Why Saigon continues to win

I don’t have much of an opinion on the beef between Joe Budden and Saigon, since I hardly listened to any of the songs. I figure I reached my Joe Budden quota for the rest of this decade the other day, when I watched those videos on World Star of him going back and forth with that guy Ransom.

I’ll admit, that one video where the guy gets punched in his face while standing in his doorway was kinda funny, in an SMH @ these ignorant jigs sort of way. But I could have just as easily spent the time it took to watch it rubbing one out, or taking a power nap, or both. Nullus.

I wasn’t gonna listen to any of the songs in this current back and forth between Budden and Saigon, but I heard yesterday – on Twitter, natch – that Saigon’s “Pushing Buddens” was cool. So I DLd and had a look, and wouldn’t you know, it was kinda cool. It has no place in the canon of great dis records, but he landed some pretty solid blows none the less.

So as far as I’m concerned, Saigon won.

I feel pretty confident in saying this, since there’s never been a Joe Budden song that struck me as being all that interesting. I kinda liked that jump off song from back in the day, but not to the point where I’d ever listen to it of my own volition. And that’s what hip-hop beef is about right, aside from senseless acts of violence – who came up with the hottest dis record.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Saigon manages to win this beef even further by actually committing a senseless act of violence. Never mind the fact that Just Blaze supposedly already got the two of them to agree to disagree.

Reasons I suspect this might be the case:

a) As the late, great kris ex pointed out on Twitter the other day, Saigon is perfectly willing to drag Joe Budden’s son and his hoo-er of a girlfriend into this, if need be. On the one song I listened to, there’s all sorts of hilarious talk about how Budden’s son is teh ghey, and how Fabolous jizzed in his girlfriend’s mouth. Which suggests to me that not only does Saigon not fear any physical retaliation from Budden, but that he might lack any sense of boundaries in general.

b) Which got me to thinking: We know for a fact that Saigon did time in the pokey. That’s why his one arm is way bigger than the other one. I’ve long suspected, based on pictures I saw on his MySpace a couple of years ago, that he might have fucked guys in the ass while he was there. At the very least, I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s not as stable mentally as the rest of us. His insane emo rants on his MySpace blog back when he realized his career is going nowhere bear this out.

c) And finally, do we know for a fact that Joe Budden isn’t a pussy? We’ve all seen that video where Ransom and his crew go over that guy’s house and punch him in his face. Then there was that video where Joe Budden ceded victory to Ransom, on the grounds that he didn’t want there to be a senseless act of violence. Weak! As a general rule of thumb, any time you get the thumbs up from the late, great Jay Smooth, that pretty much means you failed at hip-hop.

I read on Nah Right earlier today that Joe Budden is having a big show in New York tonight, with himself and a few other guys in various states of industry fail. Does this mean Saigon’s gonna show up, punch someone in the face, and then get chased out the front door and down the street, like he did at that Mobb Deep concert? I’m not saying he should. But if he does, I hope someone gets it on tape.

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  • The don

    get off sai dick

  • I use Vinyls

    Bol have u heard the “Pain In His Life” that Joe Budden put out? I’m sorry Joe Budden killed Saigon. I think Saigon is nice but Joe Budden killed him

  • King B

    For once bol I can agree with you on this….saigon did win oh well the internet soliders hate

  • DV8

    I dont know about this one. It depends on how you look at it. If it stays on some music shit. Then Buddens has this battle won. But if it was to go beyond music. I think Saigon would have no problem shooting somebody again. So if Joe is as smart as he sometimes appears to be he should probably fall back, besides he already roasted him on.

  • Chonessey

    Why the hell would I ever give a shit about your opinion when you didn’t take the time to fully listen to the songs. Don’t waste our time.

    • chad bro chill

      bol you are the definition of nignorant why do you have a job

  • bigmunneyshuggs

    I LOL’d

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    This battle is stupid. 2 no name niggas battling for nothing. This battle is like watching the Wizards play the Clippers.

    • BIGNAT


    • Smel


  • Beans

    It sad too see a blogger who he’s clearly one of the biggest joebudden hater ever
    First hating on his girl and then said he lost a beef that he “easily” won

    u need to stop playing
    Pain in his life >>>> pushing buttens
    it aint really close
    if u like “battle lyric”, u know it

    saigon talk about nothing that ransom already spit
    he give us a remix diss track smh

    • LEO

      lol, that’s what I’m saying…I was like didnt the other nigga say this alreay? everybody got they own opinion though…and that track was better than the one he put out before…

  • Trilla

    Both are good artists, but Bol is right. Saigon has nothing to lose & is willing to take it there at 105 miles per hour against a speeding train. They need to just dead the beef

  • LEO

    WTF!!?? you can’t just listen to one record and say he won…that’s like listening to Takeover and deciding that Jay-Z killed Nas…u buggin…at least hear all the records and decide after that…

  • Casey

    If you’d have waited 2 seconds you’d see Sai won’t be at SOBs.

