BLOG: Greatest Battle Rap Casualties Of All Time…

By the looks of things some of you think Rick Ross is headed for a tomb next to Ja Rule in hip-hop’s cemetary. I think he still has a shot to survive if he shuts up and keeps putting out fire. There’s been some classic diss records over the years. Common severely beat Ice Cube back in the day, but he lived to tell. Nas ethered Jay, but it wasn’t enough to sideline the God MC permanently. Some weren’t as fortunate though. In some cases, diss records or its complimentary campaigns can literally end careers. Let’s take a look shall we. -Jackpot

G-Unit: Hate him or love him, you have to credit Game for damaging the G-Unit brand. While 50 Cent is still standing, Game’s relentless jabs proved deadly for soldiers like Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and former member Young Buck. Chuck Taylor became his own artist, putting out one platinum (The Doctor’s Advocate) and one gold album (L.A.X.) since he began warring with the unit. Meanwhile, Banks and Buck’s last projects  bricked and Yayo has yet to release a sophomore effort. Assassin: The Game Scene Of The Crime: Countless mixtapes.

Kool Mo Dee: Listen up, kids. Uncle L wasn’t always this chip and dale-esque, lip-licking over-the-hill rapper. James Todd Smith, though principally known as the game’s premiere ladies man, will go down as arguably the illest battle MC in history. Kool Moe Dee was just one of his many victims. Assassin: LL Cool J Scene Of The Crime: “Jack The Ripper”

Canibus: Let’s not get it twisted, Bis Second Round knocked out LL. If Can-I-Bus turned out to be a classic, Bis wouldn’t be largely perceived to have caught an L, pun intended. In the end, he never recovered once dropped from Universal Records. He did it to himself.  Assassin: Canibus Accomplice: LL Cool J Scene Of The Crime: Can-I-Bus, 2000 B.C.

LIl Flip: Isn’t Flip giving out his number on youtube and charging $25 for guest verses nowadays? Game over indeed. Though Tip took to the mixtape circuit to trade bars with Flip, his ascencion into superstardom did more to hurt the leprechaun than his diss records.  Assassin: T.I. Scene Of The Crime: Unknown

MC Shan: Legend has it that Shan didn’t think much of his Juice Crew brethren prior to his legendary battle with KRS-One. It turns out he’s arguably the least legendary MC in a crew stacked with Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie and Kool G. Rap among other rap Gods. Assassin: KRS-One Scene Of The Crime: “The Bridge Is Over”

Prodigy: Never has an MC been so damaged in battle. In this case, P’s sales didn’t immediately suffer as evidenced by Mobb Deep’s gold-selling Infamy and subsequent plaques for Amerikaz Nightmare and Blood Money. Still, P seemingly lost it overnight. Once the Mobb’s lead lyricist, P completely fumbled his sense of rhythm and has been quasi-incapable of making two consecutive lines rhyme post-”Takeover.” Assassin: Jay-Z Scene Of The Crime: “The Takeover”

Ja Rule: Not that Rule’s street cred was rock solid to begin with, but Fif perfectly picked on Ja’s corn factor. Ja Rule is now a verb, nuff said. transitive verb. To ja rule, to absolutely obliterate someone’s career. Assassin: 50 Cent Accomplices: G-Unit, Busta Rhymes, Eminem  Scene Of The Crime: 50 Cent Is The Future mixtape, “Backdown,” “Hail Mary” RMX, New York’s Hot 97′s 2003 Summerjam,  etc, etc.

Who did I forget?

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    • Trouble

      I thought Camron won that battle with 50 “Funereal Music” wasnt as dope as “Curtisss”.

      But more importantly, is when Cam ethered Jay with that “U Gotta Hate Us” and “Swagger Jacker” both of those diss songs were fire.

      I personally think Cam can finish 50/Nas/Jay all in 2009

      • TEZZY

        ^^^^ WHY DO NIGGAS DO THIS

        • drifter

          tru…cam couldnt finish his dinner plate, let alone 50 or nas or jayz. cam couldnt b mad on that song-he’s a peon compared 2 those other guys.

      • 2llz

        Trouble, why don’t ppl realize that? Ur soooo right

      • illp


      • 2Nose

        you’re fucking retarded.

