You gotta have priorities

So, 50 Cent’s new album got pushed aside in favor of the new Eminem album.

Fiddy didn’t seem at all concerned yesterday, on the Howard Stern Show. Howard, who stays up on hip-hop, asked Fiddy why Before I Self Destruct isn’t coming out until this summer, when it was supposed to be out this month. Fiddy said it was because the new Eminem album is already finished, so it’s gonna be released first.

I didn’t put one and two together until I saw the headline on this site just now, about how Fiddy blames Em for his album getting pushed back – the label probably figured a new 50 Cent album isn’t gonna sell any better than Curtis. It might sell even worse. Eminem, meanwhile, recently a sales record for digital downloads. In terms of popularity, he’s right up there with T.I. and Flo Rida.

Does this mean Fiddy is gonna beef with Eminem, or does Fiddy know better than to bite the hand that feeds?

When Howard Stern mentioned how ubiquitous “Crack a Bottle” is becoming, and Fiddy replied that it was actually gonna be on his album, I couldn’t help but be reminded of when Fiddy claimed that “How We Do,” from the first Game album, was supposed to be on his album, and that he wrote most of the songs on that first Game album.

As I recall, The Massacre sold way better than The Documentary, but Fiddy must have understood that no one liked any of the songs on The Massacre. Then Fiddy’s point was kinda rendered moot, when the second Game album came out, and it was even better than the first one. Fiddy, meanwhile, is obviously still struggling to come up with another song people like.

I wonder: if “Crack a Bottle” was released as a song by 50 Cent featuring Dr. Dre and Eminem, would it have sold nearly as well?

As I mentioned yesterday, I was planning on copping Before I Self Destruct on GP, as a show of my appreciation for Fiddy’s achievements in the field of online hip-hop beef. But who knows if I’ll still give a shit this summer, or if I’ll even have the money.

You’d think that Fiddy would be especially pissed that Eminem is robbing him of the opportunity to capitalize on the publicity he’s generated in this beef with Rick Ross. He’s been on the radio seemingly every day for the past few weeks now discussing it, and of course he’s been all over the blogs. Imagine if he actually had a new album to promote.

But again, it’s hard to get a read on Fiddy. You get the idea he could care less if and when his next album comes out; he stays beefing with people just for the sheer enjoyment of fucking with people. Howard Stern asked him if he had any hobbies other than rap music, and traveling to different cities, banging broads, and what have you, as if a man would need a hobby other than that, and Fiddy replied that he’s been making these videos mocking Rick Ross.

In the news item today about his album getting pushed back, Fiddy mentioned that traffic to ThisIs50 has been up 60% since the beef with Officer Ricky, and that this should bode well for ad sales. As if he should be at all concerned with making money from ads on his blog. That kind of money can’t compare to the money he makes from album sales, can it? I thought there was no money in hip-hop websites. Or is that just what people have been telling me as an excuse not to pay me?

If he is able to make a significant amount of money from his blog, or if he decides that he’s got enough money, and it’s obvious no one wants to hear him rap anymore anyway, and so he decides to shift his primary focus to mocking people in web videos, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

That is, unless he actually did say something to hurt my feelings.

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  • Teddy

    excuses excuses nothing but excuses from 50 did the same shit last album always an excuse trying his very hardest to avoid the inevitable fall the fuck off thats coming his way his music is pure garbage he stays makine funny videos but at the end of the day their all bullshti and distractions from the fact he has no music and needs to stay famous,

  • amar

    i appreciate fiddy’s honesty in this about how lame his love life is…but…it just confirms the obvious fact that he likes the cock

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    As a rapper 50 Cent sucks monkey balls, so yeah I too wouldn’t give 2 shits if he stopped rapping today. he should focus his energy on just fucking with other rappers. I know if I had money like 50 Cent does, I would fuck with niggas careers all day long. Specially all these wack rappers out.

    • ole dirty marmot

      No, wouldn’t be worthwhile-they just don’t have anything to lose,like fighting an ugly person.You gotta mess with the ones on top,keep ‘em nervous.

  • Pierzy

    As I said yesterday, I would much rather listen to 50 Cent get interviewed than rap. That interview yesterday was pretty great…

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    You asked if “Crack A Bottle” was promoted instead as a 50 Cent song ft. Dre & Em if people would listen to it. I think people would still listen to “Crack A Bottle” based on the mere fact that Em is on it.

    But that song is wack anyway.

    Why won’t 50 just admit that his songs weren’t that good?

