’t play em all.

      • macdatruest

        Midwest Classics:

        Baby Drew: Powder
        Twista: Adrenaline Rush
        Do or Die: Heads or Tails
        MC Breed: Aint No Future In Yo Frontin’
        Bone Thugs: East 1999
        Kanye West: College Dropout
        Coo Coo Cal: Dead Man Walking
        Da Brat: Funkdafied
        Ray Cash: Cash On Delivery (slept on modern midwest classic)
        DFC: Things In Da Hood
        Top Authority: 1st album
        The Dayton Family: 1st album

        • 313Dawg

          No Doubt Mac!! The Midwest Reppin!!
          Cant 4get about Comsense: Resurrection, Like Water For Choclate
          Slum Village: Fantastic Vol.1&2
          Slim Shady: Marshall Mathers LP
          J-Dilla: Welcome To Detroit, The Shining
          Esham: Dead Flowerz
          TDF: F.B.I.

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Ya’LL gon go make me buy that Ray Cash, i’m curious now.

  • avon

    bg is one of the most underrated no credit gettin ass rappers from the south all on u vol 1 and 2 even tho they are before the universal deal are nothing short of classic checkmate another classic the first album that fresh switched up his style for and the first cm album to let the artist do his thang and not have a million guest features on it
    gun slinger
    to my people
    he used to be a man
    running with my chopper
    press on that whole cd crank

  • Apollo Moses

    Great post Rob!
    No doubt that Kast, and all of the albums mentioned are classics in the South; were highly respected works by the peers and fans alike.

    I’d also add Cool Breeze’s E.P.G.H, Juvie’s 400 degreez, Eight Ball & M.J.G.’s In Our Lifetime, The Untouchable, The Dude, Unpredictable,and We Ready from Pastor Troy.

    Personally I love that Ghetto Mafia’s On Da Grind disc and from Trick Daddy.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Yea, that wuz an interesting piece of work. Trick iz a complicated dude for such a kountry lookin’ azz nigga. Whut up Trick? holla atcha’ boi. H-Town Down.

  • Stevie B

    Young Buck Straight Out Of Cashville Is A Classic I dont care what anybody says! It is the best album released from G-Unit ever end of story!
    One of the few Southern that banged all summer long in Brooklyn back in 04 that whole damn album was fire!!!!!!
    Im A Soldier
    Let Me In
    Bang Bang
    Prices On My Head
    Bonafied Hustla
    Thou Shall
    Black Gloves
    That Album Is Crazy

  • Master Cheef

    Ludacris is one of the best rappers ever, but he hasn’t made a classic in my opinion. His guest spots are usually hotter than his actual songs.

    Urban Legend is a classic.

    youngbleed’s my balls and my word was absolute fire. word to enzo.

  • $hawty Reg

    In no particular order:

    Mystikal – Mind Of A Mystikal
    Outkat – Southernplayalistic
    Goodie M.O.B. – Soul Food
    Eightball & MJG – Comin Out Hard
    Scarface – Untouchable
    Hot Boys – Get It How U Live
    Juvenile – 400 Degreez
    Master P – Ghetto Dope
    B.G. – Its All On U Vol. 1
    U.G.K. – Too Hard To Swallow (everyone remembers “Pocket Full Of Stones”)

    In my honest opinion, these are albums u can run from beginning to end! No Skiping.

    But if I had to pick that one, it would be a tie between “Comin Out Hard” or “Southernplayalistic”

    Speak on it!

    New Orleans….stand up!!!

  • Ron Mexico

    southern niggas ain’t slow. nigga tried to play me.

  • giantstepp

    Ive been noticing that your topics get the comments section poppin! Good job and keep it up.

    My personal southern classics are:
    1. Geto Boys Til death do us part
    2. Outkast Southerplaylistic
    3. Young Bleed My balls and my word (much slept on record)

    Plenty more, these are MY PERSONAL ones.

  • capcobra

    southernplayalistic….400 degreez….the first carter…bout it soundtrack…1st luda..2nd jeezy and t.i. trap muzick.

    • yoprince

      the inspiration??

      nah u wildin. everyone was disappointed when they first put that joint in the whip.

      now the recession on the other hand. i’m still bangin that, which means its damn good..

  • dark vanilla

    Young Jeezy Let’s Get It a classic?! LMFAO!!!