      • CHEAA

        How did Cam “ETHER” Jay.. Jay is much more successful and relevent today and has always been…

        Jay didnt even have to reply. Cam is nothing to him!

        Cam can’t damage shit, he doesnt even have a crew behind him anymore.

      • final

        Is this Cam???

      • BIGNAT

        cam would body 50 jay and nas all in 09. my friend you need to wake up from this dream you having. cam don’t even got hell rell with him no more. how he suppose to go up against banks and bleek. nas won’t even bother with him. yes i said banks and bleek because 50 and jay won’t pay attention to cam. also curtisss was funny but funeral music was a killer.

      • E-FoE

        Hahahah.. You must be smoking crack or something man..
        Cam who… HAHA

    • A-town bias

      What? Ti= ja rule? you gotta be shittin me. anyone who says that doesn’t know ti’s discography. You up north dudes need to get on that i’m serious/trap muzik shit. its classic and he was only 19 when he spit it. You guys think 50 cent is real? Tip is the real deal, and WAY more lyrical. as pharrell said in 2001 tip can become the jigga of the south. had sk8board p on his first album bitches. don’t sleep on luda


    Eminem vs. Benzino aka XXL vs. The Source magazine

  • The_Truth

    ***Hard to believe, but Ja Rule was once what T.I. is today. . .next up for a perfect diss, PLIES.

    • http://5STARHIPHOP.COM TSwun71

      I hope some one does away with anybody with maine after their name or Lil’.

    • tsmith2

      Ja Rule was never hated on by other rappers, but 50 HAD A PLAN TO END HIS CARREER AND IT WORKED. TIP on the otherhand, has people constantly jabbin him, but he remains relevant in the game due to trouble with the law and hot albums. Not a good comparison.

    • blaktwan

      Yea… Plies def. need to get his shit ended.

  • KF UK

    50 took a few blows and no1s ever taken him serious since Dblock made him look stupid on a shit load of tracks.

    Same for J hood. Hes never gonna sell without the Dblock co sign

  • GO-Getta’

    Canibus will go down as 1 of the most wasted and unfulfilled pontental GOAT.

    Nas & Jay gave us a truly fashionable hip – hop battle of all time by even goin’ further 2 squash their beef.

    Who did I forget? LOL!


    Busta Rhymes vs. L.O.N.S.

  • moneychamp

    I amazing how Prodigy went from one of the best MC’s to the worst after the takeover.

    Does 50 get credit for Camron? Or did Cam do it to himself?

    • nellz

      cam killed him on the track

      cam self-ethered himself with him at that motel 6 talkin about look at my pool.

      The fallout with Jim & Juelz didn’t help any

      • Rawse Lawst

        ROFL. Victim-Cam. Assasin-Cam. Scene of the Crime- Motel 6

    • Trouble

      I thought Camron won that battle, 50 “Funereal Music” wasnt as dope as “Curtisss”.

      But more importantly, is when Cam ethered Jay with that “U Gotta Hate Us” and “Swagger Jacker” both of those diss songs were fire.

      I personally think Cam can finish 50/Nas/Jay all in 2009.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Jay-z didn’t kill Prodigy’s career. his career was over before that shit even started. Prodigy was and will always be hiphop’s punching bag and that’s word to keith Murray, Tru Life, Saigon, etc.

    You forgot about Dr Dre vs Eazy-E or should I say the Death Row vs Eazy-e.

    Ice Cube vs NWA. “No Vaseline” After that song came out NWA was a rap.

    I would also throw Def Jam circa 2004 into the mix, because the fucked up alot of niggas careers. lol

    • macdatruest

      No Vaseline was the shit! That nigga Cube went hard and ended NWA, they came back wit that weak ass benedict arnold shit

  • Pierzy

    Co-sign on the Prodigy point. P was incredible on The Infamous and, arguably, even better on Hell On Earth. When you realize that’s the same person that just rambles these days, it’s almost shocking. Also, he is STILL talking about Jay over 7 years later…just move on, P.

  • Josh

    Jadakiss vs. Beenie Sigel?

