Best 4-Man Fantasy Group Ever

This is Pierzy from the comments section (although I post the least on Scratch because I don’t claim to know nearly as much as some others when it comes to beats and turntables). If I had a chance to blog, I’d open up with what would be the all-time ultimate four-man group (with each member in their prime)? And if you could have one producer to lay tracks for them, who it be?

A majority of people would say B.I.G, ‘Pac, Nas & Jay-Z and that’s tough to beat.
(Who would be the producer? Easy Mo Bee? Preemo?)

But what about KRS-One, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap?
(Over Marley Marl beats? Premier?)

Some people would say that Slaughterhouse would be their choice already.
How about Nas, AZ, Prodigy & Raekwon? (L.E.S.? Havoc? RZA? Pete Rock?)

Or Ice Cube, ‘Pac, Snoop & Kurupt? (over Dre beats)

There are crazy different combinations you could come up with…


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    1. nas, jay-z, az, prodigy
    of coarse preemo would do the tracks

    2. scarface, too short, tupac, trick daddy
    (ant banks)

    3. rae, ghost, method man, capadonna

    • LEO

      I was raised in the 90s…late 90′s had a big influence on me….so yeah…DMX, Jay-Z, Nas, The Good The Bad and The Ugly…Get Kanye and Dre on the Beats…

      Now a days…Joe Budden, Fabolous, Jadakiss, and Ludacris…Whos fucking with that?

    • Bonafide1

      OK lets stop fuckin round…..The winner’s circle is:

      Yung Berg
      Lil Zane
      and The Lady of Rage to hold it down

      o n of course the production would be done by soulja boy…..thats some real lyrical assasins right there bruh!

    • DJ ENICE

      i would like to see Canibus,Chino XL,Immortal Technique, and Tech N9ne..And it would be great for DJ Premier to do the beats…This would be greatest group of all time and better than SlaughterHouse…

  • 4-Oh-sev

    Nas, AZ, P, and Rae with Hav behind the boards would be a hot link up that no one would buy/pay attention to.

    • Dub Sac

      I could deal with a full album of “Eye for an Eye” and “Right Back at You”.

      • Pierzy

        “…in the jungle banging Nas, Mobb Deep and Wu”

  • Victor

    Ghost, Raekwon, Nas and AZ. That would be a banging combo. Over beatminerz beats.

    Or how bout: Phonte, Blu, Kweli and Lauryn Hill. All over 9th Wonder beats.

  • capcobra yayo..with hi tek on the beats.

    • Pierzy

      50, is that you?

      • LEO

        LMAO hahaha

    • yoprince


      • capcobra

        nah it ain’t me pierzy…lmao…i just feel that them 4 would’ve sound ill together without 50 on every hook..each of ‘em got thier own strong points and with game.buck.and banks as the lead lyricists and yayo as the hype man that gets a verse every other song..i think they would sound right…my other choice was sticky fingaz.canibus.dmx.and freddie foxx.

  • Notus30

    1. 2Pac, Eminem, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco.

    That would be fun as all 4 bring something diffirent to the table. Emotion, Lyrics, etc.

    Dre, Premo, Kanye, 9th wonder and Hi Tek on beats

    My second fab 4 would be

    2. Nas, T.I, Redman, Talib Kweli

    over some of the producers I named above

  • C. Hop

    Mac Dre, E-40, Snoop and Cube
    Dre, Rick Rock and Droop E producing

  • ewils

    bow wow, soulja boy, j kwon and hurricane chris over jermaine dupri beats

    • tony grand$

      ^lol! Oh wait, are you being serious?

      • Pierzy

        That would be So So Def!

  • Andy

    Weezy, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Eminem over Kanye Beats

  • mister whitehouse

    M.O.P, Guru, and Freddie Foxxx, over Premier, Diamond D, and Fizzy Womack beats.

  • Curtis75Black

    Black Thought, LL Cool J, Scarface and Ghostface produced by DJ Scratch. 4 of the most versatile emcees with Hella range. DJ Scratch can definitely compliment the 4.

    • Pierzy

      Nice group, Curtis75. I’m just curious, what would you consider LL’s prime? Would it be early on in the Radio days or the Mama Said Knock You Out period or the laid back Mr. Smith era?