  • macdatruest

    Damn Fiddy is a Pioneer. People want somebody to just randomly hate, A Mad Rapper, A Sad Millionaire, etc. thats crazy! I know that mainstream hip hop is all about marketing now. Traffic up 60% so that means more “fans” to sell out to advertisers. I’ll be embarrassed to be a Fiddy Cent fan if I was one, but I like rap. Not muscle bound lames in wigs who generally just spend a lot of money being a joke of a father and a dildo salesman. I wouldn’t pay a fuckin wooden nickel to watch an interview of this ugly ass cornball. I want music, I can’t even really tell what Fiddy is sellin’ but I aint buyin’ it

    • macdatruest

      Oh yea he sellin’ video games and dildos

      • DETROIT

        you mad cuz the nigga gettin money? you want the nigga to just rap? ask some retired rappers how that works out in the end! niggas be old, washed up, and broke tryin to jump on young niggas’ tracks (a la kool g rap)! rappers don’t get no doe for real! why would you hate a nigga for understanding the real game, the game of life! I’d sell dildos or whatever else if i knew i was gonna get paid. IT’S BETTER THAN SELLING CRACK! and as far as his kid, as far as i know, 50 does as much for his kid as he can. His bm is tryin to block him from fuckin wit the boy, so he had to goto court. do you have a bm? is she a project hoe? if not, you may not understand what 50 is going thru!

        • macdatruest

          Nigga, you know if other niggas was doing clown ass shit especially a nigga from the South, niggas would be all over him. I recall Fiddy calling Lil’ Wayne a Whore, saying he was doing too many collabos. Lil Wayne cannot force himself on a collabo, that’s called being “in demand” and that comes from being “hot” Now I would say Fiddy is over-exposing himself purposely waaaay more than Wayne may have been overexposed due to people actually liking his flow-and funny thing is Fiddy’s exposure is not even helping his music. Or his dildos, whatever he selling. And, not to mention-Whores make sex toys!!!!

        • squadwildin

          Lil Wayne is a whore cuz he’s gettin pimped by Baby…plain and simple. thats that. 50 cent is doin all the pimpin…

          and you dont like those Curly videos? most of them are funny….he took a dumb ass nick name that Ross gave him and turned it into entertainment. How genius is that…

          ****where the fuck did rick ross get that nick name from anyway…i’m from the south and ive never heard someone call 50 Cent Curly*****

        • macdatruest

          Cash Money/Universal:
          Wayne is the President AND a Multi-Platinum RELEVANT artist, countless collabos, and co-signed by Jigga himself- New York’s greatest rapper not the South’s. What did Baby do now?


          Before Fiddy get paid, Em get paid, before Em get paid, Dre get paid and before Dre get paid Jimmy, the racist pimp who been pimpin Dre for years, gets paid. These are Fiddys own words (see Straight to the Bank)

          So Fiddy is a slave to me. He just weak lyrically, anybody that think that Curly the Pimp shit is funny is lame. That shit wouldn’t make nobody laugh if you put it on a primetime comedy show as a skit. You gotta have Fiddy dick in yo eyes to see that shit as entertaning.

          I am however, entertained that I turned on the most popular radio station in my city V100 and it was like Fiddy Cent need to face his “Thirteen Minutes” of fame is up, he tryna blame Eminem for his album yata yata… but I was like hell nah, I thought it he was finished on the hush

        • ChicoVision

          I feel your pain brotha…But really check your facts..50 has more money than Em & Dre….not from music but many other ventures….Wayne networth is about 25 million (da Most). Google it I did….How much do you think he make an album? and does anyone realize Ricky started the war…Half a billion is a lot more than hammer Or Mike Tyson made. He has a lot more than music wayne never never had a clothing line collabos ain’t shit if your charging 10k….check your facts b4 carter three 10k a collabo. I’m not telling you to like 50, but don’t front like these weak rappers wish and write about his networth…Why show all that money and say Vitamin water taste like medicine when it’s a billion dolla business…the wealthiest rappers are from NEW YORK…somebody prove me wrong….Pac was born in Brooklyn!!

  • dark vanilla

    This just proves 50 Cent has no life. Has he forgotten how to rap? Or is whole life just based on beefing?