    • paychexx

      jada still around, sigel let legal trouble get in his way.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Ice Cube vs NWA

    • anutha_level

      yup, “no vaseline” was a TRUE classic

  • Curtis75Black

    When it comes down to Kool Mo Dee, speaking as a LL fan “Jack The Ripper” wasn’t all that when it dropped. In fact at the time with all his “Battle anybody” talk it was quite mediocre. Kool Mo’s “Let’s Go” rebuttal track tore Uncle L a New Ass especially when he flipped a concept done by LL and used it against him using words begining with L describing him !! It wasn’t until the original “Takeover” with “To The Break Of Dawn” when he not only fired back at Mo Dee but Ice-T and Hammer that he won that war because Mo Dee’s “Death Blow” was a carbon copy of his 1st track and Hammer and Ice-T never responded. I appreciate Jack The Ripper now for the clever rhymes but it wasn’t that Hard hitting in 88.

    • Avenger XL

      Thank you Curtis I am glad to see there are real Hip-hop heads amoung us.

      I would like to point out Canibus beat himself, the kid had no identity coming in and he was backed by the grim reaper of rap Wyclef Jean, that dude is so toxic to other artist it isn’t funny. Bus had all this against him before LL’s ego caused the battle to jump off. It was LL’s machine that killed Canibus and the fact he had the largest bully pulpit.

      Note: Flip was a regional footnote before he got love when the screw sound was the flavor of the month (i.e. when everyone was on houstons nuts). Prodigy was out of gas after the infamous if you ask me and he never was a battle rapper. He is best at telling gritty street tells and sending idol threats to invisble enemies like the illmaniti placing microchips in his thumb(everybody grab your tin foil hats)

  • tony grand$

    I’m gonna have to agree with triple H on this.

    Not only did Cube go mega hard on a crew of four niggas AND a jew, but he obliterated their entire battle station. Not even MC Ren could come back from that. Dre was the only one who made it back to MediVac to escape & come back a much more humble soldier. “No Vaseline” set a precedent, & back then dudes would battle & what not, but before that when did one man, an angry man, attack an entire building full on cats.

    Cube when on to stardom after that, Jerry & Eazy died not too long following, Ren & Yella have been MIA for years, & Dre, well we know what’s up with him.

    • $ykotic

      Real talk.

      Actually after that Cube song RUTHLESS was done.

      Is it safe to say Cube slew Bones Thugs? Cause he broke their machine!

      That picture of Prodigy at Summerjam killed him.

      Wyclef killed Cannibus. LL helped.


      • tony grand$

        U trippin $yk! Man-bags vs Cologne bottles? Them niggas would be slappin the shit outta each other. Furs & nails all over the place like alley cat sex!

        • $ykotic


          We would have more fuel than Exxon!

          Dudes in bennetton shirts with cowboy boots throwing melon balls and teddy bears….

          Then they all join hands and seance to “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5.

        • macdatruest

          LMFAO@ Tony Grand$

  • Curtis75Black

    No Problem Avenger, I love a good discusson on Hip Hop.
    I’ll also like to add that Canibus at the time was just a featured artist at the time !! Everyone mentioned above basically had shown and proved themselves with at least a cd or two. I mean who was he really gonna hurt battling someone with 7 cd’s and countless features at the time ? I guess you can say the same with 50 and Ja at the time of their debacle but the difference between Ja Rule and LL was LL came right back with his “The Ripper Strikes Back”. Ja Rule let his Hits and fame cloud his judgement. Another thing about Canibus 2nd Round, he was on his dick more than dissing him. Sounded more jealous than angry. It probably was niggas 1st battle at the time so I understand the hype of a video but I heard much better going at LL, Mo Dee proved that.

    • EmCDL

      Dang man while yall talking about all this I’m reading and learning

      I’m a young head but I want to know all about this stuff…shit is interesting to find about about these diss histories and whatnot…hip hop history period

    • EmCDL

      Dang while ya’ll talking about all this stuff I’m learning about it…I’m a young head but I’m curious about stuff like this…these ‘diss’ histories and whatnot…hip hop history period. I’m reading all these comments and learning something

    • Marco317

      how old are u ? about 40? cause u remember all this bullshit from the 80′s…get the fuck outta here with ur cannibus, beasty boys LL cool Gay bullshit !

