camron word detective

The new mixtape cover.

Who just turned rap music back on? For a minute the only discussion I could think of was how the rap music industry, fuck that, the entire music industry was in a slump of catastrophic proportions. Companies were firing their underperformers left and right, while some were folding up their tents and moving back into their momma's houses.

When the music industry hurts, the magazine industry that supports the music industry also suffers. Shit is so tight at XXL that instead of sending me a check they mailed me twenty magazines with a note that I would prA'li get the most sales in front of a community college. I'm thinking about signing the cover in black Scripto ink and seling these jawnts as officaily signed Jim Jones copies.

To the folks at XXL (the magazine): Why don't these mags come with a CD from the cover artists? Iy doesn't have to be an album or even an EP. Just a CD single would do. This Brit rap mag that sends me their issues always has a CD stuck in the middle of the binding. Just a thought...

Selling copies of the Dip Set cover to kids in tight jeans might be difficult since they don't have any pockets in their mandex to hold their money. Selling copies of next month's issue with the Cam'Ron cover won't be difficult at all. Cam'Ron has achieved an almost cult figure status (no Jim Jones - Guyana) among the remainder of his fans. These folks have held out for a minute to hear from their hero.

In just two weeks we went from the Joe Budden vs. Saigon beef to the first performance of SlaughterHouse to the beef with Fifty Cent and Officer Ross to now the re-emergence of Cam'Ron. The stakes are fucking high right now internets. There is so much shit coming to the table that even you hating ass haters have to shut the fuck up. The JadaKiss album. The Jim Jones album. And now Cam'Ron resurfaces with a video anthem for the American everyman.

'I Hate My Job' is what we all say from Monday until Friday, but never on payday, unless you are getting your salary garnished by one of your creditors. I hate that shit. I love Cam's video though. This nigga is what the game has been missing. Supposedly there are three more videos being shot for Cam's upcoming album release 'Crime Pays'. I think it's gonna be a hot winter.

You don't deserve to be this lucky internets so enjoy it while it lasts.

*looks around apartment for Diplomatic Immunity CD*

*breaks up weed on cover of Dip Set XXL mag*

*rolls dutch and then lights said dutch*

*presses > button on CD player*

*reads XXL mag*