Imagine what kind of buzz Joe Budden's girlfriend Tahiri would have if she rhymed? A single appearance on Bossip was enough for her to Buffy Body the game. While none of us are complaining about her frequent Joe Budden TV appearances, questions are being raised. Is Tahiri's buzz really bigger than Joe's? So what if Fab allegedly hit, is it that big a deal? Rob the Music Ed and I took a few minutes to speak on the underground's first power couple. I love me some Badu, but I don't think they count.

Rob The Music Ed: Man that Tahiri is something else ain't she? My ass hasn't missed an episode of Joe Budden TV since she started poppin' up.

Jackpot: I see why Joe wifed her up. She be on there with sweats and hoodies cracking jokes. Aside from the ass, she seems like a cool chick.

Rob: Yeah but on the real the ass helps. He kinda pimpin' the situation for what it is. But they're like the underground Jay and Beyonce.

Jackpot: Johiri, uh?

Rob: HA HA! That's perfect.

Jackpot: He is kinda going overboard with it. The last joint had her in the bathroom putting on makeup. I'm thinking he about to film her taking a dump. I'd probably still watch that, ya'll can kiss my ass.

Rob: Fuck that, that's where I draw the line. I won't watch no broad taking a shit. It's funny though all the E-Stans talking shit 'cause she allegedly fucked Fab, man it's 2009 and unless you wifing a virgin STFU.

Jackpot: Please! Let Joe dump her or vice versa and I'm crashing the boards. I'll be her rebound. How you say, "I like you for your mind, not your phat ass" in Spanish?

Rob: Tu nalgas es muy grande; me gusta mami! But check this, is her ass really bigger than JB's buzz?

Jackpot: On a personal note, yes. I've paused Joe Budden TV on her ass more than I've rewounded Jump Off's verses lately. But in all fairness, no. Joey is doing his thing. Yo! What bar she work at? You know? I gotta drop that line on her. I always tip 15% too, even on drinks.

Rob: I think she's over at Jersey Girls or some shit. I'm not 100% though. But, shit I can name 10 rappers who she has a bigger buzz than. I wish them the best though, look what reality TV did to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Jackpot: Tahiri needs to pull a Jessica and make her some money. She clearly has a following. I hollered at the King Magazine homies about her. I hope they put her in there...If she's interested that is.

Rob: Who doesn't wanna be in KING?!? But on the real she's not the end all and be all. But ANY dude fronting like they would'nt get with shorty is either gay, homosexual, or a combination of both.

Jackpot: Not that there's anything wrong with that. But me, I'd fix her sink. But you already knew that.

Rob: I dunno if I'd let the rest of Slaughterhouse around her though. You know Joell might get to talking Spanish and next thing you know it's "Mami Ven Aqui" on some Diddy shit.

Jackpot: Why you think Royce keep them shades on inside? He be sneaking peaks, kid.

Rob: See what you did man, now you just broke up the group.

Jackpot: Joe, Tahiri, we just playing guys, just playing...Except the part where I said I'd beat. I'd really beat.

Rob: Hey Tahiri just wanna let you know Rob the Music Ed don't care about ya past baby!