  • Jamal7Mile

    The entire Westcoast STOMPED Tim Dogg into oblivion after he made “Fuck Compton.”

    • Reemycks!

      Actully that honor goes the Compton’s Most Wanted with “Who’s Fucking Who?” They chopped his voice, put it back into the beat and made Tim Dog diss himself. And the song is under 2 mins! this joint is the blueprint for the career ending diss. real text book shit.

      • tony grand$

        Damn Reemyks!, that’s some westcoast hip hop history 101 for that ass!

        “Fuck, (chkachka) Tim Dawg, Fuck you Bitch, yeeeeaaaaah”

        Ha ha, Eiht went in hard.

        Tim Dog should be like 73 yrs old by now. Highlight of his career, gettin jheri curl juice stains all over his clothes!

  • Chris S

    masta ace absolutely slaughtered boogieman and the high and the myghty with his classic “Acknowledge”

    • Doobie42

      Ya its true that was a great dis track. But boogieman never had a carreer to ruin in the first place. that nigga was garbage

  • J

    Thinking ‘The take-over’ killed P’s rhyme skills is ridiculous. That track wasn’t even that hard, and even if had would have been, it wouldn’t be enough to destroy someone’s sense of rhyming and lyricism…

    P became wack because of… well, who knows. Many artists, actors, writers etcetera just do as time passes by. Look at for instance Robert deNiro, once a fabulous actor who now is mediocre. Can’t really blame that on a rap battle or diss track or whatever.

    • jackpot


      The way Hov embarrassed P messed his head up. He just lost it.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Unfortunately, the battle that never happened. Rae & Ghost @ B.I.G. “Shark Niggas”……..that was just a jab. In the end what was said, “Niggas know not to fuck around with this shit!”. Nobody ever challenged WU!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, Ras Kass ethered Game with “Gayme Over”.

  • Joost

    Thinking ‘The take-over’ killed P’s rhyme skills is ridiculous. That track wasn’t even that hard, and even if had would have been, it wouldn’t be enough to destroy someone’s sense of rhyming and lyricism…

    P became wack because of… well, who knows. Many artists, actors, writers etcetera just do as time passes by. Look at for instance Robert deNiro, once a fabulous actor who now is mediocre. Can’t really blame that on a rap battle or diss track or whatever.

  • Kane Corleone

    What who could forget DJ Quick vs MC EIHT ? “u left out the g cuz the g aint in u” classic cuz.

    • DV8


      After Dollaz and Sense it was a rap for Eiht. His career never was the same from that point on.

    • Reemycks!

      Dont forget: “and you dont wanna see, me DJ Quik in a khaki ba-kini”


  • ne where gang

    Ja Rule biggest street hit came post 50 beef ‘I GOT A 100 GUNS A 100 CLIPS NIGGA IM FROM NOOOOOOOO YAWK’

    What about Shawty Lo?
    I still say 2pac shut Biggie the fuck up until Pac died

  • amar

    u forgot:

    -tupac and biggie
    -jay-z: his battle with nas caused nas to catupult back to fame more than before. Pwned.
    -young buck: pwned by fiddy. Where is he now?
    -young berg: where the hell is he? Owned by EVERYONE

  • derrty

    how da hell can y’all miss out the greatest battle rap ever. nas murdered jay z period. Ether. go google or youtubew da greatest battle rap song ever !!!!!!!!!!!


    PAC killed every nigga on the East had anyone really big responded i would accept an arguement but since them dudes all kept quiet pretty much and there was really no big comeback diss from anyone I say thats the biggest diss ever to me atleast. Battle wise Jay vs. Nas wins period. But dont forget how Jezzy killed Gucci Mane weak ass.

    • $ykotic

      The only thing to debate in your comment is Pac didn’t kill the whole eastcoast.

      Pac ran heavy with Treach(Naughty by Nature) and Buckshot(Black Moon).

      His fave rappers were Wu Tang.

