Up In Da’ Club… Again.

The new Fifty Cent track is meh. It isn’t that the song isn’t banging, because it is a banger from 2003. This track was fire on ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. This is not what Fifty Cent will use to attract the biggest haters (read: the internets) back to his camp. I’m about to go rip ‘In Da’ Club’ from my GRODT CD so I can compare what musical elements ‘I Get It In’ is missing.


Excuse me for that, but the strings on ‘In Da’ Club’ is like a chorus of people yelling behind Fifty. That shit is dope. Fifty is also under-rhyming on that song by using simple bars with an almost sing song flow. ‘In Da’ Club’ is a perfect modern rap classic. A minimalist masterpiece. If you never listened to a rap song evar you could still follow Fifty Cent through his verses and hooks. It’s the opposite of anything that has come from New York historically because it has so few words. The word ‘go’ is repeated throughout the track as well.

How come Fifty can’t just take a look at his lyric sheet from this song and say ‘Bam! I used 500 words and I repeated 400 of those words”? It would be cheating somewhat to just write over the lyric sheet for ‘In Da’ Club’ but why the fuck not? Who cares if Fifty Cent is cheating as long as the end result knocks. As long as the end result gets spins and requests from the public is all that Interscope wants.

‘I Get It In’ is no ‘I Get Money’ which was great, but still no ‘In Da’ Club’.

Fifty Cent is on the right track though. Did you notice that all those songs use 9 letters or less in their titles and each song is at least three words? That’s almost a three letter per word average. The genius is in the economy of words. Yes, I’m a fan of rappers that employ polysyllabic words, but when you are trying to talk to the masses of people who are dumb as shit you need to use the technique that Fifty Cent uses.

Here is a verse that would be perfect for a new Fifty Cent single…

The quick brown fox
He wears red sox
Fucked Styles and the Lox
Made them dudes kick rocks
Go shorty, its ya’ birf day

^ That shit right there is fire except I fucked up by having too many words with five letters in them. Where is Eli Porter at when you need a good ghostwriter?

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  • General

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m startin to wonder if 50 could even best Soulja Boy in a lyrical battle, WTF?? I think the title of his CD “Before I Self-Destruct” was a little late

    • tony grand$

      I think the title was a matter of a smart hustler knowin the rules of a hustle game, & figga’d out it was only so long bfore cats would stop buyin his bullshit product.

      I must admit, if we remove his skill (or lack of) as a *ahem* rapper, dude is a super savvy businessman. But, by golly, it takes more than a cold marketing plan & business scheme to ascertain legendary status in this industry.

      He prolly should’ve just went hardcore R&B from jump, that “formula” shit will get a nigga chipped up in that arena.

      • EReal

        Uhm, did yall listen to T.O.S. or just talk shit about it?

        “Get Up” knocks, too.

  • P-Matik

    I deed it.

  • droopey

    Thought you were gonna talk about Swizzy and Weezys ‘Up in da club’. Shiet is a banger knocking on your dome.

  • Pierzy

    Ask any general music fan that doesn’t live and die with hip-hop and they’ll tell you that it’s all about the beat and the hook. When “In Da Club” came out, I asked everybody what they liked and 99% said, “I can repeat the chorus while nodding my head.” That’s the truth. People want simplicity…

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    LMAO at those lyrics. Good post.

    But you gota admit, as a songwriter (not as a lyricist) 50 is a genius; he’s got a great sense of melody and he writes hooks better than any rapper (even T-Pain or Akon) and his songs have are usually short but to the point. And unlike almost every other NY rapper (except Jay) his songs have STRUCTURE!!! Not just bars after bars without real choruses.

    I think yesterday’s SCRATCH post shed so much light on this topic. It reveled a lot about 50 with just one short quote about how creatively boxed in he felt when it came to singles. The most tricky part is that we as fans are the ones who box him in by comparing his new song to In Da Club right away, but if he had made a different kind of song we would complain about that too and say things like “He should stick to making club songs.”

