What if I told you that 808s & Heartbreak was going to be the best album you heard in 2009? It's poised now to take the fuck off in the first AND second quarters of 2009. The gloomy passionate theme of the album along with the deepening economic state of our country are the factors fueling the popularity. Chris Lighty is bumping that CD in his Mercedes. On the low, so is 50 Cent.

The album is good that even emo new-wave loving barely known rappers are letting their hate fly from their lips. Bol directed me to remarks from Little Brother's Phonte who calls KanYe a coward among other things. KanYe just may be a coward, but he will be the coward with the best record in 2009. Phonte will be the un-coward that no one has even heard of. I have heard of him though and I feel like his album where he covers 1980's songs is his best work evar.

I'm not hoping that 808s & Heartbreak remains the best album for this year but I'm scared at the prospects of nothing I want to fux with being released. Niggas say that their album is dropping soon but I won't believe that until my connect sends me the .rar file. I told you before on this site that getting an album released might be the most difficult thing of all time, excluding passing a newborn child through your urethra, but even that's possible if you watched the kids in a sandbox video.

Now that the Budden Saigon battle is over the landscape is looking pretty bleak. I wouldn't even mind an album from Bleek. Okay, that was a lie. Not a whole album, but two banging singles from Memphis Bleek would help my situation. Who is gonna step up and give me that music I need in my life? Here are a few of the albums I was anxious to hear in 2009...

Joell Ortiz - The Free Agent
The youngest in charge from the Slaughterhouse collective is supposed to have a follow up to the Bodega Chronicles dropping on Koch. Is Koch the new Def Jam? Meaning the Def Jam that mattered in the music industry.

Sean Price - Mic Tyson
This was rumored to be dropping as a mixtape last year. And now it is rumored to be a solo album from Ruck. The Heltah Skeltah album D.I.R.T. was last year's domestic abuse anthem.

Eminem - Rehab
The return of the not as Slim Shady will surely be the fall of Asher Roth.

Mos Def - The Ecstatic
This is Mos' last chance to stop fucking around and put some serious shit together on an album. I imagine that he is all activated by the new presidential administration so maybe he can spit some bars that reflect his feelings.

Raekwon & Ghostface - Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2
This album will also be a last hurrah for the chef unless he comes on some supernatural cosmic hardbody shit.

Dr. Dre - Detox
You can't make a list like this and NOT include the most anticipated album of all time. I know it isn't dropping in 2009, but if it does I don't want to seem like the dude who wasn't happy for that.