  • Doobie42

    we’d all like to sit around and reminisce about who destroyed who lyrically but really… yall really think a diss track can end someone’s carreer?? please. few people that buy records know anything about these beefs in the first place. Ja rule went under because Murder Inc went under (i.e. court cases) Prodigy ran out of shit to talk about, lil flip got dropped by Atlantic? before that T.I. shit went down, and as for G-Unit… Banks and Yayo been suckin dicks but 50′s hype gave them flavor of the month status. Buck spent too much time on some hard ass shit in his veins and nose for his 2nd album to be any good

    • Reemycks!

      Eh..I disagree. The Bridge is Over pretty much killed MC Shan’s career.

  • thinice

    Don’t yall get that this post is about ppl who’s career got killed after a battle. Which means that you can’t put big/pac up there or jay/nas, cus all of their careers kept moving after the smoke cleared…except technically for big and pac since they got killed, but you get what i’m sayin.

  • geico lizard

    Prodigy dance school picture >> Rick Ross C.O. picture

  • jburg

    I have to slightly disagree with the Jay z being eithered. People forget that jay made another dis record called “the blueprint 2″. it just wasn’t as public but was very damaging.

  • El Tico Loco

    Under the radar

    Pastor Troy vs BME (Lil Jon crew)
    Diamond vs Crime Mob
    Scarface vs Lil Troy
    Screwed up click vs Swisha House
    Trick Daddy vs Trick Trick
    Shaq vs Kobe
    GZA vs G unit
    Ghostface Killah Vs 50 cent (Clyde Knuckles)
    Everlast vs Eminem
    Evidence vs Eminem

    Hope QD3 is not reading because we could suffer thru another beef DVD

    • EmCDL

      What?! When did Evidence and Eminem beef??? I gots to hear that!

      • $ykotic

        Brah just keep coming back here to XXL.

        Most of the dudes on here got skills.

        @El Tico Loco:

        Ghostface v 50(Ghost was talking bout 50 in “Apollo Kids”)

        Ghostface/Rae v BIG

        Anyone else think that Ghost is one of them dudes no one wants it with?

    • El Tico Loco

      Ev went at Marshall in like 03 and it was like *pfft* fast and it was drowned in the whole 50 vs Ja, XXL vs Source, Aftermath vs Murder Inc crap back then so you gotta dig for that kinda stuff right about now.

    • Marco317

      thanks tico loco for actually talkin about somethin interesting, not like that faggot Avenger XL talkin about cannibus and LL cool Gay and shit from the 50′s what kinda nigga names himself “ladies love cool james” ? faggot

  • IndyKid

    The Dipset fan club guys in the beginning are hillarious. Cam knock somebody off? Really? 50, Jay, and Nas? In this year? Are you crazy dude? I’d give him a thousand years to beef up his flow and he still couldn’t take down any one of those three. Not even the weakest of them, 50. You Dipset cats are never gonna die off. Even the group you love so much is dead and you still defend the ex-leader. It’s like a cult.

    The milk’s gone bad!


  • Jpdakid

    Barber vs. Suge Knight..haha
    Suge lost that fear ppl had of him..

    50/G-Unit Vs. Fat Joe
    I’m not a fan of neither, but I couldn’t listen to Fat Joe after that no more..

  • Stacks

    ummm you forgot young buck

  • Belize

    UTP vs Mystikal

  • Yungin

    Ice Cube vs NWA
    Nelly vs Chingy
    The Game vs Yukmouth
    Jadakiss vs Beanie Sigel
    Trick Trick vs Yung Berg
    Eminem vs Benzino
    T.I. vs Shawty Lo
    Trae vs Mike Jones

    • Marco317

      nelly and chingy ? lol thats like beyonce against ciara bro lol


    The funny thing about the Nas vs. Jay beef is that Jay admitted that he got merked on ether. Check the ballin remix, Brooklyn. I don’t exactly remember the line but he was like

    Nobody could beat me, except Nas, but I got stronger after ether.

    Couple that with the fact that to this day Jay still won’t talk about that beef. If anybody mentions ether in an interview he quickly changes the subject.

    Why exactly would you call out Nas anyway?

  • Screwmatic

    ME Vs Me

  • http://xxl D

    I think DIG A HOLE…is one hell of a underrated dis by Jay to Cam.


    Especially when Cam went on TV and said he thought Jay had him shot…he played himself!!1 It’s like…WELL WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT??

