Ron Mexico: Welcome to the program, Skip. What we're gonna do here is a little word-association seeding. I'll give you a name. You'll give me a seeding, okay?

Skip Bayless: Alright. I'm down. But first, let me say, Lil' Wayne, I'm a big fan of your The Drought Is Over mixtape series. You're the best rapper we've had since Biggie. But I'm a beast and a dog and a something inapproprpiate problem. You might be a little out of your league today, "Lil'" man.

Lil' Wayne: *giggling* A-hehhehheh. You like that Drought Is Over? *more giggles*

Jemele Hill: What about me, Skip?

SB: I loved you in Poetic Justice.

JH: I hate you.

RM: *containing laughter* Alright. Alright, Skip. "Rick Rawse."

SB: Eh, 4.

JH: *snarling* 5 or 6.

LW: Ricky a 3.

RM: Okay. We'll keep the same order. Skip, "Yung Berg."

SB: 1

JH: 1

LW: That nigga a 0.

RM: Okay. No arguments there. How about "Gucci Mane?"

SB: 3

RM: Wayne?

LW: He a 2 or a 3.

RM: Melle Mel?

JH: Ummm... 7.

RM: Wow, Jemele. That's pretty low. Why a 7?

JH: I heard he just got with Mya. I don't know how, but if that's true, he's smarter than he looks.

SB: --Or Mya's just that much of a whore. I mean, she hasn't had a hit since "Best of Me."

RM: Skip, I'm impressed. Can you maybe give us a little bit of that Jay-Z verse?

SB: Absolutely not.

RM: *laughing* Well, I tried. *to Wayne* What do you think of that rationale? *concerned pause* Oh, shit. Are you alright?

LW: *sniffling* Yeah. I'm sorry, Miss Katie. It's just... *lifts glasses* *wipes at tear* She remind me of Nivea. I-I still love her. *frowning*

JH: Oh, god.

RM: I'm sorry, Wayne. You mean you'd take her back still?

LW: I love her. *looking into monitor* *still wiping furiously at tears*

RM: Nigga, that tear ain't gonna come off. That's a tattoo.

LW: *sniffs* Oh, right. I'm sorry, daddy.

RM: *deep sigh* We'll be right back.

LW: I want some cookies.

Updated Suggested Contestants
Jim Jones - *
Gucci Mane
Soulja Boy Tellem - *
Chris Brown
Yung Berg - *
Lil Kim
Parlae of Dem Franchize Boyz
Floyd Mayweather
K-Ci & Jojo
Young Buck
Rick Ross - *
Daddy Yankee
WSHH Content
WSHH Comments
OJ Da Juiceman
Homeboy From BooBooTV
Suge Knight
Fat Joe
Dr. Dre
DJ Vlad
VLAD TV Content
Juelz Santana
DG Yola
Lil Flip
Foxy Brown
Max B
Crooked I
Joe Budden
Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston
Charles Barkley
Kid Cudi
Terrence Howard
Joaquin Phoenix
[Every] Major Labels [Sucks Dick]
Frankie F. Baby (Keyshia Cole’s mom)
Plaxico Burress
Jermaine Dupri
Weezy's Weedcarrier
Jesse Jackson
Scott Storch
Katt Williams
Steve Harvey
Pacman Jones
Ron Browz

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