      • Curtis75Black

        Good lookin’ Pierzy !! Now to answer your question, I’ll say between 14 Shots, Mr. Smith and Phenomenom. That’s when I feel he was at his most versatile, experimental and Ruthless with his styles. I wouldn’t consider “Mama Said” a prime because he was on his 1st major reincarnation.Plus with 14 Shots… there wasn’t any “Milky Cereal, 6 mins of Pleasure and Around the way Girl”.With 14 and Mr.Smith, he experimented with his voice, topics and lyrical styles. On Phenomenon he was on some collabo shit with everybody from Ralph and Ricky to The Lost Boyz.

  • kcc

    Dre 3000, Biggie, Pac, Lupe, over an Organized Noise beat

  • joe

    Soulja boy, V.I.C., DJ Unk, and Curtis.


  • blacque

    Rakim, Meth, Pac, and Puba over Teddy Riley beats

  • http://xxl ryan

    skillz, cam’ron, ghostface, ray cash over 9th wonder cuz i lik originality n all these artist got that.

  • East Saint618

    Nas, Elzhi, Andre3000, and Lupe Fiasco….. I think thats dope.

    As far as beats go ……i’ll say Beats from Black Milk and 9th wonder and organized noise

    • smog


    • Dub Sac

      I’d buy that twice.

  • KFrizzle

    Big Boi, Luda, The Game, Jeezy over Mannie Fresh beats

    Nas, Redman, The Game, Killer Mike over RZA beats

    Eminem, TI, Lil Wayne, Snoop over Konvict and/or Kanye beats

    50, Kanye, Andre3000, Lupe Fiasco over Timbaland beats

  • brandon Robinson

    jay z lupe fiasco andre 3000 snoop dogg neptunes beats

    • EarvGotti

      Nas,Pac,DMX,Eminem. The realest and most grimey artists.

  • Black So

    Jay-Z, TI, Scarface, Beanie Sigel i think that all are on the same tip from a content perspective. Beats by blueprint era Just Blaze and Kanye West.

  • Marren

    Sean Price, Method Man, Jadakiss, and Scarface

    You got newer school in Jada, older southern in Face, older NY in Meth and underground in Price. All over 9th wonder or RZA beats.

  • tony grand$

    What up, P?!

    Good topic, bruh, but who would YOU pick? I’m assuming one of those combo’s up top.

    Aight, in their prime, I’m going to say NaS, Rakim Allah, GZA, Phonte. Not in that order necessarily. All in their prime. Although, for all we know, Phontigga hasn’t even leveled of yet.

    • tony grand$

      Oh shit, I forgot a producer. How about Just Blaze on the knobs ‘n’ buttons.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Me, JMoney, DJ Lucky Luke, and LT1000

    Name of our group: OC Style
    Name of our CD: Pimp Terrorism

    We’d spit grimy lyrics of the road to obtaining tremendous cake and lavish living. A lot of club bangers, a few hit’em up killa type songs, a serious joint with emotion, and the rest and just grindin/hustlin joints.

    Pete Rock could do a beat for us. Kanye, too. We’d need a Premier joint and Dr. Dre could exec produce.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Pierzy

      I got a OG Matt Herbz drop! Thanks dude. Now, if I can just get G-Unot Killa to make an appearance…

  • Pierzy

    What’s good Tony! Thank you for the compliment…I’m just trying to match your work from yesterday.

    Honestly, this whole topic developed in my head because I couldn’t choose one group to stick with…depending on my mood (and what I was listening to) it would change. The idea that they’re all in their primes makes it even tougher.

    I think the first group I mentioned (B.I.G., ‘Pac, Jay & Nas) over Preemo’s sounds would be amazing just for history’s sake.

    But then, I start thinking about Prodigy, Nas, AZ and Raekwon over Havoc beats in 1995-96 and that’s tough to bypass.

    Then again, if I’m in a West Coast state of mind a combo of ’93 Snoop, ’89 Ice Cube, ’94 Kurupt and Makaveli-era-Pac over Dre beats couldn’t be ignored either.

    I honestly don’t know and that’s why I posted the question with a few examples because there are so many possibilities…

    • Dub Sac

      I’d sub-out AZ for Ghostface in your 95-96 combo. He’s got a better flow and his voice would break up the lower voices.