    • macdatruest

      I know another “genius songwriter” with a great sense of melody. He’s from New York too. He’s from Queens too. He’s Ja Rule. And so is Fiddy. Fiddy is creative at making excuses for his bad ass songs. Im not a fan of Fiddy, so Fiddy don’t blame me for boxing you in when you spend a bunch of time on marketing andnone on the quality of the music. Maybe if he focused less on trying to hate on everyone else’s music and “bait them in” e could just make some fuckin music. When is he going to man up,and put up or shut up? Before I Sell My Mansion The Mixtape coming soon

      • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

        No, Ja Rule just got other people to sing on his songs. And I’m not so sure if he actally wrote them himself. Plus most of Ja’s pop sensibilities came from Irv Gotti, who worked similar magic for Ashanti.

        Make fun of the album title all you want, but with the title actually does suggest that he’ll just put up or shut up. I don’t expect it to be that good a record either, but 50 probably won’t be around much longer. And clearly if your not a fan of 50, his songs aren’t for you anyhow.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Fif is finished. I don’t see why cats still check for his opinion. Must be hard seeing that rap is doing better without him.

    I can’t even imagine a solid track that people actually like gaining steam for the new album.

    “And while you’re in it, try to get as much shit as you can, and when your run is over, just admit when it’s at its end… cause I’m at the end of my wits with all the shit that gets in…”

    Take a note from your bossman, Curtis.

  • macdatruest

    Biggie= simplicity? no Pac=simplicity? no
    People want good music, but will settle for simplicity because labels push million dollar simplicity.If they can get you to want simplicity, then they can create artists from a mold. Nas was#1, why wasnt Soulja Boy? Thats simplicity at its finest??? People starting to want more
    I think that Fiddy is a lackluster businessman. It aint like he orchestrated the Vitamin deal, he just owned a small stake and made money by selling after the buyout-read the facts niggas. And Mogul? Name another label with a legacy and as short lived as G-Unit. His whole roster was ass. Eliminations every week. I do think he on the right track though. Magazines still wont acknowledge he fell off so thats a plus (for Fiddy not the readers)Before I self Explode coming….I predict March

  • geico lizard

    I thought you loved all nyc music billy. Im glad you can be objective like this.

  • Worley

    “when you are trying to talk to the masses of people who are dumb as shit you need” a “danceable” track and children/someone singing the hook.

  • King Blair

    i liked the song it aint great he should just do a track wit Em his stans are more than enough to give 50 a recharge

  • amar

    hey billy sunday, i bet u fiddy’s plan was to promote the album and its songs and his own brand name as an artist by having his show “the money and the power blow up”. He prolly focused on the show and then quickly pieced together an album, thinking the show will give him that boost again where no matter how shitty his music is, it will sell. Now the show failed and got cancelled so all fiddy has left is his exponentially decreasing fan-base of white people in the U.S. and europe.

  • EReal

    Its hilarious to me that every time 50 Cent drops an album, people say his career is over. Did you people forget he sold 780K first week last album? Your favorite rapper can’t even sell that total. Dude is still all over TV, Movies, business.

    That shit is so annoying, its always the same ass shit. 50 is just like Ja, 50 is done, G-Unit is a sinking ship, uhm, not really huh?

    Look, its too late to hate. 50 is mogul status now, his music is basicly commercials for his other ventures, just like Jay Z, Puffy, shit even SUGE is still hangin around.

    When you get past the hate, its easier to see the truth.

    • drox

      co-sign EReal
      “Did you people forget he sold 780K first week last album? Your favorite rapper can’t even sell that total” true talk…


    I fucks with the song but if you dont like it you dont like it it dont mean you a hater.But i cant see how he fell off if everybody still pays attention to what he do i dont know maybe its me lol

  • balaramesh

    fiddy was never a rakim lyrically and prolly never wanted to be. however, he WAS excellent at one time of writing good hooks. now, he is in a creative rut. truthfully, he has been making the same songs OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER for the past few albums. i cannot even tell you to save my like what his latest single is. it’s just that forgetable to me.

    50 does great numbers. i’d love to see some of my favorite rappers do half of his numbers. no one can take that away from him. however, this music is on a downward spiral. whats the use of selling 800 records the first week if it’s no longer played after the first or secord week?

  • balaramesh

    oh, that lil wayne and swizz song is horrible to. swizz is very hit or miss