  • sealsaa

    Traffic on his site is up 60%, meanwhile, Rick Ross is getting more publicity on the site than he’s ever recieved ( with the exception of him being exposed as a CO). I don’t think that 50 ever stopped to consider that his Ross bashing might just backfire. Especially now that his album won’t be out until this summer, and Ross’ is still due to drop on time. He may have just inadvertently earned Ross a platinum plaque. Talk about Ethering yourself…


      a 60% increase in site traffic on a site that 50 OWNES, is probably worth more to 50 than going plat (which is not gonna happen) would be to Ross. remember, ross is on slip-n-slide/defjam, he still has his slave deal! going plat would mean more to def jam than it would to ross. Remember dre’s verse on outkasts’ “elevators”? that’s how ross is livin!

  • EReal

    I’m still lmao @ Ross saying he’s going to sell 12 million albums when he hasn’t even gone platinum. Shit, FAT JOE went platinum. lol.


    it’s 50 this 250 that every week on this site…

    if he ain’t popular i can’t tell…

    These cat’s mention his name so there lame blogs can get #’s….

    do rappers get money off of there albums??? crumbs!!!

    you are a pond at XXL you act like you own this site…

    instead of talking shit why don’t yo Carl Winslow lookin ass pick up a Mic???


    Mark my words 50 will go plat…

    Curtis went 2 x plat.. and 4 x plat worldwide…

    he will leave the game with every solo album going multi platinum…

    they may not bump him in Portland but he gets play across the globe…

    more from cats that don’t be on site’s…

    • $ykotic

      Naw they play his old club classics in the 503.

      Hear them everytime I go downtown. Even the dive bars in the NEP.

      50 is a brand name. This Ross thing pushes his name out there without him having to spend label budget dough.

      Fif and Mickey Rourke gonna push that Curly ish outta there new film studio.

      The site is feeding that staff alone. You need hits for a site to pop off. Heads going back and forth waiting for a new diss song? Killing them.

      Ross has gotta have a bonafide classic on his hands, or like 50 said once this buzz goes away Ross will too.

      So I cannot see how Ross is killing 50. 50 is cleaning up and feeding people behind him in this recession.

      Wonder what is Ross’ next move since Zoe Pound they are neutral.

      “We RESPECT 50. The kid Ross is COOL.” Ouch

      • DETROIT

        cosign! ross is the fakest nigga EVER! he tried to imply that zoe pound was fuckin wit him, and they came out and shitted on him! i’m telling you, ross is the fat lyin ass nigga in your third grade class that tried to tell you he was related to michael jordan, lol!

        ALSO, let me get this str8, the BOSS of the miami drug trade gets dismissed by some local miami niggas? don’t sound like boss shit to me!

  • ChicoVision

    Wow…This is the music business right? Why do any of ya’ll care what 50 cent does. This is the mans last contractual album. He’s free after this. He first three albums sold 24millon copies. He worth nearly a half a billion dollars. Fuck Rick Ross he don’t even have Rihanna money. Stop rooting for the underdogs and start getting with the winner. Yeah hes a bully how many artist earn more than the people who brought them into the game. Game (the rapper)
    is now broke….Young Buck is missing like Cam. Fat Joe is soooo irrelevant in hip hop. 500 million is not to be played with. I don’t think ya’ll really hate 50….You just want him to come down to ya’ll level…broke day to day money. 50 cent killed hip hop not soulja boy….he is the only “Gansta Rapper” to do what he has done in the amount of time he had. Now everyone else is to catch up. I would be pissed in I was a real rapper/hiphop head and this “munkey” with his “white” homeboy came and snatched up all the money…Who else in this game except the big three (JayZ/Diddy/Fifty) will reach a billion dollars….f.y.i all have New York Birth certificates. None of the people 50 is or have beef with will every reach what he has done. That would make me angry also….To know I can’t win…Ask Kanye he won the battle, but lost the war…I.E. in a fiscal year 50 made 152 million dollars second to Oprah. And made more money on a lesser selling album….


      cosign…except the part about cam, HE’S BACK WITH THAT HOT SHIT!

  • FlapJack

    Fiddy knows he’s played out by now. He’s gonna do his last last album to finish his contract, and retire. In the club and I get money is all he gave us anyway

    Cosign Pierzy. He should be a promoter or a spokesperson or something. His actig is meh.

  • that nigga

    He should promote WWF or Boxing. Or even do day time tv a la On Life to Live or General Hospital cz his acting fuckin scks too!

  • Master Cheef

    macdatruest sound like dat white nerd that had that video up calling 50 a whore. haha

    curtis sucked shit, the massacre had a gang of straight bangers.

    play wit it.

