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I know Ray-J’s not a rapper, but he’s ignorant enough to be considered one. You must know by now that Brandy’s little brother has a VH1 reality show, For the Love of Ray-J. Recently there’s been some drama, as one of the contestants, Danger, claims to be pregnant with his child and possibly used to be a prostitute. Somebody call Maury. Reality shows are in no way a new phenomenon but I know I’m not the only one who thought this craze was fleeting. Blame Flava Flav for igniting the trend in hip-hop. Before long, every rapper and their weed carrier caught on. After winning their Oscar, Three 6 Mafia displayed their full ignorance in Adventures in Hollyhood. Run’s House is inspirational I guess, but incredibly scripted, as is Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood. And there must be some reality show coupon we don’t know about, because both Coolio and Uncle Luke had one, too. I had to watch at least a few minutes of these shows as part of my job in keeping up with what’s hot and not, and a lot of it is better left un-filmed.

The one hip-hop reality series I loved was Gotti’s Way, which revealed the many asshole tendencies of Irv but was incredibly entertaining and enlightening nonetheless. It not only showed Irv’s business savvy side but how much he cares for his family…aside from his nonchalance about cheating on his wife. Despite only focusing on one aspect of T.I.’s life—his prison stint—Road to Redemption is also uplifting. Those are the type of reality shows that stick, the ones where you get to see a different side of an artist. But normally, a reality show is an indication of being beyond the low point in one’s career. For the most part, it’s the last hoorah for rappers who don’t make money otherwise and need to promote themselves.

With reality shows now a part of the TV-viewing norm, however, we’ll be seeing more and more artists “getting real” for the cameras. Lil Scrappy says he’s working on a reality show for BET. Lil Kim has signed on for Dancing With the Stars (there’s some rehearsal photos circulating the Web), and good luck to Plies, who’s supposed to be shooting “Bust it Baby,” some type of search for the perfect hoodrat. Do you guys find these shows entertaining? Do you want to see more behind-the-scenes footage of rappers’ lifestyles and see how they really are? Who would you rather see have a reality show? —clovito


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  • Josh

    First let me say that I hardly watch TV, and when I do, it’s sports, movies or some kind of HBO show (Sopranos, Curb, Wire, etc.).

    That being said, over the last couple of years, I have become addicted to VH1 CelebReality shows.

    I have no idea why, but these shows are really entertaining to me.

    From Flavor of Love to I Love New York to the White Rapper Show and even to I Love Money to Real Chance of Love to, yes, For the Love of Ray J.

    And I have no interest whatsoever in the similar fare that MTV has to offer. Think about it – most of America probably agrees (with the exception of, maybe, Making of The Band). Just ask 50 — his reality show got canceled.

    There’s just something about watching relatively attractive, yet usually dumb and/or hood rattish, girls with fake breasts willing to do anything for the attention of some washed up pseudo-celebrity just to be rejected.

    That’s why you’ll probably never see another I Love New York-type show (i.e. with a female lead), but you’ll see a dozen more Flavor of Love rip offs (i.e. with a male lead) — see Rock Of Love, Real Chance of Love, For the Love of Ray J…

    I’d personally like to see a For the Love of Bobby Brown or possibly Vanilla Ice…VH1, are you reading?

    • clovito

      oh snap, for the love of bobby brown would be wildly entertaining but he has a girl and a new kid coming. not that that would stop him! Being bobby brown was classic

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      The best reality show is the original reality show and that is . . .

      The 11 o’clock news!!! Watching you dumb ass niggas getting killed and having other bad thing happening to you makes my day.

      The second best reality show is also an original and that show is Cops! Watching you stupid niggas getting locked up is a close second to seeing you niggas getting killed.

