Spring Cleaning

There’s an old Seinfeld episode where George is sitting in a meeting and has a really good suggestion but then follows with a lame joke and loses the respect of the room. Later on Jerry tells him he should do it like the Vegas performers do and “walk off” after a high note because you’re only going downhill from there.

Hip-Hop would do well to heed that same advice. The people love nothing more than when you walk off in your prime. It leaves us wondering, did they have more genius material in the stash or did they barely eke out that last one? And it avoids Detox-like hype and disappointment (drop it anytime and we’ll be back on your side, Dre). But for some reason, rappers cannot let the mic go, even when they know they don’t have it anymore.

I’m a Biggie fan, I think he’s hands down the G.O.A.T. But we love him because the material he was able to produce in his life was great. He died in his prime and so we’ll never know if he could have gone 10 albums strong or if he would have done some bullshit and lost the crown. And not knowing is the best recipe for a legacy, because as far as we know everything he touched, even the St. Ides and Sprite commercials, were certified dope (insert some commenter hate here).

I have a laundry list of rappers who should hang it up and be done with it. There is no need to mention names but if you’re an artist who’s prime is past, just stop now. We love you for your classics, but every song and album you release now just drops you down a few notches in the public opinion. And you could always follow the old rockstar recipe and put out a few great albums, create a die-hard fan base and then tour on the strength of those albums until you die or get tired of that Ticket Master money.-MikeD

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  • Pierzy

    So, should we name names?


    -LL Cool J should have stopped after “Mr. Smith”

    -Rakim should have stopped after Eric B. [although "18th Letter" was good]

    -EPMD should have stayed “Out of Business”

    -Jay-Z after “The Black Album” [and I love "American Gangster"]

    -KRS-ONE a long time ago

    -Wu-Tang as a group after “Wu-Tang Forever”

    • MikeD

      Agreed, although Ghostface can put albums out forever and I will support.

      With Jay-Z I think we better wait and see what BP3 shapes up to.

      • Pierzy

        I totally agree about Ghostface…and maybe some of the others. But as a collective group, it hasn’t been the same since ’97.

        • El Tico Loco

          I agree as far as recording new music is concerned, just wouldn’t want them to stop touring especially KRS and Wu.

    • paychexx

      But the real question is Why stop rappin? i mean if you still selling records, maybe not a lot but sellin some, why stop. i mean too short still put out album and sold close to a half a mil almost every single time. Now we grow from rappers be cuz we get older and wiser, me personally i want my hiphop rolling stones. i want to 65 years old at a nas concert. i dont know bout yall so called hip hop heads, but im one till i died, just like russell wont wear a suit, im never givin up hip hop no matter how old. peace

    • Casey

      The W was a dope album. Iron Flag was solid too.

  • Phil

    I think LL has quietly and officially retired for real this time. I think he really got the hint after that Exit 13 album.

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    I think Busta Rhymes should hang up his mic.

    50 too.

    Mr. Mathers as well.

    I nearly forgot about Lil Kim and Foxy. These bitches need to just die off.

    Anyone else agree?

    • ?

      Eminem is good money.

      • Penelope Rodriguez

        Possibly he is.

    • Justice4all

      Music is timeless, as long as you are making good music and there is a base behind you, then why not? Why is rap the only genre of music with an “age cap”? You should be able to express you craft as long as people enjoy hearing you… Ask some of the great Rock, R&B and Jazz greats. They just keep making albums, music is a profession, not a hustle. Hustle is for a season, a profession is long term.

  • DV8

    Jay-Z: doesnt relate anymore, Black Album and American Gangster where great but other then that hes been subpar except for a couple of tracks here and there.

    Dr.Dre: Dude is just to old now. I would listen to hsi production forever but as far as rapping (especially since most if not all is ghostwritten) I would like it if he just stopped.

    I love Wu-Tang but I agree they havent been hot as a group since “Forever”. Iron Flag and The W where cool but they where missing something and that something was ODB. 8 Diagrams sounded forced like they just did it due to contract obligations.

    LL Cool J: Yeah buddie Exit 13 indeed. Its time bruh. Especially since you doing Old Spice commercials now. Stick to movies.

    EPMD: Your time been over. Erick can still do beats but other then that, close up shop.

    Soulja Boy: JUST STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Thanks for everything LL, now it’s time to go.

  • yoprince

    LL.. done

    50.. done

    Fat Joe.. done

    Rakim.. done

    Talib Kweli.. features only

    KRS.. done

    Wu-Tang.. as a group, done

    Redman.. features only

    Big Boi.. features only

    Bun-B.. features only

    Too Short.. features only

    Snoop Dogg.. features only

    All except one of these artists were true stars and all had great moments, but their prime time as artists making full albums is past.