      • Pierzy

        You make a good point…

    • Jamal7Mile

      “Then again, if I’m in a West Coast state of mind a combo of ‘93 Snoop, ‘89 Ice Cube, ‘94 Kurupt and Makaveli-era-Pac over Dre beats couldn’t be ignored either.”

      ^^^HOLY SHIT!!^^^

  • latino heat

    Scarface, Jay-z, Beanie. over Kanye beats. with maybe an occasional Kanye verse. do you remember the few song’s they did together? incredible shit.

  • Astro The Destroyer

    Nas, Black Thought, Common, and Andre 3000(with production from kanye, rza, 9th wonder, and j dilla)

    • capcobra

      tuff combo.

  • DV8

    Black Thought, Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def
    Production by The Ummah

    • Jamal7Mile

      If only!! Co-sign!!

      Why don’t these type of collabos happen in Hip Hop? We came close with “Self Destruction” and the Westcoast Allstars’ “We All in the Same Gang.”

  • Astro The Destroyer

    Nas, Black Thought, Common, and Andre 3K (prod. bt Kanye, 9th, J Dilla, Questlove, and Rza)

  • Mikey F Baby

    Pac, Cam’ron, Wayne and Game…over Kanye beats.

  • Astro The Destroyer

    Nas, Black Thought, Common, and Kanye(with prod. by Kanye, Danger Mouse, 9th wonder, Questlove, and J Dilla)

  • Prophet aka The Rebel

    Lupe Fiasco, Talibkewli, Canibus and Tiger Chan of Styles Beyond.

  • Jake

    Luda, rae, busta, young jeezy

    on preemo/rza beats

    Eminem, royce, stat quo, 50 cent

    on mannie fresh/9th wonder

    game, too short, snoop, pac

    on dre

  • Astro The Destroyer

    Black ThoughtxNasxCommonxKanye West(w/ prod. by Questlove, 9th wonder, J Dilla, Kanye, and Rza)

  • tony grand$

    Damn Pierzy, you got me bugging out right now!

    Outside the box, in their prime; Ice Cube, The Game, Scarface & Freddie Foxx.

    Production by Rockwilder.

    Imagine that.

    • Pierzy

      Haha…that’s what I’m talking about, my dude. Any combo you come up with is immediately passed by another combo that pops up in your head.

  • OG BObby J

    Eminem, Pun, Jay-z and Jadakiss

    Produced by Kanye

    • Pierzy

      Wow…that’s a foursome that could take on anyone with wordplay

  • El Tico Loco

    So many choices I’ll break it into categories

    South: Andre 3k, Phonte, Celph Titled, Ludacris
    produced by Red Spyda, 9th Wonder, Don Cannon

    Dirty South: Killer Mike, Scarface, Bun B, 8Ball
    Produced by Shondrae, Don Cannon, Runners

    East coast(Goya division):Big Pun, Chino XL, Joell Ortiz, Immortal Technique
    Produced by: The Beatnuts, Scram Jones

    East Coast (KONY division): Nas, JayZ, Biggie, Big L, Ghostface
    Production: Premier, Pete Rock, RZA

    Caucasoid Crew: Ill Bill, Eminem, RA da Ruggedman, Apathy
    Produced by the Alchemist, Muggs

    Midwest Beasts: Elzhi, Royce 59, Tech9ne, Twista
    Production: Kanye, Black Milk, NoID

    West Coast(chuck taylor div): Game, Kurupt, Ice Cube, Snoop
    Produced by Dr Dre

    West Coast (superlyricals): Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Crooked I, Krondon
    Production: Beat Junkies

    I could go on

    • Pierzy

      I like your in-depth thoughts on this, Tico. Breaking it down into divisions could be the way to go… If there’s a sequel, I would like to see who y’all think would win in a bracket-style tournament.

      • El Tico Loco

        you got your 1st 32 right there. Boom!

  • Curtis75Black

    Inspectah Deck, Masta Ace, Treach and Kurupt. Production by Premier.

    Mc Lyte, Jean Grae, Nikki D and Bahamadia. Production by Beatnuts.

    Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, Chino XL and Kool G. Rap. Production by Marley Marl

  • Ms Raisa



    Lupet,Common,Jay-z (Kanye on the beats)

  • that nigga

    Black Thought, Lupe, Talib, NaS.