  • gafinest706

    what about killer mikes monster

    or big gipps mutant mindframe

    nobody ever mentions them and they are still two of the sickest mcs in the south

  • RiZob

    Bubba Sparxx~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deliverance

    Tear Da Club Up Thugs~~~~~~~~~CrazyNDaLazDayz

    Gangsta Boo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inquiring Minds

    Lil Wayne~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Block is Hot

    Lil Wyte~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Doubt Me Now

    I-20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Self Explanatory

    Project Pat~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mista Don’t Play

    Ludacris ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chicken and Beer

    Killer Mike~I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II

    its a shit load more, those are just the ones that came to the dome first….

    • ko

      you must be a young nigga most of those joints are not classics….ill give you mista dont play though.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      I second that, that list iz mad suspect. Nevah even heard a Lil’ Wyte album, but based on his skill level i doubt he could construct a classic.

  • avon

    if we talking mid west albums you have to mention east 99 eternal and creepin on a come up

  • RiZob

    Bubba Sparxxx Deliverance is one of the best ALBUMS ever made period of any genre. Anybody who has ever listened to that album will most definetly agree…..

    • jburg


  • macdatruest

    Backbone: Concrete Law
    Cool Breeze: Eastpoint’s Greatest Hit
    Withdoctor: A SWAT Healin’ Ritual
    Bubba Sparxxx: Deliverance & His 1st Shit
    Sleepy’s Theme: The Vinyl Room
    Dungeon Family: Even In Darkness
    Goodie Mob: Still Standing
    Dirty: The Pimp & The Gangsta, Dirty Stories

  • Silky Johnson

    Why is no one mentioning Lord Willin’ by Clipse or Hell Hath No Fury…
    Clipse is def one of the best ever out of the South.

    • JBURG

      Lord willin’ was that shit. Another classic overlooked!!!!

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Lord Willin’ wuz str8, and Hell Hath No Fury wuz pure GOBBAGE!!! I can’t believe i wasted my money on that trash. The funny thing iz, Clipse iz dope, but that album wuz ca-ca.




    i agree with rizob was bumping that joint last night
    Bubba Sparxx- deliverance
    outkast-everything they did except stankonia that joint is full of hits but between the hits is garbage and idlewild because that joint is cool but i can’t listen to it alot
    Killer Mike-I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II
    T.I.- trap muzik- it started the movement people
    lil wanye- the carter 1 even thought it is called gillie inspired shit was some of his best work. also didn’t manny produce almost the whole joint
    Goodie Mob- Soul Food

    project pat- ghetty green and mista don’t play
    master p- ghetto d
    juvenile – 400 Degreez
    little brother- like almost everything they have done
    scarface- well lets just choose shit he made in 2000 and above last of a dying breed, the fix, made and emeritus he makes rap music that should be heard
    young jeezy- his first album i think it is called thug motivation 101

  • anutha_level

    great f’n post mang….

    “I’d argue that the South has quite a few classic albums. When I first heard OutKast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik in 1994 I was blown away. That first ‘Kast album opened my mind up to a whole new world in a way that Illmatic or Ready To Die could never. Sonically, the mid-tempo bass heavy grooves penetrated your soul in ways that East Coast rap hadn’t. Lyrically both Dre and Big Boi were as capable as anyone. And it wasn’t just the singles either, while “Player’s Ball” and “Southernplayalistic…” were indeed the shit “Git Up, Git Out” and “Crumblin’ Erb” were just as potent.

    UGK wasn’t no slouches either. When Bun B and Pimp C dropped their 1996 classic Ridin’ Dirty, they changed the game. Unfortunately it wasn’t until Jay-Z scooped up the duo for “Big Pimpin’” that they began to receive their just due. Scarface’s The Diary and The Fix album can be considered classics right? How about Juvenile’s 400 Degreez? Surely Goodie Mob’s Soul Food is up there.”

    ……mos def!

