Save The Album Cover Artists!

Some of the casualties of the economic recession in the music business are all the people that support the artists’ project in the background. There are hell’a interns getting the guillotine like this was the French Revolution or some shit. I’m just happy that my password still works up in this bitch.

Say a prayer for all the dudes that used to shrink wrap CD’s. Them fools is outta work right now. Hopefully some of those cats can get put on with one of these Korean sneaker stores that loves to wrap their kicks in plastic.

This drop right here is a small acknowledgement for all of the photographers and graphic designers that help create the unforgettable cover art that adorned LP’s and CD’s, i.e. some shit all you effin’ music thieves wouldn’t know a damn thing about.

Do you know how hard it was to shrink the LP art down to the size of a CD? Do you know how hard it will be to put that same art on the face of a USB drive? Think about someone other than yourself this weekend and maybe buy a gotdamn CD.


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  • qp

    I was talking about something similar with my peoples. I love looking at the cover art…if I got what I wanna listen, I tend to randomly choose my next choice on the cover…….some of the covers be straight, some amazing, but some need to just….unno….disappear (those old no limit ones)

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Labels have art departments. We have to save these dudes before every out of work fag tries to intern with Gucci.

  • Jamal7Mile

    I once bought a second copy of “Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde” when I lost the CD cover to my original copy. That poster/cover was something else!!

  • El Tico Loco

    First they take away videos, now the album covers? Well to look at it on the bright side this could mean that the artist will concentrate on making better music to make up for the smoke and mirrors crap we’ve been dealing with as consumers. If you were ever into buying 12 inch vinyl singles you didn’t really dug thru the crates as much for something hot compared to seeing a dope album cover and then get dissapointed. Well guess I’m talking as a DJ who was into being the first to get a certain record before anyone else, the fans now will wait till the radio programmer tellem was hot.

  • geico lizard

    The cover art for jim jones P4R looks nice but i dont know if the album will be as good.

  • DV8

    Album covers are part of the experience (you downloaders wouldnt know nothing about that). Its a shame how everything is being eliminated. My question is how come hiphop is the only genre that seems to be negatively affected by this downsizing?

    • render

      because white folks love spending money on their favorite artists. Shit makes em feel good inside or something. They got whole stores in brooklyn dedicated to indie rock vinyl records. vinyl rock records…aint as if they’re gonna be scratching that shit or anything either

      meanwhile, hiphop djs stay using serato and internet heads
      keep downloading the albums of rappers they say are gonna bring ‘real hiphop’ back

      • DV8

        Theres a difference between album collectors and people who just listen to the music (whether CD or Vinyl). Color has nothing to do with going to the record store and buying something that is for retail sale(im black). Nobody was downloading like this 10 years ago, before Napster and etc came through. Illegal downloading is a big part of the reason why hiphop as a whole is suffering because its fucking up the money flow, which then affects artist promotion and budgets for creating albums. In order for any industry/ business to survive money revenue has to flow. Nobody is going to “bring hiphop back” unless money starts flowing again. Our countries current economy woes is a perfect example of whats going on in the hiphop industry (sort of).

  • diggsy

    They don’t make em like they used to.

  • $ykotic

    I used to spark some lettuce, go 2 Fat Beats or Bleecker St. and just vibe off the cover art all day on a Saturday.

    I even made a couple of my younger doulja’s go 2 school for graphic design. They do art for the rockers.

    The game is twisted like a stale pretzel on 42nd st.

    Shoot I’m watchin that celebrity flag game wit LL performing and them celebs and ALL races running to hear Cool J rock. Gotta b 10k + there. YOUNG AND OLD.

    That’s the power of hiphop.

    Let’s help these people behind the scenes keep their jobs to feed their families.

  • JMack

    because black people hate hip hop

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I like the commenter who referred to the Pharcyde debut album cover art. That shit is real reminiscent on Ralph Bakshi.

    Some people fail to see how all art suffers when we don’t respect it. Classic rock album covers have some of the illest art evar. That is the shit that used to inspire me whan I was on my graff grizzly.

    Pull down any Led Zeppelin album cover. Str8 crackpipe status.

    • El Tico Loco

      I was diggin the photography on funk album covers like Parliament or Ohio Players (flashbacks to the Honey cover and back to earth) and more recently the Organized Konfusion Stress and Non Phixion related album covers (Necro,Ill Bill, Circle of Tyrants). And for any art cover art experts does anyone know whatever happened to Gemini and Gnome?

    • $ykotic

      Or Earth, Wind, and Fire

      good post X

  • amar

    hey billy, i’m pretty sure if they’re not doing so already, labels will export their cover art to china and get 6 year olds to do that shit up fiddy cents per 600 cd’s.

    but that’s not necessarily a bad thing is it? not like rap covers and shit right now for the most part are all that impressive. It’s mostly just random shots of the rappers being hardbody by touching their crotches (btw if that’s what it takes to be hardbody, israel is the most hardbody nation on earth).

    But anyway, u just don’t see impressive and/or original and/or interesting shit anymore like grodt or nas’s whole growing up concept. So i say save money and let those little chinese kids work their magic baby!

    • FlapJack

      Cosign. I don’t need to see some half naked dude flex.

      The question should be, why is rap-covers so gay?

      I get it why Usher needs to strip on his cover, but 50, Game, Wayne and pretty much everyone else?