    • macdatruest

      Macdatruest’s name aint Spider Loc’s Dick, so keep it out yo gggggg-mouth nigga

  • tommy gunz

    master cheef sound a black ass geek that sucked off 50 back in 03-04 and hated him once he became popular…play wit it

  • tommy gunz

    or not…there;s just so much fuckn 50 hate on this site…i think y’all should question yourselves as to why you would hate somebody so much that did nothing but keep it the same from day one…

  • sealsaa

    LOL @ 50 going platinum. That album’s going to be a shit sandwich, and he knows it. Personally, I hope it does Soulja Boy numbers.

  • macdatruest

    Bottom line is, if you like Fiddy, go buy a Fiddy Cent dildo and go fuck yourself-it’s what he would want from his fans. Trust me, it’s like he said, traffic on his site is only good for advertising- Yayo Tampons, Fiddy Cent Dildos, and Lloyd Lubricant. Them niggas is Gayngsta!!! They some real Girlillas!


    No bottom line is go Tell yo homo ass jokes on yo own gay website…

    you ain’t know Mac cause a Mac ain’t concerned with other grown men…

    stupiud wiggas….

    • macdatruest

      Damn who stuck The Gorilla Unit Brand Dildo up your ass? Go to, he need more traffic. Go read Tia’s Diary and fuck yourself, that’s what being a G-Unit fan is, am I lying?

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “I thought there was no money in hip-hop websites. Or is that just what people have been telling me as an excuse not to pay me?”

    Biting the feeding hand?

    Fifty blogging full time would be a Pu~!

  • http://Www.Yahoo.Com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    Man fuck ths nigga.

  • tommy gunz

    LOL @ comment posters on a hip hop website….the most bitter motherfuckers on the planet

  • Master Cheef

    is this the same tommy gunz from rocky 5?

    i thought you got aids and died.

  • allnice

    50 is looking like the next MC Hammer everyday. And he is running out of strategies to make money. What happens when he can no longer make a decent rap song? At least he isn’t as stupid as Nas or Ludacris though. Them niggaz are totally garbage right now.

  • dark vanilla

    Nas and Luda garbage? Get da fuck outta here.


    the point 50 was making about giving game those 5 tracks for his first album. those were going be on 50′s second album. if you give away 5 hits you gotta replace them with something and it might not work out as good. think if game did not have those 5 songs his cd would have been hot dog water. then think how much better massacre would have been with those 5 songs. thats why 50 had the point he made game a star it’s true.

  • dark vanilla

    ChicoVision, Game’s broke? Last time I checked, he was in the top 20 for richest rappers alive in Forbes. What war did Kanye lose? Kanye gets richer and richer while 50′s G-Unit label is falling apart. Do I want 50 to fall? No. I want him to make better music. I want him to actual find a purpose into why he raps. Its like when he first came into the game, his goal was to prove everyone that he could take the throne in rap. If you listen to Power of the Dollar and GRODT, it sounds like 50 is actual rapping with a purpose. But after that, his songs just sound lazy and like he’s not even trying cuz he knows that he has dickryding fans that will listen to anything. And then artist like Fat Joe, Cam’ron, T.I., Rick Ross, and Kanye who are actually looking to improve, try new things, and put out better shit get dissed by 50 cent and his dumbass fans buy into it. I guess the thing I’m pissed at is if your going to rap, spit your heart out so we can hear decent music. Try to improve. Instead 50 has gotten worse.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure you would like Portland cuz just about everyone down here sucks off 50 cent like you.

  • dark vanilla

    BIGNAT, heres some knowledge for ya. The only tracks that 50 really wrote for Game were Hate It Or Love It, Higher, and Church for Thugs. And he really only wrote the hooks basically. How We Do and Westside Story’s hooks were originally done by Snoop Dogg, but 50 felt the need to hop on and so Snoop’s hooks were replaced with 50. Go listen to the Westside Story remix and you’ll here Snoop on the hook. Now lets take those 5 tracks out that 50 contributed to. You still have Dreams (good track), Put You on the Game (good track), Don’t need your Love (good track), Start from Scratch (probably the best track on the album), Where I’m From, We Aint, and Like Father, Like Son. So even without those 5, you still have a decent album. Plus the only songs 50 could have put on his album were Hate It or Love It, and How We Do. Now I give 50 credit for marketing Game, but I don’t give him credit for making the Game a good artist. Game should have been long forgotten when he got kicked outta G-Unit, yet he still is here today still relevant.