      Fuck all of yall and have a bad day bitches

  • d.m.

    best reality show JOEBUDDENTV.COM!!!!
    T.I. wouldnt have a show if he wasnt going to prison (snitch a** n****a). Flava flav is a coon my bad COON. Ray J well he gets a pass cuz he rep’d the brothas hard with his sex tape (NO HOMO u HOMOS). Gotti’s way was good (when is season 2?) Saltnpeppa was wack(they needed the money) 50cent money & the power (pause) it spoke 4 itself with that trash. Uncle luke showed just how old and out of touch he was (oh yeah he’s locked up right now for not paying child support WTH?)Like I said best reality show JOEBUDDENTV.COM….INTERNET SOLDIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    The Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club are the most entertaining to me because you see when a person is past the limelight trying to either lose weight (Biz Markie, Bizzare , Young Mc) or just trying to survive and forget their past (Vanilla Ice and Pepa) with a bunch of other Has-beens in the game. Flavor has been a fool and sick with it having all these “Dimes Pieces” trying to get with his ugly ass. Everything else seems too scripted for my taste though Keisha’s show is cool with her Mom Frankie constanly Blowing up spots.

    What we need is someone like Memphis Bleek rocking a show. I think it will be hot to see how his life has become since the RocaFella flame was put out. Does he really have nothing to worry about as Jay claimed or is he struggling trying to bring it back to the masses without the shadow of Jay clouding him.

    • c. gabi


      The Surreal Life was seriously slept on. I watched that show religiously every season.

      I think the best reality show (as far as one superstar goes) was “Being Bobby Brown”. I really think that show changed people’s perceptions of Bobby & Whitney.

  • Trouble

    I watch those shows a lot because my babymoma LOVES them. I only liked “Gotti’s Way”, “Uncle Lukes house”, and the DMX show. I wanted that Jim Jones show to work out on VH1 but it obviously didnt. “I love money” is decent, but all that find tru love shit is overplayed and we know its fake, they never find love, and then just do season 2, 3 etc etc

  • amar

    t.i’s show is pretty good…although it bugs me to know he may not be genuine and it may secretly be some sorta judge’s order. Either way, good stuff.

    rapper love reality shows annoy the shit outa me and plies is gonna lost any credibility he had with me as a person for his bullshit.

  • Bobo D

    I think the worst rap reality show was of 3-6 mafia. But it also shows that there has to be some sought of entertainment bringing upon all the reality shows that never saw the day of light:
    Nas & Kelis, Young Buck, JR Rotem, 50 Cent etc.

    The only one which I try to catch is Snoops. But for the rest of the reality shows I don’t watch, I mean even scenes from Survivor are re-shot, so whats really real?
    Thats why my TV stays locked on Discovery channel.

    So to quote Andy Warhol(1968):
    ‘In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’

  • jackpot

    I pretty much follow all those rap reality shows. I at least give them a shot. I even watch “Real Chance Of Love” for some reason. Like Josh, I can’t really explain it. I just get a kick out of it. I’ve been watching Ray J too. The girls are never that dope on those shows though.

    • Josh

      Please note, I said “relatively attractive” (i.e. “Yeah, I’d hit” but not “Dayum she’s fine”)

  • Buckey

    I swear that was not me in that leaked video!!!

  • 7v5a7

    I Love Money 2 is money!!! My man “IT” needs his own show lol!!

    • BIGNAT

      IT doesn’t have a big enough vocabulary for his own show he remind me of a dude from my block. we call him ed mumbles IT mumbles alot sounds like he talking to himself half the time.

  • Devon

    Cosign Jackpot

  • tony grand$

    Reality shows are just the opposite.

    Dudes don’t have 20 females lines up to have sex with him, while he sucks & kisses all over each one. What’s realistic is that that’s an easy way to catch crabs or herpes (no Rihanna). All those “love” shows, especially “One Shot @ Love with Tila Tequila”, promote horrible ethics & morals for young women. All little girls watch that crap with admiration. Duck Sauce. It was entertaining 20 yrs ago, now it’s pathetic. If I don’t go buy your music, I damn sure don’t want to watch you simulate sex or play some asanine game of hide ‘n’ seek.

    I do like the ones with purpose, like I can’t knock Rev Run when he drops the inspirational gem @ the end of every episode. & TI’s is a reach IMO, but I feel him.

    666 mafia was only good because they were the only one’s doing it big @ the time. The rest are throwaways.

