The King Of The Internet Is….

…. Sorry Jackpot, I gotta disagree with you.

A few years ago, it was a lot less cluttered in this rap website game. But yeah, websites and blogging is the new rap. If you don’t have a new media venture or outlet in 2009, frankly, you don’t even exist. You’re a dinosaur.

Allhiphop was the hands down king of the internets for years. For years! They pioneered the two-way text message alerts with breaking hip-hop news. Hip-hop news- what a concept! The idea of there even being something as daily hip-hop news didn’t even exist until Allhiphop came around. SOHH, well they did their thing, probably had a good solid year where they were running this rap shit, but then their site was viciously hacked and they’ve been trying to recover ever since.

While those two were duking it out, my personal favorite, was quietly trudging ahead. HipHopGame is the hip-hop site for true hip-hop fans, the ones who don’t give a crap about any of the industry fuckery and just want music-related content. There’s a couple other good ones that fall in this category,, and all come to mind. I have been on these sites for years and they’ve only gotten better.

But really, the whole model of there being this big website just for rap related content, I think it’s pretty clunky and dated, like a dinosaur. Blogs are where it’s at. Just give me the content, spare me the commentary.

Nobody does that better than Eskay at Nahright. From the first time I found Nahright, back in like early 2006 or something (can’t remember), I started checking that site literally 30 times a day. It became my one stop shop for all hip-hop related content. From new music to new videos to new magazine covers to articles just talking about hip-hop, if it was even minutely relevant, it was there. And it was updated, constantly. So I had to keep clicking (which is the business model for getting ads, in case anyone forgot that this is a money-making thing too). Truthfully, the first time I met Eskay, when he got hired to run, and I had just been hired as an editor at Scratch, I had to let him know how ill Nahright was. The amount of praise I was giving him, you would think I was talking to Jay-Z or TI or someone. And you know what, I was. I was talking to the Jay-Z of the rap internets.

Eskay is the king of the internet because Nahright makes taste, bottom line. He single-handedly makes people’s careers. I’ve heard dude get a bad wrap because he doesn’t technically “produce” any content. Well actually, he produces the blog entries which give shine to a lot of the content that other people are producing. So it’s just production on a smaller level. That said, how many people in hip-hop would you NOT know about if it wasn’t for Eskay? Uhhh…. a lot.

I’ve talked to rappers– some quite popular, others less known– and I’ve heard them say things such as, “If Eskay posts my music, I know I’m gonna blow. I need to get Eskay to start posting my shit, so I can get popping. I need Eskay to make my career like he made Mickey Factz and Charles Hamilton and all of them other guys.”

Nobody says that about anyone else online. There is no other rap website or rap personality online that has the power to do what Eskay does. If he keeps posting your music, and your shit is actually good, you will have a career. Rest assured. Sure, other sites may post your music, but the way people are tapped into that site is unlike any other. The whole tastemaking hip-hop world, and genuine hip-hop fans alike, are on there. It’s a powerful combination.

Eskay is the King of the Internet.

Bow down.

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  • eskay

    *humbly accepts crown*

    good looking Gooch!

  • jackpot

    Firssstttt!!! Good post Gooch. Good post.

  • Incilin

    Without a doubt eskay is king. What other hip hop site do you check 10 times a day? And I aint exaggerating, I really do check it 10 times a day sometimes. He deserves all the praise you gave him when you met him. If I ever met him, I’d likely do the same.

    Good looks on pointing out hiphopgame. That’s exactly what that site is like. True story, I used to fucks to HHG hardbody before I found out bout NahRight. Nowadays I barely check it because eskay got everything they got, plus more. The biggest problem with HHG is they don’t let you download the music and they tag every song, while eskay gives you multiple links to every song.

    I don’t even call it going on Nahright, I just holla at eskay.

    BTW, Dallas Penn might still be the king of Twitter.

  • jackpot

    Chuch! I agree on that. Dallas is the king of twitter.

  • Combat Jack

    Word bond re: Eskay, Hail To The King!

  • Jamal7Mile

    Ok, I’m sold! I’m going to check out Eskay today. Forgot about DubCNN… my Westcoast connect.

    Gooch, so modest?? I check your drops everytime it pops up on XXLmag. I miss the hell outta Scratch Magazine (what happened, btw?) and still go back to the old copies I saved every now and then. I learned what an MPC was in those pages!


  • Gooch

    yo i appreciate that more than you know bro… hit my on

  • Were Read 2 Def


  • Stan

    Word is born son…. Nahright all day… Its like a fuckin addiction… Asher Roth also comes to mind…

  • geico lizard

    The comments section on Nahright is funny too. Someone just talked about finding lint under a fat chicks tits,lmfao.