  • Prince Caesar

    First of all, I live in Cleveland (born in raised) and Ray Cash is from East Cleveland. Cleveland is nowhere near the South. Ray Cash is wack. The south gets slept on because the majority of southern rappers are wack. A bunch of country niggas that can’t pronounce words, talk about “choppas and stacks on deck”, candy paint, and sippin lean. I can’t front there are some official rappers out of the south. Outkast “Aquemini” is classic so is, “Trap Muzik”,”400 Degreez”, “Atliens”..just to name a few classics. The new generation of southern rappers (minus T.I. and Luda) are wack as fuck, especially Wayne and Plies.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      XXL, ya’LL should let yaboi blog for a fuckin’ day, becuz whut i’m bout to say iz key. The thing about it iz, their are a gang of young, dope emcees and lyricists in the South, but the majorz are all about that Coon Shyt, let me say that again, that COON SHYT. The powers that be, don’t give a damn about substance they want hitz, and of course that good ol’ Tap Dancin’ Sambo buffoonery that we c our brothaz and sistaz engage in. Some two-stepz are coo, some aint (hence the Stanky Leg, i think them boiz outta Dallas). DSR iz dope tho’ (Big Tuck, Tum Tum, Fat Bastard etc.) Just like Little Brother’s Minstrel Show wuz slept on, u have to understand that the current gobbage Southern “rapperz” don’t represent the trill niggaz from the South, believe u me, my niggaz in the trap jam everything from Cee-Lo to Nas. Don’t let theze majorz gas u, we ain’t all coonz down here bruh, and i’m sure the gobbage rapperz the MidWest don’t represent the triLL niggaz in ur area. U otta know betta tho’, bro.

  • Prince Caesar

    I’m from Cleveland and I live there. Cleveland is not the South and Ray Cash is garbage. The south gets slept on because the majority of southern rappers are non-rapping idiots. Hip-Hop fans are tired of hearing about candy paint, “choppers and stacks on deck”, and sippin’ lean. I’m not trying to listen to a bunch of country ass niggas that mispronounce words and purposely exaggerate their accents. I can’t front, their are some legendary rappers and classic albums in the south. Example: “Aquemini”, “Trap Muzik”, “400 Degreez”, “Atliens”..just to name a few. The new generation of souther rappers are terrible..especially Wayne, Jeezy, Ross, and Plies.

    • macdatruest

      Midwest Classics:

      Baby Drew: Powder
      Twista: Adrenaline Rush
      Do or Die: Heads or Tails
      MC Breed: Aint No Future In Yo Frontin’
      Bone Thugs: East 1999
      Kanye West: College Dropout
      Coo Coo Cal: Dead Man Walking
      Da Brat: Funkdafied
      Ray Cash: Cash On Delivery (slept on modern midwest classic)
      DFC: Things In Da Hood
      Top Authority: 1st album
      The Dayton Family: 1st album

      You prolly seen the name Ray Cash, and since you from Cleveland you got geeked on Hate!!! LOL I said MIDWEST CLASSICS stupid idiot I know where the fuck Cleveland is nigga, and just cause you from there don’t mean shit to me. Far as i know Ray Cash mighta fucked yo bitch, cause Cash On Delivery and Swangin’ and Clangin’ is both classics to me. Thats me though I see you dont like cars and hoes, so I don’t know maybe you wanna hear Eminem rape a fuckin Moose on track I don’t know

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Get him, LoL.

  • 615banga

    all project pats albums are classic

    young jeezy-thug motivation 101

    all ugk are classics
    all scarface are classics
    all ball & g are classics

    b.g. – chopper city in the ghetto

    rick ross- port of miami..-(you have to admit the production and the concepts make it a classic)

    lil waynes carter 1 and carter 2 and lights out

    three 6 mafia- sixty 6 sixty 1 when the smoke clears

    bun b- trill

    young buck- straight outta cashville

    all outkast albums are straight classics

    and goodie mobs first album

    both clipse albums

    and little brothers- minstrel show

    and i aint gonna lie i liked the rich boy album alot!!!!

    • jburg

      though i don’t agree with alot of you list that RICH BOY was slept on. I still bump that. No Lie!!

  • EmCDL

    To me, the South has just as much of a sound as the East and West Coast. Outkast did it for me with their first album “Southernplayalisticadillacmusik”; been getting all their albums since that one. Here are some other ones I think got me really into the South sound:

    Pastor Troy
    Little Brother
    Field Mob
    Three 6 Mafia
    Killer Mike

    Can’t think of any other ones at the moment but I got a shitload more.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Finally, somebody Mentioned Field Mob, in the wordz of Shawn Jay “Sheesh!”