  • Garrett

    Bol, stop beating off for a second and listen to Joe Budden’s “Pain In His Life”. Saigon has no shot of beating Joe.

    P.S. Jay Smooth is the shit
    P.S.2 Tahiti’s (Taheery? Who fuckin’ cares) ass is unbelieveable, congrats Fab.

  • sealsaa

    True. Saigon has no boundaries, and seems willing to take it beyond wax. Budden really doesn’t have anything left to say. His career is in the same sorry state that Saigon’s is in, and worse because his shit has actually been put out.

  • these posts are racist

    BOL you need to quit, you just keep frontin’/
    muther f a Saigon and a wack Joe Budden/
    check it you asshole/
    lupe fiasco/
    is the baddest emcee, he even surpassed Hov/
    you need to write a blog about how dope he be/
    you dope, even Obama aint got hope for B./
    Byron, BOL, whoever you are/
    you need to admit you wish you were as smart as TPAR/
    or as nice as Lupe, the real Superstar/
    your claim to fame is bigotry/
    hate is your industry/
    you hate black women with a passion, like you’re Mr. Clayton Bigsby, see/
    you blind as a bat, dumb as a brick/
    you need to sit back and reconsider your shit.

    • re-yo

      Lol @ Lupe EVER surpassing Hov…

    • FlapJack

      I loved that!

  • chitchat

    “As a general rule of thumb, any time you get the thumbs up from the late, great Jay Smooth, that pretty much means you failed at hip-hop.”


  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

    Wow Bol, that was fuckin classic!


    A man of many words has been rendered speechless.

  • http://jasongchu.blogspot.com Grand Master

    laughing my ass (nullus) off at this whole post. Bol, you just ethered both of them rapsters with e’s.

  • dameSTATUS

    “volition” “bear this out”

    Stop going over the heads of these dummies Bol!!!

    Save that fine language for your site!

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I don’t have any Buddens or Saigon in rotation [II} right now, and I feel fine. I’d be surprised if Saigon didn’t show up and go monkey.

  • Stuey

    buddens full of complex rhymes and punchlines, that’s why he’s good at ethering dudes on wax. But he is a weak song writer at best, and has a fuckin dull flow. The better rapper is Saigon, but the better lyricst is Joe

  • http://www.rizzleworld.blogspot.com allnice

    I think Buddens won but I heard the Saigon and that shit was kinda funny. It was like he don’t even know how he got dismantled on the Pain In His Life diss track. I think he knows his career is finished. I’m not sure how physical he is going to get though. What can he possibly do? Is he going to murder his family Hudson style? That would be gully, but Saigon isn’t hardcore like that. Going to jail doesn’t make you hardcore, it makes you gay. This nigga talking about Buddens is the type of nigga that would get fucked in jail…..how would he know that?!

    Also, Buddens already went platinum and he had a deal before. Jay snaked him and he got dropped from Def Jam but that is the best case scenario for him because look at what’s going on over there. Jay-Z used all the money on his American Gangster album. Nobody is making it off Def Jam alive besides maybe Ghostface because he got the Wu affiliation. Not even LL can do any numbers. All them niggaz is finished.

    Joe got this beef promoting his Internets TV and he forcing Saigon and Ransom to be characters for free. Prodigy also did the same shit to Saigon. This nigga just ain’t catch up to the technology yet. He running around making niggaz cash and he ain’t getting paid for it. He reminds me of Game with his whole G-Unot campaign but at least Game had sense enough to drop some DVDs and what not. Saigon is just some bum rapper these niggaz are using for an extra in there Internets movies.

    • http://www.myspace.com/Lyrik07 L-Y, NawfWestSide

      Interesting point.

    • BIGNAT


    • Smel

      Why do people always call him “Buddens” with an s on the end???

  • BGZ

    I like Saigon’s music and think that he came correct on “Pushin Buddens” (it was better than Game’s “Buddens”), but calling another man’s SON gay is a new low for me; especially coming from a short guy who spent most of his teenage years in prison. I heard the Entourage stories, too.
    Budden wins due to the pure fact that despite not having a record out for almost 6 years he still got ass like Gloria Velez and Tahiri.

  • that nigga

    Shit Bol, your a dick…How you gonna say someone won and you didnt even listen to the others diss track?

  • Avenger XL

    Who gives a shit? Either the release good albums or they need to get the fuck on. All this mindless battling ain’t worth much. I say this because they are battling over budden flipping Sai’s name in a verse and Sai being the ignant jail house nigga he is goes at Joe. Who believes he must defend his fragile manhood anytime he is challenged. Pretty pathetic on both sides if you ask me.

  • dark vanilla

    He’s calling Buddens a pussy? I saw a video of a guy looking to fight Saigon and Saigon ran away scared.

  • gutta

    been a minute since i been on this site but i see nothing has changed..bol keep that good bait to reel u guys in,lol….tpar, is funny as sh*t though..