Some of the casualties of the economic recession in the music business are all the people that support the artists' project in the background. There are hell'a interns getting the guillotine like this was the French Revolution or some shit. I'm just happy that my password still works up in this bitch.

Say a prayer for all the dudes that used to shrink wrap CD's. Them fools is outta work right now. Hopefully some of those cats can get put on with one of these Korean sneaker stores that loves to wrap their kicks in plastic.

This drop right here is a small acknowledgement for all of the photographers and graphic designers that help create the unforgettable cover art that adorned LP's and CD's, i.e. some shit all you effin' music thieves wouldn't know a damn thing about.

Do you know how hard it was to shrink the LP art down to the size of a CD? Do you know how hard it will be to put that same art on the face of a USB drive? Think about someone other than yourself this weekend and maybe buy a gotdamn CD.