The Casting Call

With the Golden Globes airing last night it got me thinking about how many of this year’s most critically-acclaimed movies have in common with hip-hop. So much so that I put together a list comparing rapper’s real life stories to the fictional lives found onscreen.

Slumdog Millionaire – This Golden Globe award winner for the best movie is about a young kid who basically hits the jackpot after wining a local game show. Yet many viewers think he cheated sparking controversy among viewers. Sounds a lot like teen sensation Soulja Boy’s claim to fame. The lucky teen scored a massive hit last year with “Crank That” but many in the hip-hop community didn’t want to give the rap rookie credit, especially O.G. rapper Ice-T.

Gran Torino – In this raw drama, nominated for best original song – Clint Eastwood plays a bitter, old war hero, pissed off about his relationship with his family and what has become of his old neighborhood – now hugely populated by Asian immigrants. There couldn’t be a better correlation than veteran Southern rapper Scarface. According to his recent interviews, Facemob is none too happy with the current climate of rap music. In fact “he hates it.”

The Dark Knight – Heath Ledger was awarded a Golden Globe last night for his role as the maniacal, violent Joker in the latest Batman saga, and who better mirrors his persona than Eminem. Known for his sadistic raps about killing his ex-wife, his vicious attacks against his mom and going toe to toe with any of his rap foes, Eminem is the perfect candidate to fill this bad guy’s shoes.

The Wrestler – This critically-acclaimed film, which took home several honors at last night’s ceremony is about a washed up, one-time wrestling champ who suffers a heart attack. Can someone say former West Coast hook king Nate Dogg? Before T-Pain and Akon, Nate was ultimate hip-hop crooner. Unfortunately he’s recently been experiencing health problems of his own, suffering two strokes last year alone.

And last but not least

Doubt – This controversial movie is about a priest accused of “inappropriate behavior” with one of his underage students. R. Kelly. Nuff Said.

Who did I miss? What other rappers would be perfect candidates to play some of your favorite movie characters?-J-Giss

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  • tony grand$

    First, ugh…….

    • tony grand$

      It would be hard to narrow it down to one specific artist, or one specific movie, but I could easily liken today’s rap industry climate to the movie “Cadillac Records”.

      The fast money, the artist pimpin, the betrayal, the violence, the character conflicts………

      The movie is hella damatic, clearly a case of art imitatin life.

      The illest shit about it is that it was based on true stories of real people.

      So, how was “Notorious” ppl?


  • Parispolice

    I’ll nominate Tropical Thunder – All the Youtube attention seeking rap whores (Young Burg, I’m looking at you my lispy friend) who’s careers have always sucked and mixed in reality TV into a motion-picture bitch fest.

    Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Due to a curse, an inventor develops a clock that keeps time going backwards to save his son from a war. In the result, a baby is born and ages backwards, getting wiser but younger with time. Who else but the Game. With the direction of the Doc, he was born into the hip hop world with prematurity, yet aged to the youth with different albums, got wiser, but still getting younger due to his lack of understanding that there was already a 2pac.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Ghetto Gang Bang number 63 – Jadakiss getting fucked by Puff, now he’s getting fucked by Jay-Z

    Yes Men – Jim Carey = Rap Fans, because they say yes to all this cornball bullshit

  • amar

    i’m sorry, i like most of the shit u guys write on here, but i gotta say, i find this post really fucking stupid

    i mean come on, give me something to think about or discuss or ponder. Scarface hates rap=eastwood hates asians. Ok then…powerful stuff there..

  • Incilin

    Haha, good list. I would post other comparisons, but I got other things to do, lol.

  • the r

    aside from the heart attack thing sean price would be a better fit for the wrestler

  • geico lizard

    -Eminem is still alive so the Dark Knights Joker would have to be Pimp C since he passed away just like heath ledger and he called out a lot of rappers just like the joker was shaking things up in gotham. Young Jeezy would be Batman and gotham would be atlanta.(no andy dick on running around atlanta wearing tights)

    -Yes Man=Lil Wayne because he never turns down a guest appearance.

    -Bride Wars=Beyonce and Mariah carey

    -Twilight= Chris Brown and rihanna

    -Quantam of Solace=diddy because he wont shut up about being 007 so his bad acting would make this a straight to dvd

    -Madagascar escape to Africa=Akon of course

    -Max Payne=ludicrus was already in it so cast him again

    -Wall E= t pain because he sounds like a robot

    -the day the earth stood still=kanye west wants the world to stop every time something happens in his life

    -space chimps=the people who run BET

  • DV8

    50= Harvey Dent
    Jim Jones = Deniro’s character in Rightous Kill.
    Lil Wayne= Samuel L Jackson since he is basically every fucking where.

  • dipher

    Hip Hop culture = Diary of The Dead.

  • DevoG

    Wanted = DMX(obvious)
    Curious Case of Benjamin Button = Kanye(See Vibe cover)
    The Wackness = Young Berg
    The Unborn = Detox
    My Best Friends Girl = Joe Budden and Fab(Lol)
    Swing Vote = Daddy Yankee

    • jesse




  • squadwildin

    IT seems like the posts were better than the actual article…..