  • macdatruest

    It seem like lately everything a nigga post, some off brand nigga gotta respond. Yall niggas need not hassle


    Can CELLY CELL get some love for his 1st album, HEAT FO’ YO’ AZZ?


    Does anyone remember BO$$ or AMG? or how about
    DJ MAJIC MIKE, HI:C, DJ FURRY, these peoplr all have had classic albums. Let it b known.

  • http://xxl ryan

    why all of you fools naming yall favorite albums? jeezy? are u serious? jeezy album is good but it ain’t no classic. the definition of a classic is a CD that effected the game not a CD that u can play over and over cuz u like it. only rappers named that made classics was outkast, little brother, n scarface n bout 3 others.

    • yoprince

      when the fuck did a little brother album “effect(sp) the game”??

      You questioning Jeezy on impact on the game? There are a number of rappers imitating his persona.. he had an effect on the game! not to mention he carved a lane for himself..

      little brother, not so much..

      jeezy – l classic
      LB – 0

      • http://xxl ryan

        if nas and scarface say LB first album was sumthing most rappers need 2 listen 2 then i think it is a album you should listen 2. wat rappers imitate jeezy? good rappers? dont get me wrong i like jeezy but jeezy is not a rapper that will be remember. im pretty sure u never listen 2 LB if u do listen 2 one song called “the listening.”



  • Rob the Music Ed

    Killer Mike may have a classic or a damn-near classic on his hands with “I Pledge Alligence… II”

  • Master Cheef

    cosign damn near every album listed above. lot of niggas done put it down for the south.

    for recent albums, Young dro’s best thang smoking and Young Buck’s straight outta cashville are classics in my book.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Best Thang Smokin’? Errrr?? (Scooby Doo styLe) If u talkin’ bout that otha’ gobbage album i bought (add that to Hell Hath No Fury) then u must be smokin’ dust wit’ them niggaz i named above us. Young Dro iz a super dope emcee, but if we talkin’ that brown cd with the griLL, we talkin’ pure ca-ca. He dope enuff tho’, that i’LL give him anotha’ chance with his next cd, hopefully he’Ll step his game up. I heard some of one his mixtapez the otha’ day, and those songz were shittin’ on that crappy cd i bought. “Shoulder Lean” tho’ iz the perfect example of how to make a dope dance song that hip-hop headz can appreciate along with the kiddiez.

      • Master Cheef

        I said in my book, not yours. Did you judge it by the singles, or did you listen to the whole album. Not everybody can agree on everything; that’s why you got different syles, but I think a lot of people would like that album if they gave it a chance. You said it yourself, “Young Dro iz a super dope emcee.”

        go listen to clean wit it in the bangers section. that shit is fucking bumpin.

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Look, ur opinion iz ur opinion, respectively so iz mine. I bought Dro’s album so of course i listened to the whole disk. Honestly, most albumz i buy i skip pass the singlez cuz i’ve heard them too many timez, but Dro’z album wuz just plain sorry. Being a dope emcee doesn’t equate a dope album. I think he gon’ come way better with his next album tho’, if it ever drops.

  • thaFace

    Kast can’t do no wrong…loved The Love Below and Idlewild although werent as good…def got to add The Fix, Scarface is one of the GOAT’s IMO

  • anutha_level

    and UGK’s “too hard to swallow” was their first classic, actually. i believe it came out in ’92.

    can’t forget 8Ball & MJG’s “Comin out Hard”. they put M-town on the map for SURE.

  • Clever

    I think T.I’s I’m Serious was a Classic, It was very Slept on. I was Bumping it, and Nobody knew who he was.

  • gafinest706

    i almost forgot the DF even in darkness

    if you havent heard it its true from top to bottom

    the bubba sparxxx thing album is not a classic by any means its not an album my kids will hear because no one will remember the name in 5 more years he didnt do anything special and he really embarrassed us down here athens hates him hes not from here and we are not a bunch of dumb red necks rolling around in mud and shit fucking fat ass coke head mother fucker

    he will and should not be any representation of the hip hop in the south
    there for his shit is not a classic

    when i hear outkasts shit it makes me proud to be a hip hop head from the south the same goes for UGK and 8 ball and mjg

    and someone earlier mentioned dead prez who is from Tallahassee Florida so if we include them Revolutionary But Gangster and Dont turn offf the radio matter of fact all their albums and mixtapes are classics and should be accounted for