  • General

    -Jay Z without a doubt. Blueprint 3 ain’t gonna be nothin but a hot mess.
    -Cam-his time has been over. Did anyone even really miss him when he disappeared?
    -50-with every disappointing single he releases the memories of GRODT become harder and harder to remember.
    -I definetely agree with the earlier statements about the Wu, EPMD, and LL Cool J.
    -Mobb Deep is another one that continually diminishes their stature everytime they try to come back out. Prodigy need to hang up that mic for good and Havoc just needs to stay behind the boards.

    • jo

      cam? are you serious? you must not have heard “i get it in ohio” he shitted on everybody with that one….CRIME PAYS MAY 5TH.

  • jojo

    If people like 50 cent, Method Man, Redman, Jay-Z, Nas, Dr. Dre, and Eminem retired, I would hate calling myself a fan of hip-hop. Can you imagine the game without any of these greats? It would be horrendous.

    But LL definitely has to go, and that is not hate, that is just the truth…

    Furthermore, I pray that the RZA, Premo, and Dr. Dre continue producing well into their 50′s.

  • macdatruest

    I personally like the over the hill rappers try to release “club bangers” that sound like a thirty five year old teenager with his first gun made the shit. Especially over some washed-up hit producer’s outdated beats. Some of these rappers, especially the ones with money, are delusional about their status in the game, which makes for good entertainment. The hatred toward the younger guys, mass criticism, songs with no target audience whatsoever, it’s like how Elvis started out great, but died on the Toilet! I wanna see some of these rappers not just fall off, but I wanna see them shit their whole early career legacy away by doing dumb shit in the end before they self destruct. Its lookin worse and worse everyday for some of these dorks… I can’t wait to hear some BIG names getting dropped for being shitty and inconsistent. Hip Hop aint dead, it’s just throwing up- you know how much better you feel after you get that poison out ya system!!!

  • $ykotic

    This is a sticky topic for me because I feel that as long as you make good, quality music, you should keep grinding. Regardless of age(just pull your pants up).


    LL Cool J-If you can’t sell clothes in Sears, you gotta get the hint.

    De La Soul


    Rakim-Damn god wtf happened?

    Too Short-1 joint off that last LP

    Mr Cheeks

    KRS-Shows only

    NORE-Bruh fall back please




    Swizz Beats


    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s the happs, $yk?

      It’s a generation shift, Bro… We OLD!!

      Remember when your Mom objected to Run-DMC when DMC said the following on that cassette tape that you played in her car/home, etc..?

      “we leave those suckers/ in the dust/ those DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS/ can’t mess with us..”

      As soon as our parents/guardians heard a cuss word in the type of music that we listened to, THEY HAD BEEF WITH IT!! Especially if you were underaged at the time! I was 15 yrs old when I blasted 2 Live Crew’s “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” cassette in my Pop’s crib.

      That tape made my Pop’s sub woofers and volume levels work in a way that the sound system on his 1970′s Sears/Roebuck entertainment center never worked like, ever, EVER before!

      In Detroit, I think it was The Wizard on FM.98 that first started bringing that BOOOMBING hip-hop music to The D… back in 84 or 85. Whatever year Doug E. Fresh came out with “The Show.”

      Let me stop here, because I know so much about Detroit Hip-Hop, this comment block will become a Best-Seller book.



      • Pierzy

        $y & Jamal – both of you are right on…

    • Avenger XL

      De La Soul does not need to retire they need to get back with prince paul and stop trying to please the rap stans who think LIL wayne is the illest. They need to get back on their creative horse those guys have a lot more to offer but they went for the doe after stacks is high which was huuuuge mistake. They were hiphops outkast before outkast and they still have the strange styles as I heard on the gorillaz and the handsome boy modeling school albums. So they get a pass.

      Rakim can stay he just needs a good producer, Priemer Pick up the damn phone.

      KRS-One is a true emcee who needs to be in front of crowd. He has had his share of hit songs but he belongs on stage so he could leave wax alone and nobody with care. He need to pull a hip-hop grateful dead thing with the roots.

      The rest of your list is on point

  • EvilD172

    Vanilla Ice and Hammer. Have you heard that they are doing a concert together, in the old gear and everything. Do we really need that nowadays? I’m not a fan of Fif, but if can’t really do it, fuck up they’re careers, again.

    • EvilD172

      The fucked up thing is that they have sold more records that most of the people everyone of yall mentioned. This has got to stop.

      p.s. the new Grandmaster Flash is aight. Cop that shit.

    • Dub Sac

      They should just do weekends in Reno and Vegas. It’s retro novelty. Get a free trip to the dinner buffet with the purchase of tickets.