  • avon

    g rap
    9th wonder on the beats

    big l
    the runners and neptunes share production

  • What the ?


    In there primes of course with Dre and premo beats, thought to beat that.

    Substitute players :

    Big Pun
    Big L
    Ghost Face
    Cool G Rap

    second line production Just Blaze and Kanye.

  • southtopdawgdjace

    gucci mane, oj da juice, yo gotti, and gorilla zoe.
    over zay-toven beats.
    heavy in the trunk….

  • PH

    Eminem, Royce, Joel Ortiz,Redman

    the REAL slaughterhouse.

  • El Tico Loco

    Sesame Street’s more Lyrical than me Crew AKA Special Olympic Dudes(SOD):
    Soulja Boy, Plies, Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane, Mike Jones
    Produced by Soulja Boy

    The Punching Bag Boys: Yung Berg, Tyga, Prodigy, Jim Jones
    Executive Produced by Suge Knight

    Buck 50 Crew: Cuban Link, Rock, Maino, Scarlet
    Produced by Kutmasta Kurt

    • Jamal7Mile


      You ain’t lyin’ Tico!! Haahaa, Cookie Monster had lyrics 30 years ago that I can recite right now!

      “C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me, oohh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C..”

      Cookie Monster need to walk into a studio RIGHT NOW! He’ll get PAID!!!

  • Drama

    Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan
    (and Dylan)


  • me

    easy-e,tupac,dmx and biggie. produced by neptunes and statik seletah.

  • Michael Thompson

    Ghostface, Lupe Fiasco, Red Man, and Ludacris

  • mike

    Nas, AZ, Biggie, Big L, with preemo

  • EmCDL

    @ Drama


    As far as who I’d put together, I wouldn’t mind hearing:

    -Little Brother and Pete Rock
    -Dilated Peoples and 9th Wonder/Preemo
    -Nas and Preemo
    -Talib and Preemo/88 Keys (fuck it and Alchemist too)
    -Murs and Slug on Dre beats (9th Wonder too)
    -Chaundon and Skyzoo on anything other than a 9th Wonder or Khrysis beat
    -Clipse/9th Wonder for sure
    -Pretty much any of the artists I mentioned above on a J Dilla beat (nuff said)

    Thats all I can think of right now but I’m sure I can think of some more later. Damn Pierzy you murdering the blogs like ya boy Tony ya’ll doing it! Keep it up!

    • Pierzy

      EmCDL – thank you for the words, kid, I appreciate it. And I appreciate the opportunity to have a platform like this…even if it’s only once!

      • EmCDL

        Aww damn I just noticed the title “Best 4 Man Fantasy Group” and I’m just blurbing out artists out the ass LOL

        Ok mines would be…let see…my brain’s loading up…

        Nas, Talib, Lupe, and Guru hands down, on some either Preemo, Beatnuts, or Pete Rock ish


        Evidence, Elzhi, Chaundon and MF Doom on some Madlib or Alchemist tough stuff for real…gotdamn that’d be sick!

  • Snottie Pippen

    Jada,styles,jayz & beanie with havoc on the production…what’s fuckin with that???

  • Ron Mexico

    haven’t they already done it? slaughterhouse!

    i’m just fuckin with you. hmmm…

    big, jay, snoop, devin the dude.

    the stories would be out of control. i add devin the dude because you gotta have some off-the-wall creativity and the crew needs someone who excels at melody and hooks.

    tough to leave pac out of there.

    excellent question, p!

    • Pierzy

      My man… thank you for the contribution and the compliment! Trying to get to your level…

  • venemez


    over Just Blaze beat

  • $ykotic

    Pierzy got dudes thinking real hard!


    MF DOOM on the boards

    • Pierzy

      What’s good $yk!

  • Silky Johnson

    the 4 man has to have chemistry, so I’d go with
    Biggie, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, and DJ Premier

    If those 4 did an album it’d be crack

  • Jamal7Mile


    1st verse-
    Quik vs Eiht, back and forth, EPMD style. Get it all out ya system! Production by their respective teams (Quik and Compton’s Most Wanted, because they competed w/dope beats too)..

    2nd verse-
    Big Daddy Kane vs Rakim! Yall two should SPIT at (or to) each other, beef or no beef! Produced by… um, Easy Mo Bee??