    Terrell Owens has one coming out, which may be fairly entertaining, because he is. If more of the shows focus on folks who were somewhat “real” people, then it might be a more lokable platform.

  • Devon


  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I tried watching Snoop’s Reality show, but just seeing his black ass ugly ass daughter makes me want to stab my eyes out with a plastic fork

  • tommy gunz

    i don’t do reality t.v….i’ve killed enough brain cells with my hardcore binge drinking, and decade of marijuana abuse..

  • The Party Killa

    I take those shows more so a GUILTY PLEASURE

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Jhon da Analyst

    Man……….fuck da bullshit. Reality shows have sucked since Kevin & Julie used to go at in on the 1st Real World. Also, what up Puck???!!! U dickhead

  • sarah
    this girl is fire!!!!! dare you to do better

    • capcobra


      • tony grand$

        Lmao @ cap!

      • BIGNAT

        it’s not that she is wack it’s just that she got some big ass horse teeth that shit is kinda scary

  • chitchat

    Don’t really watch VH1 but I did watch the Irv show. Irv’s wife was getting on my nerves with her desperate ass though so I wouldn’t mind that not returning. Also, Irv is mad extra. He was annoying too. That said Bobby Brown was the GOAT, strictly because of Whitney.

    I think they get paid per episode though, so I can’t be mad since records don’t sell anymore.

  • latino heat

    i also rarely watch tv except for sports center. unfourtunatley i was at my patna’s house last tuesday and have to admit i’ve been reeled into the blissful ignorance that is From G’s To Gents. i actually watched the 2nd episode on my own last night. don’t know if i’ll follow the whole thing but it has caught my interest. *sighs in disgust at myself *

    • clovito

      ha! It seems like a lot of hip-hop fans are like yourself. We get sucked into the reality programming for the drama and salaciousness, though most of them are pure BS. don’t fight it! I guess.

  • geico lizard

    “Danger, claims to be pregnant with his child and possibly used to be a prostitute. Somebody call Maury.” Nick cannons brother is engaged to this chick and he has agreed to raise ray j’s child,WTF? Nick cannons parents raised two suckas for love.

    I give nick cannon respect for having a tight ex girlfriend list(kim kardashian,that victorias secret model and christina milian) almost as good as derek jeters but nick is acting like a simp for mariah right now. Even I dont act that whipped in relationships. This nigga is famous he should be playing it smooth with mariah but he has put his career on hold and acts like he is her manservant.

  • geico lizard

    Roffle I went so hard on nick cannon i forgot to answer your question about reality shows. I dont like to see black people acting an ass unless its maury dna shows or cheaters so I try to avoid the vh1 fuckery. The one i got sucked into was “tool academy” the black people are off the show now so its white guys and some part asian guy left.

    I started watching by accident I thought it was a commercial that was leading into a joke because no straight man(unless his last name is cannon) would go on a show and be called a tool every week. The part asian guy hasnt had sex with his girl because she wants her parents to think she is a virgin when they watch the show. Another chick busted her out for confessing behind the scenes she has banged alot of guys behind “matsuiflex” back. Im sure when he watches the show he will feel stupid for letting her play him like that.

    • BIGNAT

      THAT TOOL JOINT I GAVE IT A CHANCE THAT SHIT WAS A RETARDED. that guy had his fat girlfriend telling him he need to last longer hahah. he busting quick to get the weight off him hahha. also cheaters is my joint i catch it when i can. thats a show that needs a jump up in budget and bring it showtime

  • EmCDL

    Not really big on watching reality shows…I miss the actual sitcoms. And we all know that most of that shit is scripted anyway. I stick to my reruns of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Chappelle’s Show and Martin…and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • Slick Tha Kid

    Ok. Top five GOOD Reality shows
    5: Keyshia Cole
    4: That old Vince Young Reality show that played on BET a while ago…..
    3: Gotti’s Way
    2: T.I.
    1: Run’s House: CAN YOU SAY THE HIP HOP COSBY’S!!!!

    • amar

      no, but i can say tarnished legacy