    Jay killed Cam…get it right.


  • 8 Tracc

    what about when Ice Cube killed NWA with “No Vaseline”

  • http://xxlmag jb

    It’s funny how nobody ever gives credit to D Block for getting in the Units ass. Checkmate was lyrically better then anything Game came out with against the Unit.

    • $ykotic

      Naw I pump “Shots Fired” every single day.

  • Dre in the East

    JayZ/Nas vs Cam’ron?

  • Halogen

    TI vs Tip
    Redman vs Reggie Noble


    wow so game got a plat and a gold after not being with the unit. i didn’t know his second joint went plat well you learn something everyday.
    jada vs beans? was there a winner for that one
    em versus benzino em 50 and busta flipping hail mary was crazy

  • texasleen

    common (sense) vs ice cube

  • kcc

    Why does everyone keep saying 50 merced Ja Rule? If not for Em Ja would have survived.

    Also, does anyone else know that 50 Cent is basically the same as Ja Rule and has been since the Massacre dropped?

  • macdatruest

    MC Eiht vs DJ Quik
    Twista vs Bone Thugs
    The Game vs G-Unit
    Tha Dogg Pound vs The East Coast(cause it wasn’t really a whole coast dissin a whole coast WAR just sounds good)
    Pac vs BIG
    Jermaine Dupri vs Dr. Dre
    Kingpin Skinny Pimp vs Three Six Mafia

  • Wally Sparx Big Babay

    JR Writer VS Tru Life “Tru Dyke”
    JR Writer VS Max B “R.I.P. Maxipad” & “Maxine”

    JR Writer “Tru Dyke” Feat. Cam’ron was Hilarious!!!!!

    Where tru now?? Probablly Riding around in that Windstar van lol

  • Honestasicanb

    I must throw a little more southern rap into it:

    Pastor Troy destroyed No Limit – No Mo Play In G.A.
    Chamillionaire helped Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Swisha House finish themselves off
    PIMP C also put the icing on the cake of No Limit especially P
    Cash Money finished off No Limit then did in each other
    B.G. made sure we forgot about Baby
    Don’t forget Jeezy and Gucci

    Also rappers that really won the battle but didn’t have the popularity of the niggas they were battling award goes to Playa Fly – Destroyed Triple 6 Mafia – Nobody Needs Nobody – download this one and play with a system shit hit hard

  • latino heat

    the scene of the lil flip crime was that Down With The King mixtape. and his accomplice was scarface. when scarface said he never heard of flip in his hood, that was game over for flip. pun intended.

  • Mike

    G G G G G G G G G-UNOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! Game Killed Em

  • jojo

    Jay-Z killed the fat dude from Harlem World, the evil knievel jumper…you can add jaz-o to the list, i guess

    I wouldn’t say Big killed Jeru, but the damaja hasnt put out any music since Big died

    Ice-T hasn’t done shit but act since LL started talking shit about Debbie…

    Who else is there???

  • jojo

    Oh and P.M Dawn after Krishna pushed them off stage

    • tony grand$

      Speaking of Big jojo, remember when Duck Down (mainly Heltah Skeltah & OGC) went after him & puff doody for all the shiny suit shit. They made a vid, don’t know what song, but I won’t say if they won that battle, bcuz them dudes did an interview afterwards & niggas was lumped up, but didn’t wanna speak on what happened.

      I know @ least one of yall remember that.

  • REAL TALK 09

    WOW!..greatest casualties of HIP HOP..where to start!….

    5.Lil’ flip..Game Over! in deed cuz of..TIP!
    4.Ja Rule…Outta here Wanksta style!..Fiddy
    3.Chingy…just cuz he and Luda…be4 he kissed azz!
    2.Yung Berg…LOL…just a jokeand gimmick!,and can kiss my DARK AZZ!….

    1.SB..SB..SB!….thanx to PPL who like REAL Hip Hop Music.and,Ice-T….Nas….now..BOW WOW!..LMAO….RIP SB!..Bitch Nigga!

  • Monotone

    What about DMX and Ja Rule? Before 50 ever saw him on his radar, the dog was goin at him. Ja was a fraud from the get-go because he tried to sound like X, who just happened to be the hottest thing in rap around the time Venni Vetti Vecci dropped.