    Just imagine what a convo between them 2 would sound like.

    Well, that’s 4 Emcees, Pierzy! And only one song. Yep I’m so-called OLD (34) but I would LOVE to hear this song I described!!

    I know… in a million years, right?

    • Pierzy

      What up Jamal… I like how you’re thinking…4 MCs, 2 verses and it’s a wrap!

  • Afrikan Thunder

    Dem Franchize Boys LMAO (over JD beats)
    they already a four man group
    or Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Baby, Slim Thug(over Khaled beats) lol

    on the real note tho
    T.I., The Game, Eminem, and Saigon (over Scott Storch beats) thats the shitt

  • Curtis75Black

    @Jamal, That concept of a song would be crazy !! If niggas had the forsight to do something like that without all the ego, that’s a Hip Hop track for all generations.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Curtis?!!

      Glad you see what I’m saying!! 50 Cent AND Rick Ross on ONE SONG, airing out their grievances… after that, ummm, Lil Kim and Foxxy Brown.

      After that, it’s fill in the blank, beefing rappers/rap crews.

      After THAT… It’s UNITY!!! They ALL make money on a track that squashes ALL the beef, when they all drop an 8-bar declaring unity and Solidarity!!

      With a really dope universal beat as a dropback to accent this unheard-of MOVEMENT!!

  • Levi

    I would wanna hear

    Method Man, Mac dre, Big Moe, Rhymefest

    on kanye, rza, dre, jake one, or 9th wonder.

    Or just some new kid who can produce somethin to fit each one of their styles.

  • Tupac

    Solider Boy
    Hurricane Chris
    J kwon
    Over Chris Webber beats, fuck yeah I’m serious.

  • Dof L.A.

    Nas, Scarface, Andre3K & T.I.
    (Produced by Dre, Premier and Kanye)

    Jay Z, Phonte, Kanye & Lupe
    (Produced by 9th Wonder, Premier & Dilla)

    Redman, Ludacris, Eminem & Ghostface
    (Produced by Dre & Timbaland)

  • Silly Willy

    For those still alive:

    Jay-Z (with the early Original Flavor flow)- Snoop – Method Man – Eminem

    Prod. by Preemo

  • mr.martin

    Keith Murray, Big L, Mic Geronimo, Mr Cheeks – classic east coast.

    2pac, Richie Rich, Dj Quik and E-40 – classic west coast

    Method Man, Nas, Biggie and Krs- One circa 95

    Redman, Busta Rhymes, Wyclef and Lauryn circa 96

    Az, Raekwon, Prodigy, Nas circa 95

    Juju, Tash, J-RO and Psycho Les – circa 97

    Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek circa 2000

    Foxy Brown, Shyne, Jay-Z, Fabolous circa 99

    MC Ren, Brotha Lynch Hung, Juicy J, DJ Paul

    Guru, Jeru Da Damaja, Smif N Wessun

    Mobb Deep, CNN

    Tragedy, Imam Thug, Cormega and Nature circa 97

    DMX, Ja Rule, Eve, Styles P



  • Ron Mexico

    ludacris is such a great guest artist… i can’t believe i left him out. maybe he’ll take big’s place in my “this could actually happen today” supergroup.

  • FlapJack

    Andre 3000
    Big Boi
    Killer Mike
    Produced by Organized noise

    Beanie Sigel
    Produced by Just Blaze

    Kid Cudi

    Produced by Kanye

    Method Man

    Produced by RZA

    this shit is impossible

    • FlapJack

      Most annoying supergroup:

      Joe Budden

      Shitty production by either Em or Premo

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up FlapJack?

        Most annoying?? I disagree, bro. Any “Most annoying” list gotta incl Mr. iSellum and bow wow, two guys I refuse to capitalize their names when typing them.

        Hey, you hated on me earlier I think… what’s up with that??!!

        • FlapJack

          waddup Jamal!

          bow weezy
          souljah boy
          some dude from d4l or dfb or whatever

          production by nitti

          Can’t recall the hate

          If you mean calling y’all fags on Tony’s post that was strictly to get more comments. didn’t quite do the trick tho

        • tony grand$

          Lol @ y’all!!!!

          Flap is a nut, Mall. You ain’t figured that out yet!!