    First off real artists and hip-hop have more hustlers than artists don’t retire they die. Asong as the spark to create exists they should even if they keep it to themselves. But the problem is the hustler get money crowd have helped make hip-hop music more disposable than anything else. Real creative cat’s can go on for sometime or until the thrill is gone. Hustlers need to hit the road after they get there gwap.

    Besides music these days is treated as more commerce than art driven. We actually consider sells as a point of critic for a album which is retarded. The whole commerce side ruins the creative side 9 times out of 10. Instead of some soulful art we git gibberish geared toward what they think folks want to hear and the illusion that 12 year olds want to see. With this being said certain acts that have succomb to the formula driven hustle crowd needs to gtfo early. Here is my short list of cat who need to retire:

    Retire list

    LL cool J: Dude has nothing else to say obviously and his formula is straight corny at this point.
    Too Short: waaaay too 80′s sounding he never made the transition to newer cadances and styles plus his subject matter is played, Luke got out and so should he.
    Puff-quit now pleeaaase
    Baby Birdman- shouldn’t have started the epitomey of wack
    3-6 mafia- you know it is over when you are the but of your own jokes.
    eightball and MJG- You have pimped as hard as you can dog either come with some soul or stay home.

    • macdatruest

      MJG- This Might be The Day. my pick for album of ’08 cop that, you’ll be suprised how hard they still pimpin. and they been had soul

      oh yea 8-Ball & Devius- The Rookie and The Vet stupid hot. Montana Trax on the beats

  • zayzkidd

    Premiere need to stop with them dried-up ass beats!!!

    • EvilD172

      Preemo is god. What the fuck u talkin bout??????

  • zayzkidd

    I feel the same way with PAC, as far as being the G.O.A.T.

  • macdatruest

    Dr. Dre- ya name is bigger than ya production value. I wouldn’t pay a dime for Outta Control(Remix) or Let’s Have A Party. Your beats sound like “Dre Beats” your artist after Snoop, Knockturnal was odd. Eminem was his own hit producer and Bishop Lamont’s career is just like Detox, it exist somewhere but not here

    DJ Premier-I don’t know if he never bought a new beat machine or what, but man-ya beats sound old ass mummy farts. Guru’s production surpassed Premier’s way long time ago(Jazmatazz) but I think Premier was the “original” name brand producer. Before RZA, Dre, all of them. Now his brand is old and shitty.

    P-Diddy- I’m happy BIG aint alive to see what kind of label he was REALLY signed to. Puffy, oops Diddy-just rapes his legacy for street cred. The rest of the time it’s Mohawks and Gay Bars. Right when BIG died a “strict shiny suit policy” was implimented. All Puff’s street artists are fucked. From Black Rob to Shyne to Lil’ Kim to G-Dep. Even Boyz N Da Hood. Diddy is a Puff.

    Eminem-Way over rated. Eminem could ghostwrite for a black dude, and where Em recieved critical acclaim, he would recieve criticism. “Disturbing” “Psychotic, troubling” the rhymes would be secondary. Black Shock Value=Socially Inadept & Ignorant. Unfortunately when he isn’t raping and murdering his shit has no steam. Crack A Bottle is an example of what he has to offer when he’s being normal. Oh yea, the album is called Re-Lapse so I guess he’s an angry drug abusing teen all over again. Please, no.

    • Avenger XL

      I agree about everyone but preemo. Preemo is the king of what has become a genre in rap because many of the indies use a similar formula and it is a sound that still sells. This subgenre can be called east coast boombap and just like 808′s down south it is a timeless sound that will be forever used. Now it is not the fresh new sound all the kids are on with the synth heavy joints and autotune but it will not fadebecause it still has an aueidence that grows believe it or not and has influenced international sound.

      Now 8-Ball and MJG are still soulful at times but they need to explore that soul more and let the young cat’s do most of the pimping with some pimping features from them. Ball and G are a staple down south and I hate to see them go put they need to come back out hard (Pun intended that’s an album name for all you no homo rap stans) or go away.


    if detox is not a classic it will be a failure that means we waited all this time for a crap sandwhich

  • newyawka631


  • sealsaa

    I still can’t understand how people can be anticipating Detox when its been known that Dre doesn’t write his own shit. Far as i’m concerned, he’s no different than Diddy.

    My list of people that need to be put out to pasture:

    50 (All gimmicks and trends come to an end)
    Jay Z (American Gangster was terrible)
    Nas (He just doesn’t have another Illmatic in him. Feel free to prove me wrong)

  • the legend

    some of the people you mentioned sealsaa dont need to retire american gangster was a good album, nas’s were ok dmx will be back after his lil stint jail nuff respect x also rza and dre will come back strong plus 8 diagrams grows on you

    inabizzle all badmans