So with all of this Saigon/Budden business driving the net crazy me and the homeboy DJ Daddy Mack got into a heated AIM debate about the Jay/Nas battle. Now those that know me, know that I go against the grain on this one and I have often argued with other staff members that Jay had the better joints in his spat with Nas—and the only reason that folks sided with Nas was because Jay was on top and people loved to see a giant fall. And DJ DM wrote a blog where he sided with Nas, a few months ago.

BTW I’m glad that Joey and Sai-Gitty have already got the peace talks poppin’; can we get a collabo now?

RobtheMusicEd: So I peeped ya post, you really think Nas won that battle?

DJ Daddy Mack: Hands down. No doubt about it.

RobtheMusicEd: Why?

DJ Daddy Mack: Because of how the people and Jay-Z himself responded. We all heard Jay on Hot 97 that day. What did he do? Got desperate and did "Super Ugly." Jay was against the wall. He tried to shoot with a blindfold on.

RobtheMusicEd: So Nas won because of "how people responded?" That's weak. If your baby mom was a hoe, I'd make a song about it too. The fact is Jay based his whole plan of attack off of straight facts from "Takeover" to "Superugly." Nas based his off of emotion, so who wins?

RobtheMusicEd: It actually takes more skills to breakdown someone's career and where it faltered like Jay did to Nas in "Takeover" then to say "You have dick sucking lips" and you look like a "camel."

DJ Daddy Mack: Look, who got depressed? Nas hurt Jay. Got stronger after "Ether?" More like a downfall if you look at Jay's whole empire. Jay is a known swagger jacker. After "Super Ugly" dropped, Nas said he was disappointed in Jay. That's why he did not respond. All he needed was "Ether." Jay was always disappointed that Nas did not get on his debut album. I'm mean come on. Jay could write a book on Nas’ life. He followed this cat's every move.

RobtheMusicEd: Jay is known as a swagger jacker? When you think of Jay that’s the first thing you think of? I'm sorry I thought he was an innovator, a lyricist, a businessman and one of hip-hop's greatest artists. My bad. We all followed Nas's every move. Illmatic was CLASSIC! And Nas is one of our greatest artists as well. But I’m talking about the battle.

DJ Daddy Mack: I guess being an innovator is stealing shit from other people. Who knew?

RobtheMusicEd: If you listen to Takeover Jay didn’t say not one disrespectful line. It was all about music. Then we get to “Ether” and Nas starts with the dick sucking lips lines, so Jay talks about his baby's moms and all of a sudden that is out of bounds? This is hip-hop fuck that. And how does saying you have dick sucking lips constitute as lyricism? Then when he goes "Rockefeller died from AIDS and that’s who you named your company after.” John D. Rockefeller didn’t die from AIDS. See to me it takes more skill to rhyme the truth (or some aspect of it, because Jay was definitely Bias), then to straight say things like "Gay-Z and Cockafella"

DJ Daddy Mack: NaS is not the smartest person in the world. I can agree with that. In that past, he has said many things that were just totally wrong. But really, I'm not saying "Super Ugly" was wack. It is just not as good as "Ether."

RobtheMusicEd: You can’t compare "Ether" to "Super Ugly.” "Ether" was a response to "Takeover" so how come no one ever compares those two? “Super ugly" was a mere freestyle and he did that in like a day. And it was still rooted in fact; he slept with dude's baby moms. Fuck that, game over!

What do ya’ll feel?