          Me n him clicked when he told me I talk too long without proper spacing btween paragraphs! Lmao! Not rude, not ignorant with it, just very matter-of-factly!

          I was gonna start typing when you said that Flap, but I was waiting for somebody to say something first. I didn’t wanna clutter my post with my name over n over, like I didn’t do it anyway. Ha!

        • FlapJack

          “Not rude, not ignorant with it, just very matter-of-factly”


          Well, English isn’t my first language, and I rarely get to speak it, so thats prolly why.

        • tony grand$

          Aight, I’m going to take the bait here. What’s your first language?

        • FlapJack



          might allso explain why I’m a nut

  • Ali

    Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, Brother Ali, & Common

    I win lol

    anybody on the boards, it doesn’t matter…Dre, Dilla, 9th, Statik, Preemo, everybody….that would be sick

  • HItEmHard


    Cant really fucks with that
    Beats by Dre, RZA and Kanye

  • HItEmHard

    Dre, RZA, and Kanye on the beats
    Cant really fucks with that.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Oh yeah, don’t forget the SMOKERS!!

    Red and Meth, B-Real and Devin Tha Dude!

    Produced byyyy…

    (do Dre really smoke?? That much??)…

    (what producer SMOOOOKE??) Drop a response and be known if you smoke like that! Me? I don’t smoke like that (it’s past tense.. gotta 9/5).

    RockWilder, Quik, Rick Rubin (duhh), E-Swift, etc…

  • GO-Getta’

    Rakim = wordplay
    Big = flow
    Ice Cube = raw
    Silk Rick = storyteller!

  • Master Cheef

    gonna have to cosign skyotic on eminem, red, and luda. that’s the midwest, east coast, and dirty south. if there was a west west rapper with that crazed out flow, full of punchlines to replace jada, that would be some slick shit. anybody think of a west coast rapper doing it like that. maybe crooked?

    shout out to tony grands and pierzy. way to get the discussion going.

    • tony grand$

      Wuddup cheef? Good looking.

      Damn, I live in Cali (323 stand TFU!) So I should be able to offer somebody……….

      Probably would have to say Crook @ present would be the headline lyricist. I guess if I took it from a “in their prime” aspect, I’d go with Ras Kass when he first dropped waaaay back. Out here, cats just knew about “that short nigga with the funny name from C-Arson that be spitting”. When he had the buzz, my dude was nice!

      Then he started drinking & fucking off his fame. So yeah, prime I’d go with early ’90s Ras Kass. Current, ain’t nobody lyrically fucking with Crooked I.

      BTW, that “thugged out” comment you left on the TI thread was hilarious!

      • Master Cheef

        yeah, if that nigga don’t know, he better ask somebody.

        well, I thought about it, and I am going to have to officially nominate X to the Z on GP.

        tha motherfuckin westside always doing it big

  • Master Cheef

    yeah, if that nigga don’t know, he better ask somebody.

    I thought about it, and I am going to have to officially nominate X to the Z on GP.

    The motherfuckin westside always doin it big, holmes.

  • macdacutest

    nelly, chingy, ja rule, nick cannon

  • Hotte Peng

    Prodigy, Tragedy, Raekwon & Shyheim.
    Beats: Havoc & Black Milk.

    Kool Keith, MF Doom, Ghostface & Masta Ace.
    Beats: MF Doom & 4th Disciple.

  • Curtis75Black

    In Their Prime:
    Queen Latifah, Lady of Rage, Rah Digga and Lauryn Hill. Produced by Timberland Only. He is a producer that can rock Hip Hop and R&B which Compliments all 4 emcees with their craft.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Hell yeah! Can’t forget about the ladies!!

      Didn’t they come close with that “Ladies Night” track w/Left Eye, Kim, Latifa and..???

      • Pierzy

        Ladies’ Night was Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat, Missy and Angie Martinez

    • tony grand$

      @ curtis,
      How bout instead of La, we put Lil Kim? PRIME Kim, not Botox Kimmy……..

      • Curtis75Black

        Aight, I see that group might need a little sassiness.

  • nellz

    Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Kanye West, Andre 3k

    beats by mr. west of course.

  • Curtis75Black

    Twista, Chip Fu, Big Jaz and Busta Rhymes – Quick tongue emcees produced by ?estlove.

