So, 50 Cent's new album got pushed aside in favor of the new Eminem album.

Fiddy didn't seem at all concerned yesterday, on the Howard Stern Show. Howard, who stays up on hip-hop, asked Fiddy why Before I Self Destruct isn't coming out until this summer, when it was supposed to be out this month. Fiddy said it was because the new Eminem album is already finished, so it's gonna be released first.

I didn't put one and two together until I saw the headline on this site just now, about how Fiddy blames Em for his album getting pushed back - the label probably figured a new 50 Cent album isn't gonna sell any better than Curtis. It might sell even worse. Eminem, meanwhile, recently a sales record for digital downloads. In terms of popularity, he's right up there with T.I. and Flo Rida.

Does this mean Fiddy is gonna beef with Eminem, or does Fiddy know better than to bite the hand that feeds?

When Howard Stern mentioned how ubiquitous "Crack a Bottle" is becoming, and Fiddy replied that it was actually gonna be on his album, I couldn't help but be reminded of when Fiddy claimed that "How We Do," from the first Game album, was supposed to be on his album, and that he wrote most of the songs on that first Game album.

As I recall, The Massacre sold way better than The Documentary, but Fiddy must have understood that no one liked any of the songs on The Massacre. Then Fiddy's point was kinda rendered moot, when the second Game album came out, and it was even better than the first one. Fiddy, meanwhile, is obviously still struggling to come up with another song people like.

I wonder: if "Crack a Bottle" was released as a song by 50 Cent featuring Dr. Dre and Eminem, would it have sold nearly as well?

As I mentioned yesterday, I was planning on copping Before I Self Destruct on GP, as a show of my appreciation for Fiddy's achievements in the field of online hip-hop beef. But who knows if I'll still give a shit this summer, or if I'll even have the money.

You'd think that Fiddy would be especially pissed that Eminem is robbing him of the opportunity to capitalize on the publicity he's generated in this beef with Rick Ross. He's been on the radio seemingly every day for the past few weeks now discussing it, and of course he's been all over the blogs. Imagine if he actually had a new album to promote.

But again, it's hard to get a read on Fiddy. You get the idea he could care less if and when his next album comes out; he stays beefing with people just for the sheer enjoyment of fucking with people. Howard Stern asked him if he had any hobbies other than rap music, and traveling to different cities, banging broads, and what have you, as if a man would need a hobby other than that, and Fiddy replied that he's been making these videos mocking Rick Ross.

In the news item today about his album getting pushed back, Fiddy mentioned that traffic to ThisIs50 has been up 60% since the beef with Officer Ricky, and that this should bode well for ad sales. As if he should be at all concerned with making money from ads on his blog. That kind of money can't compare to the money he makes from album sales, can it? I thought there was no money in hip-hop websites. Or is that just what people have been telling me as an excuse not to pay me?

If he is able to make a significant amount of money from his blog, or if he decides that he's got enough money, and it's obvious no one wants to hear him rap anymore anyway, and so he decides to shift his primary focus to mocking people in web videos, it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

That is, unless he actually did say something to hurt my feelings.