      Rich Boy had the gayest cover ever.

      Ha! Maybe thats why hip-hop sales are down!
      Noone wants to go to the counter with some oiled up dude with a vogue-pose

  • Billy X. Sunday

    $ykotic what up?

    El Tico Loco,
    Do you know that the ONLY wax left in my collection are two(2) copies of the Mantronik album that Gnome and Gem did?

    I’ve been meaning to frame that joint.

    • $ykotic

      My reply 2 you hasn’t festered, so I hope on redundancy this is not a duplicate.

      I dropped some heat below 4 your noggin’.

      I had a fire in my crib 3yrs ago so everyday I shed a tear for a lot of vinyl and casettes I lost.

      From the Beatles 2 Main Ingredient 2 NWA 2 Positive K.

  • Pierzy

    What up Billy X…

    I’ve been MIA because of illness, but I wanted to touch base on this topic because most don’t realize how many people depend on the other parts of the industry to eat. Good drop.

    Personally, my favorite cover art would have to be Liquid Swords.

  • E

    The art on the actual Outkast cds. Nuff said!

    • Jamal7Mile

      On the actual CD?? THAT WAS NICE!!!

      It’s a red, green, scribble-scrabble trace outline of a mighty fine looking naked Sista in different poses. I think AQUIMENI Killed it (!!!!) with the the poured on Soul-looking liquid shot.

      And I’m going by memory, btw… that CD of mine got stolen YEARS ago (just like yours did)…

      am I wrong??

  • $ykotic

    Pierzy feel better family.

    Mantronix-”Got To Have Your Love”
    “Fresh Is the Word”
    “Cold Gettin’ Dumb rmx”

    A dude way ahead of his time but time passed him by. F’ing incredible! Album art crack!

    • Pierzy

      Good lookin out, $ykotic. I appreciate it!

  • Jerm

    i know what u guys are saying…
    Im 16, and the only shit i buy are CDs and clothes…and i gotta say i love that album artwork

    cuz now im seeing albums that just use like 2 sheets for the song list/credits and a couple pics in color and its done.

    ATLiens has one of my fave artwork…the comic strip is nice!!!

  • Jamal7Mile

    A Tribe Called Quest almost ALWAYS had classic covers…

    Midnight Marauders had EVERYBODY on the cover wearing headphones, if memory serves correct…

    And the one after that TRIED to be fuckin 3D!!!

    CLASSIC SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paid In Full (*speechless*)

    2 Live Crew “As Nasty As They Wanna Be”… that’s four shots of ass that’s burnt into my memory!

    THE FIX from Scarface came with a FUCKIN PACKET!! I don’t know what copy YALL got but the one I bought??? (*speechless*)…


    Believe that! The cover got a whole lot to do with the contents of the album. Fk what you heard, sometimes you DO gotta judge a book by its cover…


  • Billy X. Sunday

    Get well cousin. Good to know that the beast didn’t pinch you for smoking shit outdoors.

    Damn $y, I feel you [ll] on losing those memories to the fire. Hold you head homey so long as your physical is here you have the chance to make some more memories.

    I sold my record collection and my comic collection to get out of a bad debt that I got myself mixed up with.

    Its impossible to reacquire all that shit because when you are first putting your collections together there is so much energy.

    Just so y;all know, the comments section here at the X spot can get janky. Blame the recession because there isn’t anyone to fully moderate the comments on the weekend. Its just U-N-I. (<– shameless plug)

    • $ykotic

      From 78s to 45s to 33s to posters to clothes to cassettes to mini discs(I went there) to baseball cards to comics!

      OK ya’ll I’m rambling. The Meds are kicking in.

      • DV8

        I feel your pain Sykotic. I lost a gang of classic music (and my favorite car) by theft. I never liked a thief but when my car got stolen my dislike became hate. Now i’m debating whether or not to rebuild. I probably will but it will be a very long process. Cant be buying CD’s (yes, I buy CD’s) all crazy in todays economy (I only download free mixtapes).



  • tony grand$

    Fuck that!

    I’ve been buyin albums/cassettes/cds/maxi-singles since my dad started giving me allowance. I’ve put plenty money into the industry’s pockets over the last 25 yrs. Nigga aint never gotta thank you card, bouquet of flowers, discount coupon or nothin.

    If I want artwork, I’ll go to a museum. Just give me music, I can’t bump no pictures. Don’t blame me, blame the economy.

  • EmCDL

    AI’m big on album art as well, and I’m a young kat (24). I like that feeling when you go to a cd store, going thru the piles and piles of cds looking at the random artwork on the ocvers. Now I ain’t gonna lie, I also download albums (but I buy them digitally I don’t illegally download shit), but 9 times out of 10…no, 10 times out of 10…I buy the actual album in the stores a couple of days later. I did that with the Little Brother cd “Getback” and a whole bunch of other ones as well. and I still have a huge ass cd collection with the original cover act and all (Black Moon baby all day! And Gang Starr!). Most folks don’t by albums and don’t care for the artwork on them because most times they just want the singles that they hear on the radio…so the go on limewire or whatever, illegally download the single, put it in their iPod and listen to it in their car. Yeah thats lame, but thats just how it is especially now, since we’re in this recession. But, hopefully with this recession, people will start to appreciate more and start actually buying albums again.