    • Pierzy

      With a Bone Thugs sample as the hook?

  • Zulu1925

    Andre 3K, The D.O.C., Common & Jay Electronica (The Badudes!) produced by 9th Wonder

  • Zulu1925

    Slick Rick, B.I.G., Andre 3K & Scarface produced by The Neptunes (something orchestral)

    They would make an epic story-based song!

  • C. Hop

    NY (A-Team) Jay, Nas, Sean P, Ghost – Kanye Producing

    NY (B-Team) Jada, Saigon, Keith Murray, J. Ortiz – Preemo Producing

    NY Legends – Big, Pun, Big L – Jam Master J Prod.

    Bay Area – E-40, Keak, Yukmouth, Ras Kass – Droop E.

    LA – Game, Snoop, Cube, Murs – DJ Quik

    South (A-Team) Wayne, T.I., Jeezy, Andre 3k – Mannie Fresh

    South (B-Team) Luda, Plies, Juve, Trick Daddy – Cool & Dre

    Midwest Free Agents – Kanye, Tech N9ne, Twista, Eminem

  • Pierzy

    Just in case anyone is still checking this, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone. First, thanks to XXL and Scratch for the opportunity…it’s greatly appreciated. Next, to my fellow serial commenters like Tony Grand$, $ykotic, OG Matt Herbz, TPAR and everybody else, thank you for not only contributing to this thread but also for elevating the level of conversation and debate under every post. People that make comments on websites get shit on a lot and sometimes it’s justified, but oftentimes, they’re just people that have good, strong opinions without an outlet for them. Finally, to ALL of you that commented on here, thank you. Without anyone reading or commenting, we couldn’t come on here every day and bullshit about all things hip-hop. From what I can tell, we’re from all walks of life, racial, ethnic, and age groups but yet we all love this music and this culture. For you guys to take a question that has been rolling around in my head for some time and put so much thought into means an incredible amount to me.

    Thank you to all of you and I’ll see you on the next blog in the Comments section. Get at me…


  • Curtis75Black

    @ Pierzy, Hip Hop been in my blood since hearing my Father spin Spoonie Gee tracks. Mellie Mel’s sis used to live a floor below me, so I seen his ass all the time.This right here, was easy for any real Hip Hop fan to jump on. I have no problem contributing and I’m happy the Topic came through.

    Chuck D
    Mellie Mel
    Wise Intelligent
    Bomb Squad Production

    • Pierzy

      What up Curtis…I meant to mention you in my “thank you” post too!

      • http:/ tony grand$

        That’s what’s up P! Thanks for the shout out, & for the positivity.

        This is why we come here, right? To connect on a level where we all are the same, fans of this artform. No matter WHO we are, hip hop is WHAT we are.

  • Hip Hop since 77

    How Bout Red, Mef, Talib, And Mos. With Hi Tek on the boards. FIRE!!! Whew, got myself excited over that shit. Somebody get on the phone and make that shit happen.

  • TFF

    Elzhi, Blu, Phonte, Ghostface

    Producers: Exile, Zo!, Nicolay, Black Milk

  • Johnny

    Mos, Nas, Jay-Z & Kanye
    Beats by Mr. West

    this would give like a combo of lyricism, swagger, etc.

  • alderman j

    beats by cool and dre
    beats by toomp
    beats by alchemist

  • alderman j

    Ice Cube-Chuck D-KRS 1-D.O.C.

    DR DRE

  • $hamarie Knight

    1. 2Pac, Nas, DMX & Ja Rule
    Producer: Irv Gotti

    2. Big L, Ma$e, Cam’ron & Jadakiss
    Producers: Just Blaze & Kanye West

    3. 2Pac, Snoop, Ice Cube & The Game
    Producers: Dr. Dre & Daz

    4. Notorious BIG, Big L, Nas & Big Pun
    Producer: Havoc

  • Anonymous

    fabolous, diddy, red cafe, ross



  • Anonymous

    Nas, Talib Kweli, Reef the Lost Cauze & Andre 3k over Dre beats.


    LIL B, GUCCI, Soulja Boy, and OJ da juice…….on NITTY BEATS….LMAO XD

  • KiNGPiN

    i say:
    Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique, Royce da 5’9″, and Eminem


    KiD CuDi, Wale, XV, Wiz Khalifa