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Geico Lizard? *respect shown…

      I think the blog poster AND the commenters make the whole big picture when deciding how big a site is.

      The biggest commenter on this site USED to be G-Unot Killa, for example… until he found religion, got killed, arrested, whatevar! He disappeared/changed and it ain’t the same (last siting? Allhiphop and not really catching on like he did here, not yet). BOL, Billy X, Mexx, Rob, Gooch, Jackpot are ALL great in their own way… Love em all! But I also know about Geico, Tony$, Hate X3, DETROIT, Mutada, Paychexx, E20, $ykotic, etc…

      ALL yall big on the nets to me (and no, I ain’t no cock-sucka, I’m just acknowledging yall’s presence).

      Anyway, you ALL bring something to the table that I love, and that table is The Hip Hop Community (all four courses, even though RAP is the Big Piece of Meat).

      I also love it when yall fight!! (Fam reunion, for real LOL!). And I love it when a young ankle-biter try to pull up his Fisher Price, iSellum-lovin’ chair to the grown folk table. These youngstas eyeballs never make it over the table edge to see what the Grown Folks plate look like.

      Aiight, I’m rambling so…


      • tony grand$

        Mally Mall, I mos defly feel that. The comments, the personalities, that’s what really hooked me here a year ago.

        That kinda interaction plays a huge part in the success as well. Bcuz, let’s face it, XXL aint the most news breakingest site, hell, they get to it when they get to it. But that’s not why all the names u mentioned are always in these rooms. This shit is fun.

        I know where to go for what I want (nahright, hhDX, Allhiphop, DubCNN *westcoast stand up!*), but we all fux with

        Cheers! Lol!

        & yal nigs ran poor GULLEE BOY away! Yall some cold pieces of work….

      • $ykotic

        Thanx for the shout, brethren.

        Since my accident all I have is time. To me dudes here(XXL) are my fave. Ya’ll just put me on to Nahright. Ima peep it though.

        But this is my first home.

        G Unot where you @ brah?

        Tony grand$ u be regulating on here! Don’t stop!

        Jamal u killed that Fisher Price reference!

        Peace family. Gotta take my meds.

        • tony grand$

          Word up $yk. Get better, juice.

      • geico lizard

        Thanks for the shoutout jamaal

  • tony grand$

    I got turned on (no homo) to Eskay & Combat Jack ritchere, fuckin with Gooch. Aint looked back!

  • Dub Sac

    It’s definitely the blogs that make XXL worth visiting. And the commenters (mostly) write in complete sentences and coherent thoughts, which makes for interesting discussions.

    I like the features at HHDX, but the comment section is trash and the blogs are on some elementary school, writing-exercise bullshit.

    I also appreciate the production angle, Gooch. The only other place I know to get that is I’m always curious how people are getting their sound.

  • Rob the Music Ed

    Hell yeah Eskay killed the game. But Meka and Shake aint no slouch over that at

  • Avenger XL

    Kevin Nottingham is moving on you Eskay his site is the illest hip-hop site on the web(Hell it even won the blog award this year). It covers things from both a new emcee angle to a producer angle.

    I am also feeling illdoctrine for the intelegent vlogs I figured he wouldn’t be on XXL long with it’s pention for posting mostly gossip and bullshit.

    • Ron Mexico

      i think “penchant” is the term you’re looking for.

      • $ykotic

        Did u just use “penchant”?

        You Ruffian!

        Geniuses are the worst!

  • N DOT C

    Nah Right is my home page, XXL I check for the bloggers, and hold the hate… but I also check Nah Right is king, cuz there is no days off. Shit there’s no time off. I’ve been off the computer 2hrs maybe, and saw that it’s a whole new opening page at Nah Right. I got hold of a gem though at It’s a better chance for the everyday Hip Hopper to be the center of attention. Watch out for them, and there show ‘Spit Fire’ hosted by Kool Moe Dee.

    N DOT C

  • L-Y, NawfWestSide

    Interesting post. I nevah really paid too much attention to the commentorz, writerz, etc., except Matt Herbz cuz of duke krazy name “White Nigga Movement”, but i do appreciate the sitez with authentic commentz and commentary. Even though itz not a blog site, youTube has the best commentz in my opinion, and that light skinned brother that wuz on here, that did the vlogz and wuz in Nas’s video “Sly Fox” usually alwayz came with the dopeness. Ya’LL can say whut ya’LL want, but i wuz pretty much at first only comin’ to for his vlogz, triLL talk. WorldstarHiphOP has the most garbage, fake azz, spam commentz handz down, am i Lying?