This is Pierzy from the comments section (although I post the least on Scratch because I don't claim to know nearly as much as some others when it comes to beats and turntables). If I had a chance to blog, I'd open up with what would be the all-time ultimate four-man group (with each member in their prime)? And if you could have one producer to lay tracks for them, who it be?

A majority of people would say B.I.G, 'Pac, Nas & Jay-Z and that's tough to beat.
(Who would be the producer? Easy Mo Bee? Preemo?)

But what about KRS-One, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap?
(Over Marley Marl beats? Premier?)

Some people would say that Slaughterhouse would be their choice already.
How about Nas, AZ, Prodigy & Raekwon? (L.E.S.? Havoc? RZA? Pete Rock?)

Or Ice Cube, 'Pac, Snoop & Kurupt? (over Dre beats)

There are crazy different combinations you could come up with...