The new Fifty Cent track is meh. It isn't that the song isn't banging, because it is a banger from 2003. This track was fire on 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. This is not what Fifty Cent will use to attract the biggest haters (read: the internets) back to his camp. I'm about to go rip 'In Da' Club' from my GRODT CD so I can compare what musical elements 'I Get It In' is missing.


Excuse me for that, but the strings on 'In Da' Club' is like a chorus of people yelling behind Fifty. That shit is dope. Fifty is also under-rhyming on that song by using simple bars with an almost sing song flow. 'In Da' Club' is a perfect modern rap classic. A minimalist masterpiece. If you never listened to a rap song evar you could still follow Fifty Cent through his verses and hooks. It's the opposite of anything that has come from New York historically because it has so few words. The word 'go' is repeated throughout the track as well.

How come Fifty can't just take a look at his lyric sheet from this song and say 'Bam! I used 500 words and I repeated 400 of those words"? It would be cheating somewhat to just write over the lyric sheet for 'In Da' Club' but why the fuck not? Who cares if Fifty Cent is cheating as long as the end result knocks. As long as the end result gets spins and requests from the public is all that Interscope wants.

'I Get It In' is no 'I Get Money' which was great, but still no 'In Da' Club'.

Fifty Cent is on the right track though. Did you notice that all those songs use 9 letters or less in their titles and each song is at least three words? That's almost a three letter per word average. The genius is in the economy of words. Yes, I'm a fan of rappers that employ polysyllabic words, but when you are trying to talk to the masses of people who are dumb as shit you need to use the technique that Fifty Cent uses.

Here is a verse that would be perfect for a new Fifty Cent single...

The quick brown fox
He wears red sox
Fucked Styles and the Lox
Made them dudes kick rocks
Go shorty, its ya' birf day

^ That shit right there is fire except I fucked up by having too many words with five letters in them. Where is Eli Porter at when you need a good ghostwriter?