  • Sincere

    Whoa! Looks like I’m a little late to the party (lol). But big up to Curtis (I just knew you were gonna’ be on here bruh…lol). And big up to Avenger too.

    Now um, not to repeat what has already been said by Curtis, but Moe Dee was L.L.’s first real competitor, technically MC Shan with “Beat Biter” was, but that wasn’t as strong as L.L.’s come back on his “Bigger and DEFfer” album with “The Breakthrough”. Kool Moe Dee is the father of the battle rhyme along with Grandmaster Caz, if I’m not mistaken. “Jack The Ripper” wasn’t a powerful lyrical answer to Moe Dee for “How You Like Me Now”, but it was musically. But L. weathered the heat and came out better for it. “Murdergram” from his “Mama Said Knock You Out” album is a bit of a harder response to Moe Dee’s “Let’s Go” than “To Da Break Of Dawn”. As a matter of fact, so was “Nitro”, “It Gets No Rougher” and “Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?” from L.L.’s “Walking With A Panther” album.

    Aight, to the point of Canibus now (lol). When he released “2nd Round K.O.”, he would have won only if L.L. didn’t respond in greater fashion, which he did with “The Ripper Strikes Back”, and Canibus wasn’t able to follow up with a strong response from his first album and then adding salt to the wound, L.L. released what some called a better response with “Rasta Impasta”. I disagree that it was better, but it still was a rough song though. That should have been it, buuut Uncle L. had to rub it in further with his “G.O.A.T.” album with “L.L. Cool J” and “Back Where I Belong”, which was not necessary and not lyrically tight as it should have been if he was going at Canibus again for fun. And Canibus responded with a scathing diss that probably went under the radar with the unofficial release of the single “Rip The Jacker” that used L.L.’s “I’m Bad” song’s baseline. Well sorry for being so long folks, I just couldn’t resist.

  • Curtis75Black

    I like how you broke it down due to the cd’s L has dropped over the years. I never seen MC Shan as a threat at all since he was already a non-existant factor when he was already eaten by KRS but you’re right, The Breakthrough off “Bigger and Deffer” was and still is one of my Favorite tracks – straight one hitter Quitter. Those other tracks off Walking with a Panther was heat but not necessarily directed to Moe Dee but Hip Hop itself. Murdergram,Mama Said, To The Break of Dawn and Jingling Baby Remix(a Battle track if you peep the lyrics) was going at Moe Dee and other naysayers at the time. Rasta Imposta was a direct slug at Wyclef Jean though, not Canibus. Uncle L even gave him props for his style and lyrical ability.

  • rico

    krs did not end shan’s career drugs did. born to be wild and down by law was were dope albums.also does anybody remember when the treacherous 3 battled run-dmc on grafiti rock

  • Marco317

    Butt Avenger XS, Sincere asshole, and Curtis, off urselves now and do the world a favor. Wow u faggots get ur pussy wet juz rememberin them 80′s huh ? u niggas at least in late 30′s wit ur old asses , discussin old ass beefs like someone is really payin attention lol LL cool Gay this, and Cannibus that, and remember when i used to get pussy back in 1980 ? lol read tico loco comment, now thats entertaining…

  • Honestasicanb

    I must throw a little more southern rap into it:

    Pastor Troy destroyed No Limit – No Mo Play In G.A.
    Chamillionaire helped Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Swisha House finish themselves off
    PIMP C also put the icing on the cake of No Limit especially P
    Cash Money finished off No Limit then did in each other
    B.G. made sure we forgot about Baby
    Don’t forget Jeezy and Gucci

    Also rappers that really won the battle but didn’t have the popularity of the niggas they were battling award goes to Playa Fly – Destroyed Triple 6 Mafia – Nobody Needs Nobody – download this one and play with a system shit hit hard

  • Mike p.

    yall get back in the baggy
    cuz ya rappin is crappy
    crappy be slappy
    dappy pappy be aggie
    im jus jabing the jappy
    im just hackin the hackey
    i be packin a macky
    when im crackin my cracky

    if that is lyrical… lmao

    Dipset cats so terrible