    • jburg

      Just because YOUR kids won’t listen to it don’t mean its not a classic. And your reason for it not being one makes your opinion null and void. None of our kids are gonna really sit down and listen to half the so call classic albums. How often do you pop in LL Cool J’s “Radio”? Probably not at all. My point exactly. I am convinced that you are a complete hater. People write and rap about where they came from and thats where he came from, and how he put it together made for a good listen. Get over you bias and recognize it for what it is.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Damn, i’m a have to look that up, Ded Prez from the South? who woulda’ thunk it?

    • RiZob

      fuck the dumbshit bruh, i could care less about where Bubba Sparxxx is from and how he represented blah, blah, blah. That nigga can rhyme words with the best of them, and “Deliverance” is a classic front to back, top to bottom…..

      “If I’m nowhere, let that nowhere, be nowhere near a worry. okey dokey.”

  • Nate

    Outkast is there with their first three albums
    Scarface of Course. Out here in the Bay i had to get MJG classic material on my own, wasn’t played much, but they also pioneered, i can see now though that young cats think they are dated, but like UGK they laid the way for the new ones. You could come with a dozen great Southern albums easily. It’s just too bad both Master P, and Birdman saturated the market with all the crap. It took away from picking out the best artists but also opened up rap to a wider audience..

  • godbud

    pastor troy – face off

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Dred Prez is NOT from Florida. Only one half is. M1 is from Crown Heights. Stic Man is the one fron Florida.

  • yupyup

    great post, i’ll throw some midwest in there too
    Adrenaline Rush- twista
    Rated G- top authority
    What’s on my mind- dayton family

    • Zulu1925

      My brother & I used to bump that “What’s On My Mind” by the Dayton Family and “Something To Blaze To” by Top Authority down in Louisiana in like ’95! Our cookouts and get togethers were off the chain!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Well XXL, there u have it. Oh yeah, and u can tell those fags over at the Sauce. Aquemini is a fuckin classic!!!! And I’m from NY..

  • Adam

    It’s cuz the only Southern rappers who’ve really made classics are Scarface, Outkast, and maybe UGK.

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Bullshyt. Who let this goofy azz dude in here? Talk, like u know whut ur talkin’ bout. If this wuz a post about the East or the West, i would be able to go toe to toe with someone from those regionz becuz i’m a Hip-Hop head and i listen to niggaz that go hard from anywhere, so to say some dumb shyt like “It’s cuz the only Southern rappers who’ve really made classics are Scarface, Outkast, and maybe UGK,” iz an insult to everyone who left a sensible comment on this blog, step ur brain up. – Screwston, Texas in this bia bia -

  • Apollo Moses

    Damn real…Where my Dirty cd at…”It’s Big Pimp and Mr. G…”

  • Zulu1925

    Don’t know how I missed this. My favorite albums by Southern artists are:

    Coming Out Hard – Eightball & MJG
    Supertight – UGK
    Southernplayalisticadillacmusik – OutKast
    Aquemini – OutKast
    Still Standing – Goodie MOB
    The Carter II – Lil Wayne
    Welcome To Our World – Timbaland & Magoo
    Prince of the South – Mystikal
    Hell Hath No Fury – Clipse
    Waitin’ To Inhale – Devin The Dude

  • 615banga

    and ludacris- chicken & beer is a classic

    and t.i. – urban legend is a classic

  • latino heat

    i don’t have the time or patience to read through all these comment’s, but i did see some good ones people usually forget about. Field Mob’s 1st one. (there so slept on) Fiend’s One In Every Family, Mac’s Shell Shocked, Trap Music and Urban Legend. (he kind of fell off after those two IMO) Devin’s first 2 album’s. Minstrel Show, In Our Lifetime, Even In Darkness, and other’s. southerplayalistic will always be in my all time top ten. Young Dro, Jeezy’s 1st one and even Slim Thug’s Already Platinum were all really dope, but it’s too soon to call them classic’s.

  • sb

    outkast=biggest rap duo

  • my baby at 32 weeks pregnant

    No, I do not think so, but the style of your article i’ll like it

  • XBOX 360

    #up: I’m not sure if you’re right man.

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